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The French system of conscription brings together a fair sample of all classes; ours is composed of the scum of the earth - the mere scum of the earth. It is only wonderful that we should be able to make so much out of them afterwards. ~ Duke Of Wellington
Holdout Sample quotes by Duke Of Wellington
If you asked a sample of Americans "What is the temperature of Mars?" about 8% would say they don't know. ~ Herbert Stein
Holdout Sample quotes by Herbert Stein
Maybe he used to like me, but I doubt he does anymore, now that I've insulted his bird fetish."

Peter smiled. "He's not going to stop liking you over one little argument. I don't think he's the type to just fall for someone and then hate them the next day. We don't live in that kind of world anymore, anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when there were thousands of possible mates to choose from, it was like being a huge candy store with a billion types of sugary things to choose from. You could sample one of everything and not worry about whether you'd like it much or whatever, because there was always another jar of candy nearby. But now, there's no candy store. There's a single jawbreaker that you found in the gutter. And there are no more jawbreaker factories. No more candy stores. No more refined sugar. That one jawbreaker you found could be the only one you'll ever have again. You aren't going to just eat it and say goodbye."

His analogy wasn't perfect but I saw where he was going with it. "So I'm like a jawbreaker. A dirty one you find in the gutter."

"Yeah. And he likes that candy. It's his favorite. So he doesn't care that it has smelly feet."

I scowled at him. "How do you know he likes jawbreakers so much?"

"I just know. I can tell a good match when I see one. He needs someone spunky and tough, someone different than other girls. That's you." < ~ Elle Casey
Holdout Sample quotes by Elle Casey
I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it. ~ Rodney Dangerfield
Holdout Sample quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
He'd gotten in a quick swipe with his tongue the moment he'd been close enough to reach. Then, just to be sure, he went in for another sample, bathing Alex's leg with saliva, careful to miss the dangly bits between the man's legs. Edgar didn't get what the big deal was. He licked himself there all the time. However, Jack made a big deal out of it so he avoided that area like he'd been taught. ~ Mary J. Williams
Holdout Sample quotes by Mary J. Williams
She told the woman to go to one of the online agent sites that list agents who are looking for new clients, and then follow their submission guidelines to the letter. If they ask for a twenty-page writing sample, do not send in twenty-two pages. ~ Ann Patchett
Holdout Sample quotes by Ann Patchett
Cable's on fire. Traditional broadcast TV's hearing a death knell. I sample as much television as possible. I like 'Homeland,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Veep.' Now reinvention's important. ~ Darren Star
Holdout Sample quotes by Darren Star
One sample is poor statistics, my math prof used to say. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Holdout Sample quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
A sample may taste better than the whole, because it's meant for a taste test, which is perceptually expected to garner favorable results. This is why I can't give you all my love. Plus, you don't have a container big enough to hold all my love. ~ Jarod Kintz
Holdout Sample quotes by Jarod Kintz
Cinderella frowned as she wrestled thin willow branches into place, trying her hand at making a wicker basket. One of the maids had left her with a sample basket and pattern, as well as several started bases, but Cinderella's basket was lopsided, and the branch ends poked out like twigs in a bird's nest. "Are you trying to make it look like that, or is it supposed to resemble this one?" Colonel Friedrich asked, holding up the sample basket. Cinderella glared at him. "Don't you have work to do?" She savagely stabbed the willow in the weaving pattern. "I've ~ K.M. Shea
Holdout Sample quotes by K.M. Shea
There is an impression abroad that literary folk are fast readers. Wine tasters are not heavy drinkers. Literary people read slowly because they sample the complex dimensions and flavors of words and phrases. They strive for totality not lineality. They are well aware that the words on the page have to be decanted with the utmost skill. Those who imagine they read only for "content" are illusioned. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Holdout Sample quotes by Marshall McLuhan
By the time someone gave me some samples of standard screenplays I was already beyond that stuff, because I was not only a tinkerer in ways to do things, I'd started from Dylan Thomas. As a screen dramatist he was a very intense visualist, with great timing and fluency. ~ William Monahan
Holdout Sample quotes by William Monahan
I suggest this passage from the German "philosopher" (this passage was detected, translated, and reviled by Karl Popper): Sound is the change in the specific condition of segregation of the material parts, and in the negation of this condition; merely an abstract or an ideal ideality, as it were, of that specification. But this change, accordingly, is itself immediately the negation of the material specific subsistence; which is, therefore, real ideality of specific gravity and cohesion, i.e. - heat. The heating up of sounding bodies, just as of beaten and or rubbed ones, is the appearance of heat, originating conceptually together with sound. Even a Monte Carlo engine could not sound as random as the great philosophical master thinker (it would take plenty of sample runs to get the mixture of "heat" and "sound." People call that philosophy and frequently finance it with taxpayer subsidies! ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Holdout Sample quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Her sample drawings were clipped, rather subordinately, to her photograph. All of them were arresting. One of them was unforgettable. The unforgettable one was done in florid wash colors, with a caption that read: 'Forgive Them Their Trespasses.' It showed three small boys fishing in an odd-looking body of water, one of their jackets draped over a 'No Fishing!' sign. The tallest boy, in the foreground of the picture, appeared to have rickets in one leg and elephantiasis in the other--an effect, it was clear, that Miss Kramer had deliberately used to show that the boy was standing with his feet slightly apart. ~ J.D. Salinger
Holdout Sample quotes by J.D. Salinger
Rivers perhaps are the only physical features of the world that are at their best from the air. Mountain ranges, no longer seen in profile, dwarf to anthills; seas lose their horizons; lakes have no longer depth but look like bright pennies on the earth's surface; forests become a thin impermanent film, a moss on the top of a wet stone, easily rubbed off. But rivers, which from the ground one usually sees only in cross sections, like a small sample of ribbon -- rivers stretch out serenely ahead as far as the eye can reach. Rivers are seen in their true stature.

