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I poisoned my skin," Genya said harshly, "my lips. So that every time he touched me-" She shuddered slightly and glanced at David. "Every time he kissed me, he took sickness into his body." She clenched her fists. "He brought this on himself."
"But the poison would have affected you too," Nikolai said.
"I had to purge it from my skin, then heal the burns the lye would leave. Every single time." Her fists clenched. "It was well worth it."
Nikolai rubbed a hand over his mouth. "Did he force you?"
Genya nodded once. A muscle in Nikolai's jaw ticked. ~ Leigh Bardugo
He Touched Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
Wayra, it's very nice to meet you. -Get off! -What's wrong? -He touched me. -So? -So, he's going to get hurt if he does it again! ~ Amy A. Bartol
He Touched Me quotes by Amy A. Bartol
I fought back the memory of our wedding night. He was a virgin; his hands trembled when he touched me. I had been afraid too
with better reason. And then in the dawn he had held me, naked back against his chest, his thighs warm and strong behind my own, murmuring into the clouds of my hair, Dinna be afraid. There's two of us now. ~ Diana Gabaldon
He Touched Me quotes by Diana Gabaldon
He touched me as if he were trying to memorize the feel of me. ~ Sarah Darlington
He Touched Me quotes by Sarah Darlington
The thing that really got me, though, was that no one, not even Jake Gaither, had ever called me sexy. Wesley was the first. And the truth was, being with him made me feel attractive. The way he touched me. The way he kissed me. I could tell his body wanted me. OK, OK. So it was Wesley. His body wanted everyone. But still. It was a feeling I hadn't experienced in...well, I'd never experienced it. It was exciting and empowering. ~ Kody Keplinger
He Touched Me quotes by Kody Keplinger
He touched me. He… he whispered things in my ear, things I never would've expected to affect me the way they did. I feel like I lose control when I'm near him. I'm like a leaf fluttering in the wind - when he zigs, I zag. He talks and I jump. He walks and I turn into a blithering idiot. I admit it, I'm clumsy, but when I find myself near him…" He didn't have the courage to finish the sentence. With a sudden lump in his throat, he added: "I don't want to hope, and I certainly don't want to delude myself. Damn it, the thought of deluding myself terrifies me!"
"I think I know what your problem is."
"And what would that be?"
He sat up, offering a sly smile. "You're hopelessly in love with him. ~ Valentina C. Brin
He Touched Me quotes by Valentina C. Brin
I saw it his eyes. I felt it when he touched me. ~ Toni Gonzaga
He Touched Me quotes by Toni Gonzaga
Giovanni smiled his humble, grateful smile and told me in as many ways as he could find how wonderful it was to have me there, how I stood, with my love and my ingenuity, between him and the dark. Each day he invited me to witness how he had changed, how love had changed him, how he worked and sang and cherished me. I was in a terrible confusion. Sometimes I thought, but this is your life. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting. Or I thought, but I am happy, And he loves me. I am safe. Sometimes, when he was not near me, I thought, I will never let him touch me again. Then, when he touched me, I thought it doesn't matter, it is only the body, it will soon be over. When it was over I lay in the dark and listen to his breathing and dreamed of the touch of hands, of Giovanni's hands, or anybody's hands, hands which would have the power to crash me and make me whole again. ~ James Baldwin
He Touched Me quotes by James Baldwin
And it felt like I was a black - and - white photo magically rippling into color wherever he touched me. ~ Judy Sheehan
He Touched Me quotes by Judy Sheehan
He grabbed my calves and yanked them apart, then pushed them up so my knees were bent. He put a knee to the bed and moved forward, releasing one of my calves, his hand wrapped around his cock and I felt his weight begin to hit me.
"You come with me inside you, Ace," he gritted and then he was inside me, filling me, beautiful.
At the feel of him, so hard, making me so full, my back left the bed again. "Tate."
He moved, driving deep, fast, hard. Our mouths attached, our tongues clashed. His hand went between us and he touched me and that was it. It hit me like a rocket and I combusted, my world exploding, taking me with it and I loved every nanosecond. ~ Kristen Ashley
He Touched Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
I'd seen fire when he touched me, and he had made me want to burn. ~ Rachel E. Carter
He Touched Me quotes by Rachel E. Carter
Does he touch her the way he touched me. * ~ Sarah McCarry
He Touched Me quotes by Sarah McCarry
I loved the way he touched me, like he still couldn't believe I was there and might disappear at any moment. I even loved that he looked at me with sadness in his eyes sometimes, because I knew it meant that he was struggling with things in his mind but letting his heart win. ~ Melanie Harlow
He Touched Me quotes by Melanie Harlow
By the time Marlboro Man walked in the door, I was stirring in the canned kidney beans and minutes away from throwing up.
"Mmmm…smells good," he said. He walked over to the stove and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his palms on my belly. "How are you, Mama?" he asked. Butterflies went crazy in my stomach. He did it for me, even when cumin was making me sick.
"I'm better today," I said, focusing on my physical condition. "How are you?"
"I'm good," he said. "I'm worried about you, though." His hands caressed my ribs, my arms, my sides.
He touched me all the time; physical indifference was never a problem with Marlboro Man. ~ Ree Drummond
He Touched Me quotes by Ree Drummond
You want to keep looking?" I asked.
"Yeah, maybe."
"I'll leave you to it, then." I started for the door.
"No." He said it quickly, and reached for my arm, but stopped before he touched me. "I mean, if you're tired, sure, but you don't have to."

