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#1. One could understand feminism generally as an attack on woman as she was under "patriarchy" (that concept is a social construction of feminism). The feminine mystique was her ideal; in regard to sex, it consisted of women's modesty and in the double standard of sexual conduct that comes with it, which treated women's misbehavior as more serious than men's. Instead of trying to establish a single standard by bringing men up to the higher standard of women, as with earlier feminism, today's feminism decided to demand that women be entitled to sink to the level of men. It bought into the sexual revolution of the late sixties and required that women be rewarded with the privileges of male conquest rather than, say, continue serving as camp followers of rock bands. The result has been the turn for the worse. ... What was there in feminine modesty that the feminists left behind?

In return for women's holding to a higher standard of sexual behavior, feminine modesty gave them protection while they considered whether they wanted to consent. It gave them time: Not so fast! Not the first date! I'm not ready for that! It gave them the pleasure of being courted along with the advantage of looking before you leap. To win over a woman, men had to strive to express their finer feelings, if they had any. Women could judge their character and choose accordingly. In sum, women had the right of choice, if I may borrow that slogan. All this and more was social construction, to be sure - Author: Harvey Mansfield
Hausmann Construction quotes by Harvey Mansfield
#2. The new generation should be aware of the suffering of his ancestors. This awareness will provide them with drive, firmness and solidity in order to complete the epic of construction and development initiated by our fathers and ancestors. This odyssey of accomplishments and contributions is an embodiment of our national ambitions after decades of disarray, backwardness and deprivation. - Author: Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan
Hausmann Construction quotes by Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan
#3. Israel and the Palestinians had been at the table together for decades until the Obama/Mitchell/Rahm Emanuel decision to demand a total end to Israeli construction froze not the settlements but the diplomacy. - Author: Elliott Abrams
Hausmann Construction quotes by Elliott Abrams
#4. I think it was Asimov who once compared prose to windows. Some authors, he said - like Asimov himself - wrote in a style devoid of flourishes or lyricism, telling the story in a just the facts, ma'am kinda way. This is your standard clear-window prose; you don't appreciate it, you don't even notice it, but at least you've got a clear view of what's going down on the other side. Others (Samuel Delany and China Miéville come to mind) write "stained-glass-window" prose: the words contain a kind of beauty in the way they're put together, they draw attention to their own construction and invite whistles of admiration. The only problem with stained-glass windows is, the more ornate the pane, the tougher it is to see what's on the other side. - Author: Peter Watts
Hausmann Construction quotes by Peter Watts
#5. The further a mathematical theory is developed, the more harmoniously and uniformly does its construction proceed, and unsuspected relations are disclosed between hitherto separated branches of the science. - Author: David Hilbert
Hausmann Construction quotes by David Hilbert
#6. The road to happiness is always under construction. But no worries, my SUV has four wheel drive. Let's rock this." - - Author: Celia Kyle
Hausmann Construction quotes by Celia Kyle
#7. I always know more about the ending, even the aftermath to the ending, than I know about the beginning. And so there's a construction that works from back to front. - Author: John Irving
Hausmann Construction quotes by John Irving
#8. In order to design buildings with a sensuous connection to life, one must think in a way that goes far beyond form and construction. - Author: Peter Zumthor
Hausmann Construction quotes by Peter Zumthor
#9. My husband, a man with a university degree, an engineer, seriously tried to convince me that it was an act of terrorism. An enemy diversion. A lot of people at the time thought that. But I remembered how I'd once been on a train with a man who worked in construction who told me about the building of the Smolensk nuclear plant: how much cement, boards, nails, and sand was stolen from the construction site and sold to neighboring villages. In exchange for money, for a bottle of vodka. People - Author: Svetlana Alexievich
Hausmann Construction quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#10. A technical summary on pressure piping Engineering and Regulatory documents used in Quality Control and Construction of Pressure Piping - Author: Shahin Shardi
Hausmann Construction quotes by Shahin Shardi
#11. The construction of meaning is a fundamentally individual, subjective, creative enterprise, and an intimidating responsibility. - Author: Sean Carroll
Hausmann Construction quotes by Sean Carroll
#12. When we are in the realm of Conflict, we can move from the Abuse-based construction of perpetrator and victim to the more accurate recognition of the parties as the conflicted, each with legitimate concerns and legitimate rights that must be considered in order to produce just resolution. - Author: Sarah Schulman
Hausmann Construction quotes by Sarah Schulman
#13. There may be many systems of religion that so far from being morally bad are in many respects morally good: but there can be but ONE that is true; and that one necessarily must, as it ever will, be in all things consistent with the ever existing word of God that we behold in his works. But such is the strange construction of the christian system of faith, that every evidence the heavens affords to man, either directly contradicts it or renders it absurd. It - Author: Thomas Paine
Hausmann Construction quotes by Thomas Paine
