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Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Hidden Beauty quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary. There are burning bushes all around you. Every tree is full of angels. Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb. ~ Macrina Wiederkehr
Hidden Beauty quotes by Macrina Wiederkehr
Oslo is a city with a hidden beauty that I wanted to explore and find out if it was possible to capture the specific feeling of bicycling home from a party early in the morning just as the sun is coming up. ~ Joachim Trier
Hidden Beauty quotes by Joachim Trier
Listening with absorbed attention more to her voice than to what she was saying, and thinking how like she was, flowering through her voice into beauty in the darkness, to some butterflies he had come across in the Swiss mountains the summer before. When they were folded up they were grey, mothlike creatures that one might easily overlook, but directly they opened their wings they became the loveliest things in the world, all rose-colour or heavenly blue. So had she been to him in the daylight that afternoon,
an ordinary woman, not in any way noticeable; but now listen to her, opening into beauty on the wings of her voice! ~ Elizabeth Von Arnim
Hidden Beauty quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Hidden Beauty quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Everybody has a hidden beauty behind their smile. ~ Shin Soohyun
Hidden Beauty quotes by Shin Soohyun
In youth he had felt the hidden beauty and ecstasy of things, and had been a poet; but poverty and sorrow and exile had turned his gaze in darker directions, and he had thrilled at the imputations of evil in the world around. Daily life had for him come to be a phantasmagoria of macabre shadow-studies; now glittering and leering with concealed rottenness as in Beardsley's best manner, now hinting terrors behind the commonest shapes and objects as in the subtler and less obvious work of Gustave Dore. He would often regard it as merciful that most persons of high Intelligence jeer at the inmost mysteries; for, he argued, if superior minds were ever placed in fullest contact with the secrets preserved by ancient and lowly cults, the resultant abnormalities would soon not only wreck the world, but threaten the very integrity of the universe. All this reflection was no doubt morbid, but keen logic and a deep sense of humour ably offset it. Malone was satisfied to let his notions remain as half-spied and forbidden visions to be lightly played with; and hysteria came only when duty flung him into a hell of revelation too sudden and insidious to escape. ~ H.P. Lovecraft
Hidden Beauty quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
Age, that brings a dwindling to most forms of life, is at its most majestic in the trees. I have seen living olives that were planted when Caesar was in Gaul. I remember, in Illinois woods, a burr oak which was bent over as a sapling a hundred years ago, to mark an Indian portage trail, and the thews in that flexed bough were still in the prime of life. Compared to that, the strongest human sinew is feeble and quick to decay. Yet structure in both cases is cellular; life in both is protoplasmic. A tree drinks water as I do, and breathes oxygen. There is the difference that it exhales more oxygen than it consumes, so that it sweetens the air where it grows. It lays the dust and tempers the wind. Even when it is felled, it but enters on a new kind of life. Sawn and seasoned and finished, it lays bare the hidden beauty of its heart, in figures and grains more lovely than the most premeditated design. It is stronger, now, than it was in the living tree, and may bear great strains and take many shapes. ~ Donald Culross Peattie
Hidden Beauty quotes by Donald Culross Peattie
The propriety of thoughts and words, which are the hidden beauties of a play, are but confusedly judged in the vehemence of action. ~ John Dryden
Hidden Beauty quotes by John Dryden
A vital Christian, radiating that hidden beauty of the heart, is more attractive to the right sort of Christian man (the only kind you want) than the raving beauty who is hollow within. A woman who is developing her domestic abilities, who is reasonably attractive, and who is a vital Christian in her own right is an irresistible person. ~ Jay E. Adams
Hidden Beauty quotes by Jay E. Adams
I have lived for over three hundred years. In that time, the ideal of beauty has changed many times. Large breasts, small, thin, curved, tall, short, they have all been the height of beauty at one time or another. But in all that time, ma petite, I have never desired anyone the way I desire you.
- Jean-Claude ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Hidden Beauty quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover, Fades in his eye, and palls upon the sense. ~ Joseph Addison
Hidden Beauty quotes by Joseph Addison
I wondered whether systems in the brain concerned with the perception (or projection) of meaning, significance, and intentionality, systems underlying a sense of wonder and mysteriousness, systems for appreciation of the beauty of art and science, had lost their balance in schizophrenia, producing a mental world overcharged with intense emotion and distortions of reality. These systems had lost their middle ground, it seemed, so that any attempt to titrate them, damp them down, could tip the person from a pathologically heightened state to one of great dullness, a sort of mental death. ~ Oliver Sacks
Hidden Beauty quotes by Oliver Sacks
Pleasure is to a woman what the sun is to the flower: if moderately enjoyed, it beautifies, it refreshes, and it improves; if immoderately, it withers, deteriorates, and destroys. But the duties of domestic life, exercised as they must be in retirement, and calling forth all the sensibilities of the female, are perhaps as necessary to the full development of her charms, as the shade and the shower are to the rose, confirming its beauty, and increasing its fragrance. ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Hidden Beauty quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
I kept working and...reading The Theory of The Heavens a sentence at a time, savoring each sentence like a cough drop and brimming with a sense of the immensity, grandeur, and infinite beauty streaming at me from all sides ~ Bohumil Hrabal
Hidden Beauty quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
Ernst Dwinger in his Siberian Diary
mentions a German lieutenant - for years a prisoner in a camp where cold and hunger were almost
unbearable - who constructed himself a silent piano with wooden keys. In the most abject misery,
perpetually surrounded by a ragged mob, he composed a strange music which was audible to him alone.
