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It's made music more accessible with YouTube and the ability to trade audio files. But it hasn't made it more popular. ~ Chick Corea
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Chick Corea
Betty once had self-image problems, but she overcame them. A Morninglight poster decorates her wall. Much-read pamphlets sit in her bathroom. Philip Marquard's audio book on self-actualisation plays in her earphones. Fresh signatures fill the forms on her clipboard. Bottles of Morninglight dietary supplements and nutrient pills fill her medicine cabinet. By her bed is an autographed picture of Philip Marquard, the one she secretly kisses before going to sleep. Every night she dreams of freeing herself from her mortal shell and ascending into the cosmos to soar with the whale-mollusc gods.

There are new recruits chained to Betty's walls. She has their signatures. They tested as having self-image problems, as she once had. Smiling, she tells them they are all beautiful. She opens them with a knife, shows them the beauty inside. "Look!" she says, tears streaming. "We are all made of stars!" Then she practises eating stars, waiting for enlightenment to take hold. ~ Joshua Alan Doetsch
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Joshua Alan Doetsch
I foresee online gaming changing when there are good audio-visual links connecting the participants, thus approximating play in a face-to-face group. ~ Gary Gygax
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Gary Gygax
Am I screaming? I hope so, but I can't tell, not until I figure out the audio.
I don't have a voice box. ~ Aldous Mercer
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Aldous Mercer
My first epiphany that this might work came on my first day, when I went into biofeedback. They hooked me up to computers through electrodes, put me in a comfortable lounge chair, put an eye pillow over my face, slipped speakers onto my head and played an audio guided visualization. ~ Brad Willis
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Brad Willis
Think for a moment about the process that humans have used to record events throughout history. The first evidence we know of is paintings on cave walls. A little further along in time, after many intermediate steps, we see the development of writing. In the more recent past, we see the invention of the camera, audio recording devices, and ultimately video. The manner in which humans have recorded history (and to a lesser extent our own lives) has evolved. We've come a long way. Consider the implications of time. Much of the technology we take for granted today was pure science fiction 50-100 years ago, a dream 200 years ago, and inconceivable 500 years ago. Using these groupings of viewpoints, we can project into the future and categorize the possibilities. In ~ Todd William
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Todd William
Books are the most powerful tool in the human arsenal, that reading all kinds of books, in whatever format you choose - electronic (even though that wasn't for her) or printed, or audio - is the grandest entertainment, and also is how you take part in human conversation. ~ Will Schwalbe
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Will Schwalbe
The visuals and the audio, could stand by themselves in a way. But the whole idea of the thing, is that they would exist together. So I think together, they're way more of a stronger thing. You could listen to just the music, or just watch the video, but I think it would really mean ... obviously it would just be half the experience. ~ Panda Bear
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Panda Bear
Whether I'm on the road or at home, I get a great deal done on elliptical machines. I use my iPad to conquer my email inbox, listen to audio books, use my Voxer Walkie Talkie app, and read through documents. ~ Amy Jo Martin
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Amy Jo Martin
Sometimes we need to step back and understand the power of video games. 'Dear Esther' does just that. Through visuals, audio, and narration, this title weaves a story around the player as they explore different areas in the game. ~ Rob Manuel
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Rob Manuel
One of the things that I think audio is best at is creating empathy. ~ Alex Blumberg
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Alex Blumberg
Audio virology is not a metaphor. It is to be taken literally. It maps real processes of mutation, transmission, contagion and memory within music culture. ~ Kode9
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Kode9
I had the pleasure of listening to Rickie Lee Jones' Flying Cowboys album on audio cassette, which had just come out at that time because I am an elderly man. ~ John Hodgman
Herzschlag Audio quotes by John Hodgman
Maybe storytelling belongs in audio - a short story is the length of a commute. That can be a sacred spot where you have the ear of the reader without having to compete with other media like games or TV. ~ Paolo Bacigalupi
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
I credit Podiobooks and the free audio podcasts for helping me develop the audience I needed when I started selling my books in text forms. ~ Nathan Lowell
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Nathan Lowell
Presidential power was overruled by the high bench in July 1974, when President Nixon was ordered to turn over some audio tapes of his White House conversations, including the 'smoking gun' tape of June 23, 1972, that revealing the Watergate cover up. ~ Helen Thomas
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Helen Thomas
It's not just the drive. They're right out front. Everywhere. Waiting for me. All day and night."
