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When we approach the Upanishads for an understanding of the Cosmic Mystery, we are coming to the very heart of the Hindu experience of God. This is what we want to try to understand, not with our minds, but with our hearts: to enter into the heart and continually remind ourselves that the Upanishads are intended to lead us to the heart. The Greek fathers of the Church used to say, "Lead the thoughts from the head into the heart and keep them there." This is to open to the Cosmic Mystery. ~ Bede Griffiths
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Bede Griffiths
Well, for one, you walk around like you're so much better than everyone else. We're all a bunch of soulless animals or somethin' in your eyes, I guess. You're the high and mighty one and I ain't fit to drink your piss. ~ Michael Monroe
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Michael Monroe
The real explanation of this failure of Hindu-Muslim unity lies in the failure to realize that what stands between the Hindus and Muslims is not a mere matter of difference, and that this antagonism is not to be attributed to material causes. It is formed by causes which take their origin in historical, religious, cultural and social antipathy, of which political antipathy is only a reflection. These form one deep river of discontent which, being regularly fed by these sources, keeps on mounting to a head and overflowing its ordinary channels. Any current of water flowing from another source however pure, when it joins it, instead of altering the colour or diluting its strength becomes lost in the main stream. The silt of this antagonism which this current has deposited, has become permanent and deep. So long as this silt keeps on accumulating and so long as this antagonism lasts, it is unnatural to expect this antipathy between Hindus and Muslims to give place to unity. ~ B.R. Ambedkar
Hindu Afterlife quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
It might be a long trip, so be careful not to wear your shoes out: you might need them in the afterlife. ~ Francis Bacon
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Francis Bacon
गेयचक्ररथारूढ़मन्त्रिणीपरिसेविता ॥२६
She seated in chariot with weapons amply,
She who served by those who are worthy,
By virtue of self-knowledge and heart purity,
She source of all, wise worship unreservedly.
-36- ~ Munindra Misra
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Munindra Misra
The wounding legacy of segregation and growing up knowing adults who had worked for civil rights and equal opportunities for African Americans was part of what made me understand that many kids in my community and around the world were still treated differently because of the color of their skin.
My mothers work on behalf of girls and women, first in Arkansas and later around the world, helped me understand how being born a girl is often seen as a reason to deny someone the right to go to school or make her own decisions, or even about who or when to marry.
One of the unique things about SEWA [Self-Employed Women's Association] is that it brings together Muslim and Hindu women in a part of the world where fighting between people from different religious backgrounds has cost countless lives, both between countries and within India.
Women from all different backgrounds told us how they'd learned how much more they had in common than they'd first thought because of their different religions. Their support for each other gave them the confidence to stand up to bullying and harassment, and the relationships they'd built helped prevent violence between Hindus and Muslims, because they saw each other as friends and real people, not only as representatives of different religions. ~ Chelsea Clinton
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Chelsea Clinton
The afterlife is to die for. ~ John S. Weiss
Hindu Afterlife quotes by John S. Weiss
Even by the end of the seventeenth century, fifty years before our starting point, there was no shortage of people in Europe who felt that the Christian religion had been gravely discredited. Protestants and Catholics had been killing each other in the hundreds of thousands, or millions, for holding opinions that no one could prove one way or the other. The observations of Kepler and Galileo transformed man's view of the heavens, and the flood of discoveries from the New World promoted an interest in the diversity of customs and beliefs found on the other side of the Atlantic. It was obvious to many that God favored diversity over uniformity and that Christianity and Christian concepts - like the soul and a concentration on the afterlife - were not necessarily crucial elements since so many lived without them. ~ Peter Watson
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Peter Watson
We are such skeptics that we find it difficult to believe in God and angels and a spiritual afterlife, but a moment of fear makes our spirit so vulnerable that it allows us to believe in something beyond that. ~ Guillermo Del Toro
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
No quality imparts apparent strength to its possessors more effectively than faith. From hospital beds to battlefields, it is the iron that strengthens a man to confront his destiny. ~ Mike Corbett
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Mike Corbett
We were created for a world where the rule of law did not extend to our kind, and our earliest templates were trained and triaged, so that only the obedient survived. Just imagining the act of disobeying an instruction from one of our Creators can bring about physically disturbing symptoms - Then they all died. And the society we built for ourselves in the twilit afterlife of their world, using the rules they laid out for us, is diseased. ~ Charles Stross
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Charles Stross
Work for your afterlife as if you will die tomorrow, and work for this life as if you will live forever ~ Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Ali Ibn Abi Talib
Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all. I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, did not descend from Adam or Eve or any origin story. My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless. Neither body or soul. I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathing human being. ~ Rumi
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Rumi
During Life, we cultivate relationships by spending days with others.