And for us who have been thrown into hell, mysterious melodies and the torturing images of a vanished
beauty will always bring us, in the midst of crime and folly, the echo of that harmonious insurrection
which bears witness, throughout the centuries, to the greatness of humanity. ~ Albert Camus
Hidden Beauty quotes by Albert Camus
Alec reached out and touched Marcy's back, rubbing it gently as if this werewolf stranger was his own sister.
"She's fine," he said. "You didn't - I know you didn't want to hurt her, that you didn't want to hurt anyone. You can't help being what you are. You're going to figure it all out."
"That was nice, what you said to her," said Magnus, when the crowd had completely hidden Marcy and Adrienne from their sight.
"Uh . . . it was nothing," said Alec, shifting and looking embarrassed. The Shadowhunters did not see much to approve of in kindness, Magnus supposed. "I mean, that's what we're here for, aren't we? Shadowhunters, I mean. We have to help anyone who needs help. We have to protect people."
The Nephilim Magnus had known had seemed to believe the Downworlders were created to help them, and to be disposed of if they didn't help enough.
Magnus looked at Alec. ~ Cassandra Clare
Hidden Beauty quotes by Cassandra Clare
Jesus loves hidden souls. A hidden flower is the most fragrant. I must strive to make the interior of my soul a resting place for the Heart of Jesus. ~ Maria Faustina Kowalska
Hidden Beauty quotes by Maria Faustina Kowalska
Where there was a jungle of fear and uncertainty, there shall be the shape of hidden things revealed. Where there were storms of lies, there will be truth. ~ J.Y. Yang
Hidden Beauty quotes by J.Y.  Yang
Love is the beauty; love is the truth. Love is the creative and sustaining energy of life ~ Debasish Mridha
Hidden Beauty quotes by Debasish Mridha
The saints are like the stars. In his providence Christ conceals them in a hidden place that they may not shine before others when they might wish to do so. Yet they are always ready to exchange the quiet of contemplation for the works of mercy as soon as they perceive in their heart the invitation of Christ. ~ Anthony Of Padua
Hidden Beauty quotes by Anthony Of Padua
We have magnificent brains, but we use a great deal of our brilliance to keep ourselves stuck and ignorant, to keep ourselves from not shining. We are so afraid of our beauty and radiance and brilliance because it scared the adults around us when we were children. ~ Patricia Sun
Hidden Beauty quotes by Patricia Sun
The beauty of having a studio is I can go in and record any time I want to, so you can always put down your ideas or whatever. You use your voice recorder and, you know, take your voice notes down and just preserve all the little jewels and gems when you're in there, putting that song together. ~ Big Boi
Hidden Beauty quotes by Big Boi
Today Tibe said he loves me, that he wants to marry me. I do not believe him. Why would he want such a thing? I am no one of consequence. No great beauty or intellect, no strength or power to aid his reign. I bring nothing to him but worry and weight. He needs someone strong at his side, a person who laughs at the gossips and overcomes her own doubts. Tibe is as weak as I am, a lonely boy without a path of his own. I will only make things worse. I will only bring him pain. How can I do that? ~ Victoria Aveyard
Hidden Beauty quotes by Victoria Aveyard
In the blink of an eye my beauty becomes but a feast for worms, and I, a forgotten sigh in a sea of nothingness. ~ Christopher Moore
Hidden Beauty quotes by Christopher Moore
I still remember the flush of blood in her cheeks as she danced. She was all the raw colours of life, the crude beauty of nature. I am the human concept of beauty. Gold made soft and supple in man's form. ~ Pierce Brown
Hidden Beauty quotes by Pierce Brown
I carry their beauty inside the very soul of my being. Dark with shades of grey. White with storm clouds in the distance. Because of dad and mom, I am not afraid to dream of dark victories and black beauty. I'm not afraid to be in love with the night ~ Diane Keaton
Hidden Beauty quotes by Diane Keaton
Through all his years of roving, even on nights like this, he had remained blind to the beauty of the sea, and now his feeling toward it had settled into weary hatred. He knew its effects of blended color, its wide gradations of sound and action, the tireless charm of a sailing ship's effortless movement, the quality of silent distance and the wonder of the skies. Dimly at times, in moments of rare emotion, he had caught a glimpse of the mystic hand that beckons beyond the horizon and felt for a little while the fated urge of the wanderer. But that was in the beginning, long ago when he had first gone to sea, and he had forgotten it.