Derek doesn't want her to leave ♥ ~ Kelley Armstrong
He Touched Me quotes by Kelley Armstrong
The strangest thing was that I felt it, I felt everything. Normally I feel nothing but itching, discomfort, tightness, soreness. The surface of my skin is dulled by scars, lots of it is numb -- nerve damage, apparently. When he touched me, I felt everything. It was like having new skin. ~ Elizabeth Haynes
He Touched Me quotes by Elizabeth Haynes
Of course I tensed up when he touched me. To be with him was to hurt him-inevitably. And that's what I'd felt as he reached for me: I'd felt as though I were committing an act of violence against him, because I was. ~ John Green
He Touched Me quotes by John Green
All I could think as he was speaking was that, if he touched me at all, all the miles I'd walked, the pain I'd felt, the beauty I'd drunken like milk, like good wine making me happy, the four million steps I'd taken, would all add up to nothing. They'd be stolen. ~ Aspen Matis
He Touched Me quotes by Aspen Matis
I half imagined I could taste the silver on his nails, as sharp as glitter in my mouth. Maybe when he touched me, colour would spill from his hands like heat. ~ Alexis Hall
He Touched Me quotes by Alexis Hall
He touched me with such reverence, his fingertips light and curious as they cruised up my spine while his mouth was bold and knowing, his tongue lavishing taut, puckered skin with deadly precision. ~ Linda Kage
He Touched Me quotes by Linda Kage
He pulled back, but only enough to lock his eyes onto mine as he held my face in his hands. "It will always be you, Cassandra," he whispered against my lips. Then he kissed me again, much softer this time, as if gently transferring every ounce of love he had for me onto my lips. I didn't need any words, this was all I ever needed to know that he loved me.
Everything around me faded. All my worries, all my fears disappeared when he touched me. We weren't stuck in this Hell, we weren't even in its realm. We were in our own world, no one around to save, or to slay. God, if only we could stay here. I didn't want to face reality, not when I had him here with me now, not after thinking I'd lost him. ~ L.J. Kentowski
He Touched Me quotes by L.J. Kentowski
Your touch will completely erase all the times he touched me. Once you lay your hands on my skin, I won't be able to remember anyone but you. ~ Cambria Hebert
He Touched Me quotes by Cambria Hebert
I knew something important had happened to me that day because of Mr. Electrico. I felt changed. He gave me importance, immortality, a mystical gift. My life was turned around completely. It makes me cold all over to think about it, but I went home and within days I started to write. I've never stopped.
Seventy-seven years ago, and I've remembered it perfectly. I went back and saw him that night. He sat in the chair with his sword, they pulled the switch, and his hair stood up. He reached out with his sword and touched everyone in the front row, boys and girls, men and women, with the electricity that sizzled from the sword. When he came to me, he touched me on the brow, and on the nose, and on the chin, and he said to me, in a whisper, "Live forever." And I decided to. ~ Ray Bradbury
He Touched Me quotes by Ray Bradbury
He touched me first, said he wanted to kiss me, told me he loved me. Every first step was taken by him. I don't feel forced, and I know I have the power to say no, but that isn't the same as being in charge. But maybe he has to believe that. Maybe there's a whole list of things he has to believe. ~ Kate Elizabeth Russell
He Touched Me quotes by Kate Elizabeth Russell
I started to get up, but that hand tightened on my foot. I wanted to pace, needed to let off some of the nervous energy that kept me from eating half the time, kept me from sleeping. And just when I told myself I was being paranoid and everything would be fine, something tried to drown me in the goddamned bathtub.
But I didn't get up. Because then I'd lose that bried, human connection. A connection that shouldn;t have been there, because Priktin wasn't the touchy-feely type. He touched me in training, when he had to, and grabbed me in the middle of crises. But I actually couldn't recall him ever touching me just ... because. ~ Karen Chance
He Touched Me quotes by Karen Chance
Fragments of energy sizzled against my skin where he touched me, like sparks that shoot from a sparkler you played with as a kid. ~ Jodie Andrefski
He Touched Me quotes by Jodie Andrefski
Funny thing about getting proposed to in a shower. You can't tell which is water and which is tears. I said yes, and then he kissed me. I said yes, and then he touched me. I said yes, and then he slipped inside me. I said yes, yes, yes, and then he loved me. ~ Alice Clayton
He Touched Me quotes by Alice Clayton
I was in a terrible confusion. Sometimes I thought, but this is your life. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting. Or I thought, but I am happy. And he loves me. I am safe. Sometimes, when he was not near me, I thought, I will never let him touch me again. Then, when he touched me, I thought it doesn't matter, it is only the body, it will soon be over. When it was over I lay in the dark and listened to his breathing and dreamed of the touch of hands, of Giovanni's hands, or anybody's hands, hands which would have the power to crush me and make me whole again. ~ James Baldwin
He Touched Me quotes by James Baldwin
If I try to summon back his face, the sound of his voice, and the sensation in my stomach like a key turning in a lock when he touched me, I lose everything. ~ Joyce Carol Oates
He Touched Me quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
Ridges of his thumbprint. He touched me. As I said ~ Ray Bradbury
He Touched Me quotes by Ray Bradbury
When he touched me, he made things feel better that i wasn't aware felt so bad ~ C.J. Roberts
He Touched Me quotes by C.J. Roberts
One month. Thirty days. I could bury myself in my art and forget the feel of his lips sliding across mine. I could forget the scent of his cologne, the way my body reacted when he touched me.