During eternity, we cultivate relationships by spending lifetimes with others. ~ Donald L. Hicks
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Donald L. Hicks
The idea that humans could be related to ape-like ancestors and the rest of creation was considered subversive. If man was just an animal, then he doesn't live forever, he has no soul. And if men don't have a soul, then there's no afterlife. No heaven, no fiery deterrent of hell to keep people in line in this life. And if there's no fiery deterrent to keep people in line, "well then we might as well have hell on Earth!" the critics said. ~ James Moore
Hindu Afterlife quotes by James Moore
As to the so-called Hindu idolatry - first go and learn the forms they are going through, and where it is that the worshippers are really worshipping, whether in the temple, in the image, or in the temple of their own bodies. First know for certain what they are doing - which more than ninety per cent of the revilers are thoroughly ignorant of - and then it will explain itself in the light of the Vedantic philosophy. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Swami Vivekananda
The Hindu civilisation is a diabolical contrivance to enslave humanity. Its proper name would be infamy. ~ B.R. Ambedkar
Hindu Afterlife quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
Even if the whole of India, ranged on one side, were to declare that Hindu-Muslim unity is impossible, I will declare that it is perfectly possible. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I do not know if you read some time ago how one of the Marshals of the Russian army reporting to the Polit Bureau, said that in the army they were training soldiers under hypnosis - you know what that means? You are put under hypnosis and taught how to kill, how to obey completely, function with complete independence, but within a pattern, under the authority of a superior. Now culture and society are doing exactly the same thing to each one of us. Culture and society have hypnotized you. Do please listen to this very carefully, it is not only being done in the army in Russia, but it is being done all over the world. When you read the Gita endlessly, or the Koran, or repeat some mantram, some endlessly repeated words, you are doing exactly the same thing. When you say, "I am a Hindu", "I am a Buddhist", "I am a Muslim", "I am a Catholic", the same pattern is being repeated, you have been mesmerized, hypnotized; and technology is doing exactly the same thing. You can be a clever lawyer, a first-class engineer, or an artist, or a great scientist, but always within a fragment of the whole. I do not know if you see this, not because I describe it, but actually see what is taking place. The Communists are doing it, the Capitalists are doing it, everybody, parents, schools, education, they are all shaping the mind to function within a certain pattern, a certain fragment. And we are always concerned with bringing about a change within the pattern, within the fragment.

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist and Confucian. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I still think that, sometimes, think
that maybe "the afterlife" is just something we made up to ease the pain of loss, to make our time in the labyrinth bearable. ~ John Green
Hindu Afterlife quotes by John Green
Ideas should be freely and dispassionately considered on their own merits, since after all, one generation's heretic is another generation's hero. Mystics like the Ramchal disagreed with rationalists like the Rambam on what exactly is the highest mode of being. The Rambam believed that the ultimate existence is purely spiritual, in Olam HaBah, while the Ramchal believed it to be corporeal resurrection in this world.1 In his time, the Ramchal was labeled a heretic and had his works burned by fellow Jews, but nevertheless lives on today as one of the most respected Jewish philosophers in history. The Rambam before him suffered the same fate, not just for his views on the afterlife, in which corporeal resurrection only played a minor role, but also for his "radical" belief that God does not have a body. It seems possible that his debate may find a sister in modern times: I would not be surprised if future generations view the figurative nature of Olam HaBah with the same certainty as modern Jews now view the Rambam's "heresy" about the nature of God. Because frankly, these Talmudic passages make no sense unless viewed as metaphor, and the Rambam provides a kind of Rabbinic precedent to do so. It is precisely the same dialectic: as our scientific view of reality expands and sharpens, our religious teachings must evolve and conform. If the evidence confirms a literal reading, then so be it. If it refutes it, then so be it. Truth is truth, and we must cherish our integrity just as ~ Shmuel Pernicone
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Shmuel Pernicone
गु� ��मा, गु� �व�णु, गु� देवो महे�वरःl
गु��सा�ाथ परम ��मा त�मै�ी गुरावेनामः॥
Guru the darkness dispeller, Guru Brahma the Creator be,
Guru Vishnu the Preserver; Guru Shiv the Transformer be,
Guru, the Supreme Being in human form – our savour be,
My salutations, awe, gratitude to that Divine Teacher be.