#14. Out of all my friends, I believe I'm the only kid whose dad made us work to cut rebars; we laid bricks in construction sites and did other real work every summer for minimum wage. Our dad said that it's important in the future that when we tell people to dig a hole, that you personally know how long it will take to dig that hole. - Author: Eric Trump
Hausmann Construction quotes by Eric Trump
#15. I heard, when I was in Delhi, that the men of the West are studying the construction of the atom, and have guessed at the force imprisoned in it. Wait until they have learned how to explode the atom, and then see what they will do to one another. - Author: Talbot Mundy
Hausmann Construction quotes by Talbot Mundy
#16. Loyalties of professional sports teams mystified him; they were rotating groups of paid professionals, usually with no ties other than their employment contract to the local area. One might as well feel loyalty to and cheer on the construction crew repairing the state highway nearest one's town - Author: Joel L.A. Peterson
Hausmann Construction quotes by Joel L.A. Peterson
#17. The fact that the human act is self-directed or built up means in no sense that the actor necessarily exercises excellence in its construction. Indeed, he may do a very poor job in constructing his act. - Author: Herbert Blumer
Hausmann Construction quotes by Herbert Blumer
#18. There are two styles of walls "opus reticulatum," now used by everybody and the ancient style called "opus incertum." Of these, the reticulatum looks better, but its construction makes it likely to crack ... On the other hand, in the opus incertum, the rubble lying in courses and imbricated , makes a wall which though not beautiful, is stronger. - Author: Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Hausmann Construction quotes by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
#19. I built, of blocks, a town three hundred thousand strong, whose avenues were paved with a wine-colored rug and decorated by large leaves outlined inappropriately in orange, and on this leafage I'd often park my Tootsie Toy trucks, as if on pads of camouflage, waiting their deployment against catastrophes which included alien invasions, internal treachery, and world war. It was always my intention, and my conceit, to use up, in the town's construction, every toy I possessed: my electronic train, of course, the Lincoln Logs, old kindergarten blocks - their deeply incised letters always a problem - the Erector set, every lead soldier that would stand (broken ones were sent to the hospital), my impressive array of cars, motorcycles, tanks, and trucks - some with trailers, some transporting gas, some tows, some dumps - and my squadrons of planes, my fleet of ships, my big and little guns, an undersized group of parachute people (looking as if one should always imagine them high in the sky, hanging from threads), my silversided submarines, along with assorted RR signs, poles bearing flags, prefab houses with faces pasted in their windows, small boxes of a dozen variously useful kinds, strips of blue cloth for streams and rivers, and glass jars for town water towers, or, in a pinch, jails. In time, the armies, the citizens, even the streets would divide: loyalties, friendships, certainties, would be undermined, the city would be shaken by strife; and marbles would rain down from for - Author: William H. Gass
Hausmann Construction quotes by William H. Gass
#20. I think architecture could be understood as the construction of realities, or the construction of worlds. - Author: Jimenez Lai
Hausmann Construction quotes by Jimenez Lai
#21. …it is certain that there are many things to which our language ascribes meaning indicative of a material substance, where simple contemplation indicates that it is largely referential in nature. The conditions or circumstances in our private, political, social and economic lives are such relations; we speak and behave as if these 'circumstances' were as rigid as fate, as immutable as a meteor or the trembling earth beneath our feet. In reality these circumstances are convenient shorthand for the way in which we relate to one another. In order to make it yet more comfortable we employ words of foreign origin, so that we might better obscure the source of the noun through the use of a verb. Speaking then of the state, we regard this word as nothing more than a certain civil-legal construction, existing only at the discretion of our will. This concession to comfort is a great sign of our common understanding, which wouldn't be possible without this materialization of the fluidity and spirituality of relations. Yet, it is a curse for the attainment of knowledge, because we mistake a mere representation for reality; and so it is a major curse for the type of understanding necessary for the establishment of just human relations in society. - Author: Gustav Landauer
Hausmann Construction quotes by Gustav Landauer
#22. If it be said that the legislative body are themselves the constitutional judges of their own powers, and that the construction they put upon them is conclusive upon the other departments, it may be answered, that this cannot be the natural presumption, where it is not be collected from any particular provisions in the Constitution. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
Hausmann Construction quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#23. People never think, until it happens to their place, that all construction is destruction. The whole planet is paved in the dead, who are ignored so the living can dig their foundations. - Author: Maria Dahvana Headley
Hausmann Construction quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#24. Laws abridging the natural right of the citizen should be restrained by rigorous constructions within their narrowest limits. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Hausmann Construction quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#25. My own brand will stand or fall because of me. Dior won't fall if I fall. It will also still stand if I'm not there. I'm coming in there, and it's like a - I don't know the English word - like a passage. - Author: Raf Simons
