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#1. Everyone's trusting in their hearts, like their heart don't lie - Author: Rob Thomas
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Rob Thomas
#2. I know we don't need an official document or rings on our fingers to tell us we belong together, because we've always known it. Always will. But the part of me who looks at you every morning and is proud as hell to call you mine, wants everyone else to know it too. So I brought you here and spoke my heart to ask you a single question. Will you say I do? - Author: K. Bromberg
Heart Dont Lie quotes by K. Bromberg
#3. I've read your summary."
"It's not incompetent."
Be still, my heart, so I don't faint from such faint phrase. "Did you expect it to be written in crayon? - Author: Ilona Andrews
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Ilona Andrews
#4. I want to tell you about your heart - you've probably been neglecting your heart - and you don't know. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Heart Dont Lie quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#5. Don't defend him! This is bullshit!" he said as he turned for the door, and then turned back to face me. "I've been sitting at work this whole time, staring at those fucking things. I wanted to calm down before I got here, but this is just . . . it's fucking disrespectful, is what it is! I bust my ass trying to prove to you that I'm better for you than he ever was. But he keeps pulling this shit, and showing up, and . . . I can't compete with some rich college boy from California. I'm barely getting by, with no degree, and up until a few days ago I still lived with my dad. But I am so fucking in love you, Cami," he said, reaching for me. "I have been since we were kids. The first time I saw you on the playground, I knew what beauty was. The first time you ignored me was my first broken heart. I thought I was playing this right, from the moment I sat down at your table at the Red. No one has ever wanted someone as much as I want you. For years I . . ." He was breathing hard, and he clenched his jaw. "When I heard about your dad, I wanted to rescue you," he said, chuckling, but not out of humor. "And that night at your apartment, I thought I'd finally gotten something right." He pointed to the ground. "That my purpose in life was to love you and keep you safe . . . but I didn't prepare for having to share you. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Jamie McGuire
#6. So many black men out here trying to be niggas
Keeping it real to the point that they dying to be niggas
When in actuality the fact is you ain't a nigga because you black
You a nigger cause of how you act
But, you don't want me to tell you the truth, so I'mma lie to you
Make it sound fly to you - Author: Cee-Lo
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Cee-Lo
#7. It wouldn't bother me in the least if all the dogs in the world weere placed in a large sack and taken to some distant island - Greenland springs attractively to mind - where they could romp around and sniff each other's anuses to their hearts' content and would never bother or terrorize me again. The only kind of dog I would excuse from this roundup is poodles. Poodles I would shoot.
To my mind, the only possible pet is a cow. Cows love you. They are harmless, they look nice, they don't need a box to crap in, they keep the grass down, and they are so trusting and stupid that you can't help but lose your heart to them. Where I live in Yorkshire, there's a herd of cows down the lane. You can stand by the wall at any hour of the day or night, and after a minute the cows will all waddle over and stand with you, much too stupid to know what to do next, but happy just to be with you. They will stand there all day, as far as I can tell, possibly till the end of time. They will listen to your problems and never ask a thing in return. They will be your friends forever. And when you get tired of the, you can kill them and eat them. Perfect. - Author: Bill Bryson
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Bill Bryson
#8. Well, let's consider the value of the dollar. Ultimately, logically, the dollar has no value at all. It's a piece of paper. It only has value because we say it has value, and because we agree on a system of bartering that maintains that value. Great care is taken to keep the value of the dollar strong. Smart guys in Washington and New York lose sleep over this. And we all watched what happend in Argentina a few years ago. We watched what happened when the value of currency declined rapidly. It's not a good thing. Sex is like that. God is concerned with the value of sex staying high. It's important to a person's health, a family's health, and a society's health. But like anything, sex can be cheapened in our minds, so we don't hold it in high esteem. God doesn't think this is a good thing. Stuff God doesn't think is good is called sin.
"What happens when sex is cheaped?" somebody asked.
A lot happens. The main thing is there is no sacred physical territory associated with commitment. There can still be emotional territory, but there isn't anything physical, experiential, that a man and a woman have only with each other. Sleeping around does something to the heart, to the mind. It leaves less commodity to spend on a sacred mate. But all of that sounds pretty fluffy. Let me break it down into practical stuff. Women saying no to men, not letting men have sex with them, causes men to step up. If, in order to have sex with them, women demanded you got a job and shaved eve - Author: Donald Miller
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Donald Miller
#9. To all those who care,
You can't forever.
Time steals the years,
And your reflection in the mirror.
But I can still see the story in your eyes,
And your timeless passion that's never died.
While your skin became tired,
Your heart became strong,
The present became the past,
And your memories like a song.
And though the moment at hand is all that we have,
You've taught me to live it like it is our last.
Since two words don't say 'thank you' the way they are meant to,
I'll try all my life to be something like you. - Author: Crystal Woods
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Crystal Woods
#10. Don't that make you wanna fall in love
Don't that look like a picture of us
A match made in heaven if there ever was
Don't that make you wanna fall
That just makes me wanna give you my heart
Ever forever needs a place to start
Gotta be a sign from up above
Don't that make you wanna fall in love - Author: Kenny Chesney
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Kenny Chesney
#11. My eyes don't want to be drowned,
By the pain you cause
my cheeks don't want to feel the coldness,
The coldness that is pouring from your heart,
My heart doesn't want to turn cold, like yours,
My soul doesn't want to fade,
like yours,

