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#1. Never worry what others say when you walk away from all the drama. Be grateful you had the strength and courage to stay out of the conflict and be at peace with your choices. - Author: Elle Sommer
High Conflict People quotes by Elle Sommer
#2. Ego must be so all-pervading that the personality of the organizer is contagious, that it converts the people from despair to defiance, creating a mass ego. CONFLICT - Author: Saul D. Alinsky
High Conflict People quotes by Saul D. Alinsky
#3. Good and evil are not compatible. The wars we see in the world are a devastating reflection of the wars within most people. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
High Conflict People quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#4. There would be no need for political power in the Marxist sense of the organized power of one class used to oppress another. Nor, given Marx's idea that communism would come first to the most industrially advanced societies, and would be international in character, would there be any need for the state in the sense of an organization existing to defend the nation against attacks from other nations. Relieved from oppressive conditions that bring their interests into conflict, people would voluntarily co-operate with each other. The political state resting on armed force would become obsolete; its place would be taken by 'an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all' (CM 238). - Author: Anonymous
High Conflict People quotes by Anonymous
#5. Writers are completely out of touch with reality. Writers are a crazy person. We create conflict - for a living. We do this all the time, sometimes on a weekly basis; we create horrible, incredible circumstances and then figure a way out of them. That's what we do. - Author: Joss Whedon
High Conflict People quotes by Joss Whedon
#6. ("A Free Market in Education: The Answer to Prayer, And Other Issues")
No matter where you are on the issue, there is no solution to it within a government school context, only perpetual conflict. The answer involves choice, competition and private alternatives. If you don't like what a business offers, you don't argue endlessly about it; you walk across the street. Why is this principle so complicated for some people? - Author: Lawrence W. Reed
High Conflict People quotes by Lawrence W. Reed
#7. Why do so many marriages fail? Because nobody gets taught how to be married. We're not taught how to pick a mate, or why to pick a mate; we don't know how to manage our emotions once we're in a marriage; we don't know how to resolve marital conflict. Married people have never been taught why they or their spouses feel the way they do and act the way they do. Nobody has ever taught us the fundamentals. - Author: Phil McGraw
High Conflict People quotes by Phil McGraw
#8. Some people will stay at home and be content there. Others are born to run. It's that conflict that fascinates me. - Author: Bobbie Ann Mason
High Conflict People quotes by Bobbie Ann Mason
#9. Obama was the most powerful man in the world, but that didn't mean he could control the forces at play in the Middle East. There was no Nelson Mandela who could lead a country to absolution for its sins and ours. Extremist forces were exploiting the Arab Spring. Reactionary forces - with deep reservoirs of political support in the United States - were intent on clinging to power. Bashar al-Assad was going to fight to the death, backed by his Russian and Iranian sponsors. Factions were going to fight it out in the streets of Libya. The Saudis and Emiratis were going to stamp out political dissent in Egypt before it could come to their kingdoms. A Likud prime minister was going to mouth words about peace while building settlements that made peace impossible. Meanwhile, innocent people were going to suffer, some of them were going to be killed, and there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it. Obama had reached that conclusion before I had. History had opened up a doorway in 2011 that, by the middle of 2013, had been slammed shut. There would be more war, more conflict, and more suffering, until - someday - old men would make peace. - Author: Ben Rhodes
High Conflict People quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#10. Vexation of spirit is a waste of time
Negative thinking, don't you waste your thoughts
Verbal conflict is a waste of word
Physical conflict is a waste of flesh
People will always be who they want
And that's what really makes the world go round
Unconditional love is scarce ... - Author: Damian Marley
High Conflict People quotes by Damian Marley
#11. I think one of the problems when we discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict is people talk too much in terms of, 'What's your preference?,' like politics is a Chinese menu - I'll take one from column A and two from column B. That's not what politics is about. - Author: Norman Finkelstein
High Conflict People quotes by Norman Finkelstein
#12. In making films, I'm constantly looking for people who are in conflict and who are going to surprise you and challenge you. - Author: Jehane Noujaim
High Conflict People quotes by Jehane Noujaim
#13. Seminary did not prepare me for conflict in the ministry. We are taught well how to exegete Scripture, but we are given little guidance in learning to exegete people. We - Author: Alfred J. Poirier
High Conflict People quotes by Alfred J. Poirier
#14. There was a period when the capitalist system increased the well-being of significant numbers of people as a by-product of seeking out profits for a few, but today the quests for profits comes into sharp conflict with people's demands that their material and social needs should be fulfilled. Pg. 10 - Author: Walter Rodney
High Conflict People quotes by Walter Rodney
#15. The Palestinian people have no national identity.
