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#1. Well, I don't think I've ever consciously come up with tricks and tools to, kind of, hide. I do think I'm a bit more vigilant, in terms of safety issues and things. And sometimes it is kind of nice to try to hold onto your anonymity. - Author: Calista Flockhart
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Calista Flockhart
#2. One of the people in charge of props told me: "It's not my job necessarily to make things look exactly as they were in real life. But I want [the movie] to look so authentic that when you see it, you'll think it's part of your own personal history. It will be your life to hold onto."
That attention to detail--and that care and dedication--moved me, and I did everything I could to help them. Still, I didn't want to just put my memories in the mail or FedEx. To put me at ease, the studio offered to use a team of couriers so that the material would be in someone's hands each step of the way.
They sent a driver out one day. He was a big, hulking fellow who filled Chris's office the way Chris would have.
"I just have a few more things to pack up," I told him. "If you could just wait a second."
Bubba came in, still wearing his jammies. "Hey," he said to the guy. "You play darts?"
By now Bubba was so used to people dropping by and playing with him that he didn't even need to ask who they were.
He'd also become pretty good at darts.
I wrapped up quickly, sparing the poor fellow the humiliation of losing to a kid whose voice wouldn't change for several more years. - Author: Taya Kyle
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Taya Kyle
#3. Onto a Vast Plain"

You are not surprised at the force of the storm -
you have seen it growing.
The trees flee. Their flight
sets the boulevards streaming. And you know:
he whom they flee is the one
you move toward. All your senses
sing him, as you stand at the window.

The weeks stood still in summer.
The trees' blood rose. Now you feel
it wants to sink back
into the source of everything. You thought
you could trust that power
when you plucked the fruit:
now it becomes a riddle again
and you again a stranger.

Summer was like your house: you know
where each thing stood.
Now you must go out into your heart
as onto a vast plain. Now
the immense loneliness begins.

The days go numb, the wind
sucks the world from your senses like withered leaves.

Through the empty branches the sky remains.
It is what you have.
Be earth now, and evensong.
Be the ground lying under that sky.
Be modest now, like a thing
ripened until it is real,
so that he who began it all
can feel you when he reaches for you. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#4. If you're outraged at conditions, then you can't possibly be free or happy until you devote all your time to changing them and do nothing but that. But you can't change anything if you want to hold onto a good job, a good way of life and avoid sacrifice. - Author: Cesar Chavez
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Cesar Chavez
#5. This is how you hold onto your family. You hold them with open hands so they are free to find futures of their own. It's just that simple. - Author: Richard Peck
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Richard Peck
#6. When it was done and I went to sleep, I lay awake and listened to the clock on your nightstand and the wind outside and understood that I was really home, that in bed with you was home, and something that had been getting close in the dark was suddenly gone. It could not stay. It had been banished. It knew how to come back, I was sure of that, but it could not stay and I could really go to sleep. My heart cracked with gratitude. I think it was the first gratitude I've ever really known. I lay there beside you and the tears rolled down the sides of my face and onto the pillow. I loved you then and I love you now and I have loved you every second in between. I don't care if you understand me. Understanding is vastly overrated, but nobody ever gets enough safety. I've never forgotten how safe I felt with that thing gone out of the darkness. - Author: Stephen King
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Stephen King
#7. Nekhbet shrieked in alarm. I turned to see what was going on. Immediately, I wished I could burn my eyes out of my head.

Liz made a gagging sound. "Lord, no! That's wrong!"

"Agh!" Emma shouted, in perfect baboon-speak. "Make him stop!"

Bes had indeed put on his ugly outfit.He climbed onto the roof of the limo and stood there, legs planted, arms akimbo, like Superman- except with only the underwear. For those faint of heart I wont go into detail, but Bes, all of a meter tall, was showing off his disgusting physique- his potbelly, hairy limbs, awful feet, gross flabby bits- and wearing only a blue Speedo. Imagine the worst looking person you've ever seen on a public beach- the person for whom swimwear should be illegal. Bes looked worse than that.