None of me wants to be like you!! - Author: Aimee Fitzgerald
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Aimee Fitzgerald
#12. Never Underestimate the Divine Strength of a Mother who appears Broken.....
This phrase, in the most reciprocal form, is powerful. A broken woman is perceived as weak, battered, useless, and incapable, among many other low states of Human life, effortlessly causing her to think it might be best to lie down and die. The thought represents a desperation to escape a pain more powerful than she. There is, but one superseding power, greater than the pain itself. You take this woman, who loves her kids to the highest degree of unselfishness and give her a hint they're suffering. A Divine Strength that can't be seen, perhaps not even felt will ignite a fire within her from miles away. No one in its path will see it coming, not even her. This strength indicates that she will go beyond any limits to protect her offspring even if it means rising to her death. There's no mountain too high, no fire too crucible, nor a fear she won't face, to ensure they are safe, both mentally and physically. The best part is, no matter how broken down she appears, or how robbed she may be, no one can take from her, what they don't know she possesses. Following the exhaustion of all other choices, this strength is activated, only when it's most necessary. It may never be discovered in a lifetime by many, but you can bet it's there when you need it most. It's in every one of us, festering, waiting for what may be the last moments of life or death. - Author: L. Yingling
Heart Dont Lie quotes by L. Yingling
#13. And that became my morning routine: orange juice, walk, yoghurt, current events. I became quite chummy with Robin Meade, the young woman who anchors the headline news from six to ten AM. Boring routine, right? But the surface events of a country laboring under a dictatorship can appear boring, too - dictators like boring, dictators love boring - even as great changes are approaching beneath the surface.

A hurt body and mind aren't just like a dictatorship; they are a dictatorship. There is no tyrant as merciless as pain, no despot so cruel as confusion. That my mind had been as badly hurt as my body was a thing I only came to realise once I was alone and all other voices dropped away. …Even the sudden and distressing bursts of anger weren't the heart of the matter.

That heart was a kind of pulling-away. I don't know how else to describe it. My wife had come to seem like someone…other. Most of the people in my life also felt other, and the dismaying thing was that I didn't much care. - Author: Stephen King
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Stephen King
#14. Excuse me please, one more drink
Could you make it strong cause I don't need to think
She broke my heart, my grace is gone
One more drink and I'll move on. - Author: Dave Matthews
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Dave Matthews
#15. Hold onto your innocence of heart, at all costs! Because it is the spark of deity that you are born with. Don't let the trolls steal your divineness. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Heart Dont Lie quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#16. I don't think too much about the future. Not because I'm hiding my head in the sand but because I figured out that whatever the future was going to be, the thing I had to do was to quiet my mind and open my heart and do what I could to end suffering. - Author: Ram Dass
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Ram Dass
#17. I guess you don't have to be related by blood to love someone as a family member." I stared at him, my eyes blazing. "Sometimes they worm their way into your heart and they become a part of you. And when someone becomes a part of you, they automatically become your family. - Author: J.S. Cooper
Heart Dont Lie quotes by J.S. Cooper
#18. There is no end to the things you don't understand. The mind will search for a lie to give it an answer you can understand, but one song at the right time will challenge what you accept. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#19. If I'm not the one thing you can't stand to lose,
If I'm not that arrow to the heart of you,
If you don't get drunk on my kiss,
If you think you can do better than this then I guess we're done.
Let's not drag this on,
Consider me gone ... - Author: Reba McEntire
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Reba McEntire
#20. I think life is too short not to say how you feel. You don't have to say it back, but I wanted you to know tonight, right now, how I feel about you. I love you, Cheyenne Jensen. I love you with all of my heart. - Author: Nikki Lynn Barrett
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Nikki Lynn Barrett
#21. Most of all, I like the fact that you share yourself with me. That I
don't have to prove my strength to you. I don't have to hurt or be hurt to lie with you. - Vane - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#22. If you want to heal your heart surround yourself with people that won't tell you hating other people is how you get over being hurt. Surround yourself with people that will tell you to be more like Christ and reach out to those you don't understand or are offended by. Bitter insecure and anxious people will tell you everything you need to hear to help you move on, but very little of it will be the true teachings of Christ. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#23. -Write out a conversation with your inner voice. Begin the entry with a question directed to yourself, then write your mental response. It may help to label the different voices A and B. Dialogue writing is a very effective way to get to the heart of the matter.

