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The goal of #BDS is the full restoration of Palestinian rights, not an agreement to create an artificial mini-state in order to save Zionism ~ Ali Abunimah
Hahns Mini quotes by Ali Abunimah
When we'd finished our ice creams Mum produced two cheese salad rolls, two packets of salt-and-vinegar crisps, two mini chocolate rolls, two apples, two bananas and two cartons of orange juice. ~ Jacqueline Wilson
Hahns Mini quotes by Jacqueline Wilson
I like making mini-movies rather than just three-minute, place-the-champagne-here-for-sponsorship videos. ~ Killer Mike
Hahns Mini quotes by Killer Mike
New York apartments are notoriously small, and my cute little studio is no exception - space is at a premium, which is one of the reasons that I only have a mini-fridge. Great for leftovers, cheese, and chilling Diet Coke. ~ Rachel Sklar
Hahns Mini quotes by Rachel Sklar
Reason number twelve, you've got a mini-me out there somewhere, and I kind of want the chance to meet a little Scarlet." "You don't like kids," I point out. "True, I don't," he says. "But she's your kid, which means there's a decent chance she's not half-bad, either. ~ J.M. Darhower
Hahns Mini quotes by J.M. Darhower
So, it just seemed like it happened naturally. We nailed our live show to some extent in a year or about a year and a half, maybe just a year of playing songs pretty much around L.A. then we went and scheduled a mini-tour up-state on the West Coast and that's when the whole Rough Trade [Records] thing started happening and from there, things just happened so quick. It changed really quickly. ~ Theresa Wayman
Hahns Mini quotes by Theresa Wayman
The general direction of evolution is to produce a serially imprinting, multibrained creature able to decipher its own program, create the technology to leave the planet and live in post-terrestrial mini-worlds, decode the aging sectors of the DNA code
thus assuring immortality, and act in harmony with stages of evolution to come. ~ Timothy Leary
Hahns Mini quotes by Timothy Leary
I feel like it's about taking time out of your week to have your own mini spa day. I like to do it on Sundays because usually I don't have anything on that day. ~ Shay Mitchell
Hahns Mini quotes by Shay Mitchell
People judge the unknown with their knowledge of the known.
Fear is the most prized illusion that we create for ourselves.
Human beings are designed in a way that they always live with one half of their self in the past and the other half in the present.
Love doesn't always happen to strengthen our beliefs. Sometimes it happens to destroy all our previous beliefs and faith and gives us a chance to re-look at our own conclusions.
We all are designed to remember things. So, if you try to forget, you will suffer. Accept and you shall shine like never before. The greatest lesson love can give you is how to live a complete life by accepting its incomplete ways. If you can't hope in love, you can't live.
Accidents happen Mini but that doesn't mean you stop travelling.
Sometimes we confuse need and necessity, I guess. Necessity is common to all but need is person-specific.
What to do when you are in love with the journey but at the same time scared of the undesirable destination which you know is going to arrive sooner or later?
Sometimes we lie not to cover the truth but to cover that side of us which the truth may strip to bareness. ~ Novoneel Chakraborty
Hahns Mini quotes by Novoneel Chakraborty
I'm not very eccentric. I wear more conservative clothes, though I do like mini-skirts. ~ Sandrine Bonnaire
Hahns Mini quotes by Sandrine Bonnaire
We need to bring sustainable energy to every corner of the globe with technologies like solar energy mini-grids, solar powered lights, and wind turbines. ~ Ban Ki-moon
Hahns Mini quotes by Ban Ki-moon
At 11, I got my first job in a mini-series for America, and it was very exciting. ~ Tamsin Egerton
Hahns Mini quotes by Tamsin Egerton
The Strandbeest is a self-replicating meme, a brain virus. It infects the student's brain. In fact, the Strandbeest abuse students for their reproduction. For two years, this reproduction fell into a flow acceleration. Now, 3D printers produce walking mini Strandbeests. ~ Theo Jansen
Hahns Mini quotes by Theo Jansen
Groupies and hangers-on somehow fancy themselves entitled to the narcissist's favour and largesse, his time, attention, and other resources. They convince themselves that they are exempt from the narcissist's rage and wrath and immune to his vagaries andabuse
. This self-imputed and self-conferred status irritates the narcissist no end as it challenges and encroaches on his standing as the only source of preferential treatment and the sole decision-maker when it comes to the allocation of his precious and cosmically significant wherewithal.
