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Why're you like that?" the boy persisted.
"Like what?" Paragon finally asked in annoyance.
"Ya'know. Allus mad. Or crazy fightin' Say'n stuff ta be mean."
"How else do you expect me to be?" Paragon retorted. "Joyous that they've dragged me out here? All excited to go off on a hare-brained rescue mission with them?"
He felt the boy's shrug. "Ya could be."
"I could be?" Paragon snorted. "I'd like to know how."
"S'easy. Ya decide t'be."
"You decide to be happy? I should just forget everything that has been done to me, and be happy? Tra-la-la-la? Like that."
"Ya could." He heard the boy's nails against his scalp. "Lookit me. I coulda hated everyone o' 'em. I decided t'be happy. Decided ta take what I could get. Make a life outer it." A pause. "S'not like I'm gonna get another life. Gotta make this'n work."
"It's not that simple," Paragon snapped.
"Could be," Cliff insisted. "In't no harder than decidin't'be mad allus."
The boy sauntered away slowly. His bare feet scuffed lightly on the deck. "But it's a lot funner," he called back over his shoulder.

p. 406: Clef to Paragon ~ Robin Hobb
Happy Decided quotes by Robin Hobb
He often makes blithe remarks about things he 'wishes'. I wish you didn't have to go, he says when she's leaving, or: I wish you could stay the night. If he really wished any of those things, Marianne knows, then they would happen. Connell always gets what he wants, and then feels sorry for himself when what he wants doesn't make him happy. ~ Sally Rooney
Happy Decided quotes by Sally Rooney
Still, I've come to believe there are times when a family is so broken it can't be put back together, or mended - times when the repair job isn't worth the price. But that assessment isn't to be made lightly, and cannot be made without calling into question one's own essential goodness. Breaking from your parents is a selfish move, but sometimes selfishness is justified. What I know is this: When I made the decision to stop speaking to my parents, I made the decision to be happy. ~ Jessica Berger Gross
Happy Decided quotes by Jessica Berger Gross
When a jealous person sees signs of other people's success and good fortune, his heart is pierced with envy. But someone who has learned to rejoice in the good fortune of others experiences only happiness. Seeing another person's beautiful house or attractive partner immediately makes him happy - the fact that they are not his own is irrelevant. ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Happy Decided quotes by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Joy is not just about being happy. Joy is a rigorous spiritual practice of saying yes to life on life's terms ~ Mark Matousek
Happy Decided quotes by Mark Matousek
I remember one teacher there -- I can't recall her name now. She was short and spare, and I remember her eager jutting chin. Quite unexpectedly one day (in the middle, I think, of an arithmetic lesson) she suddenly launched forth on a speech on life and religion. "All of you," she said, "every one of you -- will pass through a time when you will face despair. If you never face despair, you will never have faced, or become, a Christian, or known a Christian life. To be a Christian you must face and accept the life that Christ faced and lived; you must enjoy things as he enjoyed things; be as happy as he was at the marriage at Canaan, know the peace and happiness that it means to be in harmony with God and with God's will. But you must also know, as he did, what it means to be alone in the Garden of Gethsemane, to feel that all your friends have forsaken you, that those you love and trust have turned away from you, and that God Himself has forsaken you. Hold on then to the belief that that is not the end. If you love, you will suffer, and if you do not love, you do not know the meaning of a Christian life." She then returned to the problems of compound interest ... ~ Agatha Christie
Happy Decided quotes by Agatha Christie
I trust that your journey from London has been a happy one, and that you will enjoy your stay in my beautiful land.--Your friend, Dracula. ~ Bram Stoker
Happy Decided quotes by Bram Stoker
I think the game has opened up, and that's why I decided to come back and try to be a part of it. ~ Mario Lemieux
Happy Decided quotes by Mario Lemieux
He dropped to one knee before her. "Sophia MacFarlane, though I've been every sort of fool there is, and though I've stolen from you and lied to you, as you've stolen from me and lied to me, will you please marry me? To keep me out of trouble, if nothing else."
