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#1. Part calico choir girl...........and part satin dance hall doll, with amber eyes and a dash of hellcat red in her hair --- the kind of woman that a man wants in his bedroom when he's sick.............and in his bed when he's not. - Author: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Hellcat quotes by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
#2. Inside, Lucifer chuckled with glee. As usual, things were going along as planned. His plan. His hellcat minion was about to meet the mother of his future litters. Or get enslaved by a bunch of sirens and turned into a stud. Either way, his will would be done. And the ranks of his demonic legion would swell. - Author: Eve Langlais
Hellcat quotes by Eve Langlais
#3. You'd like some soothin', wouldn't you, Mr. Fairfax?" she asked in a sympathetic voice. A raw chuckle left his throat as he thought of Emma forcing this poor little minx into a calico dress and an old lady's snood. "I sure would, Callie," he answered honestly, "but I'm afraid there's only one woman I want." A mischievous grin curved Callie's mouth. "Miss Emma?" "The same," Steven admitted with a sigh, "but don't you tell her. I want this to be our little secret." Callie sat down in the chair Emma always occupied when she read to him. He found himself missing that redheaded hellcat with a fierce keenness, as though they'd been parted a month instead of a few hours. "She got real upset, Miss Emma did," Callie confided in a happy whisper, "when I came over here and told her Miss Chloe'd sent me to look after you." Steven laughed. "Good," he replied, staring out the window at the sun. It seemed to be immersing itself in the far side of the lake. "I'm making progress." Callie - Author: Linda Lael Miller
Hellcat quotes by Linda Lael Miller
#4. In that brief moment, I understood. The doubt, the hesitation, the mourning of a future I'd never have-it belonged to her as well. Gone was the spitting hellcat. Now, there was only a woman. And she was small. And she was frightened. And she was strong. And she was asking me to be the same. - Author: Shelby Mahurin
Hellcat quotes by Shelby Mahurin
#5. He really did demolish me. I don't know who that hellcat slut was that tore up grass and screwed her brains out. I don't know who I am anymore.
Pia Giovanni - Author: Thea Harrison
Hellcat quotes by Thea Harrison
#6. I know what you want. You're a vicious little hellcat - all teeth and claws. And you want to use them, don't you? You want to fight. You like to fight." She stiffened at the pinch of his teeth at her neck and he blew gently into her ear. "Fight me, then. Fight me as much as you want. As hard as you want. Because no matter what you do, I'm going to ruin you. No one will ever fuck you the way I do. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Hellcat quotes by Nenia Campbell
#7. Bitch. Noun. Though formal definitions dictate a worthless woman, a shameful she-devil, a heinous hellcat, a shrill shrew, a curse of a cunt, or someone of the like... we all know a man wrote that shit. - Author: Britt Greifeld
Hellcat quotes by Britt Greifeld
#8. She ducked her head into my chest, and I smiled. She brought out these tender feelings in me I'd never experienced with anyone before. I used the hand that was already draped over her shoulder and tugged on her braid. "Some girls are probably gonna say shit, Rim," I said. "Some bitches be devious."
She giggled and looked up at me as we stopped beside the Hellcat. "Some bitches?"
I grinned. "Just keepin' it real."
- Romeo & Rimmel - Author: Cambria Hebert
Hellcat quotes by Cambria Hebert
#9. The snow was still drifting from the sky when we stepped out into the parking lot. The Hellcat was covered with a fine layer of the white stuff because it'd been parked there for so long. Beside me, Rimmel shivered, and I felt like an ass because she'd been out in this cold half the day and then stood in the drafty tunnel and had to wait on me.
The engine was already purring; I'd hit the electronic start as soon as it came into sight. I pulled off my varsity jacket as we walked around to the passenger side, and I draped it around her shoulders.
"Pretty soon I'm gonna have your entire wardrobe." She smiled and pulled my coat farther around her.
"You can have whatever you want, baby. - Author: Cambria Hebert
Hellcat quotes by Cambria Hebert
#10. My will is pushed on only by the small grey hellcat who nips at my heels. - Author: Bree Despain
Hellcat quotes by Bree Despain

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