The narcissist is the guru at the centre of a cult. Like other gurus, he demands complete obedience from his flock: his spouse, his offspring, other family
members, friends, and colleagues. He feels entitled to adulation and special treatment by his followers. He punishes the wayward and the straying lambs. He enforces discipline, adherence to his teachings, and common goals. The less accomplished he is in reality – the more stringent his mastery and the more pervasive the brainwashing.
Cult leaders are narcissists who failed in their mission to "be someone", to become famous, and to impress the world with their uniqueness, talents, traits, and skills. Such disgruntled narcissists withdraw into a "zone of comfort" (known as the "Pathological Narcissistic Space") that assumes the hallmarks of a cult.
The – often involuntary – members of the narcissist's mini-cult inhabit a twilight zone of his own construction. He ~ Sam Vaknin
Hahns Mini quotes by Sam Vaknin
He's my brother, my blood. He annoys the hell out of me most of the time, but when it comes right down to it I want to see him graduate from college and have little annoying mini-Alexes and mini-Brittanys running around in the future ~ Simone Elkeles
Hahns Mini quotes by Simone Elkeles
My bedtime was 8 P.M. But on 'Cosby' nights, I got to stay up until 8:30. Real big deal. This is when they could afford to do a completely different title sequence in TV every year. I always looked forward to that. It was like a mini musical at the top of the show. My favorite was the Top Hat fancy version. ~ Christine Lakin
Hahns Mini quotes by Christine Lakin
And because technology is moving so rapidly, things become obsolete very, very quickly. In 15 years time, Will Caster is probably going to be in some weird room in Vegas where people are plugging quarters into him. Who has a mini-disc of a laser disc player? It's over! ~ Johnny Depp
Hahns Mini quotes by Johnny Depp
I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don't want to do it and I don't want people confusing what it is that I'm about. ~ Adele
Hahns Mini quotes by Adele
Every film I make I feel like I am getting a mini-masters degree, it's a wonderful life path and you get to immerse yourself in an intriguing world for a couple of years. ~ Liz Garbus
Hahns Mini quotes by Liz Garbus
As well as being a creative genius, Vidal Sassoon was a formative figure of the Sixties. Along with the Pill and the mini-skirt, his influence was truly liberating. ~ Mary Quant
Hahns Mini quotes by Mary Quant
Writing tips are like mini skirts. Sometimes they fit perfectly, sometimes they make you cry, and sometimes you can reuse the material and sew yourself a pillow or something. ~ Chelsea Cain
Hahns Mini quotes by Chelsea Cain
Far more people make a living as professional chess players today than ever before. Thanks partly to the availability of computer programs and online matches, there has been a mini-boom in chess interest among young people in many countries. ~ Kenneth Rogoff
Hahns Mini quotes by Kenneth Rogoff
And it's beyond my energy to explain why I don't think that four-letter word that everyone's so obsessed over and that gets everyone into so much trouble and pretty much makes everyone behave like an ass can live in a place like this. Somewhere during dry cleaning, details, and missed meals, it flakes away and what you're left with is married people with a tolerable affinity for each other. That little four-letter word can exist only in poetry, or movies of 2 to 3 hours in length. Maybe in a mini-series.
This place of dull details and irksome obligations is a home only to other four-letter words, which are used much more frequently. ~ Kendare Blake
Hahns Mini quotes by Kendare Blake
As he approached Dillon's door, Gavin ducked his towering six foot three inch frame in an attempt to see below mini-blinds covering up half the glass. Gavin's eyes landed on Dillon's back. He stood in front of his desk, his arms crossed. In one swift motion, Gavin swung open the door and closed it. In another, he twisted the lock, sealing them off from anyone who might try to enter.