I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel. - Author: Yasser Arafat
High Conflict People quotes by Yasser Arafat
#16. From the perspective of inclusive fitness, unfamiliar others are potential free-riders and, out of a concern that they will be exploited by others, people reduce considerably their altruistic attitudes and behavior in a general way in more diverse communities. This loss of trust is a symptom of a breakdown in social cohesion and is surely a forerunner of the sort of ethnic conflict that is always likely to break out if allowed to do so. This is undoubtedly the reason why multicultural nation-states are forever promoting tolerance and ever more punitive sanctions for the expression of ethnic hostility, even going so far to as to discourage the expression of opinion about the reality of ethnic and racial differences. Currently these measures are directed at the host population when they express reservations about the wisdom of mass immigration, but this will surely change as it becomes ever more obvious that it is the presence of competing ethnic groups that is creating the tension and not the expressed reservations of the majority population. The real danger for modern democracies is that in their zeal to promote multicultural societies, they will be forced to resort to the means that have characterized all empires attempting to maintain their hegemony over disparate peoples. - Author: Byron M. Roth
High Conflict People quotes by Byron M. Roth
#17. We have to adopt a wider perspective, and always find common things between the people of north, east, south, and west. Conflict comes from the basis of differencs. - Author: Dalai Lama
High Conflict People quotes by Dalai Lama
#18. Conflict never lies between two people. It always lies between rigid beliefs about the other person and the contradictions they show you. Conflict is always an inside job, but until you recognise this, it is easier to blame the other person. - Author: Esther Veltheim
High Conflict People quotes by Esther Veltheim
#19. There can be no doubt that the promise of greater freedom has become one of the most effective weapons of socialist propaganda and that the belief that socialism would bring freedom is genuine and sincere. But this would only heighten the tragedy if it should prove that what was promised to us as the Road to Freedom was in fact the High Road to Servitude. Unquestionably, the promise of more freedom was responsible for luring more and more liberals along the socialist road, for blinding them to the conflict which exists between the basic principles of socialism and liberalism, and for often enabling socialists to usurp the very name of the old party of freedom. Socialism was embraced by the greater part of the intelligentsia as the apparent heir of the liberal tradition: therefore it is not surprising that to them the idea of socialism's leading to the opposite of liberty should appear inconceivable. - Author: Friedrich Hayek
High Conflict People quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#20. People beleived that the most devastating part of a war are the corpses with their guts out in the open, the puddles of blood, and all that you can capture at first glance. But sometimes the horror is off to the side, in the lost look on the face of a woman who's just been raped, as she limps away alone within the ruins, trying to keep her head down. Gerda and Capa were not aware of this yet. They were too young. And that was their first conflict. They still believed war had its romantic side. - Author: Susana Fortes
High Conflict People quotes by Susana Fortes
#21. Bad people ... are in conflict with themselves; they desire one thing and will another, like the incontinent who choose harmful pleasures instead of what they themselves believe to be good. - Author: Aristotle.
High Conflict People quotes by Aristotle.
#22. It is that incongruity between body and mind that is the source of a tortuous physical alienation. As much as cisgender persons may like or dislike their bodies, and engage in altering or enhancing them, they don't deny their bodies are their own. It's a knowledge so intimate that it remains largely subconscious. When it comes to that physical self, for a transgender person every waking moment, every conscious breath, is a denial of who they truly are. For these people their bodies are at odds with their ideas of themselves, or their ideas of who they should be. They are estranged from the very thing that sustains them in the world, and there is no way to reconcile this conflict through psychological counseling or behavioral conditioning. There is only one way out of the alienation, and that's to make the body congruent with the mind. - Author: Amy Ellis Nutt
High Conflict People quotes by Amy Ellis Nutt
#23. Embrace the common: a Sunday afternoon watching sports, Starbucks with a friend, cooking dinner for a neighbor, taking the dog for a walk, heading to a job that is making you more humble and needy because it is so unfulfilling, or working through conflict with a friend you have offended. This and more is all part of it. So do your everyday and your ordinary. Godliness is found and formed in those places. No man or woman greatly used by God has escaped them. Great men and women of God have transformed the mundane, turning neighborhoods into mission fields, parenting into launching the next generation of God's voices, legal work into loving those most hurting, waiting tables into serving and loving in such a way that people see our God. - Author: Jennie Allen
High Conflict People quotes by Jennie Allen
#24. War provides some people with a sense of purposefulness. The drumbeat of war quickens the pulse of neighbors, relatives, tribes, and nations. Hostile nations amass weapons of destruction claiming that they seek peace through deterrence. When war comes, advocates of arms galvanize the citizenry by proclaiming the inevitability of conflict. Each side's propaganda machine cast the campaign of present war as the next Great War. Generals brashly promote armed conflict as the war to end all other wars. Saber-rattlers proclaim that the opposition's militant disciples instituted this ordeal of conquest and destruction. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