I wasn't sure what to say except: "Put some clothes on!"

Bes laughed= the sort of guffaw that says Ha-ha! I'm amazing!
"Not until they leave," he said. "Or I'll be forced to scare them back to the Duat."

"This is not your affair, dwarf god!" Nekhbet snarled, averting her eyes from his horribleness. "Go away!"

"These children are under my protection," Bes insisted

"I don't know you," I said. "I never met you before today."

"Nonsense. You expressly asked for my protection."

"I didn't ask for the Speedo Patrol!"

Bes leaped off the limo and landed in front of my circle placing himself between Babi and me. The dwa - Author: Rick Riordan
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Rick Riordan
#8. If you want to be great at something, be great at being your most treasured self. Life is about connection, and how can you give apart of yourself to someone; too hold onto, if you don't know which part they want most? - Author: Nikki Rowe
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Nikki Rowe
#9. You are surprised that the world is losing its grip, that the world is grown old? Think of a man: he is born, he grows up, he becomes old. Old age has its many complaints: coughing, shaking, failing eyesight, anxious, terribly tired. A man grows old; he is full of complaints. The world is old; it is full of pressing tribulations. . . . Do not hold onto the old man, the world; do not refuse to regain your youth in Christ, who says to you, 'The world is passing away, the world is losing its grip, the world is short of breath. Do not fear. Thy youth shall be renewed as an eagle - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#10. Life's full of lots of dream-stealers always telling you you need to do something more sensible. I think it doesn't matter what your dream is, just fight the dream-stealers and hold onto it. - Author: Bear Grylls
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Bear Grylls
#11. Coconut," I say. "You always smell coconut-y." Then, because it's dark in the van, and because I'm wiped out from all the panic and my guard is down, I add, "You always smell good."

"Sex Wax."

"What?" I sit up a little straighter.

He reaches down to the floorboard and tosses me what looks like a plastic-wrapped bar of soap. I hold it up to the window to see the label in the streetlight. "Mr. Zog's Sex Wax," I read.

"You rub it on the deck of your board," he explains. "For traction. You know, so you don't slip off while you're surfing." I sniff it. That's the stuff, all right.

"I bet your feet smell heavenly."

"You don't have a foot fetish thing, do you?" he asks, voice playful.

"I didn't before, but now? Who knows."

The tires of the van veer off the road onto the gravelly shoulder, and he cuts the wheel sharply to steer back onto the pavement. "Oops."

We chuckle, both embarrassed.

I toss the wax onto the floorboard. "Well, another mystery solved - Author: Jenn Bennett
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Jenn Bennett
#12. People who can hold onto humanity even at times when being a decent human may not be as easy as they want it to be, are the people worth knowing, Holding onto your humanity is not the same as saying "what I'm human,",, if you let your negative emotions allow you to think act or be closed cruel or insensitive to others feelings or illusions of controll, then you have lost your humanity. You will end up alone you are not worth knowing - Author: Christina Estabrook
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Christina Estabrook
#13. Once upon a time, I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye, we got onto something, I hold on to the night. You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me. Were you just kidding, cuz it seems to me, this thing is breaking down we almost never speak. I don't feel welcome anymore. Baby what happened please tell me cuz one second is perfect now you're halfway out the door.
And I stood at the phone, you still haven't called. And you feel so below you, can't feel nothing at all. And I flashback to when he said forever & always. - Author: Taylor Swift
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Taylor Swift
#14. Hold onto the wings of angels that pass your way. They fly higher than any army that has none. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#15. And tar is washing up onto the beaches - big globs of tar. And people are saying, 'Is that going to ruin our summer at the beach?' No, of course not. You take the big blobs of tar and you use them to hold down your blanket. - Author: David Letterman
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by David Letterman
#16. Life is a fragile thing. You hold it in your hand for but a moment. Each heartbeat is a victory over death's questing fingers and an escape from his skeletal grip. I'd felt him a time or two run a frozen finger down my back or across my cheek, a seductive caresses promising surcease from the pain of life. I'd welcomed him with open arms on occasion over the past few years, but he always teased me, toyed with me, moving on with the promise to return another day. Other times I'd fought him off, clinging onto the last vestiges of life with ripped fingernails. - Author: G.R. Matthews
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by G.R. Matthews
#17. If you can't fully believe in your ideas, it very quickly communicates to a group of actors who need something to hold onto. They need to believe that whatever criticism, whatever comment is received, is meant. - Author: Trevor Nunn
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Trevor Nunn
#18. Best Of You