The following passage is an example of typical dialogue writing:

A: Tomorrow is a big day. You have an interview at a college. How do you feel?

B: I am really nervous. This is the first interview and I don't know what it is going to be like.

A: What are you afraid of?

B: I'm afraid I'll stutter and say something stupid. I'm worried the person will ask a question and I won't know what to say.

A: What do you want to discuss?

B: I think it is good that I was on the basketball team for four years. That shows commitment and dedication. I also got decent grades and earned a blue ribbon at the science fair.

A: What about your hobbies outside of school?

B: I really like to read. I could mention that. I could talk also about the vacations my family has taken. They are pretty interesting. I enjoy my part-time retail job.

A: It sounds like you do a lot.

B: I guess I am good at organizing my life and accomplishing what needs to be done. Hey, that would sound good in an interview!

-Try focused "freewriting." Pick one topic, such as school, friends, or family, and write everything that comes to - Author: Heather Moehn
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Heather Moehn
#24. I don't want to think about the future, or why we're wrong for each other. I just want to claim this moment and kiss you in the moonlight, because you're so fucking beautiful my heart hurts. - Author: Jennifer Probst
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Jennifer Probst
#25. People say that teenagers don't know how to love like an adult. Part of me believes that, but I'm not an adult and so I have nothing to compare it to. But I do believe it's probably different. I'm sure there's more substance in the love between two adults then there is between two teenagers. There's probably more maturity, more respect, more responsibility. But no matter how different the substance of a love might be at different ages in a person's life, I know that love still has to weigh the same. You feel that weight on your shoulders and in your stomach and on your heart no matter how old you are. - Author: Colleen Hoover
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Colleen Hoover
#26. Slowly, but steadily, my feelings did start to change- feelings about myself as a woman and feelings about what sexuality really is and what it really isn't. I -like most everyone who identified as gay or lesbian -felt very comfortable, very at home in mu body in my lesbianism. One doesn't repent for a sin of identity in one session. Sins of identity have multiple dimensions, and throughout this journey, I have come to my pastor and his wife, friends in the Lord, and always to the Lord himself with different facets of my sin. I don't mean different incidents or examples of the same sin, but different facets of sin -how pride, for example, informed my decision-making, or how my unwillingness to forgive others had landlocked my heart in bitterness. I have walked this journey with help. There is no other way to do it I still walk this journey with help. - Author: Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
#27. I mean this from my heart. I'm a mentally ill adult woman. I went through a period of hospitalization for about two years, and now it's 9 years later and my life is in the general upswing of things and has been for a while...But you better fucking believe I remember 2007. I love the person I was at my worst. What a woman. What an endlessly fascinating woman. And what a lucky woman I am to be her successor. She's a woman I'll talk about for the rest of my life. That sad broken lady, laying in bed chewing over drugs and abuse and flat out insanity? It's the loneliest part of my life and the most pathetic, the emptiest, and the centermost defining. Being 19 was...lmaoooo I don't know where I was going with this. - Author: Unknown
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Unknown
#28. I'm having to protect myself. How do you protect your heart and cover everything? When you don't want to look people in the eye and you're constantly dodging, I fall into it. - Author: Tobias Segal
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Tobias Segal
#29. Tell me about the hands that broke you like tree branches. Tell me about the heart that made you a home, the barren soul that used your dry bones like kindling in the middle of winter. Tell me about the house fire, the ashes which you rose from. Tell me about your resurrection - but don't you dare tell me that you are not strong enough this time, don't you dare tell me that you cannot
rise again,
and again,
and again. - Author: Bianca Sparacino
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Bianca Sparacino
#30. A 2016 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America suggested that health care providers may underestimate black patients' pain in part due to a belief that they simply don't actually feel as much pain - a myth that dates all the way back to the days of slavery. For centuries, the claim that black people were biologically different from whites was 'championed by scientists, physicians, and slave owners alike to justify slavery and the inhumane treatment of black men and women in medical research,' the authors wrote. Black people were thought to have 'thicker skulls, less sensitive nervous systems,' and a super-human ability to 'tolerate surgical operations with little, if any, pain at all.'