I sighed. Thirty days suddenly seemed like an eternity. ~ E.M. Denning
He Touched Me quotes by E.M. Denning
You," he whispered, bringing his hand to hover by my cheek.
"Are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."
And then he touched me. ~ Jessica Verday
He Touched Me quotes by Jessica Verday
Edmund cleared his throat. "Pretty as a picture, isn't she?"
Fade only nodded. His hungry stare brought color to my cheeks, and I was conscious of the warmth of his fingers when he touched me. Just on the arm, but my skin was bare, and it felt shocking, intimate, too darking in front of my foster parents. ~ Ann Aguirre
He Touched Me quotes by Ann Aguirre
And I remember it hurt that first time he touched me. Not because it was painful, but because it was everything but. It hurt from somewhere deep inside my gut that told me I would never get to have him, to keep him, or to feel the way I felt with his hands on me with anyone else for as long as I tried. Where ~ Kandi Steiner
He Touched Me quotes by Kandi Steiner
When he touched me, it stung my hand as if an electric current had passed through us. ~ Stephenie Meyer
He Touched Me quotes by Stephenie Meyer
Amnesty International adopted me as a prisoner of conscience, and that led to my - it touched me in a way that really led to me opening up my heart, I've called it the re-humanisation process. ~ Maajid Nawaz
He Touched Me quotes by Maajid Nawaz
Another day, in the rain, we're waiting for the boat at the lake; from happiness, this time, the same outburst of annihilation sweeps through me. This is how it happens sometimes, misery or joy engulfs me, without any particular tumult ensuing : nor any pathos: I am dissolved, not dismembered; I fall, I flow, I melt. Such thoughts grazed, touched, tested (the way you test the water with your foot)--can recur ~ Roland Barthes
He Touched Me quotes by Roland Barthes
He touched her face, gently, with the back of his hand. 'you disappear so completely into your head sometimes.' he said. 'i wish i could follow you.'
you do, she wanted to say, you live in my head all the time ~ Cassandra Clare
He Touched Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
Wen people ask me what my favorite color is
I say green
Because I don't know what to call it
This color the sky turns
When the sun and moon
One rising
The other setting
Winking at each other through the indigo touched with gold ~ Catherine Alene
He Touched Me quotes by Catherine Alene
Don't pull back," she whispered a hair's breadth from his lips. "I need this. I need…" The words evaporated in her throat as she focused on his lips, so she simply touched them with her own. Softly, slowly, she kissed him. For a moment, she feared he would push her away. And then his mouth moved faintly against hers. His tongue grazed her lips, and he turned his head to deepen the kiss. For the first time in forever, everything felt so incredibly right.