I've got another confession to make
I'm your fool
Everyone's got their chains to break
Holdin' you
Were you born to resist or be abused

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Or are you gone and onto someone new

I needed somewhere to hang my head
Without your noose
You gave me something that I didn't have
But had no use
I was too weak to give in
Too strong to lose
My heart is under arrest again
But I'll break loose
My head is giving me life or death
But I can't choose
I swear I'll never give in
I refuse

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Has someone taken your faith
Its real, the pain you feel
Your trust, you must
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you


Has someone taken your faith
It's real, the pain you feel
The life, the love
You'd die to heal
The hope that starts
The broken hearts
Your trust, you must

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you
Author: Foo Fighters
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Foo Fighters
#19. I shivered as Raven scratched me gently. She was in a weird mood, nipping and licking like a hyper mouse.
"Did you drink too much caffeine today?" I asked.
Raven looked at me and I saw her walls ready to shoot back up to protect her heart. Instead, she grinned. "You're really hot, Vaughn. I've never had access to so much sexy man meat."
Just like that, all my plans to keep her at a distance disappeared. She had me at man meat.
Kissing her softly, I rolled her onto her back and she frowned. "I wasn't done exploring."
"There's a small charge for exploring this mountain of man meat."
"Did you just call your cock little?"
Frowning, I realized I had. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Bijou Hunter
#20. I thought about how strange the passage of time could be. The moments you wanted to hold onto the most, always ended up slipping away, like a tide pulling away from the shore…constant, unstoppable. Like the fluid waves of the ocean, there is no holding it back, no gripping it in your mortal hands. - Author: Claudette Melanson
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Claudette Melanson
#21. depression is stupid and not a thing that makes me a better writer. one time i went a whole year without writing and i stayed in bed and drank. fuck your bukowskisms. i want sunlight and love and running down some street i've never been on where it's warm and cool at the same time and i'm smiling. i want nothing to ever be bad again- and i don't mean that i want a life free of conflict, i mean that i want a life free of meaningless conflict. not being able to will oneself to take a shower or leave the house is meaningless. there is nothing to be gained, no lesson to be learned from that kind of life. my heart is stale, my prose is stale. give me fire if you want to hurt me. give me something i can taste. there's nothing romantic or mysterious about where i am. there's nothing here worth holding onto. - Author: Joshua Espinoza
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Joshua Espinoza
#22. It's really difficult to navigate attention and stardom and celebrity status and still try to maintain yourself and hold onto your intelligence and integrity. It's really challenging. - Author: Shirley Manson
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Shirley Manson
#23. Its not healthy to hold onto hurt feelings anger and disappointmnets becuase eventually those things start to eat away at your insides - Author: Deanna Kimberly Burrell
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Deanna Kimberly Burrell
#24. He got out a tube and since she'd yet to put the sweater on, squeezed ointment onto his fingers and began to gently rub it on her abraded skin. She recognized the scent.
"That's for horses."
She laughed and let him fuss. "Does this make me your mare now?"
"No, you're too young and delicate of bone for that. You're still a filly."
"Are you going to train me, Donnelly?"
"Oh, you're out of my league, Miss Grant." He glanced up, cocked a brow when he saw her grinning at him. "And what amuses you?"
"You can't help it can you? You have to tend."
"I put the marks on you," he muttered as he smoothed on the ointment. "It follows I should see to them."
She lifted a hand to toy with the ends of his damp, gold-tipped hair. "I like being seen to by a man with a tough mind and a soft heart."
That soft heart sighed a little, ached a little. But he spoke lightly. "It's no hardship running my fingers over skin like yours." With his eyes on hers, he used the pad of his thumb to spread ointment over the gentle swell of her breast. "Particularly since you don't seem to have a qualm about standing here half naked and letting me."
"Should I blush and flutter?"
"You're not the fluttering sort. I like that about you." Satisified, he capped the tube, then tugged the sweater over her head himself. "But I can't have such a fine piece of God's work catching a chill. There you are." He lifted her hair out of the neck.
"You don't have - Author: Nora Roberts
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Nora Roberts
#25. [Stephanie] "This won't be so bad," I said to her, making an effort at convincing myself. "How about your blanket? We could wrap him up in the blanket. Then we could pick him up without actually touching him."