In the first phase of the study, over two hundred white medical students and residents were asked whether a series of statements about differences between black and white patients were true or false. Some of the statements were true, while others - for example, 'blacks' skin is thicker than whites' and 'blacks' nerve endings are less sensitive than whites' - were false. They found that a full half of the respondents thought that one or more the false statements - many of which were 'fantastical in nature' - were possibly, probably, or definitely true. Also, notably, many of them didn't agree with the statements that were actually true; only half of the residents knew that white patients are less likely to have heart disease t - Author: Maya Dusenbery
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#31. Because I can feel your presence as poignantly as I can feel your absence." With his hands over mine, he glided them down to his chest, pressing my palms against his heart."Because both are a choice, I choose your presence, even when it´d be easier to choose absence." His heart beat several times beneath my palms. "Because I don´t want easy, Mira. I want you. Even if it means holding you while you bleed out. Even if it means waiting for you to manage your pain in a way that doesn´t hurt you or me. Even if it means a hundred repeats of the night before. - Author: Whitney Barbetti
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Whitney Barbetti
#32. Do you think it's weird to kiss someone you barely know?"
No, it's perfectly normal and gives us a fantastic excuse to make out. Kiss me!
"Totally weird," she said, immediately wanting to slap herself.
He nodded slowly. "Me too." Scarlet's heart sank a little. Gabriel flashed his dimples. "I guess now I've got a good reason to get to know you, don't I?"
Scarlet narrowed her eyes. "Who said I'd let you kiss me even if you got to know me?"
He nodded his head with a smile. "Challenge accepted. - Author: Chelsea Fine
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Chelsea Fine
#33. For those who want to pray for me to "find God," please don't waste your prayers. If you really think God is listening to you, then please use those precious moments to ask God to care for the sick and dying, and leave me out of it. I'm happy without my faith and with living my life in the here and now. Besides, thousands before you have prayed for me to find God and it hasn't worked yet. Why would God value your request over theirs? - Author: David G. McAfee
Heart Dont Lie quotes by David G. McAfee
#34. You are angry at the God you were taught to believe in as a child. The God who is supposed to watch over you and protect you, who answers your prayers and forgives your sins. This God is just a story. Religions try to capture God, but God is beyond religion. The true God lies beyond our comprehension. We can't understand His will; He can't be explained in a book. He didn't abandon us and He will not save us. He has nothing to do with our being here. God does not change. He simply is. I don't pray to God for forgiveness or favors, I only pray to be closer to Him, and when I pray, I fill my heart with love. When I pray this way, I know that God is love. When I feel that love, I remember that we don't need angels or a heaven, because we are a part of God already. - Author: Nando Parrado
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Nando Parrado
#35. My heart always knew, you're the dew, my dry soul would never adieu.. but I still don't know why I let you go and waited all my life just for you. - Author: Syed Arshad
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Syed Arshad
#36. Without moving her head, she turned her dark eyes toward me and answered, "Jenna, you are different from all the others who seek me. You come to me with an unselfish heart." She paused and turned her head to match her eyes. "You seek to save someone and give up your own happiness in return."

Save someone and give up my own happiness in return,I repeated again in my head, trying to understand what she meant.