"You," she exhaled into his mouth. "I need… you. ~ Sibylla Matilde
He Touched Me quotes by Sibylla Matilde
He simply preferred the sensation of soil beneath his feet and wind in his hair, of fresh, non-recycled air which carried on it the scent and taste of life. He preferred what was solid and real, where if you could see it you could touch it, feel its texture between the tips of your fingers. As far as he knew, no one had ever touched a star. Not even her. ~ G.S. Jennsen
He Touched Me quotes by G.S. Jennsen
I felt that something horrible was near from the moment that my foot first touched the water,' said Frodo. 'What was that thing, or were there many of them?'
'I do not know,' answered Gandalf; 'but the arms were all guided by one purpose. Something has crept, or has been driven out of dark waters under the mountains. There are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world.' He did not speak aloud his thought that whatever it was that dwelt in the lake, it had seized upon Frodo first among all the Company. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
He Touched Me quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
He raised his hand to brush a stray hair from her face. Instead of dropping his hand, he slid it behind her neck and drew her closer. His earthy pine scent enveloped her. When his lips touched hers, she lost any hope of control. ~ Lia Davis
He Touched Me quotes by Lia Davis
A flash of his grin. "I'll see you won't fall in," he said and the arm went round Jim's shoulder.
Gently this time, though still the touch shot through Jim's clothes, through his skin even. It was this way whenever their bodies met, if limping he brushed against him or laughing he squeezed his arm. The touch charged through like a sputtering tram-wire until it wasn't Doyler he felt but what Doyler touched, which was himself. This is my shoulder, this my leg. And he did not think he had felt himself before, other than in pain or in sin.
"Are we straight so?"
"Aye, we're straight," said Jim.
"Straight as a rush, so we are. ~ Jamie O'Neill
He Touched Me quotes by Jamie O'Neill
I've never had a home before." That must have been all the sweets talking; I'd never have told him otherwise. "I mean, staying with Li, I never felt like I belonged. That's all."
Sam touched my wrist, making me shiver. "You always have a home with me. ~ Jodi Meadows
He Touched Me quotes by Jodi Meadows
He walked down the path of villains, but he became a hero in the end. He has the timepieces, and they have touched his soul forever. He must learn to walk in the darkness between times and wield power without rage. ~ N.D. Wilson
He Touched Me quotes by N.D. Wilson
I do all of these things," Daniel said, leaning into her so that their foreheads touched, "because you're my love, Lucinda. For me, you're all there is. ~ Lauren Kate
He Touched Me quotes by Lauren Kate
He'd tried to explain it to her, how accidents happen but we really are safe. But there was, already, the sense that nothing he said touched what was really bothering her, which was the realization that you can't stop bad things from happening to other people, other things. And that would be hard forever. He'd never quite gotten used to it himself. ~ Megan Abbott
He Touched Me quotes by Megan Abbott
I didn't know I was lost
Until you found me
I never knew what love was
Until you touched my hand
I lost myself long ago
In between your lips
And now here you are
You steal my breath away
Until you I never really knew heaven
Cause until you it was only ever hell
I didn't know I was so far gone
Until you brought me home
I promise you, girl
I know you're shattered
I'll pick up your pieces
And make you whole again
Cause until you girl
I've been shattered too
Since my very first kiss
It's only been you ~ Christine Zolendz
He Touched Me quotes by Christine Zolendz

The rising moon has hid the stars;
Her level rays, like golden bars,
Lie on the landscape green,
With shadows brown between.