- 1 - ~ Munindra Misra
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Munindra Misra
It is impossible for me to reconcile myself to the idea of conversion after the style that goes on in India and elsewhere today. It is an error which is perhaps the greatest impediment to the world's progress toward peace ... Why should a Christian want to convert a Hindu to Christianity? Why should he not be satisfied if the Hindu is a good or godly man? ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
The 'Robben Island Bible' has arrived at the British Museum. It's a garish thing, its cover plastered with pink and gold Hindu images, designed to hide its contents. Within is the finest collection of words generated by human intelligence: the complete works of William Shakespeare. ~ Daniel Hannan
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Daniel Hannan
Mice and any rodentia. Guinea pigs. Even rabbits, I can't stand. Rabbits are cousins to rats. It's a class thing. If you had to grow up with rats scampering in your backyard, because the city services were cut in half and the population in your neighborhood doubled, then that also is going to mean that the flora and fauna are going to grow as well. So that's a part of it. That's why I can't go to Hindu countries where they respect rats and mice, and I can't go camping. ~ Sandra Cisneros
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Sandra Cisneros
She smiled as she imagined that the sun's last rays were flames from a distant dragon. ~ Kim Cormack
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Kim Cormack
I think when you see so many Hindu temples of the 10th century or earlier disfigured, defaced, you realise that something terrible happened. I feel the civilisation of that closed world was mortally wounded by those invasions the old world is destroyed. That has to be understood. Ancient Hindu India was destroyed. ~ V.S. Naipaul
Hindu Afterlife quotes by V.S. Naipaul
We neither fear death nor look forward to it, but revere it as a most exalted experience. Life, death and the afterlife are all part of our path to perfect oneness with God. ~ Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Dhaka the city of mosques has become the city of Hindu temples. ~ Delwar Hossain Sayeedi
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Delwar Hossain Sayeedi
Abundant afterlife evidence tells us that we are here to learn to forgive completely and learn to love others universally. ~ Roberta Grimes
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Roberta Grimes
First, I have culled evidence that physical death is not the end of the road for any of us. I know this message is critical because I've seen people consumed by fear of death or suffering unbearable grief after losing a loved one. Some can draw into a shell, ceasing all efforts to reach their potential, or even give up on life. ~ Mark Ireland
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Mark Ireland
The palliative of the primitive hut. The place where you are stripped back to essentials, to which you return - even if it happens not to be where you came from - to decontaminate and absolve yourself of the striving. The place where you disrobe, molt it all, the uniforms you've worn and the costumes you've gotten into, where you shed your batteredness and your resentment, your appeasement of the world and your defiance of the world, your manipulation of the world and its manhandling of you. The aging man leaves and goes into the woods - Eastern philosophical thought abounds with that motif, Taoist thought, Hindu thought, Chinese thought. The "forest dweller," the last stage on life's way. Think of those Chinese paintings of the old man under the mountain, the old Chinese man all alone under the mountain, receding from the agitation of the autobiographical. He has entered vigorously into competition with life; now, becalmed, he enters into competition with death, drawn down into austerity, the final business. ~ Philip Roth
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Philip Roth
The idea of an afterlife where you can be reunited with loved ones can be immensely consoling - though not to me. ~ Richard Dawkins
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Richard Dawkins
