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I have not seen anywhere in the world a more obvious malformed person and miracle than myself. Through use and time we become conditioned to anything strange; but the more I become familiar with and know myself, the more my deformity amazes me and the less I understand myself. ~ Michel De Montaigne
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Michel De Montaigne
Affectation is certain deformity; by forming themselves on fantastic models, the young begin with being ridiculous, and often end in being vicious. ~ Robert Blair
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Robert Blair
Because all dark, like those that are all light,
They are cast beyond the verge, and in a cloud,
Crying to one another like the bats;
And having no desire they cannot tell
What's good or bad, or what it is to triumph
At the perfection of one's own obedience;
And yet they speak what's blown into the mind;
Deformed beyond deformity, unformed,
Insipid as the dough before it is baked,
They change their bodies at a word. ~ W.B. Yeats
Hegglin Deformity quotes by W.B. Yeats
And thinking over the long pilgrimage of his past he accepted it joyfully. He accepted the deformity which had made life so hard for him; he knew that it had warped his character, but now he saw also that by reason of it he had acquired that power of introspection which had given him so much delight. Without it he would never have had his keen appreciation of beauty, his passion for art and literature, and his interest in the varied spectacle of life. The ridicule and the contempt which had so often been heaped upon him had turned his mind inward and called forth those flowers which he felt would never lose their fragrance. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Hegglin Deformity quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
No person who is well bred, kind and modest is ever offensively plain; all real deformity means want for manners or of heart. ~ John Ruskin
Hegglin Deformity quotes by John Ruskin
Africa is to Europe as the picture is to Dorian Gray-a carrier onto whom the master unloads his physical & moral deformities ~ Chinua Achebe
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Chinua Achebe
The point which we consider it our duty to note is, that outside of and beyond his faith, as it were, the Bishop possessed an excess of love. In was in that quarter, quia multum amavit, - because he loved much - that he was regarded as vulnerable by "serious men," "grave persons" and "reasonable people"; favorite locutions of our sad world where egotism takes its word of command from pedantry. What was this excess of love? It was a serene benevolence which overflowed men, as we have already pointed out, and which, on occasion, extended even to things. He lived without disdain. He was indulgent towards God's creation. Every man, even the best, has within him a thoughtless harshness which he reserves for animals. The Bishop of D - - had none of that harshness, which is peculiar to many priests, nevertheless. He did not go as far as the Brahmin, but he seemed to have weighed this saying of Ecclesiastes: "Who knoweth whither the soul of the animal goeth?" Hideousness of aspect, deformity of instinct, troubled him not, and did not arouse his indignation. He was touched, almost softened by them. It seemed as though he went thoughtfully away to seek beyond the bounds of life which is apparent, the cause, the explanation, or the excuse for them. He seemed at times to be asking God to commute these penalties. He examined without wrath, and with the eye of a linguist who is deciphering a palimpsest, that portion of chaos which still exists in nature. This revery sometimes caused him ~ Victor Hugo
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Victor Hugo
Relationships are like Whack-a-Mole. You squash one annoying deformity and another one pops up in no time. ~ Melissa Jensen
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Melissa Jensen
I would warn you that I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well-ordered or confused. ~ Baruch Spinoza
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Baruch Spinoza
There appears to be but two grand master passions or movers in the human mind, namely, love and pride. And what constitutes the beauty or deformity of a man's character is the choice he makes under which banner he determines to enlist himself. But there is a strong distinction between different degress in the same thing and a mixture of two contraries. ~ Sarah Fielding
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Sarah Fielding
Deformity of the heart I call
The worst deformity of all;
For what is form, or what is face,
But the soul's index, or its case? ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
Fighting her smile, his sister reached over and ran her hand through his hair. "That, my sweet brother, is called heartbreak."
He glanced down at his chest. "Will that be a physical deformity? ~ G.A. Aiken
Hegglin Deformity quotes by G.A. Aiken
Divine love is incessantly restless until it turns all woundedness into health, all deformity into beauty, all embarrassment into laughter. In biblical faith, brokenness is never celebrated as an end in itself. ~ Belden C. Lane
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Belden C. Lane
Art is significant deformity. ~ Roger Fry
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Roger Fry
We all have insecurities, and the thing that makes them crippling is that we all have the ability to blow them up into such huge issues in our minds, that we might as well have a facial deformity. It keeps us from really going out there and living our lives, and forgetting about hating yourself and just experiencing the world around you. ~ Christina Ricci
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Christina Ricci
His modesty amounts to deformity. ~ Margot Asquith
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Margot Asquith
The world pauses for royalty and deformity alike, and sometimes one can't tell the difference. ~ Gregory Maguire
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Gregory Maguire
There has been a controversy started of late, much better worth examination, concerning the general foundation of Morals; whether they be derived from Reason, or from Sentiment; whether we attain the knowledge of them by a chain of argument and induction, or by an immediate feeling and finer internal sense; whether, like all sound judgement of truth and falsehood, they should be the same to every rational intelligent being; or whether, like the perception of beauty and deformity, they be founded entirely on the particular fabric and constitution of the human species. ~ David Hume
Hegglin Deformity quotes by David Hume
It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity. ~ Alexander Hamilton
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Alexander Hamilton
For whoever habitually suppresses the truth in the interests of tact will produce a deformity from the womb of his thought. ~ B.H. Liddell Hart