And silver white the river gleams,
As if Diana, in her dreams,
Had dropt her silver bow
Upon the meadows low.

On such a tranquil night as this,
She woke Endymion with a kiss,
When, sleeping in the grove,
He dreamed not of her love.

Like Dian's kiss, unasked, unsought,
Love gives itself, but is not bought;
Nor voice, nor sound betrays
Its deep, impassioned gaze.

It comes,--the beautiful, the free,
The crown of all humanity,--
In silence and alone
To seek the elected one.

It lifts the boughs, whose shadows deep
Are Life's oblivion, the soul's sleep,
And kisses the closed eyes
Of him, who slumbering lies.

O weary hearts! O slumbering eyes!
O drooping souls, whose destinies
Are fraught with fear and pain,
Ye shall be loved again!

No one is so accursed by fate,
No one so utterly desolate,
But some heart, though unknown,
Responds unto his own.

Responds,--as if with unseen wings,
An angel touched its quivering strings;
And whispers, in its song,
"Where hast thou stayed so long? ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
He Touched Me quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Surely there had been no figure leaning on the back of his chair; no face looking over it. It is certain that no gliding footstep touched the floor, as he lifted up his head, with a start, and spoke. And yet there was no mirror in the room on whose surface his own form could have cast its shadow for a moment; and, Something had passed darkly and gone! ~ Charles Dickens
He Touched Me quotes by Charles Dickens
sidewalk, passed out next to his friend. "Who are these guys?" her oversized companion asked. Abigail held up the arm of one of the men and showed it to Elliott. On the back of his hand was an image of two winged dragons on either side of a fleur-de-lis. "Does that answer your question?" she asked. Elliott said nothing but instinctively reached up and touched the tattoo on his large neckTogether, Abigail and Elliott, dragged the unconscious men away from the store and down a narrow side walkway. Inside the store, Uncle Al settled his transaction with the clerk, folded up the now empty blanket and placed it back in his satchel. He tucked the satchel under his arm and stepped out the door, carefully looking up and down the street before heading on his way. Back in the confines of the narrow walkway, ~ Mark Wullert
He Touched Me quotes by Mark Wullert
It seems to me that even the least of the human race is touched with genius when mad with love. ~ Evalyn Walsh McLean
He Touched Me quotes by Evalyn Walsh McLean
They took to silence. They touched each other without comment and without progression. A hand on a hand, a clothed arm, resting on an arm. An ankle overlapping an ankle, as they sat on a beach, and not removed. One night they fell asleep, side by side ... He slept curled against her back, a dark comma against her pale elegant phrase. ~ A.S. Byatt
He Touched Me quotes by A.S. Byatt
She looked into the mirror, wiping the mascara that was running down her cheeks with her tears and she saw him standing behind her. With that smile he always had. She touched his reflection and turned around to hug him just to see no one there. She turned back around and looked at the mirror, there he was still standing with that smile. She fell on her knees and said in a feeble voice "come back". ~ Akshay Vasu
He Touched Me quotes by Akshay Vasu
I was worried when I returned that I might be booed or barracked. Nobody has waved fivers at me. I am touched by the reception since I have come back. ~ John Higgins
He Touched Me quotes by John Higgins
I touched myself while I watched you, wishing it was me in her place. And I came…crying because it broke my heart that it wasn't. ~ Sayara St. Clair
He Touched Me quotes by Sayara St. Clair
Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done has left America or the world better since he became president. Nearly everything he has touched has been made worse. ~ Dennis Prager
He Touched Me quotes by Dennis Prager
Chaplin made me laugh and cry without saying a word. I had an instinct. I was touched by the soul of Chaplin - Mime is not an imitator but a creator. ~ Marcel Marceau
He Touched Me quotes by Marcel Marceau
The cross had touched his heart and will. That was all. It had changed his whole being. He is a living illustration of Paul's teaching in this very letter. He is dead with Christ to his old self; he lives with Christ a new life. The gospel can do that. It can and does do so to-day and to us, if we will. Nothing else can; nothing else ever has done it; nothing else ever will. Culture may do much; social reformation may do much; but the radical transformation of the nature is only effected by the "love of God shed abroad in the heart," and by the new life which we receive through our faith in Christ. ~ Alexander MacLaren