She gave a hiccup of a laugh, her eyes moist with tears. "Only if you, Dougal MacLean, will have me. After all I did to save MacFarlane House, I now realize that without people in it, the people I love, it's nothing more than an empty building. My home is with you, inside your heart."
Dougal swept Sophia into his arms and kissed her thoroughly. Then, laughing, he set her back on her feet. "Come, my love, let's find my sister. She spent a good part of the afternoon telling me what a fool I was.I have to show her that she was wrong."
"And you need my help to do that?"
"It would be a great boon if you'd cling to my arm and look absurdly happy."
Sophia chuckled. "I think I can manage that."
It was a noisy, contentious group that moved down the hall, as the earl and Red continued to snipe at each other, and Sir Reginald felt he needed to explain his improper embrace with Sophia even though everyone attempted to dissaude him. ~ Karen Hawkins
Happy Decided quotes by Karen Hawkins
I had made it somewhere special, and I'd gotten there all on my own. Nobody had given it to me. Nobody had told me to do it. I'd climbed and climbed and climbed, and this was my reward. To watch over the world, and to be alone with myself. That, I found, was what I needed. ~ David Levithan
Happy Decided quotes by David Levithan
Fundamental rule in your life, is to know what your deserve in life and getting what you deserve. That's winning always. ~ Jubin Jomon
Happy Decided quotes by Jubin Jomon
But Mike was like a Bjork song-all happy and giddy and fun on the surface, but bubbling with turmoil and pain underneath. ~ Sara Shepard
Happy Decided quotes by Sara Shepard
Still lying on the floor of my bedroom, I took a deep breath and looked at my hand. I felt strange and tingly, almost separated from my body. I wasn't really here, I told myself. I was in Chicago, and I was watching all of this happen to someone else. It was a movie, maybe on the big screen, maybe cable. But it couldn't be my life…could it?
My phone rang again. It was Marlboro Man.
"Hey," he said. I heard the diesel engine rattling in the background. "I just dropped Mike at the mall."
"Hi," I said, smiling. "Thanks for doing that."
"I just wanted to tell you that…I'm happy," he said. My heart leapt out of my chest and shot through the roof.
"I am, too," I said. "Surprised…and happy."
"Oh," he continued. "I told Mike the news. But he promised he wouldn't tell anybody."
Oh, Lord, I thought. Marlboro Man obviously has no idea who he's dealing with. ~ Ree Drummond
Happy Decided quotes by Ree Drummond
We often fully sense and relish the radiance of happiness only after it is has escaped through the backstage door, stealthily and silently. ("Happy days are back again") ~ Erik Pevernagie
Happy Decided quotes by Erik Pevernagie
As they passed the rows of houses they saw through the open doors that men were sweeping and dusting and washing dishes, while the women sat around in groups, gossiping and laughing.
What has happened?' the Scarecrow asked a sad-looking man with a bushy beard, who wore an apron and was wheeling a baby carriage along the sidewalk.
Why, we've had a revolution, your Majesty
as you ought to know very well,' replied the man; 'and since you went away the women have been running things to suit themselves. I'm glad you have decided to come back and restore order, for doing housework and minding the children is wearing out the strength of every man in the Emerald City.'
Hm!' said the Scarecrow, thoughtfully. 'If it is such hard work as you say, how did the women manage it so easily?'