High Conflict People quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#25. It is quite unfathomable why the EU leadership fails to anticipate these potentially catastrophic possibilities, and fails to respond to popular concerns with more moderate immigration policies. One possible explanation for these perverse policies that has been put forward by highly regarded scholars, such as Samuel Huntington, is that the current leadership of the EU is composed of left-wing authoritarians who are enemies of the Western liberal tradition. According to Huntington, "Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European... "and opposes its civilization. The official repression of dissent and pursuance of unpopular policies by undemocratic means suggests that such ideologues wish to turn the EU into a centrally controlled empire similar to the Soviet Union. If that is the case, then their current policies make a good deal of sense, in that they flood the continent with people who have lived under autocratic regimes and never lived in democratic republics. Such people may well be willing to tolerate repressive regimes provided they can maintain a moderate standard of living and their own traditional religious practices. As Hunnngton points out, imperial regimes often promote ethnic conflict among their minority citizens to strengthen the power of the central authority, with the not unrealistic claim that a powerful central authority is essential to maintain civil order. But if that is the case, then Europe will be transformed into an authoritarian and illiberal multie - Author: Byron M. Roth
High Conflict People quotes by Byron M. Roth
#26. If you have a chance to see Children Of War, you can watch expert trauma counselors try to help bring healing to young people who have experienced atrocities in conflict. - Author: Mitali Perkins
High Conflict People quotes by Mitali Perkins
#27. There are people who are always insecure, dissatisfied and looking for a conflict. Unfortunately, the only way to deal with them is to walk away cuz the battle they are fighting, is not with you or everyone else around them, it is within themselves. Choose peace over being right. - Author: Nitya Prakash
High Conflict People quotes by Nitya Prakash
#28. I wish there wasn't such a division between people who believe certain things and people who don't. It seems vastly hypocritical on both ends, these two groups of people both claiming to believe in good things and yet willing to do bad things to each other for disagreeing. - Author: Kevin Breel
High Conflict People quotes by Kevin Breel
#29. When we are wounded it's as if something is stolen from us. We adapt and accept a particular truth that sets us up to behave a certain way in the future when we are faced with a situation that reminds us of the past. What we know about ourselves becomes influenced by our perception of these events. We associate and project the qualities of those who hurt us onto others unfairly. Every situation may appear similar, but people are not. Look at the people that love you and not the reminder of ghosts. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
High Conflict People quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#30. Reporters immediately push their interviewees into the most extreme version by saying in a shocked tone, 'Well, are you saying that ... They're trying to make people be as hostile and opposed to each other as possible because they think only conflict is news. - Author: Gloria Steinem
High Conflict People quotes by Gloria Steinem
#31. There are times when we want to be two people, so that we can do conflicting things without feeling guilty. - Author: Abijit Radhakrishna
High Conflict People quotes by Abijit Radhakrishna
#32. I am frequently asked if I have visited Israel, whereas yet, it is simply assumed that I have. Well, I don't travel. I really don't, and if I did, I probably wouldn't visit Israel. I remember how it was in 1948 when Israel was being established and all my Jewish friends were ecstatic, I was not. I said: what are we doing? We are establishing ourselves in a ghetto, in a small corner of a vast Muslim sea. The Muslims will never forget nor forgive, and Israel, as long as it exists, will be embattled. I was laughed at, but I was right. I can't help but feel that the Jews didn't really have the right to appropriate a territory only because 2000 years ago, people they consider their ancestors, were living there. History moves on and you can't really turn it back. (#92 ff.) - Author: Isaac Asimov
High Conflict People quotes by Isaac Asimov
#33. if the thought of conflict and trouble makes you chortle gleefully and race to your computer, you are definitely in the right place. If you love conflict, chances are your characters will be flawed and in trouble. That's a good thing. Here's why: People with perfect lives are boring, and . . . well . . . frankly, they're irritating. How - Author: Debra Dixon
High Conflict People quotes by Debra Dixon
#34. The roots of interpersonal conflict are often an excessive concern for oneself, and an inability to pay attention to the needs of others. It is sad to see how often people ruin a relationship because they refuse to recognize that they could serve their own interests best by helping others achieve theirs. - Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
High Conflict People quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#35. Additionally, if Trump's statement that there were fine people on both sides was referring to the two violent sides of the conflict, then saying that Nazis were fine people would also be saying that Antifa were fine people; no one can seriously maintain that Trump considers Antifa to be fine people. - Author: Richard West
High Conflict People quotes by Richard West
