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#1. Celia realized she'd shocked Mr. Pinter when his thick black brows drew together in a frown. His lean form seemed even more rigid than usual, and his angular features-the arrow of a nose and bladed jaw-even more stark. IN his severe morning attire of black serge and white linen, he radiated male disapproval.
But why? He knew she was the only "hellion" left unmarried. Did he think she would let her brothers and sisters lose their inheritance out of some rebellious desire to thwart Gran's ultimatum?
Of course he did. He'd been so kind and considerate during her recitation of the dream that she'd almost forgotten he hated her. Why else were his eyes, gray as slate after a storm, now so cold and remote? The blasted fellow was always so condescending and sure of himself, so...so...
"Forgive me, my lady," he said in his oddly raspy voice, "but I was unaware you had any suitors."
Curse him for being right. "Well, I don't...exactly. There are men who might be interested but haven't gone so far as to offer marriage." Or even to show a partiality to her.
"And you're hoping I'll twist their arms so they will?"
She colored under his piercing gaze. "Don't be ridiculous."
This was the Mr. Pinter she knew, the one who'd called her "a reckless society miss" and a "troublemaker."
Not that she cared what he thought. He was like her brother's friends, who saw her as a tomboy because she could demonstrate a rifle's fine qualities. And like Cous - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Hellion Turbo quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#2. The day you love anyone but yourself is the day I'll take your marital advice, Ian," Bones bit back in an icy tone.
"Then today is that day," Ian replied sharply, "for I love you, you wretched, pig-headed guttersnipe. I also love that arrogant, overprivileged dandy smirking at us" - a wave indicted Spade, whose aforementioned smirk vanished - "as well as the emotionally fractured, malfunctioning psychic who sired me. And you, Crispin, love a bloodthirsty hellion who's probably killed more people in her thirty years than I have in over two centuries of living, so again I say, don't bother trying to convince her that she isn't who she is. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Hellion Turbo quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#3. This isn't happening to you, princess," Sabine snapped before I could do more than shake my head. "This is happening to us. While you spent the past few months prancing around in ignorant bliss, we were all being possessed, or kidnapped, or stalked by this hellion. So dry your tears and take off the tiara, because this is a call to arms, not a pity party. You're not going to find any sympathy here. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Hellion Turbo quotes by Rachel Vincent
#4. I'm very focused on the world and my career and my Porsche turbo and making money and Stevie B. Inc. I'm just living according to the standards of the world. - Author: Stephen Baldwin
Hellion Turbo quotes by Stephen Baldwin
#5. Adam arrived at 735 Monroe Street prepared for the woman to be a bit skittish.
After all, she'd run from him earlier, obviously intimidated by his overwhelming masculinity and epic sexuality. Women often had that reaction to him, especially when he was stripping off his pants. Or kilt, depending on the century.
He was also prepared, however, for her inhibitions to drop swiftly, as did all women's when they got a good, close-up look at him.
After that, many simply launched themselves at him in a full-frontal assault of sexual frenzy. He'd been entertaining himself with just that possibility, his entire body tight with lust, while tracking her down with the information he'd obtained int he room called "Human Resources" at Little & Staller.
But nothing in his vast repertoire of experience had prepared him for Gabrielle O'Callaghan.
The bloodthirsty little hellion didn't react like any woman he'd ever encountered. She took one horrified look at him, drew back her arm, hauled off, and smashed him in the face with some kind of satchel she was holding.
Then slammed the door and locked it.
Leaving him on the doorstep, bleeding. Bleeding, by Danu, blood trickling from his lip! - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Hellion Turbo quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#6. His dark hair looked like it had been teased by the spinning blades of a turbo prop, his black on black ensemble looked like it had walked out of the local "Depressed Teens Shop Here" store, and his flanking goons were dressed to match."
(on Obsidian Chylde) - Author: J.R. O'Bryant
Hellion Turbo quotes by J.R. O'Bryant
#7. My parents first rented a tiny apartment on Chapel Street with their black standard poodle, Turbo. When I arrived, they had to move out because the landlord allowed dogs but not babies. They found a place on Edwards Street, where the owner allowed babies but not dogs. Fortunately, I made the cut and Turbo went to live at Grove Lane. - Author: George W. Bush
Hellion Turbo quotes by George W. Bush
#8. I dropped my arms and then I slid them around what felt like a man's waist. Then I cuddled closer. It felt like arms came around my waist too, and it also felt like a hand was trailing gently up and down my back.
"You're sweet when you're sick."
"I am?"
"Hellion when you're riled."
Then he muttered, "Not sure which I like more. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Hellion Turbo quotes by Kristen Ashley
#9. Willow gazed up at him, her silly grin still in place. "You know wha'? You're kinda cute when you crook your eyebrows down like tha'."
Rider muttered a curse, lifted her off the floor, and tossed her over his shoulder. "Juan, you and Hicks help Mrs. Brigham to her room. I'll take care of this little hellion."