I really do not know,' replied the man, with a deep sigh. 'Perhaps the women are made of cast-iron. ~ L. Frank Baum
Happy Decided quotes by L. Frank Baum
I am not good at noticing when I'm happy, except in retrospect. ~ Tana French
Happy Decided quotes by Tana French
A photograph doesn't gain weight or lose weight, or change from being happy to being sad. It's frozen. You can use it, then recycle it. ~ Chuck Close
Happy Decided quotes by Chuck Close
I just wanted to say thank you. For everything. Taking me in, letting me go, showing me what love could be. I'm happy, and I wouldn't be if it weren't for you. ~ Jay Bell
Happy Decided quotes by Jay Bell
Sometimes we talked the whole night long, as one does only in adolescence or very early in love. I was happy, but also I felt an anxiety that gnawed at me and for which I could find no cause, that gnawed at me more deeply precisely because I could find no cause. ~ Garth Greenwell
Happy Decided quotes by Garth Greenwell
You exist by the Weavers' grace. Only as long as you are what they expect of you. Do not understand how fragile that is? But if you replace your other, you might be safe. You might make your familiars happy, and then they will always keep you. So if only for my sake, child, hope that happens."
"I don't wish for her to die!"
"Then I will wish it," she replies ruthlessly. ~ Sangu Mandanna
Happy Decided quotes by Sangu Mandanna
You can't be like me But be happy that you can't I see pain but I don't feel it I am like the old Tin Man. - THE AVETT BROTHERS, TIN MAN ~ Colleen Hoover
Happy Decided quotes by Colleen Hoover
A person cannot make another happy, but he can make him unhappy. This is the main reason why there is more unhappiness than happiness in the world. ~ Thomas Szasz
Happy Decided quotes by Thomas Szasz
We used to say poor people had lousy genes. Then we decided that wasn't OK, but we transferred the prejudice to upbringing. We said, 'You were neglected as a child, so you'll never make it.' That's just as pernicious. ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Happy Decided quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
I wish I lived in your world, where it's sunshine and puppies all the time. ~ Charlotte Huang
Happy Decided quotes by Charlotte Huang
What good is always being happy? Sadness hints at the possibility of a future reward. ~ Daniel Wallace
Happy Decided quotes by Daniel Wallace
The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure. ~ Francoise Bertaut De Motteville
Happy Decided quotes by Francoise Bertaut De Motteville
I've decided that there isn't much difference in the way we treat our siblings and the way we treat our special someones. But at the end of it all we know our siblings have to forgive us ... or they'll never be able to borrow our car. ~ Emma Daley
Happy Decided quotes by Emma Daley
Listen: I am ideally happy. My happiness is a kind of challenge. As I wander along the streets and the squares and the paths by the canal, absently sensing the lips of dampness through my worn soles, I carry proudly my ineffable happiness. The centuries will roll by, and schoolboys will yawn over the history of our upheavals; everything will pass, but my happiness , dear, my happiness will remain,in the moist reflection of a street lamp, in the cautious bend of stone steps that descend into the canal's black waters, in the smiles of a dancing couple, in everything with which God so generously surrounds human loneliness. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Happy Decided quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Isn't that a beautiful tale, grandfather," said Heidi, as the latter continued to sit without speaking, for she had expected him to express pleasure and astonishment. "You are right, Heidi; it is a beautiful tale," he replied, but he looked so grave as he said it that Heidi grew silent herself and sat looking quietly at her pictures. Presently she pushed her book gently in front of him and said, "See how happy he is there," and she pointed with her finger to the figure of the returned prodigal, who was standing by his father clad in fresh raiment as one of his own sons again. A few hours later, as Heidi lay fast asleep in her bed, the grandfather went up the ladder and put his lamp down near her bed so that the light fell on the sleeping child. Her hands were still folded as if she had fallen asleep saying her prayers, an expression of peace and trust lay on the little face, and something in it seemed to appeal to the grandfather, for he stood a long time gazing down at her without speaking. At last he too folded his hands, and with bowed head said in a low voice, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee and am not worthy to be called thy son." And two large tears rolled down the old man's cheeks. Early the next morning he stood in front of his hut and gazed quietly around him. The fresh bright morning sun lay on mountain and valley. The sound of a few early bells rang up from the valley, and the birds were singing their morning song in the fir trees. He stepped ~ Johanna Spyri
Happy Decided quotes by Johanna Spyri
I took control of my life the day I decided to be the one behind the wheel, the day I stopped chasing and started leading the way. ~ John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
Happy Decided quotes by John Maiorana (oohGiovanni)
The Rangers were founded over one hundred and fifty years ago, in King Herbert's reign. Do you know anything about him?" Halt looked sideways at the boy sitting beside him, tossing the question out quickly to see his response.
