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#1. How, I wonder, staring out my hotel window into black nothingness, can Icelanders possibly be happy living under this veil of darkness? I've always associated happy places with palm trees and beaches and blue drinks and, of course, swim-up bars. That's paradise, right? The global travel industry certainly wants us to think so. Bliss, the ads tell us, lies someplace else, and that someplace else is sunny and eighty degrees. Always. Our language, too, reflects the palm-tree bias. Happy people have a sunny disposition and always look on the bright side of life. Unhappy people possess dark souls and black bile. - Author: Eric Weiner
Happy Living quotes by Eric Weiner
#2. I would be happy living on a massive ranch in Montana and not seeing anyone except my friends and family. - Author: Nick Frost
Happy Living quotes by Nick Frost
#3. Its best to live imperfectly happy living a life of your own choice than to imitate someone else and be a plastic doll. - Author: Upasana Banerjee
Happy Living quotes by Upasana Banerjee
#4. The beauty of life is the brightness of a happy living. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Happy Living quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#5. And I love being a writer because I want to leave something here on earth to make it better, prettier, stronger. I want to do something important in my life, and I think that adding beauty to the world with books like The Relatives Came or Waiting to Waltz or Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea really is important. Every person is able to add beauty, whether by growing flowers, or singing, or cooking luscious meals, or raising sweet pets. Every part of life can be art. I am so grateful to be a writer. I hope every child grows up and finds something to do that will seem important and that will seem precious. Happy living and, especially, happy playing. - Author: Cynthia Rylant
Happy Living quotes by Cynthia Rylant
#6. The mind is much stronger than most people realize. Concentrate on being happy, living in the moment, cherishing special events in the past and moving forward towards a beautiful future. That's my motto! - Author: Jes Fuhrmann
Happy Living quotes by Jes Fuhrmann
#7. I collect art, and I drink wine ... things that I like that I had never been exposed to. But I never said, 'I'm going to buy art to impress this crowd.' That's just ridiculous to me. I don't live my life like that, because how could you be happy with yourself? - Author: Jay-Z
Happy Living quotes by Jay-Z
#8. Everyone needs peace of mind, inner-happiness and joyful relationships but most people don't prioritize these. Do you set goals or invest in learning to achieve these?
If you focus only on career, social and financial goals then you will never be fulfilled or fully successful! - Author: Maddy Malhotra
Happy Living quotes by Maddy Malhotra
#9. Egypt is a fertile valley of rich river soil, low-lying, warm, monotonous, a slow-flowing river, and beyond the limitless desert. Greece is a country of sparse fertility and keen, cold winters, all hills and mountains sharp cut in stone, where strong men must work hard to get their bread. And while Egypt submitted and suffered and turned her face toward death, Greece resisted and rejoiced and turned full-face to life. For somewhere among those steep stone mountains, in little sheltered valleys where the great hills were ramparts to defend, and men could have security for peace and happy living, something quite new came into the world: the joy of life found expression. Perhaps it was born there, among the shepherds pasturing their flocks where the wild flowers made a glory on the hillside; among the sailors on a sapphire sea washing enchanted islands purple in a luminous air. - Author: Edith Hamilton
Happy Living quotes by Edith Hamilton
#10. I believe that the highest virtue is to be happy, living in the greatest truth, not submitting to the falsehood of these personaltimes. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Happy Living quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#11. I've spent years when I've not been in the limelight at all and I'm perfectly happy living my life without being swooped on by paparazzi. - Author: Joan Collins
Happy Living quotes by Joan Collins
#12. I figure, sometimes, bad things happen to us so we can achieve a higher purpose and attain greater happiness and fulfillment in life. - Author: Omoakhuana Anthonia
Happy Living quotes by Omoakhuana Anthonia
#13. I wish I could manage to be glad!" the Queen said. "Only I never can remember the rule. You must be very happy, living in this wood, and being glad whenever you like! - Author: Lewis Carroll
Happy Living quotes by Lewis Carroll
#14. I think about my dwindling anonymity, and that's really scary because a very large part of me would be perfectly happy living on a ranch in Colorado and having babies and chickens and horses - which I will do anyway. - Author: Dakota Johnson
Happy Living quotes by Dakota Johnson
#15. A solved problem creates two new problems, and the best prescription for happy living is not to solve any more problems. - Author: Russell Baker
Happy Living quotes by Russell Baker
#16. There is something more horrible than to live with an unhappy person and that is to live with someone who is pretending to be happy! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Happy Living quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#17. I am grateful to God for all the good and bad that has given me, Without reproach the past, without waiting in the future I continue, just living in the moment makes me completely happy! - Author: Ebelsain Villegas
Happy Living quotes by Ebelsain Villegas
#18. It's fantastic because I've been living thousands of lives, not only my life. - Author: Claudia Cardinale
Happy Living quotes by Claudia Cardinale
#19. Happiness is ours for the taking and take it we must without any apologies. We deserve to be happy, loved, and respected......nothing less. - Author: Omoakhuana Anthonia
Happy Living quotes by Omoakhuana Anthonia