"Who are, dear?"
"Robots selling things. As soon as I set down the ship. Robots and visual-audio ads. They dig right into a man's brain. They follow people around until they die. ~ Philip K. Dick
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Philip K. Dick
She screamed. Not a normal scream of pain, but a deep and blind cry as reason deserted her. Of all the screams cataloged in the encyclopedic audio library of the Hidden Schools, Tara's bore the closest resemblance to the scream of a man whose abdomen was being devoured by a jagged-clawed insect that wore a child's face. ~ Max Gladstone
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Max Gladstone
The fifties was chosen for the visual and audio aspects, because that was the decade in which the most people had self-identified as being happy. Which is one of the goals here: maximum possible happiness. Who wouldn't tick that box? When ~ Margaret Atwood
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Margaret Atwood
Let me tell you this, if I had wanted to have a library of audio and videotapes of Bill Clinton, I could have had that. And after I was accused of being a liar, I wished that I had of. ~ Gennifer Flowers
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Gennifer Flowers
When we did the first 'Uncharted,' we weren't able to capture the audio with the performances. We would go back and do A.D.R. - Automated Dialogue Replacement - in which you would hear yourself and then repeat your line. Even when we were doing that, there was a slight disconnect because you were trying to recreate a performance. ~ Nolan North
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Nolan North
Because operators are based thousands of miles away from the battlefield, and undertake operations entirely through computer screens and remote audio feed, there is a risk of developing a 'PlayStation' mentality to killing. ~ Philip Alston
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Philip Alston
We designed a number of features from the ground up, like custom display and optics technology with very high refresh rates and pixel density. We added integrated 3-D audio, a built-in microphone so you can speak to friends inside virtual worlds, and precise mechanical adjustment systems. ~ Brendan Iribe
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Brendan Iribe
Analog sounds so much better. I frankly can't listen to digital audio for more than a few hours without really starting to hate what I'm listening to. Even decent 24-bit digital resolution really irritates me after a while. ~ Tom Scholz
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Tom Scholz
Larry and I, and a bunch of our colleagues, were sitting on great stories that needed to get out to an audience in one way, shape or form. We've both produced comics in the past, and audio dramas seemed like a similarly interesting option, the other side of the coin. As we've continued with the project, the format has become a vital way for us to tell our stories. ~ Glenn McQuaid
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Glenn McQuaid
All of audio as we know it is an attempt to be more and more perfectly linear. Linearity means higher quality sound. Hypersonic sound is exactly the opposite: it's 100 percent based on non-linearity. ~ Woody Norris
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Woody Norris
Years later I saw a film - poignantly sad, and for me unbearably so - about a scientist who had invented a kind of total sense recorder, not just video but audio and smellio and touchio and the rest, which he set to play every afternoon in a given place a given time, for as long as the mechanism lasted. The scene he projected was that of a dozen or so young couples dancing on a terrace in the same holiday house, on the same island, where the recorder itself was kept. Then this young man comes across it while it is playing and at first is convinced he is watching a real occurrence: he sees this beautiful girl, in her slinky 1930s outfit, dancing and laughing and chattering with her friends, and he falls in love with her on the spot. Second day, same time around, he comes to the island at a slightly different time so he sees a slightly different excerpt, and still doesn't twig and falls deeper in love. And so on and so forth for various days until he happens on a duplicate bit and realises something is wrong. But by then, of course, he is irretrievably hooked. So what does he do? He digs out the machine, fiddles with its insides until he has grasped its workings, and then sets it up in recording mode and records himself into the scene in a desperate last-ditch attempt to join the dancers. Which works, and there he stays: trapped there amongst them in a virtual dimension, forever young, forever re-enacting the same little loop of life, over and over. ~ A.P. .
Herzschlag Audio quotes by A.P. .
The Afghanis converted from Buddhism and some of the greatest Muslims came out of that Buddhist tradition. In fact Balkh was a center for Buddhist logic and those logicians became Muslim and introduced interestingly enough into Islamic theology some Buddhist logical formations that dont exist in Greek logic.