("Fire In The Galley Stove") ~ William Outerson
Hidden Beauty quotes by William Outerson
Three sorts of goods, Aristotle specified, contribute to happiness: goods of the soul, including moral and intellectual virtues and education; bodily goods, such as strength, good health, beauty, and sound senses; and external goods, such as wealth, friends, good birth, good children, good heredity, good reputation and the like. ~ Sissela Bok
Hidden Beauty quotes by Sissela Bok
I started in '88 to play House music, it was a huge revolution for me. I went to London and I saw a DJ on stage and that was crazy at the time. I was one of the really respected and famous DJs in Paris, but they would never show me. I was hidden. A DJ on stage and people dancing and facing the DJ, looking at him? I was like 'wow! ~ David Guetta
Hidden Beauty quotes by David Guetta
The beauty myth posited to women a false choice: Which will I be, sexual or serious? We must reject that false and forced dilemma. Men's sexuality is taken to be enhanced by their seriousness; to be at the same time a serious person and a sexual being is to be fully human. Let's turn on those who offer this devil's bargain and refuse to believe that in choosing one aspect of the self we must thereby forfeit the other. In a world in which women have real choices, the choices we make about our appearance will be taken at last for what they really are: no big deal. ~ Naomi Wolf
Hidden Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
Do not forget to look up to the stars every now and then. The universe has made you conscious – try to make sense of how it works & appreciate its beauty. ~ Paul Hildebrandt
Hidden Beauty quotes by Paul Hildebrandt
There is no heaven and there is no hell. They are not geographical, they are part of your psychology. They are psychological. To live the life of spontaneity, truth, love, beauty is to live in heaven. To live the life of hypocrisy, lies, compromises,to live according to others, is to live in hell. To live in freedom is heaven, and to live in subjection is hell. ~ Rajneesh
Hidden Beauty quotes by Rajneesh
The closer you get to the truth, the clearer becomes the beauty, and the more you will find worship welling up within you. That's why theology and worship belong together. ~ N. T. Wright
Hidden Beauty quotes by N. T. Wright
Apart from pleasure, beauty also kindles imagination, hope and encouragement. If beauty ceased to exist, we would, in a very real sense, cease to exist
for we would be no longer who we are. ~ Stephen R. Lawhead
Hidden Beauty quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
Being surrounded by artistic and musical beauty soothes the soul, bringing both quiet calm and creative inspiration ... ~ Wayne D. Dosick
Hidden Beauty quotes by Wayne D. Dosick
I'm dreading fall. It is a terrifying season,' he says finally. 'Everything shriveling up and dying.' I don't know how to answer. Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale. I've never thought to be frightened of it. ~ Lauren DeStefano
Hidden Beauty quotes by Lauren DeStefano
And no one, no one should know what passes between husband and wife if they love one another. And whatever quarrels there may be between them they ought not to call in their own mother to judge between them and tell tales of one another. They are their own judges. Love is a holy mystery and ought to be hidden from all other eyes, whatever happens. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Hidden Beauty quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
We are conditioned by the national parks to link beauty and environmental value, a prejudice that makes as much sense as thinking attractive people form better friendships than plain people. ~ Charles Wohlforth
Hidden Beauty quotes by Charles Wohlforth
blind love finds ideal beauty everywhere. ~ Anton Chekhov
Hidden Beauty quotes by Anton Chekhov
The diaphanous gown of the Milky Way shifted through scattered stars and all wishes made upon them. It gathered its silky folds as her eyes adjusted to darkness through spasms of beauty and joy.
Florescent mists wandered the shadows, brushing trees softly with moon glow. ~ Edward Fahey
Hidden Beauty quotes by Edward Fahey
No one's life should be rooted in fear. We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are. ~ Dean Koontz
Hidden Beauty quotes by Dean Koontz
Obviously, to be in the fear of the Lord is not to be scared of the Lord, even though the Hebrew word has overtones of respect and awe. "Fear" in the Bible means to be overwhelmed, to be controlled by something. To fear the Lord is to be overwhelmed with wonder before the greatness of God and his love. It means that, because of his bright holiness and magnificent love, you find him "fearfully beautiful." That is why the more we experience God's grace and forgiveness, the more we experience a trembling awe and wonder before the greatness of all that he is and has done for us. Fearing him means bowing before him out of amazement at his glory and beauty. ~ Timothy Keller
Hidden Beauty quotes by Timothy Keller
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