They tumble down mountain sides; they meander through flat farm lands. Valleys trail them; cities ride them; farms cling to them; roads and railroad tracks run after them -- and they remain, permanent, possessive. Next to them, man's gleaming cement roads which he has built with such care look fragile as paper streamers thrown over the hills, easily blown away. Even the railroads seem only scratched in with pen-knife. But rivers have carved their way over the earth's face for centuries and they will stay. ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Holdout Sample quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
And even if you could use the sample to create someone a lot like the original person, it would never be the person themselves. You can't bring anyone back, ever. ~ Ally Condie
Holdout Sample quotes by Ally Condie
I'm a huge car guy, I cannot wait to see it [Ferrari World]. I hear there is also unbelievable golf which I'd like to sample and I'm looking forward to seeing what the gym facilities are like ~ John Cena
Holdout Sample quotes by John Cena
I'm convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing. If one is writing for one's own pleasure, that fear may be mild - timidity is the word I've used here. If, however, one is working under deadline - a school paper, a newspaper article, the SAT writing sample - that fear may be intense. ~ Stephen King
Holdout Sample quotes by Stephen King
(As a rule of thumb, the sample size must be at least 30 for the central limit theorem to hold true.) This ~ Charles Wheelan
Holdout Sample quotes by Charles Wheelan
I read The Vegetarian and fell in love with it. A year later, I was invited to go and speak at the London Book Fair (which I'd never even heard of before), as they were gearing up for Korea being the market focus country in 2014. I met Max Porter there, Kang's editor at Portobello, sent him my sample, and the rest is history. ~ Deborah Smith
Holdout Sample quotes by Deborah Smith
I'd love to visit South America, especially Argentina, as I'm a winemaker myself. They do a fantastic malbec, so it would be a dream to sample their grapes. New Zealand would be great, too. I'm a golfer, so it would combine both my loves. ~ Kyle MacLachlan
Holdout Sample quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
We are liable to miss the best of life if we do not know how to tingle, if we do not learn to hoist ourselves just a little higher than we generally are in order to sample the rarest and ripest fruit of art which human thought has to offer. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Holdout Sample quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Appearance matters, we see your presentation before we get a chance to sample the substance within. You might miss a chance for the latter. ~ Archibald Marwizi
Holdout Sample quotes by Archibald Marwizi
Anything else you want to know? Dental records, fingerprints? Retinal scan?"
"Urine sample would work."
She rolled her eyes. "What cup you want me to use?"
He was intrigued by her comebacks and the fact that she didn't appear angry over his questioning and word choice. "Does anything faze you?"
"I fight people for a living. Do you honestly think peeing in a cup is going to frighten me?"
She had a point… providing she wasn't lying about her occupation.
Without a word, Aidan pulled a glass out of his cabinet and handed it to her.
Her jaw dropped. "You've got to be kidding me? You really want a urine sample?"
He actually smiled at her question. "Not hardly, but I thought you might be thirsty. The drinks are in the fridge."

