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#1. You need a break, a complete rest, recharge your batteries.' Recharge your batteries. What the hell does that mean? Nelson prides himself on not needing batteries. He's an old-fashioned, wind-up model. - Author: Elly Griffiths
Harry Nelson quotes by Elly Griffiths
#2. learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Mandela
#3. The month of April 2000 will provide an unprecedented showcase for the clean energy options available to individuals, businesses and the government, .. As tens of millions of people take action to support clean energy during Earth Month, the 'New Energy for a New Era' campaign will catapult us toward a clean and affordable energy future. - Author: Gaylord Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Gaylord Nelson
#4. It came charging toward me, several hundred pounds of angry-looking monster, and I did the only thing any reasonable wizard could have done.
I turned around and ran like hell. - Author: Jim Butcher
Harry Nelson quotes by Jim Butcher
#5. Imagine
the whole world wired to Harry Cohn's ass! - Author: Herman J. Mankiewicz
Harry Nelson quotes by Herman J. Mankiewicz
#6. I'm sure that there are reasonable people that had some reasonable projections about the future of New Orleans, but none of those could include not trying to rebuild the city and make it better than it was before. - Author: Harry Connick, Jr.
Harry Nelson quotes by Harry Connick, Jr.
#7. Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs, if they can have no shelter, if illiteracy and disease continue to dog them. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Mandela
#8. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake. - Author: Nelson Boswell
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Boswell
#9. Nelson Mandela will always be the face of South Africa. The traveler passing through the country will see Mandela's face almost everywhere he looks. Truly, the man is omnipresent. - Author: Henry Rollins
Harry Nelson quotes by Henry Rollins
#10. I'll always have a house in London; I'll always call it my home. There might be moments when I get to go and work in different parts of the world, but I'll always come back here. - Author: Harry Treadaway
Harry Nelson quotes by Harry Treadaway
#11. The challenge for each one of you is to take up these ideals of tolerance and respect for others and put them to practical use in your schools, your communities and throughout your lives. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Mandela
#12. I want to stay with you. Watch over you. Follow you always. It's what I was meant to do. Blood binds us, Harry, and some fate more inextricable than that. And I want more selfish things. No one wants to die at seventeen. I want to be young and to live, and to be with the person I love, and I want to travel and see the world. And I want to get married and have children someday, and spoil them rotten so they grow up to be foul little bastards, and I want to die in bed when I'm a hundred and ninety, hexed to death by a jealous husband. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Harry Nelson quotes by Cassandra Clare
#13. i was becoming a sack of vomit and fecal matter. i suppose, on reflection, that that is what i had always been, but nature had not formerly imposed this aspect of the human condition quite so vividly upon me. - Author: Harry F. Saint
Harry Nelson quotes by Harry F. Saint
#14. If I were today on my deathbed, I would name my love of the color blue and making love with you as two of the sweetest sensations I knew on this earth. - Author: Maggie Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Maggie Nelson
#15. I do write my manuscripts by hand, in pencil on legal pads. Then they are typed on a word processor by my typist. - Author: Nelson DeMille
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson DeMille