Willow lifted her head from where she dangled over Rider's shoulder. "See yuh later, Mrs. B."
Miriam smiled and waved.
"i think Mrs. B is pickled," Rider's passenger said in a loud whisper as he hauled her out the door.
"No thanks to you,hellion," he growled, and smacked her bottom.
As he carried Willow into the house, Rider was hard pressed to quell a sudden urge to laugh. In her bedroom, he unceremoniously dumped her on her bed, but when he turned to leave, her pitiful sounding voice halted his exit. "Rider,come here a min-it."
"Oh,hell, I suppose you're going to be sick." Grabbing a basin off her dresser, he shoved it under her chin. "It serves you right, you know." He watched nervously as she knocked the bowl aside.
"Dun...don't be mad." She held her arms out to him. "Come closer. Gimme a kiss and we'll make up. I like your kisses so-o-o-o much."
This time Rider couldn't stall his grin and inadvertently leaned closer.
She was on him like a duck on a June bug. With two hearty handfuls of his shirt, she yanked him down on top of her and plastered her mouth against his.
Talking against his lips, the tipsy - Author: Charlotte McPherren
Hellion Turbo quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#10. No matter where he went in the City, there was an odoriferous mix of food and vehicles, like the alchemic concoctions of some mad gourmet mechanic: Kung Pao Saab Turbo, Buick Skylark Carbonara, Sweet-and-Sour Metro Bus, Honda Bolognese with Burning Clutch Sauce. - Author: Christopher Moore
Hellion Turbo quotes by Christopher Moore
#11. Listen you..you.."he sputtered.
"You what ? You've already used hellion,draft girl and missy' .i can think of several more degradation,but then again im not the one trying so hard to be intimidating."
"How about you,maddending,foolish,moronic little chit ?"
"Much better !" she applauded. - Author: Kate Noble
Hellion Turbo quotes by Kate Noble
#12. Every year in late June, Custer's Last Stand is reenacted on the high plains of Montana. When Custer led out the 7th Cavalry in 2003 - the year I witnessed it - the audience stood and cheered with turbo-charged patriotism. - Author: Clive Sinclair
Hellion Turbo quotes by Clive Sinclair
#13. Go is most fun I've had with a compiled PL since I've discovered Turbo Pascal as a kid. - Author: Bojan Markovic
Hellion Turbo quotes by Bojan Markovic
#14. R means under 18 accompanied by an adult. Therefore all corporately funded films in the US must be made with the concept that those under the age of 18 are able to view the film. This means all corporately funded films in the US are made for the eyes of children. - Author: Crispin Hellion Glover
Hellion Turbo quotes by Crispin Hellion Glover
#15. You had to give credit to anyone who managed to excel at their chosen pastime, be it golf, hang-gliding or hoovering up cocaine with the speed and efficacy of a Dyson Turbo. - Author: Jamie Holoran
Hellion Turbo quotes by Jamie Holoran
#16. See this?" Isa pulled something dark and oblong out of her purse. Chance's mouth twitched.
"Turbo Vagisil?"
"No, it's a taser! - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Hellion Turbo quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#17. A turbo: exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens and you go faster. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
Hellion Turbo quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#18. At that point, when she'd been staring down the account-whoring, turbo-bitch's face, she wouldn't have much cared if her head spun around and she'd yarked up pea soup at warp speed all over her. At least it would have matched Linda's new color ranking. - Author: Dakota Cassidy
Hellion Turbo quotes by Dakota Cassidy
#19. Close your eyes," Marcus said, his hand moving to her bottom in a circling caress. He brushed his mouth over her forehead and her fragile eyelids. "Rest. You'll need to regain your strength ... because once we're married, I won't be able to leave you alone. I'll want to love you every hour, every minute of the day." He nestled her more closely against him. "There is nothing on earth more beautiful to me than your smile ... no sound sweeter than your laughter ... no pleasure greater than holding you in my arms. I realized today that I could never live without you, stubborn little hellion that you are. In this life and the next, you're my only hope of happiness. Tell me, Lillian, dearest love ... how can you have reached so far inside my heart?" He paused to kiss her damp silken skin ... and smiled as the wisp of a feminine snore broke the peaceful silence. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Hellion Turbo quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#20. Whatever your weakness, there's a hellion to exploit it. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Hellion Turbo quotes by Rachel Vincent
#21. Take your hands off my sister!"
The lieutenant's head swiveled toward the owner of the surly voice, and met with a hard fist. He stumbled and bumped into another brawling twosome, slacking his grip on Willie's legs. Seizing the advantage, she aimed a well-placed kick, and this time connected with her intended target.
Rider grabbed his crotch and lurched forward in pain, dropping the little hellion on top of her brother. Like cats, the girl and her sibling were on their feet, weaving a zigzag escape through the mayhem.