#20. In my opinion it is the happy living, and not, as Antisthenes said, the happy lying, in which human happiness consists. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Happy Living quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#21. If you're interested or like it, but could be just as happy living in a regular town, having a regular job, maybe doing little theatre, you're better off and you'll be a happier person. This is too gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. - Author: Delta Burke
Happy Living quotes by Delta Burke
#22. I got into this business because I like acting and I want to make movies. I would be happy living the rest of my life never famous. - Author: Scott Eastwood
Happy Living quotes by Scott Eastwood
#23. The magic to attain victory is simple…..Just believe. - Author: Omoakhuana Anthonia
Happy Living quotes by Omoakhuana Anthonia
#24. Seemingly suicidal, it's not. I never wanted to live. I wanted to be happy. Living was always accidental. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Happy Living quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#25. The Bible became a jewel in the hands of the Reformers not because it was a "handbook for happy living" or a "primer of metaphysics about God," but because in it the Christian possessed the "the swaddling clothes in which Christ lies."85 - Author: Matthew Barrett
Happy Living quotes by Matthew Barrett
#26. Friendship is a vital factor to a healthy and happy life. - Author: Glenn C. Stewart
Happy Living quotes by Glenn C. Stewart
#27. Well, the old Autumn didn't know anything about reality. The old Autumn was quite happy living in a childish make-believe world where bad things didn't happen and where you could make up whatever silly story you liked and tell yourself it was true. - Author: Liz Kessler
Happy Living quotes by Liz Kessler
#28. The way to choose happiness is to follow what is right and real and the truth for you. You can never be happy living someone else's dream. Live your own. And you will for sure know the meaning of happiness. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Happy Living quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#29. What is literature, and why do I try to write about it? I don't know. Likewise, I don't know why I go on living, most of the time. But this not knowing is precisely what I want to preserve. As readers, the closest way we can engage with a literary work is to protect its indeterminacy; to return ourselves and it to a place that precludes complete recognition. Really, when I'm reading, all I want is to stand amazed in front of an unknown object at odds with the world. - Author: M. John Harrison
Happy Living quotes by M. John Harrison
#30. There is a story told of one old wise man, whose name was Mencius. He was a follower of Confucius and he died when he was very, very old. Somebody asked him: If you were given life again, how will you start it? Said Mencius: I will pay more attention to my needs and less attention to my desires. And this realisation will come to you also. But it always comes very late and then life is no more in your hands. If you were given life again.... - Author: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Happy Living quotes by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
#31. So afraid to go outside,
to be happy,
to be with other people,
because they do not understand what it is like. - Author: Samantha Schutz
Happy Living quotes by Samantha Schutz
#32. Never doubt, never look back. That's how I live my life. - Author: Marg Helgenberger
Happy Living quotes by Marg Helgenberger
#33. I'm living the life I love, I tell myself, and loving the life I live. I tell myself: I deserved this. This is exactly what I wanted. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Happy Living quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#34. Now, a living organism is nothing but a wonderful machine endowed with the most marvellous properties and set going by means of the most complex and delicate mechanism. - Author: Claude Bernard
Happy Living quotes by Claude Bernard
#35. See with your mind, Speak with your heart,
Touch with your eyes, Love with your entire being. - Author: B.J. Neblett
Happy Living quotes by B.J. Neblett
#36. .....we find ourselves inhabitants of the last few living cells of a dying god - Author: Billy Kazee
Happy Living quotes by Billy Kazee
#37. This is true faith, a living confidence in the goodness of God. - Author: Martin Luther
Happy Living quotes by Martin Luther
#38. When we want a cup of tea our main wish is to drink tea, but to fulfill this wish we naturally develop the secondary wish to find a cup. In a similar way, the main wish of those who have great compassion is to protect all living beings from their suffering, but to fulfill this wish they know they must first attain Buddhahood themselves and so they naturally develop the secondary wish to attain enlightenment. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Happy Living quotes by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
#39. All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined-those dead, those living, those generations yet to come-that the fate of all is the fate of each, and the hope of humanity rests in every heart and in every pair of hands. - Author: Dean Koontz
Happy Living quotes by Dean Koontz
#40. You don't have to be happy to smile. - Author: Daniel Willey
Happy Living quotes by Daniel Willey
#41. She was convinced that she could have been happy with him, when it was no longer likely they should meet. - Author: Jane Austen
Happy Living quotes by Jane Austen
#42. Without reservation I promise you that if each of you will observe this simple program, regardless of how many times you previously may have read the Book of Mormon, there will come into your lives and into your homes an added measure of the Spirit of the Lord, a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to His commandments, and a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
Happy Living quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#43. Didn't know where I was going. Didn't care where I ended up. I knew I'd be okay though. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Happy Living quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#44. What do you do for a living?"
