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I understand popular entertainment better than anyone. I want to have the world's No. 1 tennis player, the hottest movie, the biggest artist. ~ Simon Fuller
Hennon Tennis quotes by Simon Fuller
In tennis, you strike a ball just after the rebound for the fastest return. It's the same with investment. ~ Masayoshi Son
Hennon Tennis quotes by Masayoshi Son
I started puberty very late. I was nearly sixteen. And for complicated reasons this late arrival of my puberty caused me to stop playing competitive tennis. But before my puberty problem, I had trouble with my lower back and with my left testicle. ~ Jonathan Ames
Hennon Tennis quotes by Jonathan Ames
Ask any comedian, tennis player, chef. Timing is everything. ~ Meg Rosoff
Hennon Tennis quotes by Meg Rosoff
Strangely enough, Kathy Jordan is getting to the net first, which she always does. ~ Fred Perry
Hennon Tennis quotes by Fred Perry
In tennis you move a lot. Golf you don't. In tennis, you can have a bad half-hour, but you can't in golf. You can lose the first set in tennis and still win. ~ Ivan Lendl
Hennon Tennis quotes by Ivan Lendl
This trophy is so special in the world of tennis and it feels great. ~ Amelie Mauresmo
Hennon Tennis quotes by Amelie Mauresmo
In the history of women's tennis the great players have come back from long absences with no problems. ~ Lindsay Davenport
Hennon Tennis quotes by Lindsay Davenport
It would be a far greater sin for you to drift along in a haze of moderation than to start a fire or two. Go fuck some things up. ~ Cary Tennis
Hennon Tennis quotes by Cary Tennis
I feel like my whole life only tennis. ~ Li Na
Hennon Tennis quotes by Li Na
Zivojinovic seems to be able to pull the big bullet out of the top drawer ~ Mike Ingham
Hennon Tennis quotes by Mike Ingham
I actually wanted to be a tennis player. ~ Constance Jablonski
Hennon Tennis quotes by Constance Jablonski
There is no life for girls in team sports past Little League. I got into tennis when I realized this, and because I thought golf would be too slow for me, and I was too scared to swim. ~ Billie Jean King
Hennon Tennis quotes by Billie Jean King
One may do many things in a long life. I also played a great deal of tennis and brought up three children. There's time for all sorts of adventures. ~ Audrey Niffenegger
Hennon Tennis quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
Love', the word, is at the centre of tennis. It is embedded in the unique and eccentric scoring system. Love meaning nothing - zero. Playing for love. That it was, uniquely, a sport in which woman and men played together made it a 'love game' in a social and romantic sense. ~ Elizabeth Wilson
Hennon Tennis quotes by Elizabeth Wilson
The sharply precise divisions and boundaries, together with the fact that - wind and your more exotic-type spins aside - balls can be made to travel in straight lines only, make textbook tennis plane geometry. It is billiards with balls that won't hold still. It is chess on the run. It is to artillery and airstrikes what football is to infantry and attrition. ~ David Foster Wallace
Hennon Tennis quotes by David Foster Wallace
Imagine a morning in late November. A coming of winter morning more than twenty years ago. Consider the kitchen of a spreading old house in a country town. A great black stove is its main feature; but there is also a big round table and a fireplace with two rocking chairs placed in front of it. Just today the fireplace commenced its seasonal roar. A woman with shorn white hair is standing at the kitchen window. She is wearing tennis shoes and a shapeless gray sweater over a summery calico dress. She is small and sprightly, like a bantam hen; but, due to a long youthful illness, her shoulders are pitifully hunched. Her face is remarkable - not unlike Lincoln's, craggy like that, and tinted by sun and wind; but it is delicate, too, finely boned, and her eyes are sherry-colored and timid. "Oh my," she exclaims, her breath smoking the windowpane, "it's fruitcake weather! ~ Truman Capote
Hennon Tennis quotes by Truman Capote
I'm agnostic because I went through the usual process of parents insisting you go to church, and yet they didn't. So there's me, sitting in the chairs, thinking, 'Jeez, why am I here? I'd rather be playing tennis, seriously.' ~ Ridley Scott
Hennon Tennis quotes by Ridley Scott
In Hollywood people lie to each other and cheat each other and then go and play tennis. But I don't want to be a tennis player. ~ David Geffen
Hennon Tennis quotes by David Geffen
Tennis has never been the most important thing in my life. My family, my health, my happiness ... they are more important to me. On court, I want to win. Off court, I want to be a better person. Tennis is a path to my future. ~ Maria Sharapova