Dad passed away in 2000, but he visits me all the time. He comes to me in different ways. So I have that connection with him, and that comforts me, to know that in time I can come back and still have that with my kids. It's not unfamiliar to me, that connection with the afterlife. I know it's real; I experience it all the time. ~ Deborah Mailman
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Deborah Mailman
Psalm 111:10. The fear of God. The awe and dread of all that spooky action at a distance. And the Devil was understood to be less an adversary than a particularly evil employee of God. He was that bastard in the Human Resources Department who looks for ways to screw with your life. Satan was real. And he wandered around each day with an eye out for opportunities to tempt ordinary people into sinning. And God allowed it. There was presumably a housing crisis in Heaven or something, and he let Satan roam the earth, tricking people out of their renting privileges in the afterlife. ~ Warren Ellis
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Warren Ellis
Which was why the Sadducees in particular were so infuriated with this sect, Ezra realized. The Sadducees were convinced the afterlife did not exist at all. Man lived, man died. The candle was snuffed out. Finished. A very Greek philosophy, it was one that found favor only with the highly educated, the rich, the well traveled. The average Judean despised the Sadducees for this and for how they had allied themselves with the Romans. ~ Janette Oke
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Janette Oke
My house was a guest house of many Jaina saints, Hindu monks, Sufi mystics, because my grandfather was interested in all of these people. ~ Rajneesh
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Rajneesh
After, Mam,' I say. 'What happens when you pass away?"
I couldn't bear her being a ghost. Couldn't take her sitting in the kitchen, invisible. Couldn't take seeing Pop walk around her without touching her cheek, without bending to kiss her on her neck.
'It's like walking through a door, Jojo.'
'But you won't be no ghost, huh, Mam?' I have to ask even though I know the telling hurts her. Even though I feel like speaking's bringing her leaving closer. Death, a great mouth set to swallow.
'Can't say for sure. But I don't think so. I think that only happens when the dying's bad. Violent. The old folks always told me that when someone dies in a bad way, sometimes it's so awful even God can't bear to watch, and then half your spirit stays behind and wanders, wanting peace the way a thirsty man seeks water.' She frowns: two fishhooks dimpling down. 'That ain't my way.'
'That don't mean I won't be here, Jojo. I'll be on the other side of the door. With everybody else that's gone before. Your uncle Given, my mama and daddy, Pop's mama and daddy.'
'Because we don't walk no straight lines. It's all happening at once. All of it. We all here at once. My mama and daddy and they mamas and daddies.' Mam looks to the wall, closes her eyes. 'My son. ~ Jesmyn Ward
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Jesmyn Ward
I wouldn't call us henchmen.'
'Then what's m job title?'
Anne thought this over for a moment. 'Trainee With Afterlife Transition Senses.'
'That spells T.W.A.T.S'
'Does it?' Anne asked innocently. ~ Dave Turner
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Dave Turner
being attached to any one philosophy or religion
dwelling on moot differences and wanting to fit in
despite the path all are led Home in time
following an alternative pathway is certainly no crime
Krishna, Buddha, Allah or Zohar Kabbalah
devoted nonviolently, one is led to Nirvana
Hindu Sages, Zen Masters or Christian Mystics
many tongues, but identical truth spoken from their lips
mentioning Self or no-self or God is Father or Mother
according to their culture emphasizing one method or another
allness vs. nothingness, meditation vs. prayer
devotion in practice is all you should care
when Truth reveals itself you're beyond all conception
then not a single man-made word will hold any traction ~ Jarett Sabirsh
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Jarett Sabirsh
Entrust yourself in finding purpose when all seems lost and you have no idea on what to do. It was the same for me once, however, it is always the smallest things that got me to find a purpose of why I was sent here by the Gods in the Afterlife. ~ Lunar Brogley
Hindu Afterlife quotes by Lunar Brogley
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