Let the motherfucking games begin.

McHugh, Gail (2013-09-17). Pulse: Book Two in the Collide Series (Kindle Locations 1912-1915). Atria Books. Kindle Edition. ~ Gail McHugh
Hahns Mini quotes by Gail McHugh
I go from a full working day to making sure I am home for dinner with my kids. I couldn't do that in a 10cm mini skirt but I am not going to resort to sweatpants and an old t-shirt. ~ Donatella Versace
Hahns Mini quotes by Donatella Versace
And the band - oh, sweet mercy - the band. They're like a cross between mini Justin Biebers and the Jonas Brothers, and the Halloween covers they're playing make my ears bleed. ~ Victoria Scott
Hahns Mini quotes by Victoria Scott
I respect people that are die-hard film people, but I started on video. I started on Hi8 video and mini-DV, and I made skate videos. So, I love film, and I love the way it looks, but I also love the way crappy video looks, or VHS. I've always been a fan of whatever the look is that's appropriate for what the feeling is. ~ Spike Jonze
Hahns Mini quotes by Spike Jonze
The great thing about making picture books is that you can make absolutely anything you want happen. It's a bit like making a film, but you don't need lots of money for actors and costumes - you just need pens, paper, and your imagination. ~ Mini Grey
Hahns Mini quotes by Mini Grey
Publication there [in Nimbus] was to prove a turning point ... The publication of his next volume of verse, Come Dance with Kitty Stobling, was to be directly linked to the mini-collection in Nimbus, and his Collected Poems (1964) ~ Patrick Kavanagh
Hahns Mini quotes by Patrick Kavanagh
My first film, 'Like Minds,' was with Toni Colette, who was extraordinary. I mean it was basically a mini-masterclass for acting on film at a time when all you could probably see were my eyebrows bouncing up and down on screen. ~ Eddie Redmayne
Hahns Mini quotes by Eddie Redmayne
With plastic siding that was cracked and fading, the trailer squatted on stacked cinder blocks, a temporary foundation that had somehow become permanent over time. It had a single bedroom and bath, a cramped living area, and a kitchen with barely enough room to house a mini refrigerator. Insulation was almost nonexistent, and humidity had warped the floors over the years, making it seem as if he were always walking on a slant. The linoleum in the kitchen was cracking in the corners, the minimal carpet was threadbare, and he'd furnished the narrow space with items he'd picked up over the years at thrift stores. Not a single photograph adorned the walls. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Hahns Mini quotes by Nicholas Sparks
Cardiff Stadium was a warm up for the 3 Hyde Park shows. James Brown opened. And I think it may be the only time we played Mini Epic live. ~ Chad Smith
Hahns Mini quotes by Chad Smith
Oh my God the fantasies are my favorite thing that we do each episode by far. And the great thing now is that instead of one an episode sometimes we do as many as two. We did one in each of the mini-series. And so far - I mean I keep thinking I can't have another favorite and then they keep topping it. ~ Debra Messing
Hahns Mini quotes by Debra Messing
The mini-Moog was conceived originally as a session musician's axe, something a guy could carry to the studio, do a gig and walk out. ~ Robert Moog
Hahns Mini quotes by Robert Moog
I've done a little bit of TV. I'm doing a little mini-series at the moment called 'Scooter.' ~ Ben Nicholas
Hahns Mini quotes by Ben Nicholas
It privileges certain forms of religion at the expense of the rest of the world's religious and spiritual practices, enacting a series of "mini-establishments" in the process. It ~ Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Hahns Mini quotes by Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
Jonas, Tate's teenaged son ... looking like mini-Tate, giving me the understanding that in a few years, me and every woman over twenty-five years of age in Carnal would be moved to become a cougar. ~ Kristen Ashley
Hahns Mini quotes by Kristen Ashley
can't see her in the dark, but I know she's looking at me when she says, "I know you've been kind of weird about Ryan and that's why we didn't use him for Mr. Vernon's going-away party, but, Becs, you have to admit he'd be completely perfect for this. He has the hair and the accent and the guitar. The girls will totally eat him up." She's so right, but aaaaaaah. I'm way too embarrassed around Ryan. I mean, at least I learned my lesson and I'm not throwing myself at him anymore. No more bike crashes for me. The other day, he and Lance were in the line ahead of me, Sades, and Izzy at mini golf and when Lance asked us to join them, I was the one to say they should just go ahead so we could have girl time. I could tell Ryan was, like, ubershocked. His eyebrows were ~ Jen Malone
Hahns Mini quotes by Jen Malone
I did a cake for the 60th birthday of Elton John, for Britney Spears' 27th birthday and for the 'Circus' album she put out - the cake had circus themes. I prepared a cake for a surprise 82nd birthday event for the architect Frank Gehry; the cake was comprised of mini-replicas of his buildings. ~ Ron Ben-Israel
Hahns Mini quotes by Ron Ben-Israel
Ideally if I settled down with a wife I would love to form my own troupe of mini dancers! ~ Michael Flatley
Hahns Mini quotes by Michael Flatley
My visage high above your city,
Shines like gold, but half as pretty.