Hegglin Deformity quotes by B.H. Liddell Hart
When any ... act of charity or of gratitude, for instance, is presented either to our sight or imagination, we are deeply impressed with its beauty and feel a strong desire in ourselves of doing charitable and grateful acts also. On the contrary, when we see or read of any atrocious deed, we are disgusted with its deformity, and conceive an abhorrence of vice. Now every emotion of this kind is an exercise of our virtuous dispositions, and dispositions of the mind, like limbs of the body, acquire strength by exercise.24 ~ Jonathan Haidt
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Jonathan Haidt
This boy was so far out of my league it was embarrassing. I found myself staring at him, trying to find some minute flaw that might justify dragging him back to my level. Finding nothing, I decided that having a dimple on only one cheek was practically a deformity. ~ G.J. Walker-Smith
Hegglin Deformity quotes by G.J. Walker-Smith
Man must have light. He must live in the fierce full constant glare of light, where all shadow will be defined and sharp and unique and personal: the shadow of his own singular rectitude or baseness. All human evils have to come out of obscurity and darkness, where there is nothing to dog man constantly with the shape of his own deformity. ~ William Faulkner
Hegglin Deformity quotes by William Faulkner
Modesty is the richest ornament of a woman ... the want of it is her greatest deformity. ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
As a result of his insistence that the individual should
bow before the eternity of the species and should submerge himself in the great cycle of time, race has
been turned into a special aspect of the species, and the individual has been made to bow before this
sordid god. The life of which he spoke with fear and trembling has been degraded to a sort of biology for
domestic use. Finally, a race of vulgar overlords, with a blundering desire for power, adopted, in his
name, the "anti-Semitic deformity" on which he never ceased to pour scorn. ~ Albert Camus
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Albert Camus
The surest guide to the correctness of the path that women take is joy in the struggle. Revolution is the festival of the oppressed. For a long time there may be no perceptible reward for women other than their new sense of purpose and integrity. Joy does not mean riotous glee, but it does mean the purposive employment of energy in a self-chosen enterprise. It does mean pride and confidence. It does mean communication and cooperation with others based on delight in their company and your own. To be emancipated from helplessness and need and walk freely upon the earth that is your birthright. To refuse hobbles and deformity and take possession of your body and glory in its power, accepting its own laws of loveliness. To have something to desire, something to make, something to achieve, and at last something genuine to give. To be freed from guilt and shame and the tireless self-discipline of women. To stop pretending and dissembling, cajoling and manipulating, and begin to control and sympathize. To claim the masculine virtues of magnanimity and generosity and courage. It goes much further than equal pay for equal work, for it ought to revolutionise the conditions of work completely. It does not understand the phrase 'equality of opportunity', for it seems that the opportunities will have to be utterly changed and women's souls changed so that they desire opportunity instead of shrinking from it. ~ Germaine Greer
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Germaine Greer
Mr. Hyde was pale and dwarfish, he gave an impression of deformity without any nameable malformation, he had a displeasing smile, he had borne himself to the lawyer with a sort of murderous mixture of timidity and boldness, and he spoke with a husky, whispering and somewhat broken voice; all these were points against him, but not all of these together could explain the hitherto unknown disgust, loathing and fear with which Mr. Utterson regarded him. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, revive within me. Half surprised by the novelty of these sensations, I allowed myself to be borne away by them, and forgetting my solitude and deformity, dared to be happy. ~ Mary Shelley
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Mary Shelley
Forever. He carved the word into his soul. Kiera was his forever, deformity or no deformity. ~ Christine Fonseca
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Christine Fonseca
Sin is disease, deformity, and weakness. ~ Plato
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Plato
This unstable character of man, this going from one extreme to the other, arising as it does out of his narrow vision and petty mind, reveals certain basic moral tensions within which human conduct must function if it is to be stable and fruitful. These contradictory extremes are, therefore, not so much a "problem" to be resolved by theological thought as tensions to be "lived with" if man is to be truly "religious," i.e., a servant of God. Thus, utter powerlessness and "being the measure for all things," hopelessness and pride, determinism and "freedom," absolute knowledge and pure ignorance - in sum, an utterly "negative self-feeling" and a "feeling of omnipotence" - are extremes that constitute natural tensions for proper human conduct. It is the "God-given" framework for human action. Since its primary aim is
to maximize moral energy, the Qur'ān - which claims to be "guidance for
mankind" - regards it as absolutely essential that man not violate the balance of opposing tensions. The most interesting and the most important fact of moral life is that violating this balance in any direction produces a "Satanic condition" which in its moral effects is exactly the same: moral nihilism. Whether one is proud or hopeless, self-righteous or self-negating, in either case the result is deformity and eventual destruction of the moral human personality. ~ Fazlur Rahman
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Fazlur Rahman
Secrets are generally terrible. Beauty is not hidden
only ugliness and deformity. ~ L.M. Montgomery
Hegglin Deformity quotes by L.M. Montgomery
The beauty and magnitude of a diva's voice resides, so the iconography suggests, in her deformity. Her voice is beautiful because she herself is not-and her ugliness is interpreted as a sign of moral and social deviance. Reading biographies of divas, I can't ignore the repeated references to physical flaws-for example, Benedetta Pisaroni's "features horribly disfigured by small-pox," prompting spectators to shut their eyes "so as to hear without being condemned to see." Audiences speculated that Maria Malibran was not anatomically a woman, but an androgyne or hermaphrodite-an aberrant physique to match her voice's magic power. ~ Wayne Koestenbaum
Hegglin Deformity quotes by Wayne Koestenbaum
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