For once he saw relief in her gaze before she went and poured herself a glass of milk. "Thanks for showing some mercy."
"Yeah," he said bitterly. "Just remember to return the favor."
"Is that supposed to mean something?"
He shrugged. "Just in my experience, all people do is take. None of them give a damn about helping someone else."
"And sometimes people can surprise you."
"Yeah. You're right. I'm constantly amazed by the unprovoked treachery they're capable of."
She shook her head. "Wow, you arejaded.(Leta & Aidan) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Holdout Sample quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
It is important to consider whether the sample size selected by the Environmental Genome Project will provide sufficient power to discover most alleles relevant to gene-environment interactions. ~ Samuel Wilson
Holdout Sample quotes by Samuel Wilson
I used to play the piano, I was pretty decent, so that was the only thing I could hold onto in terms of coming up with melodies; but at the time I [still] just couldn't, so my early beats were really sample-based. ~ Lunice
Holdout Sample quotes by Lunice
Behold the Power of the peanut. His body mass may be small, but his influence is mighty. The last holdout in the Tower has officially fallen to him.
(Said by Pia about the effect her son 'peanut' had on the Sentinel Aryal) ~ Thea Harrison
Holdout Sample quotes by Thea Harrison
I feel like this song [Yello, "Oh Yeah"] was probably done in a couple of minutes in a studio. There was probably no thought behind it; they were just playing with some samples and threw it together. I feel like there's no dream behind the song. Usually there's a dream or some kind of passion attached to a song. This song feels very empty. It made a lot of money for the songwriters but at the expense of culture. ~ Margaret Cho
Holdout Sample quotes by Margaret Cho
The notion of the writer as a kind of sociological sample of a community is ludicrous. Even worse is the notion that writers should provide an example of how to live. Virginia Woolf ended her life by putting a rock in her sweater one day and walking into a lake. She is not a model of how I want to live my life. On the other hand, the bravery of her syntax, of her sentences, written during her deepest depression, is a kind of example for me. But I do not want to become Virginia Woolf. That is not why I read her. ~ Richard Rodriguez
Holdout Sample quotes by Richard Rodriguez
My internal dialogue went something like this: leave it open!… but that would be strange if someone walks by… who cares? I care! Why do I care? Just close it! You can't close it; you're in your underwear!! and if the door is closed you might… do… something… Here is the situation: I'm in my underwear in my room with Quinn and my alcohol laden inhibitions are low, low, low. It's like closing yourself up in a Godiva chocolate shop, of course you're going to sample something… Don't sample anything!! Don't even smell anything!! If you smell it you'll want to try it. Don't smell him anymore. No. More. Smelling. I hope he doesn't see the empty bottle of wine… Put some clothes on. Is it weird if I dress in front of him? I want some chocolate. Ah! Clothes!!

Finally the door closed even though I hadn't made a conscious decision to do so. I took a steadying breath then turned and followed, trailing some distance behind him and crossing to the opposite side of the room from where he was currently standing. I spotted my workout shirt on the bed and attempted to surreptitiously put it on.

Quinn's back was to me and he seemed to be meandering around the space; he didn't appear to be in any hurry. He paused for a short moment next to my laptop and stared at the screen.

He looked lost and a little vulnerable. Smash, smash, smash

I took this opportunity to rapidly pull on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt from my suitcase. The sweatshirt was on backwa ~ Penny Reid
Holdout Sample quotes by Penny Reid
Hadn't we said no kissing in the house?
Not that the rule had stopped us from kissing in the game room last night after we'd finished our ice cream.
"I'm still craving the flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough," he'd said.
So of course, I'd let him sample.
But it had been . . . stressful.
Because every time the house creaked, we were looking at the French doors expecting to see Dad standing there with a baseball bat in hand. ~ Rachel Hawthorne
Holdout Sample quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
Everyone's [ me, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty] equally involved in all the writing. Normally we'll start with a sample or a drumbeat, or a synth sound or something like that, and that will spark the initial idea. And then we'll write an instrumental sketch of a song, and then we put on a nonsense vocal melody, which is always my favourite bit because it obviously sounds amazing. ~ Lauren Mayberry
Holdout Sample quotes by Lauren Mayberry
If there's a strong melodic thing somewhere, whether that's in a vocal or in a guitar part or a sample. Something that sticks in your brain, that seems to be something that works. ~ Lauren Mayberry
Holdout Sample quotes by Lauren Mayberry
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