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#1. Mirrors in metal, and the masked
Mirror of mahogany that in its mist
Of a red twilight hazes
The face that is gazed on as it gazes - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Hazes Zingt quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#2. Besides, all flame hazes fight alone. - Author: Yashichiro Takahashi
Hazes Zingt quotes by Yashichiro Takahashi
#3. Death is the process by which all our filters for perception are removed, when instead of losing contact with creation we are finally able to perceive it as it truly is, on all levels. From electric hazes of energy to swirling microorganisms to the magnetic pull of atomic structures. We will experience a cosmic give and take, exchanges of oxygen and consumption, of rotting and growth and feeding, of colors undreamt of by our limited cones and rods. We will see smells and lie down on a moving bed of cilia. - Author: Suzanne DeWitt Hall
Hazes Zingt quotes by Suzanne DeWitt Hall

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