"Ah, Jenna," she continued. "Don't let your mind worry you. Not everyone has happy endings. - Author: Laura Burks
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Laura Burks
#37. Have you ever tried really hard not to love somebody too much?"
"It's simple, really. If I love her too much, it's painful. I can't take it. I don't think my heart can stand it, which is why I'm trying not to fall in love with her."
"What are you doing, exactly, so that you don't love her too much?"
"I've tried all kinds of things," he said. "But it all boils down to intentionally thinking negative thoughts about her as much as I can. I mentally list as many of her defects as I can come up with - her imperfections, I should say. And I repeat these over and over in my head like a mantra, convincing myself not to love this woman more than I should."
"Has it worked?"
"No, not so well. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Haruki Murakami
#38. I don't know how a reporter would ever understand a politician. Your job is supposed to be about finding the truth and enlightening people. Right? A politician's job is about hiding the truth and fooling people. Right? You want us to be better informed so we get smarter. They think we're dumb and it's to their advantage to keep us that way. - Author: Dan Groat
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Dan Groat
#39. Well, I don't know any piece by heart, but Mozart goes something like this ... What do you think? - Author: Robert Morris
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Robert Morris
#40. When you do what someone else wants you to do, you are wasting your time. Don't get tricked by other people's thinking. The life is yours and so are goals. Believe in your own intuitions, speak your own voice, and follow what your heart says. The rest is secondary. - Author: Ashish Patel
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Ashish Patel
#41. One woman's recipe for laundry day included this 11-step routine that's exhausting even to read: bild fire in back yard to het kettle of rain water. set tubs so smoke won't blow in eyes if wind is peart. shave 1 hole cake lie sope in bilin water. sort things. make 3 piles. 1 pile white, 1 pile cullord, 1 pile work briches and rags. stur flour in cold water to smooth then thin down with bilin water [for starch]. rub dirty spots on board. scrub hard. then bile. rub cullord but don't bile just rench [rinse] and starch. take white things out of kettle with broom stick handle then rench, blew [whitener] and starch. pore rench water in flower bed. scrub porch with hot sopy water turn tubs upside down go put on a cleen dress, smooth hair with side combs, brew cup of tee, set and rest and rock a spell and count blessings. - Author: Brandon Marie Miller
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Brandon Marie Miller
#42. That's another thing that doesn't turn me off, sweetheart, knowin' that you come with those kids and you need to know that. You also need to know I want kids of my own, two of them. But I don't care, if this works out between me and you, that the kids we have will have an older brother and sister that don't have my blood, just my heart. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Kristen Ashley
#43. Make sure that you always follow your heart and your gut, and let yourself be who you want to be, and who you know you are. And don't let anyone steal your joy. - Author: Jonathan Groff
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Jonathan Groff
#44. Your faith in God invites and releases God's power to work in your life. Don't put faith in your ability to have faith; put your faith in God's ability to heal. If your faith feels weak to you, ask God to increase it. Believe that there is nothing too hard for God (Mark 10:27). If you want to see a miracle, lay hold of this Scripture until it becomes part of your mind and heart. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Stormie O'martian
#45. Find her with the flowers.
The roses,
The marigolds.
Find her telling stories that
She's never before told.
Find her when she is vulnerable
And honest
And true.

When you find this girl,
Just know
I'd keep her close
If I were you.

She'll write a tale in growing time that
Almost seems to last forever.
Don't ask her when she will stop daydreaming.
She will simply look at you
And say,
Because forever in her fairy tales
the girl with the flowers will be.
Finding things of inspiration
To keep her heart beating
And her spirits light
Humming a simple harmony. - Author: Alice Tyszka
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Alice Tyszka
#46. When your heart breaks, you should die. But there's still the rest of you. There's your breasts, and your genitals, and they're amazingly stupid, like babies or faithful dogs, they don't get it, they just want him. Want him. - Author: Tony Kushner
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Tony Kushner
#47. Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they'd follow you. And so would I - Author: William Wallace
Heart Dont Lie quotes by William Wallace
#48. A majority that yields to the promises of security instead of seeking liberty and self-reliance is giving up something real and valuable in return for false promises. The fact that strong leaders are willing to demagogue, spin, deceive, and lie proves their goal is neither to care for the people nor to advance liberty. Instead, it's their perverted desire to rule over others that drives them. But, even authoritarian regimes don't last if there isn't general acceptance of their governance by the people. - Author: Ron Paul
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Ron Paul
#49. As much as you can, keep dunya (worldly life) in your hand
not in your heart. That means when someone insults you, keep it out of your heart so it doesn't make you bitter or defensive. When someone praises you, also keep it out of your heart, so it doesn't make you arrogant and self-deluded. When you face hardship and stress, don't absorb it in your heart, so you don't become hopeless and overwhelmed. Instead keep it in your hands and realize that everything passes. When you're given a gift by God, don't hold it in your heart. Hold it in your hand so that you don't begin to love the gift more than the giver. And so that when it is taken away you can truly respond with 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon': 'indeed we belong to God, and to God we return'. - Author: Yasmin Mogahed
Heart Dont Lie quotes by Yasmin Mogahed

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