Greek logic does not have a "neither A nor B" type scenario whereas Nagarjunian logic which is Buddhist logic does. In traditional Islamic theology you have situations where they do have that "neither A nor B". [...] I can't say "definitely" but I really believe that it does come out of the influence that the Buddhist logicians had on Islam. I actually wrote a paper "how the Buddhists saved Islam" which was about that but somebody said [...] [do not submit it] as you will get too much flak.
(audio) ~ Hamza Yusuf
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Hamza Yusuf
I was born inside the movie of my life. The visuals were before me, the audio surrounded me, the plot unfolded inevitably but not necessarily. I don't remember how I got into the movie, but it continues to entertain me. ~ Roger Ebert
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Roger Ebert
Before they knew it, Ormsby Island would become a paranormal attraction like Waverly Hills or Houghton Mansion or the Whaley House. The place would be crawling with people anxious to catch a ghost on camera or audio. ~ Hunter Shea
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Hunter Shea
Hey, I wasn't a weirdo. I was in the audio-visual club. ~ D'arcy Wretzky
Herzschlag Audio quotes by D'arcy Wretzky
Much of what we have been doing to improve the world's opinion of us has had the contrary effect. Audio-visual aids which we have sent over the world are primary aids to the belief in the irrelevance, the arrogance, the rigidity, and the conceit of America. Not because they are poorly made. On the contrary, because they are well made and vividly projected. Not because they are favorable images or unfavorable images, but because they are images. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
I wanted to make feminism more accessible. And I really wanted to engage with my own generation, one that is increasingly speaking in an audio/video multimedia language. ~ Anita Sarkeesian
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Anita Sarkeesian
There is no news value to the content of those [Newtown 911] tapes. The actual audio is of no news value at all, unless you want the thrill of hearing the sound of the actual individual gunshot that might have killed a 7 year-old. ~ Rachel Maddow
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Rachel Maddow
I use a laptop more as a tool, as sort of the central artery. Everything goes through the digital audio card of my computer, but if I had my druthers I'd do everything in dedicated hardware. ~ Keith Fullerton Whitman
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Keith Fullerton Whitman
In between that time, I've done book narrating, you know, books on tape for Dove Audio. ~ Juice Newton
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Juice Newton
In alignment. Their video matches their audio. ~ Robin S. Sharma
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Robin S. Sharma
I studied audio engineering at university. The background I am from, music was never seen as a viable career; it was always a hobby. ~ Chet Faker
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Chet Faker
Sennheiser HD280, Audio-Technica MTX-150, and V-MODA Crossfade 100. All ~ Mike Cernovich
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Mike Cernovich
More academics should blog, post videos, post audio, post lectures, offer articles and more. You'll enjoy it: I've had threats and blackmail, abuse, smears and formal complaints with forged documentation. ~ Ben Goldacre
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Ben Goldacre
The more we do this, the more the audio-drama format is opening up to us in new ways. So I think there's an experimental element, or at least an confidence in experimenting, that's running though our work now - and it wasn't there in the first season. ~ Glenn McQuaid
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Glenn McQuaid
Andy Kindler. Andy's set - somehow he slayed that night. But something weird about it that wasn't translating for the CD. I don't know what it was. But we listened to it and it wasn't the greatest audio recording - I mean, the quality of it was good. But we didn't want to put it on the record because it doesn't represent what Andy does. ~ B. J. Porter
Herzschlag Audio quotes by B. J. Porter
The devices that our kids use are shipped from the factory with every possible audio, visual or vibration alert switched on. Each new app, website, tweet and message adds another layer of intrusion - each intrusion is cynically designed to get a response, and each response creates an appetite for another intrusion. ~ Beeban Kidron
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Beeban Kidron
If we have free will, by definition we cannot be granted it. We can't be given it. My [-audio-recording-distorted-] paradox states that 'Of course we have free will, we have no choice.' To say that it's a gift is to negate the whole concept of free will on its face. So, if that isn't self-evident, I can't think of anything that would meet the definition of being self-evident. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Herzschlag Audio quotes by Christopher Hitchens
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