Arms I've none, but hands I've two:
Mondo, mini, black not blue.
Climb my stairs and have no fears,
All that threatens are my gears.
Tucked beneath the mightly wheel,
An envelpe shall truth reveal. ~ Megan Frazer Blakemore
Hahns Mini quotes by Megan Frazer Blakemore
And this is Gary, who I work with, and his partner, Louise. Then there's Thomas and Cade who you've met already, and that's Matt, Noah's younger brother." My eyes go wide as I realize that Matt is just a younger version of Noah. I mean seriously, a spitting image. It's like he's a mini Walking Dildo. Wait, that doesn't sound quite right, does it? I bet there is nothing mini about any of the males in Noah's family. ~ B.J. Harvey
Hahns Mini quotes by B.J. Harvey
Brake lights, brake lights, brake lights; a domino topple of red stop lights ripples back from some non-event up ahead. Some idiot blew his nose too abruptly and a Mexican wave of mini traffic lights all went red in neat little pairs.

There are no green lights on a motorway to tell you that you can go. You just go when you can. Another short burst of hemmed in freedom until the next tsunami of 'stop' floods the road. ~ Christian Cook
Hahns Mini quotes by Christian Cook
What is better… A Mini Metal Stencil or an Adhesive-Backed Plastic Stencil? We were wondering what was a better performer for PCB rework……a miniature metal stencil or the newer plastic film stencils with and adhesive backing. To know more visit soldertools.net ~ Bob Wettermann
Hahns Mini quotes by Bob Wettermann
Here came the waitress. She had on a mini-skirt, high heels, see-through blouse with padded brassiere. Everything was too small for her: her outfit, the world, her mind. Her face was hard as steel. When she smiled it hurt. It hurt her and it hurt me. She kept smiling. That smile was so false the hairs on my arms rose. I looked away. ~ Charles Bukowski
Hahns Mini quotes by Charles Bukowski
I started 'American Born Chinese' as a mini-comic. I would write and draw a chapter, photocopy a hundred or so copies at the corner photocopy store, and then try to sell them on consignment through local comics shops. If I could sell maybe half a dozen, I'd be doing okay. ~ Gene Luen Yang
Hahns Mini quotes by Gene Luen Yang
He (Ozzie Smith) plays like he's on a mini-trampoline or wearing helium kangaroo shorts. ~ Andy Van Slyke
Hahns Mini quotes by Andy Van Slyke
Micro-regulation is micro-tyranny, a slithering, serpentine network of insinuating Ceaucescu and Kim Jong-Il mini-me's. It's time for the mass rejection of their diktats. A political order that subjects you to the caprices of faceless bureaucrats or crusading "judges" merits no respect. To counter the Bureau of Compliance, we need an Alliance of Non-Compliance to help once free people roll back the regulatory state. ~ Mark Steyn
Hahns Mini quotes by Mark Steyn
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