Will hesitated. He vaugely remembered the name from history lessons in the Ward, but he couldn't remember any details. Still, he decided he'd try to bluff his way through it...
"Oh ... yes," he said, "King Herbert. We learned about him."
"Really?" said the Ranger expansively. "Perhaps you could tell me a little about him?" He leaned back and crossed his legs, getting himself comfortable...
"He was ..." he hesitated, pretending to gather his thoughts. "The king." That much he was sure of. Halt merely smiled and made a rolling gesture with his hand that meant go on.
"He was the king ... a hundred and fifty years ago," Will said, trying to sound certain of his facts. The Ranger smiled at him, gesturing for him to continue yet again.
"Ummm ... well, I seem to recall that he was the one who founded the Ranger Corps," he said hopefully, and Halt raised his eyebrows in mock surprise.
"Really? You recall that, do you? ~ John Flanagan
Happy Decided quotes by John Flanagan
What I got out of that story was something still very new to me: I understood at last what art is really for, at least in certain respects. It gives somebody, individually, pleasure. You can make something that somebody likes so much that they're depressed, or they're happy, on account of that damn thing you made! In science, it's sort of general and large: You don't know the individuals who have appreciated it directly. I understood that to sell a drawing is not to make money, but to be sure that it's in the home of someone who really wants it; someone who would feel bad if they didn't have it. This was interesting. ~ Richard Feynman
Happy Decided quotes by Richard Feynman
When you are alone, bless the solitude; when you are with someone, bless the togetherness! Think of the seagull: It flies alone happily; it flies with another happily too! Solitude is a food; togetherness is a food; man needs both and he must be happy with both! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Happy Decided quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Generally I don't listen to sad songs if I'm sad. I listen to happy songs. ~ Sinead O'Connor
Happy Decided quotes by Sinead O'Connor
She hated everything. The library with its pile of books full of explanations about life; the school that had forced her to spend whole evenings learning algebra, even though she didn't know a single person, apart from teachers and mathematicians, who needed algebra in order to be happy. ~ Paulo Coelho
Happy Decided quotes by Paulo Coelho
All I knew about shot putting was that my brother could do 44 feet ... I decided I wanted to beat him ... So I got a shot and went to work and made up my mind to do 45 feet. ~ Bruce Bennett
Happy Decided quotes by Bruce Bennett
Are you guys ready? I told Peter we'd meet him at eight."
Margot opens the door. "Ready," she says, and she doesn't look happy.
Ravi steps out behind her, carrying his suitcase. "I'm just going to drop this off in the guest room, and then I'm all set," he sys.
As soon as he's gone, I whisper to Margot, "Did something happen?"
"Ravi didn't want to make a bad impression on Daddy by us staying in the same room. I told him it was fine, but he doesn't feel comfortable."
"That's very considerate of him." I wouldn't say so to Margot, but it was totally the right move. Ravi just keeps rising in my estimation.
Reluctantly she says, "He's a very considerate guy."
"Really handsome, too."