#16. There was much in such a society that was primitive and insecure and it certainly could never measure up to the demands of the present epoch. But in such a society are contained the seeds of revolutionary democracy in which none will be held in slavery. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Mandela
#17. I haven't got a clue what this lot's supposed to mean," he said, staring down at a long list of calculations. "You know," said Ron, whose hair was on end because of all the times he had run his fingers through it in frustration, "I think it's back to the old Divination standby." "What - make it up?" "Yeah," said Ron, sweeping the jumble of scrawled notes off the table, dipping his pen into some ink, and starting to write. "Next Monday," he said as he scribbled, "I am likely to develop a cough, owing to the unlucky conjunction of Mars and Jupiter." He looked up at Harry. "You know her - just put in loads of misery, she'll lap it up." "Right," said Harry, crumpling up his first attempt and lobbing it over the heads of a group of chattering first years into the fire. "Okay … on Monday, I will be in danger of - er - burns." "Yeah, you will be," said Ron darkly, "we're seeing the skrewts again on Monday. Okay, Tuesday, I'll … erm …" "Lose a treasured possession," said Harry, who was flicking through Unfogging the Future for ideas. "Good one," said Ron, copying it down. "Because of … erm … Mercury. Why don't you get stabbed in the back by someone you thought was a friend?" "Yeah … cool …" said Harry, scribbling it down, "because … Venus is in the twelfth house." "And on Wednesday, I think I'll come off worst in a fight." "Aaah, I was going to have a fight. Okay, I'll lose a bet." "Yeah, you'll be betting I'll win my fight. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling
#18. I've only been doing this fifty-four years. With a little experience, I might get better. - Author: Harry Caray
Harry Nelson quotes by Harry Caray
#19. The eye-roll is a 10.5 on the Ritcher. The Big One. California has slipped into the ocean. - Author: Jandy Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Jandy Nelson
#20. Holyfuckingmancandy. - Author: Virginia Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Virginia Nelson
#21. Love, I think and think and think and think and don't say. Don't say it.
Don't say it. Don't tell him you love him.
But I do. I love him more than anything. - Author: Jandy Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Jandy Nelson
#22. You're such a cynic," Molly said. "I think cynics are playful and cute. - Author: Jim Butcher
Harry Nelson quotes by Jim Butcher
#23. I had four blak arrows under my belt,
Four for the greefs that I have felt,
Four for the number of ill menne
That have oppressid me now and then.
One is gone; one is wele sped;
Old Apulyaird is dead.
One is for Maister Bennet Hatch,
That burned Grimstone, walls and thatch.
One for Sir Oliver Oates,
That cut Sir Harry Shelton's throat.
Sir Daniel, ye shull have the fourt;
We shall think it fair sport.
Ye shull each have your own part,
A blak arrow in each blak heart.
Get ye to your knees for to pray;
Ye are ded theeves, by yea and nay!
Of the Green Wood,
And his jolly fellaweship - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Harry Nelson quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#24. The fun for me is knowing what the other person is saying and what my character would be thinking at that time. On the stage you get the chance to do all that, to analyze and build a part, to react, to contribute something no one else can-not the author, not even the director. - Author: Barry Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Barry Nelson
#25. I know that you are preparing to fight." There were screams amongst the students, some of whom clutched each other, looking around in terror for the source of the sound. "Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have great respect for the teachers of Hogwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood."