The first thing everyone always wants to know is what I do when I'm not sleeping, what sorts of exams and theses I have to my name as if they wanted to reserve a place in my curriculum vitae for the date of my death. There ought to be a curriculum vitae whose first line is the date of death. - Author: Yōko Tawada
Happy Living quotes by Yōko Tawada
#45. I know that trolls are fundamentally sad people; I know that I've already defeated them in every substantive arena - by being smart, by being happy, by being successful, by being listened to, by being loved. - Author: Lindy West
Happy Living quotes by Lindy West
#46. I can scarcely manage to scribble a tolerable English letter. I know that I am not a scholar, but meantime I am aware that no man living knows better than I do the habits of our birds. - Author: John James Audubon
Happy Living quotes by John James Audubon
#47. In life, most short cuts end up taking longer than taking the longer route. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Happy Living quotes by Suzy Kassem
#48. I'm not sure intentions make much difference in the end. I hear the road to hell is paved with them. She meant it frivolously, but Olivia answered seriously, "Yes, but one does have to live with one's self." "Not necessarily ... There are any number of ways to avoid living with one's self. Gin, for example." "Yes, but you're still there at the base of it aren't you. Only with a terrible head in the morning. - Author: Lauren Willig
Happy Living quotes by Lauren Willig
#49. A little happy house is the strongest castle in this whole universe! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Happy Living quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#50. If the message of Jesus was love, hope and compassion, and I can bring that to more people by being a more appealing Jesus, I am happy with that. - Author: Diogo Morgado
Happy Living quotes by Diogo Morgado
#51. Today, being the biggest developing countries in the world, China and India are both committed to developing their economy and raising their people's living standards. - Author: Li Peng
Happy Living quotes by Li Peng
#52. You know this girl.
Her hair is neither long nor short nor light nor dark. She parts it precisely in the middle.
She sits precisely in the middle of the classroom, and when she used to ride the school bus, she sat precisely in the middle of that, too.
She joins clubs, but is never the president of them. Sometimes she is the secretary; usually, just a member. When asked, she has been known to paints sets for the school play.
She always has a date to the dance, but is never anyone's first choice. In point of fact, she's nobody's first choice for anything. Her best friend became her best friend when another girl moved away.
She has a group of girls she eats lunch with every day, but God, how they bore her. Sometimes, when she can't stand it anymore, she eats in the library instead. Truth be told, she prefers books to people, and the librarian always seems happy to see her.
She knows there are other people who have it worse - she isn't poor or ugly or friendless or teased. Of course, she's also aware that the reason no one teases is because no one ever notices her.
This isn't to say she doesn't have qualities.
She is pretty, maybe, if anyone would bother to look. And she gets good enough grades. And she doesn't drink and drive. And she says NO to drugs. And she is always where she says she will be. And she calls when she's going to be late. And she feels a little, just a little, dead inside.
She thinks, You think you know me, but you d - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Happy Living quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#53. The question isn't "Why do we die?" The question is "Why do we live? - Author: S.M. Reine
Happy Living quotes by S.M. Reine
#54. But that night as I drove back to Montreal, I at least discovered this: that there is no simple explanation for anything important any of us do, and that the human tragedy, or the human irony, consists in the necessity of living with the consequences of actions performed under the pressure of compulsions so obscure we do not and cannot understand them. - Author: Hugh MacLennan
Happy Living quotes by Hugh MacLennan
#55. There would be nothing I could do to you that would harm you more than what you're already doing to harm yourself ... You are never going to amount to anything. You will always be the worthless muck people scrape from their shoes. You only get one life and you are wasting yours. That's a terrible shame. I doubt you will ever know what it is to be truly happy, to achieve anything of worth, to have genuine pride in yourself. You bring it all on yourself, and I could do no worse to you. - Author: Terry Goodkind
Happy Living quotes by Terry Goodkind
#56. Life is like authoring a novel, our choices write the chapters that decide our path, destiny, and if you're blessed, a happy ending. - Author: Brandie Knight
Happy Living quotes by Brandie Knight
#57. 'I don't want to grow up', Tom Waits said it. I live it. I put myself in a position to be a kid as long as I want to. I play loud music and scream for a living. - Author: Jason Newsted
Happy Living quotes by Jason Newsted
#58. He was happy for other people's success. - Author: Anne Perry
Happy Living quotes by Anne Perry
#59. Place-based initiatives can provide a useful framework to judge our progress in raising people out of poverty. They allow us to see whether or not a neighborhood is improving and its residents are living better. - Author: Henry Cisneros
Happy Living quotes by Henry Cisneros
#60. I figure whatever I choose to create, I'll be neglecting somebody - so my art may as well make me happy. - Audrey Niffenegger - Author: Jen Campbell
Happy Living quotes by Jen Campbell

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