"I suppose that'd be all right," Lula said. "We could give it a try"

I spread the blanket on the ground beside Elliot Harp, took a deep breath, hooked my fingers around his belt and rolled him onto the blanket. I jumped back, squeezed my eyes closed tight and exhaled. No matter how much violent death I saw, I would never get used to it. "I'm gonna definitely have the runs," Lula said. "I can feel it coming on."

"Forget about the runs and help me with this body!" Lula grabbed hold of the head end of the blanket, and I grabbed hold of the foot end. Harp had full rigor and wouldn't bend, so we put him in the trunk headfirst with his legs sticking out. We carefully closed the lid on Harp's knees and secured the lid with a piece of rope Lula had in her trunk.

"Hold on," Lula said, pulling a red flowered scarf from her coat pocket, tying the scarf on Harp's foot like a flag. "Don't want to get a ticket. I hear the police are real picky about having things sticking out of your trunk."

Especially dead guys. - Author: Janet Evanovich
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Janet Evanovich
#26. Ben went on, "Shifters mate for life, but did you know that we have a rather high rate of divorce considering. Do you know why?"
I shook my head.
"Because they think they don't have to work for it. They fuck around and one day they find their mate and they think everything will work out because fate tells so. But that's a load of crap. You love and you work for it, no matter-freaking-what, that's how you find and hold onto your mate. - Author: Natalie Herzer
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Natalie Herzer
#27. I couldn't return to you, mignonne. I didn't know how. But you will admit, I hope, that for a man who didn't wish to be found I've made quite a spectacle of myself. I wanted you to hear of me. It's why I came from France. I couldn't stop myself. I've waited in dread, wondering if you'd come. I've been terrified you would, and terrified you wouldn't. When I saw you tonight I wanted to weep. I was so grateful you came, but I hated you for it, too, because you made me hope again, as you always have, as you always do. It would have killed me if. . . Ah, Christ, love! You were so angry, so disappointed but you'd waited. I had to know. I had to come because without you I have nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, and... Oh, God, Sarah, when I got here you were wearing my shirt! I've thought of you, and ached for you, and missed you with every breath. All I know of loving, wanting or need, begins and ends with you. I'm so sorry I hurt you and disappointed you. I pray you can forgive me, Sarah. I need you to hold onto. Without you I find this business of living so very lonely and so very hard."

She threw herself into his arms and he clasped her to him, sobbing with relief and need. "God, how I've missed you, Sarah," he moaned, sliding his cheek up and down against hers, mingling their tears. I'm sorry ... so sorry .. . please forgive me, I.. . "There's nothing to forgive. It wasn't your fault. It doesn't matter, not any of it. All that matters is that you're safe, an - Author: Judith James
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Judith James
#28. You've got sunscreen on, right?" ...
"You didn't get your back," Zane said, picking up a bottle of sunscreen and pouring some onto his hand.
Her legs almost gave out and her heart pounded in her ears. Zane Hollander was about to go where no man had gone before and lotion her back. - Author: Robin Bielman
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Robin Bielman
#29. Gamers can feel when developers are passionate about their games. They can smell it like a dog smells fear. Don't be afraid to hold onto your unique vision: just be aware that it may not turn out exactly how you envisioned. - Author: Scott Rogers
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Scott Rogers
#30. The point is that when you're playing D&D and your group comes across a heap of treasure, or a big sparkly gem, or a magical skull, you should never take it. It's always a trap." He uncrossed his arms and waved them wildly. "This is a trap." Jace was silent. He was looking at Simon thoughtfully, as if he'd never seen him before, or at least never considered him so closely. "Come here," he said. Simon moved toward him, his eyebrows raised. "What-oof!" Jace had dropped his sword into Simon's hands. "Hold this for me while I climb," Jace said, and leaped up onto the plinth. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Cassandra Clare
#31. A creator used to create'