Hausmann Construction quotes by Raf Simons
#26. This relative freedom of a hero does not violate the strict specificity of the construction, just as the specificity of a mathematical formula is not violated by the presence of irrational or transfinite quantities. - Author: Mikhail Bakhtin
Hausmann Construction quotes by Mikhail Bakhtin
#27. The reason why Jesus got into such severe trouble was that he tried to bring into the present a construction of the world, of God and of the self that belonged to a still-remote future. He was much too far ahead of his time, and suffered accordingly. - Author: Don Cupitt
Hausmann Construction quotes by Don Cupitt
#28. Schools should take an active part in directing social change, and share in the construction of a new social order - Author: John Dewey
Hausmann Construction quotes by John Dewey
#29. Moreover, probably owing to excessive self-consciousness, perhaps as the result of the generally unfortunate cast of my personality, there existed between my thoughts and feelings, and the expression of those feelings and thoughts, a sort of inexplicable, irrational, and utterly insuperable barrier; and whenever I made up my mind to overcome this obstacle by force, to break down this barrier, my gestures, the expression of my face, my whole being, took on an appearance of painful constraint. I not only seemed, I positively became unnatural and affected. I was conscious of this myself, and hastened to shrink back into myself. Then a terrible commotion was set up within me. I analysed myself to the last thread, compared myself with others, recalled the slightest glances, smiles, words of the people to whom I had tried to open myself out, put the worst construction on everything, laughed vindictively at my own pretensions to 'be like every one else,' - and suddenly, in the midst of my laughter, collapsed utterly into gloom, sank into absurd dejection, and then began again as before - went round and round, in fact, like a squirrel on its wheel. Whole days were spent in this harassing, fruitless exercise. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
Hausmann Construction quotes by Ivan Turgenev
#30. The Anasazi did manage to construct in stone the largest and tallest buildings erected in North America until the Chicago steel girder skyscrapers of the 1880s. - Author: Jared Diamond
Hausmann Construction quotes by Jared Diamond
#31. The implied methods would permit construction of entirely new computers reduced in size and basic complexity by a factor of at least a thousand. - Author: Frank Herbert
Hausmann Construction quotes by Frank Herbert
#32. The Wars is a great book, rich in its images, its language, its construction, and, ultimately, its conception. - Author: Guy Vanderhaeghe
Hausmann Construction quotes by Guy Vanderhaeghe
#33. Others, including those with a social theory influence, talk about securitization primarily in terms of practices, context, and power relations that characterize the construction of threat images. - Author: Thierry Balzacq
Hausmann Construction quotes by Thierry Balzacq
#34. We discover that we are at the same time very insignificant and very important, because each of our actions is preparing the humanity of tomorrow; it is a tiny contribution to the construction of the huge and glorious final humanity - Author: Jean Vanier
Hausmann Construction quotes by Jean Vanier
#35. Remodeling defies the principles of modern commerce. You shell out great sums of money to people over whom you have no authority or power, yet these same people are constantly insinuating that you're cheap. (It reminded me of medicine, another area where you shell out great sums of money to people over whom you have no authority or power, who make you feel guilty for questioning a bill.) Construction workers are the blue-collar version of the snooty salespeople at Gucci who make $8 an hour but look down on you if you balk at a $400 alligator wallet. - Author: Margo Kaufman
Hausmann Construction quotes by Margo Kaufman
#36. CJD = A cloth-jointed-doll. Like the BJD (ball-jointed-doll) assembled from individually made parts, pose-able, but of cloth construction. - Author: Gayle Wray
Hausmann Construction quotes by Gayle Wray
#37. Why the number three? Probably because there are three stages to be completed: the death, the pregnancy, and childbirth. Just as the moon, which must have three days to reappear. Historically and symbolically, it is always three for something to come back: the disappearance, the construction, the birth. This is the cycle, the circle, the formula to calculate the perimeter (the life), is, let us remember, the diameter multiplied by 3.14 (Pi) - Author: Marie D. F. Cachet
Hausmann Construction quotes by Marie D. F. Cachet
#38. A person has to remember that the road to success is always under construction. You have to get that through your head. That it is not easy becoming successful. - Author: Steve Harvey
Hausmann Construction quotes by Steve Harvey
#39. Back when I was a professional model-maker at Industrial Light & Magic, my specialty was hard-edged construction - spaceships, miniature sets, and architectural stuff. These objects were sometimes just 12 inches across yet needed enough detail to fill a movie screen. - Author: Adam Savage
Hausmann Construction quotes by Adam Savage
#40. The Exxon Valdez spill triggered a swift and strong response that changed policies about shipping, about double-hulled construction. A number of laws came into place. - Author: Sylvia Earle
Hausmann Construction quotes by Sylvia Earle
#41. What happened after the Council was totally different: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We left the living process of growth and development to enter the realm of fabrication. There was no longer a desire to continue developing and maturing, as the centuries passed and so this was replaced - as if it were a technical production - with a construction, a banal on-the-spot product. - Author: Benedict XVI
Hausmann Construction quotes by Benedict XVI

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