A smile spreads across her face. "And there's that. ~ Jenny Han
Happy Decided quotes by Jenny Han
When I first moved out to Los Angeles I was thinking, you know, I wanted to be an actor but I didn't really know what acting was about. I thought if I could be a model, or even do commercials and stuff like that for the rest of my life, I'd be happy. ~ Michael Biehn
Happy Decided quotes by Michael Biehn
It's [marriage] about two people compromising, said Fee. It's about two people caring for each other and wanting to do as much as they can to make each other happy while still maintaining their own self-respect, which can sometimes get complicated . . . . ~ Gabrielle Donnelly
Happy Decided quotes by Gabrielle Donnelly
That was ... oh, God, Joe. That was ... I honestly didn't know what the fuss was all about. God. We can do that again, right? Please tell me we can do that again!" Joe's lips curved up into a slow smile. "Give me fifteen minutes and a washcloth and we can probably do it again tonight. Good enough for you?" Casey smiled back, unbelievably sexy in the dark of the room. "Yeah, old man - I'll be impressed as hell if that's all it takes. But I wouldn't object." Joe pushed Casey's sweaty hair from his eyes. "I love you, kid. There's not much I wouldn't do to make you happy." Casey's grin turned serious. "I love you too, Joe. You know that, right?" "I do," Joe said softly. "I do. And I believe it with everything, or we wouldn't be here." The grin returned, but it was luminous and brighter this time. "Good. ~ Amy Lane
Happy Decided quotes by Amy Lane
I am of course lost in this journey I'm on, but I do remain confident, though I am lost it will be a great adventure, this adventure will surpass my wildest imagination. so call me a fool, but I'm happy to be lost. ~ Micheline Jean Louis
Happy Decided quotes by Micheline Jean Louis
Wretched am I, says one, that this has befallen me. Nay, say you, happy I, who, tho' this has befallen me, can still remain without sorrow, neither broken by the present, nor dreading the future. The like might have befallen any one; but every one could not have remained thus undejected. Why should the event be called a misfortune, rather than this strength of mind a felicity? But, can you call that a misfortune, to a man, which does not frustrate the intention of his nature? Can that frustrate the intention of it, or hinder it to attain its end, which is not contrary to the will or purpose of his nature; What is this will or purpose? Sure you have learned it. Doth this event hinder you to be just, magnanimous, temperate, prudent, cautious of rash assent, free from error, possessed of a sense of honour and modesty, and of true liberty; or from meriting those other characters, which whoever enjoys, hath all his nature requires, as its proper perfection? And then, upon every occasion of sorrow, remember the maxim, that this event is not a misfortune, but the bearing it courageously is a great felicity. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Happy Decided quotes by Marcus Aurelius
I mean, I've always loved her, we've been best mates for years. When I started this thing, I thought that maybe, maybe there was something else – the germ of something else that could happen between us. But I don't think I was entirely serious. It was speculative, you know. But, bloody hell, it's bitten me in the arse. And now I love her. I think about her all the time. When I'm not with her, I'm just waiting for the next time I can be, and when I am, I'm just really happy. She's funny, and smart, and.. gorgeous. I love her. Never felt like this before. Want-to-marry-her-and-be-with-her-all-the-rest-of-my-life kind of love her. ~ Elizabeth Noble
Happy Decided quotes by Elizabeth Noble
I believe Happy Girl are the Prettiest Girls ~ Audrey Hepburn
Happy Decided quotes by Audrey Hepburn
I'm rich. Who the hell wants to be happy? ~ Raymond Chandler
Happy Decided quotes by Raymond Chandler
I had great pity on Ansje, because she always acted very happy, but I believed that it was really a front. I could see through it. Inside she was crying because she was really very sad. You pity people like that
the ones who try to lie to themselves
because they suffer so much and don't face reality. ~ Diet Eman
Happy Decided quotes by Diet Eman
Bree crossed her arms over her protruding belly. "I'm fine. No one has shot at me in the last twenty four hours, and my family is talking to me again. Things are looking up."
He grimaced at the mention of her family. "How fortunate for you."
Bree narrowed her eyes at him, picking up on the derogatory tone. "Well, you should know all about the importance of family. You'd do anything for yours, right? Bernardo says jump, you ask 'how high?' "
Alessandro felt a sick twist of guilt in his chest, "Well, congratulations, Brianna. You've worked very hard for the title of O'Reiley doormat. I hope it's all you've ever wanted. I hope you're happy."
"Blissfully," Bree shot back and turned on her heel, leaving him there filled with anger and regret. ~ E. Jamie
Happy Decided quotes by E. Jamie
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