Rider quickly regained his balance and swore, "Damn, I should have known the little rebel had a brother." Still cupping his privates and cursing the air blue, he watched brother and sister disappear. "Someday, freckle face, someday. - Author: Charlotte McPherren
Hellion Turbo quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#22. I've missed you," Christopher commented in a tone of mild surprise. "Though I can't decide why. It must be the glare--it bring me back to my childhood."
"You were ever a hellion," Annandale informed him, "and selfish to the bone. When I read Russell's reports of your battlefield heroics, I was certain they had mistaken you for someone else."
Christopher grinned. "If I was heroic, it was purely accidental. I was only trying to save my own skin. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Hellion Turbo quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#23. It's your turn to talk," Tod said when several seconds had elapsed in pensive, angry silence from the hellion. "Negotiation is like playing tennis with words instead of balls. I thought you'd be better at this, considering your apparent lack of balls. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Hellion Turbo quotes by Rachel Vincent
#24. St John had always been a fan of the RS Turbo, mainly due to the colour coded rear spoiler and air vents in the bonnet, which distinguished it from the more common and less powerful XR3i. - Author: St John Morris
Hellion Turbo quotes by St John Morris
#25. Fact: She was alone with Quint in his bedchamber.
Fact: He was talking of theorems, secret messages, and mathematical probability.
Fact: She was incredibly, distractingly aroused. - Author: Joanna Shupe
Hellion Turbo quotes by Joanna Shupe
#26. Ours is an age of onrushing turbo-capitalism, wherein the present feels more abbreviated than it used to be – at least for the world's privileged classes who live surrounded by technological time-savers that often compound the sensation of not having enough time. Consequently, one of the most pressing challenges of our age is how to adjust rapidly eroding attention spans to the slow erosions of environmental justice. If, under neoliberalism, the gulf between the enclaved rich and outcast poor has become ever more pronounced, ours is also an era of enclaved time wherein for many speed has become self-justifying, propulsive ethic that renders "uneventful" violence (to those who live remote from its attritional lethality) a weak claimant on our time. The attosecond pace of our age, with its restless technologies of infinite promise and infinite disappointment, prompts us to keep flicking and clicking distractedly in an insatiable –often insensate– quest for quicker sensation". - Author: Rob Nixon
Hellion Turbo quotes by Rob Nixon
#27. I feel like I am in turbo mode as a student of entertainment. - Author: Charlie Worsham
Hellion Turbo quotes by Charlie Worsham
#28. I took you, hellion. You're all mine. Only I get to say whether you live or die."
"You're a monster," she whispers on a shaky exhale.
You have no fucking idea.
I withdraw the blade and tuck it away. I brush a lock of dark hair from her eyes, tucking it behind her ear, my fingers lingering on the delicate curve of her bruised and sliced neck.
"You're right," I whisper. "I am a monster." Roughly, I grab her chin, forcing her to look me in the eye.
"I'm your monster. - Author: T.M. Frazier
Hellion Turbo quotes by T.M. Frazier
#29. Christ, when she used words such as "validity" and "data", Quint wanted to do unspeakably improper things to her. - Author: Joanna Shupe
Hellion Turbo quotes by Joanna Shupe
#30. Don't think that this conversation is over." Kat eyed the two of us.
"I'll make sure no hellion harms a hair on her head until we get the full story." Nikki smiled.
"I am never stealing fruit for the two of you ever again." I begrudgingly replied.
"Oh I really doubt that it was stolen." Nikki beamed.
"You're just as bad as Barakiel."
"I guess he's been bound to rub off on me some, but I am way prettier." She spoke as I moved past her towards the door, yanking it open. - Author: Yelena Lugin
Hellion Turbo quotes by Yelena Lugin
#31. Saint Hellion is the awesomest band the world doth know. - Author: William Shakespeare
Hellion Turbo quotes by William Shakespeare
#32. You love to listen to the very things that nailed your supposed Master to the tree?! Come off of it, man! Become a hellion, give yourself to demons, run wild; but don't come in here saying you're a believer and playing that game! You want to dance with the devil, then dance all night long! But don't come in here dancing with Christ for a moment, and then go back out there and share your love. - Author: Paul Washer
Hellion Turbo quotes by Paul Washer
#33. Tabloid discussion of bad children always blames baby-boomer liberals, careerist mothers and fashion-crazed Nathan Barley types who think it's all enormously funny. But the centre-leftish psycho-thinker Oliver James says it's all down to the Thatcher-and-after culture of turbo-capitalism, making people acquisitive and unsatisfied. - Author: Peter York
Hellion Turbo quotes by Peter York
#34. Have you and Nash both lost your minds? This is really a very simple concept
one that you taught me! Hellion equals evil. Period!
-Kaylee to Tod - Author: Rachel Vincent
Hellion Turbo quotes by Rachel Vincent
#35. What I feel for you...it can be neither quantified nor defined. It is so profound, so revolutionary, that no methods to date are equipped to even measure it. A new word should be imagined just to express the depth and scope of it, because 'love' does not even come close. - Author: Joanna Shupe
Hellion Turbo quotes by Joanna Shupe

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