He Touched Me quotes by Alexander MacLaren
It's usually painful for a woman, the first time," he murmured.
"Yes, I know."
"I don't want to hurt you."
The admission touched and surprised her. "My mother says it doesn't last for long," she said.
"The pain?"
"No, the rest of it," she said, and for some reason that made him laugh again.
-Simon & Annabelle ~ Lisa Kleypas
He Touched Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I'm not invisible. I have desires. I want to be touched and held and told that I'm worth something. I am not pitiful. I am better than you can imagine. I have talents. I have successes and failures. I love my life. I sometimes feel dissatisfied with the world. I come from a place of love, not death. I am special. I matter. I can be the most interesting person in the room. I can blend in and that's okay. I'm somebody. I'm a nobody. I feel deeply and I want to be allowed to show it. I don't want to be judged. I can be judgmental. When you give me platitudes and you belittle my feelings. I'm brave. I'm scared. I'm wandering. I have plans. I will be the best me I can be. I am not who I think I am. I am not who you think I am; I am who I think you think I am, so think well of me, please. ~ Abria Mattina
He Touched Me quotes by Abria Mattina
I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star ~ Erica Jong
He Touched Me quotes by Erica Jong
This dogma (the soul) has been present in human psychology from earliest antiquity. No one has ever touched the soul, or has seen one in a test tube, or has in any way come into a relationship with it as he has with the other objects of his daily experience. ~ John B. Watson
He Touched Me quotes by John B. Watson
Jules was frozen with incredulity. In truth, he could not speak. He was touched by the display of honor in two country squires, and by the humbling - in truth hilarious - definitive evidence that some things were beyond his control. And life knew what was best for him better than he did, and had brought it to him, not with graceful precision, but with magnificent, ridiculous poetry. ~ Julie Anne Long
He Touched Me quotes by Julie Anne Long
He touched her as he would touch his violin: it was how he knew to touch something that was precious and loved. ~ Cassandra Clare
He Touched Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
I have a dream. With that one sentence, Martin Luther King touched and empowered an entire nation. You know what else he did? He made everybody else without dreams feel real bad. ~ Christopher Titus
He Touched Me quotes by Christopher Titus
because he was the man he was, one strong thing came out of the confusion: love. 'Love' had caused him trouble in the recent past, but he went with it anyway, stubbornly holding to the idea that 'love' - whenever and wherever it touched down - was always right. ~ Andre Alexis
He Touched Me quotes by Andre Alexis
Despite his attempts to maintain a vigorous structure of errands, golf games, visits, and meetings, there were sometimes days like this one, filled with rain and touched with a gnawing sense of parts missing from life. When the slick mud ran in the flower beds and the clouds smothered the light, he missed his wife. ~ Helen Simonson
He Touched Me quotes by Helen Simonson
I work out like a maniac, three times more than anything I did in the past. I am off carbs, salt, sweets, and live on a fish diet. And I promise I am not going to indulge in food again. See, when I was 49 years old, I was fine, but the moment I touched 50, I felt that something within me had changed drastically. My metabolic rate dropped. ~ Sanjay Dutt
He Touched Me quotes by Sanjay Dutt
We both touched wood on the cafe table and the waiter came to see what it was we wanted. But what we wanted he, nor anyone else, nor knocking on wood or on marble, as this cafe table-top was, could ever bring us. But we did not know it that night and we were very happy. ~ Ernest Hemingway
He Touched Me quotes by Ernest Hemingway
She was breathtaking in her beauty and her human spirit, he thought, unable to speak as he gazed upon her. Hers was the sort that would not fade or grow jaded with time and years, but flourish, grow more radiant with life and its experience. Hers was a beauty that no other possessed. A beauty he longed to keep, to hide away, to bask in, himself alone. She had become his. He didn't know when, whether it had been the moment her fingertips had touched him when he was hurt, or if it had grown, like a seed, slowing spreading until Jane had become the root anchoring the shattered pieces of his heart, pulling them tight together until it resembled the organ it should. ~ Charlotte Featherstone
He Touched Me quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
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