You got me young...
You told what to want;
you showed me in your movies and your shows.
And I faithfully did your work.
I created...
I willingly clipped my wings and built myself a golden cage and you smiled and said, "well done."
I let your fear tactics rule my actions until I could no longer hear my heart song.
I took your medication and I ate your poison until my body was too sick to fight back.
Ah, but I'm onto your game.
I see it now and my only regret is that I didn't see it sooner.
I made a life for myself only to realize it's never really what I wanted. My soul didn't want this hectic, materialistic life- your greed and your thirst for power wanted this.
I don't belong here, but you've always known that, haven't you?
You figured if you kept me caged long enough, kept me sick enough, kept me scared enough that I would eventually forget what I am.
You slipped up with this one.
So, hear me now.
You had your fun with me, but I've had about enough of your bullshit for one lifetime.
Watch me fly. - Author: Brooke Hampton
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Brooke Hampton
#32. We cannot afford to be idle. To act on a bad idea is better than to not act at all. Because the worth of the idea never becomes apparent until you do it. Sometimes this idea can be the smallest thing in the world, a little flame that you hunch over and cup with your hand, and pray will not be extinguished by all the storm that howls about it. If you could hold onto that flame, great things could construct around it, that are massive and powerful and world changing, all held up by the tiniest of ideas. - Author: Nick Cave
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Nick Cave
#33. Don't worry about society's conditioning and the labels that are put on you by external forces. Hold onto your true self. - Author: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
#34. Often as a poet I find that I am somewhat outside an experience I want to hold onto, consciously taking mental notes or writing them down in my journal - for fear that I will forget. It's not unlike being on a trip and taking pictures, your face behind a camera the whole time - the entire experience mediated by a lens. - Author: Natasha Trethewey
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#35. Success comes from having a fulfilling experience and being inside the moment of that experience. Success does not come in retrospect or as a recollection or even as an evaluation from others. lt's not something that you can physically hold onto or repeat at will. Only when you acknowledge the special moments can you truly feel the effects of your most wonderful achievements. - Author: Tommy Tune
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Tommy Tune
#36. Love can overcome many challenges. It's a precious treasure - worth more than all of these other miraculous things. It's the most powerful magic in the universe. Don't let it slip through your fingers. Hold onto it. Tightly. - Author: Anonymous
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Anonymous
#37. So I make one phone call, and just like that, we're eating pizza at 6:30. What is this world? You tap seven abstract figures onto a piece of plastic thin as a billfold, hold that plastic device to your head, use your lungs and vocal cords to indicate more abstractions, and in thirty minutes, a guy pulls up in a 2,000-pound machine made on an island on the other side of the world, fueled by viscous liquid made from the rotting corpses of dead organisms pulled from the desert on yet another side of the world and you give this man a few sheets of green paper representing the abstract wealth of your home nation, and he gives you a perfectly reasonable facsimile of one of the staples of the diet of a people from yet another faraway nation.
And the mushrooms are fresh. - Author: Jess Walter
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by Jess Walter
#38. Walking over to Iggy, he poked him with his shoe. "Does anysing on you vork properly?"
Iggy rubbed his forehead with one hand. "Well, I have a highly developed sense of irony."
Ter Borcht tsked. "You are a liability to your group. I assume you alvays hold onto someone's shirt, yes? Following dem closely?"
"Only when I'm trying to steal their dessert," Iggy said truthfully. - Author: James Patterson
Hold Onto Your Heart quotes by James Patterson

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