#36. When we attach ourselves to national identities, then we enter into a cycle of conflict. I didn't choose where I was born or who to be or what people would call me. - Author: Ashraf Barhom
High Conflict People quotes by Ashraf Barhom
#37. It is very humbling to see my own character defects in someone who annoys me. At the end of the day, I realize they have actually prompted positive change in me. - Author: Auliq Ice
High Conflict People quotes by Auliq Ice
#38. Which is, I'm an optimist that two people can be together to work out their conflicts. And that commitment, I think, might be what love is, because they both grow from their relationship. - Author: Garry Shandling
High Conflict People quotes by Garry Shandling
#39. In the conflict between Israelis and Arabs you have wounded civilizations - the Arabs have been wounded in their dealings with the West, and an insecure Jewish people have gone through terrible disasters and traumas. There is no end to the Jewish quest for security, and there is no end for the Arab quest for redress and dignity. It is very difficult to reconcile the two. - Author: Itamar Rabinovich
High Conflict People quotes by Itamar Rabinovich
#40. When you have a conflict, that means that there are truths that have to be addressed on each side of the conflict. And when you have a conflict, then it's an educational process to try to resolve the conflict. And to resolve that, you have to get people on both sides of the conflict involved so that they can dialogue. - Author: Dolores Huerta
High Conflict People quotes by Dolores Huerta
#41. It's funny, people often ask me, "Why do you do bike tours where it takes three times the effort and you make one-third of the money?" My answer is that I'm trying to do it ethically. What does that mean, exactly? That conflict is a big part of my art. - Author: Ben Sollee
High Conflict People quotes by Ben Sollee
#42. All through the Bible, especially in the Prophets, we see a conflict raging within God. On the one hand God passionately loved the people he had made; on the other hand, God had a terrible urge to destroy the evil that enslaved them. On the cross, God resolved that inner conflict, for there God's Son absorbed the destructive force and transformed it into love. Disappointment with God - Author: Philip Yancey
High Conflict People quotes by Philip Yancey
#43. We are not one people. We are two peoples. We are a people for Freedom and a people for Slavery. Between the two, conflict is inevitable. - Author: Horace Greeley
High Conflict People quotes by Horace Greeley
#44. Fiction just has a lot more room for ambivalence and internal conflict, contradiction, and for me that sums up so much of what people felt after 9/11 - confusion even. And I think that's hard to capture in journalism. - Author: Amy Waldman
High Conflict People quotes by Amy Waldman
#45. Infectious disease exists at this intersection between real science, medicine, public health, social policy, and human conflict. There's a tendency of people to try and make a group out of those who have the disease. It makes people who don't have the disease feel safer. - Author: Andrea Barrett
High Conflict People quotes by Andrea Barrett
#46. The people were divided into the persecuted and those who persecuted them. That wild beast, which lives in man and does not dare to show itself until the barriers of law and custom have been removed, was now set free. The signal was given, the barriers were down. As has so often happened in the history of man, permission was tacitly granted for acts of violence and plunder, even for murder, if they were carried out in the name of higher interests, according to established rules, and against a limited number of men of a particular type and belief....In a few minutes the business quarter, based on centuries of tradition, was wiped out. It is true that there had always been concealed enmities and jealousies and religious intolerance, coarseness and cruelty, but there had also been courage and fellowship and a feeling for measure and order, which restrained all these instincts within the limits of the supportable and, in the end, calmed them down and submitted them to the general interest of life in common. Men who had been leaders in the commercial quarter for forty years vanished overnight as if they had all died suddenly, together with the habits, customs and institutions which they represented.

p. 11 - Author: Peter Maass
High Conflict People quotes by Peter Maass
#47. For he will speak peace to his people. . . . psalm 85:8 Peace is a language. To "speak peace" is very different from speaking of peace. To speak of peace is to reason about it. But to speak peace is to impart it. The promise in this psalm is that God will make peace with us and among us. But the phrase also serves as a reminder that our words are acts. When we speak, we may stir up animosities, suspicions, jealousies, or old hurts - or we may impart peace. Peace may be "uttered" not only in gentleness of voice when we speak, but in the choice of words that reframe, redirect, or surprise us into reconsidering. Sometimes a way of describing the problem or conflict as an opportunity for invention or imagination or learning can enable those who are stuck in a point of view to see a new way. - Author: Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
High Conflict People quotes by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
#48. During the last century, and part of the one before, it was widely held that there was an unreconcilable conflict between knowledge and belief. The opinion prevailed amoung advanced minds that it was time that belief should be replaced increasingly by knowledge; belief that did not itself rest on knowledge was superstition, and as such had to be opposed. According to this conception, the sole function of education was to open the way to thinking and knowing, and the school, as the outstanding organ for the people's education, must serve that end exclusively. - Author: Albert Einstein
High Conflict People quotes by Albert Einstein

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