There was silence in the Hall now, the kind of silence that presses against the eardrums, that seems too huge to be contained by walls.

"Give me Harry Potter," said Voldemort's voice, "and they shall not be harmed.Give me Harry Potter and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Harry Potter and you will be rewarded.

"You have until midnight."

The silence swallowed them all again. Every head turned, every eye in the place seemed to have found Harry, to hold him forever in the glare of thousands of invisible beams. Then a figure rose from the Slytherin table and he recognized Pansy Parkinson as she raised a shaking arm and screamed, "But he's there! Potter's there. Someone grab him!"

Before Harry could speak, there was a massive movement. The Gryffindors in front of him had risen and stood facing, not Harry, but the Slytherins. Then the Hufflepuffs stood, and almost at the same moment, the Ravenclaws, all of them with their backs to Harry, all of them looking toward Pansy instead, and Harry, awestruck and overwhelmed, saw wands emerging everywhere, pulled from beneath cloaks and from under sl - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling
#26. I discovered for the first time people of my own age firmly aligned with the liberation struggle, who were prepared, despite their relative privilege, to sacrifice themselves of the cause of the oppressed. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Harry Nelson quotes by Nelson Mandela
#27. What d'you reckon happened to the Cattermoles?"
"With any luck, they'll have got away," said Hermione, clutching her hot mug for comfort. "As long as Mr. Cattermole had his wits about him, he'll have transported Mrs. Cattermole by Side-Along-Apparition and they'll be fleeing the country right now with their children. That's what Harry told her to do."
"Blimey, I hope they escaped," said Ron, leaning back on his pillows. The tea seemed to be doing him good; a little of his color had returned. "I didn't get the feeling Reg Cattermole was all that quick-witted, though, the way everyone was talking to me when I was him. God, I hope they made it…If they both end up in Azkaban because of us…"
Harry looked over at Hermione and the question he had been about to ask--about whether Mrs. Cattermole's lack of a wand would prevent her Apparating alongside her husband--died in his throat. Hermione was watching Ron fret over the fate of the Cattermoles, and there was such tenderness in her expression that Harry felt almost as if he had surprised her in the act of kissing him.
"So, have you got it?" Harry asked her, partly to remind her that he was there.
"Got--got what?" she said with a little start.
"What did we just go through all that for? The locket! Where's the locket?"
"You got it?" shouted Ron, raising himself a little higher on his pillows. "No one tells me anything! Blimey, you could have mentioned it!"
"Well, we were running for our lives f - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling
#28. I think Democrats made a mistake running away from liberalism. Liberalism, uh, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John and Robert Kennedy - that's what the Democratic party ought to reach for. - Author: Theodore C. Sorensen
Harry Nelson quotes by Theodore C. Sorensen
#29. Mimoo shook her head. "Too sleepy for her maybe, but ideal for her mother, who worries too much. I don't need excitement in my life. I've had enough of it, thank you." She shrugged. "Gia will be fine. She'll be fine anywhere."
"It's Gia when I love her," said Mimoo. "My husband never called her anything but that. Me, I love her, but she drives me crazy. So headstrong. To call her stubborn like a mule is an injustice to mules. The mules are St. Francis compared to her."
Harry laughed. - Author: Paullina Simons
Harry Nelson quotes by Paullina Simons
#30. Vaporizers are good for your lungs. Cigarette smoke will kill you. I never heard of anybody dying from marijuana smoke. Vaporizers I think are smarter. - Author: Willie Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Willie Nelson
#31. Well, thought Harry, as he crossed Magnolia Crescent, turned into Magnolia Road and headed towards the darkening play park, he had (by and large) done as Sirius advised. He had at least resisted the temptation to tie his trunk to his broomstick and set off for The Burrow by himself. In fact, Harry thought his behaviour had been very good considering how frustrated and angry he felt at being stuck in Privet Drive so long, reduced to hiding in flowerbeds in the hope of hearing something that might point to what Lord Voldemort was doing. Nevertheless, it was quite galling to be told not to be rash by a man who had served twelve years in the wizard prison, Azkaban, escaped, attempted to commit the murder he had been convicted for in the first place, then gone on the run with a stolen Hippogriff. Harry - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling
#32. And then a silver hare, a boar, and a fox soared past Harry, Ron, and Hermione's heads: The dementors fell back before the creatures' approach. Three more people had arrived out of the darkness to stand beside them, their wands outstretched, continuing to cast their Patronuses: Luna, Ernie, and Seamus.
"That's right," said Luna encouragingly, as if they were back in the Room of Requirement and this was simply spell practice for the D.A. "That's right, Harry ... come on, think of something happy ... "
"Something happy?" he said, his voice cracked.
"We're all still here," she whispered, "we're still fighting. Come on, now ... "
There was a silver spark, then a wavering light, and then, with the greatest effort it had ever cost him, the stag burst from the end of Harry's wand. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling
#33. Home is where your soul feels free. - Author: Emily Nelson
Harry Nelson quotes by Emily Nelson
#34. Because we do believe in the light. Yes, we know that Harry Potter is not real, but we know that colective light is is real. And powerful. And in the face of hatred and bigotry and cruelty and everything that dark sky stood for, we were so much stronger together. - Author: Brene Brown
Harry Nelson quotes by Brene Brown
#35. Fame is a fickle friend, Harry. Celebrity is as celebrity does. Remember that. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Harry Nelson quotes by J.K. Rowling

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