Hennon Tennis quotes by Maria Sharapova
When I was younger, I was a robot. Wind her up and she plays tennis. ~ Chris Evert
Hennon Tennis quotes by Chris Evert
I grew up in the 1950s at the beginning of rock n' roll, and would strum a tennis racket in front of the mirror. ~ Jonathan Pryce
Hennon Tennis quotes by Jonathan Pryce
She could feel the coolness, a whole childhood of it, falling through her. Rain on the coral beach in Galway. White tennis balls on the broken court. Her brother at his shortwave radio. A nest of wires and voices. Her father's cattle huddled on a laneway. The broken church bell. A grass verge of green in the laneway. High windows. Too tall for the school chairs. The milk came in small silver cans. She would not cry or whimper. She had always refused him that. ~ Colum McCann
Hennon Tennis quotes by Colum McCann
Girls are a distraction and can easily cost points. ~ Boris Becker
Hennon Tennis quotes by Boris Becker
All my life I'd woken up to tennis, tennis, tennis. Even if I don't go to practise, I'm thinking about it all day. ~ Serena Williams
Hennon Tennis quotes by Serena Williams
While in high school, I worked part time at Subway, then at the front desk of the local YMCA, then at a tennis club, until I landed an unpaid internship at 'The Mountain View Voice,' my hometown newspaper. ~ Jose Antonio Vargas
Hennon Tennis quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
Most of these stories are on the tragic side. But the reader must not suppose that the incidents I have narrated were of common occurrence. The vast majority of these people, government servants, planters, and traders, who spent their working lives in Malaya were ordinary people ordinarily satisfied with their station in life. They did the jobs they were paid to do more or less competently,. They were as happy with their wives as are most married couples. They led humdrum lives and did very much the same things every day. Sometimes by way of a change they got a little shooting; but at a rule, after they had done their day's work, they played tennis if there were people to play with, went to the club at sundown if there was a club in the vicinity, drank in moderation, and played bridge. They had their little tiffs, their little jealousies, their little flirtations, their little celebrations. They were good, decent, normal people.

I respect, and even admire, such people, but they are not the sort of people I can write stories about. I write stories about people who have some singularity of character which suggests to me that they may be capable of behaving in such a way as to give me an idea that I can make use of, or about people who by some accident or another, accident of temperament, accident of environment, have been involved in unusual contingencies. But, I repeat, they are the exception. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Hennon Tennis quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
Tennis is my job, but it's not my life. ~ Serena Williams
Hennon Tennis quotes by Serena Williams
I was a gypsy, living a carefree life of ponies and tennis. ~ Lilly Pulitzer
Hennon Tennis quotes by Lilly Pulitzer
He took me in skeptically. "Darling, the ensemble is fabulous," he said, patting my hand, eyeing my black jacket, black tie, black silk shirt, and heavily pegged black satin pants, "but I'm not so sure about the white sneakers."
"But they're essential to my costume."
"Your costume? What are you dressed as?"
"A tennis player in mourning. ~ Patti Smith
Hennon Tennis quotes by Patti Smith
I was always rather nasty. I was willing to be friends with the Devil, just to cross the bridge. ~ Ilie Nastase
Hennon Tennis quotes by Ilie Nastase
I'm the girl who's like, 'Why wear heels when I can wear tennis shoes and be comfortable?' I've always been the girl who's like, 'Let's go play basketball.' ~ Kyla Pratt
Hennon Tennis quotes by Kyla Pratt
Here is how to handle being a feral prodigy. ~ David Foster Wallace
Hennon Tennis quotes by David Foster Wallace
In the current [Carter] administration, who can use the White House swimming pool and tennis courts is decided at the very highest level. President Ford did not bother himself with such minor details. He let me swim in the pool. He only got upset when I tried to walk across the water. ~ Henry A. Kissinger
Hennon Tennis quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
I was too young and naive then to link up the meaning of those ridiculingly defunct tennis shoes that I was forced to wear with the reality that we were on Welfare and Welfare was not designed to provide a child with any pride in its existence. ~ Richard Brautigan
Hennon Tennis quotes by Richard Brautigan
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