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I haven't done anything--yet. ~ William Dean Howells
Haggis Adventures quotes by William Dean Howells
Everything's been about the journey, I never really set out with goals for fighting; it's been about the adventure along the way. When you're on your death bed, it's those stories, those little adventures that are going to be the things that you remember. It's not so much getting there, but how you got there. ~ Evan Tanner
Haggis Adventures quotes by Evan Tanner
Wisdom, prudence, forethought, these are essential. But not second to these that noble courage which adventures the right, and leaves the consequences to God. ~ Robert Dale Owen
Haggis Adventures quotes by Robert Dale Owen
I told them this novel was an American classic, in many ways the quintessential American novel. There were other contenders: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Moby-Dick, The Scarlet Letter. Some cite its subject matter, the American Dream, to justify this distinction. We in ancient countries have our past
we obsess over the past. They, the Americans, have a dream: they feel nostalgia about the promise of the future. ~ Azar Nafisi
Haggis Adventures quotes by Azar Nafisi
Reading is like therapy; the characters are the therapist, their world is their office, and the adventures are the sessions. ~ Jordan Bowers
Haggis Adventures quotes by Jordan Bowers
Everything was comfortable, tasteful, as if the apartment were for lounging and nights by the fire. And there were so many books - on shelves, on the tables by the couch, stacked beside the large armchair before the curtained floor-to-ceiling window spanning the entire length of the great room.
Smart. Educated. Cultured, if the knickknacks were any indication. There were things from across kingdoms, as if she'd picked up something everywhere she went. The room was a map of her adventures, a map of a whole different person. Aelin had lived. She'd lived, and seen and done things. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Haggis Adventures quotes by Sarah J. Maas
The exploration of space will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, and it is one of the great adventures of all time, and no nation which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind in this race for space. ~ John F. Kennedy
Haggis Adventures quotes by John F. Kennedy
My mother has always loved piano music and hungered to play. When she was in her early sixties, she retired from her job as a computer programmer so that she could devote herself more fully to the piano. As she had done with her dog obsession, she took her piano education to an extreme. She bought not one, not two, but three pianos.

One was the beautiful Steinway B, a small grand piano she purchased with a modest inheritance left by a friend of her parents'. She photocopied all of her music in a larger size so she could see it better and mounted it on manila folders. She practiced for several hours every day. When she wasn't practicing the piano she was talking about the piano.

I love pianos, too, and wrote an entire book about the life of one piano, a Steinway owned by the renowned pianist Glenn Gould. And I shared my mother's love for her piano. During phone conversations, I listened raptly as she told me about the instrument's cross-country adventures.

Before bringing the Steinway north, my mother had mentioned that she was considering selling it. I was surprised, but instead of reminding her that, last I knew, she was setting it aside for me, I said nothing, unable to utter the simple words, "But, Mom, don't you remember your promise?" If I did, it would be a way of asking for something, and asking my mother for something was always dangerous because of the risk of disappointment. ~ Katie Hafner
Haggis Adventures quotes by Katie Hafner
We never did just one take. Multiple takes. Many. I did a bunch. Sometimes I do one take. Sometimes I did 20. ~ Paul Haggis
Haggis Adventures quotes by Paul Haggis
Pulitzer's Gold is a goldmine of inspiration for both journalists and non-journalists. Those in the newspaper business, who now find themselves obsessing about staff cutbacks and circulation declines, should embrace this book as a reminder of the highest ideals, and the absolute thrills, to be found in their profession. As for regular readers, Pulitzer's Gold offers marvelous storytelling, real-life adventures, and absolute proof that journalism can change our world for the better. ~ Jeffrey Zaslow
Haggis Adventures quotes by Jeffrey Zaslow
At last, when his wits were gone beyond repair, he came to conceive the strangest idea that ever occurred to any madman in this world. It now appeared to him fitting and necessary, in order to win a greater amount of honor for himself and serve his country at the same time, to become a knight-errant and roam the world on horseback, in a suit of armor; he would go in quest of adventures, by way of putting into practice all that he had read in his books; he would right every manner of wrong, placing himself in situations of the greatest peril such as would redound to the eternal glory of his name. As a reward for his valor and the might of his arm, the poor fellow could already see himself crowned Emperor of Trebizond at the very least; and so, carried away by the strange pleasure that he found in such thoughts as these, he at once set about putting his plan into effect. ~ Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Haggis Adventures quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Old Veteran also loved to go on adventures. On one such adventure, a coyote attacked Old Veteran. ~ Jeanie Vant
Haggis Adventures quotes by Jeanie Vant
Some say," Auntabelle said, "that it was because of the Roman's brutality and the Roman Emperors' cruelty, especially to the Christians, who were slaughtered in masses at this very place for the entertainment of the Roman citizens, that Rome fell." - Auntabelle, Amazon Lee and the Ancient Undead of Rome by Kira G. and Kailin Gow ~ Kailin Gow
Haggis Adventures quotes by Kailin Gow
She had seen them in turmoil all round her
love, hatred, vengeance, treachery
she herself practically the pivot around which they raged. Out of the deadly strife she had emerged pure, happy in the arms of the man whom her wondrous adventures as much as his brilliant personality had taught her to love. ~ Emmuska Orczy
Haggis Adventures quotes by Emmuska Orczy
I told you; I am Arianna, the Siren, your Guardian, and how is a Guardian supposed to do her job if she is clueless about the Guardianee? ~ Erica Sehyun Song
Haggis Adventures quotes by Erica Sehyun Song
What men call adventures usually consist of the stoical endurance of appalling daily misery. ~ Louise Erdrich
Haggis Adventures quotes by Louise Erdrich
How was your night?" I asked, my voice carefully neutral as I attempted to break the ice. My spying adventures still hung uncomfortably between us.


"Not so much."

"Homework was brutal,huh?"

He was making fun of me. "I didn´t do homework."

He had the smile of a fow. "Who did you do?" I was speechless for a moment. I stood there with my mouth slightly open.

"Was that an innuendo?"

"Just curious what my competition is."

"Grow up."

His smile stretched. "Loosen up. ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
Haggis Adventures quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
A lot of people go off and have fun adventures, or hard adventures, and their impulse is to write about them right away. What really makes a difference is having some perspective on what happened. ~ Cheryl Strayed
Haggis Adventures quotes by Cheryl Strayed
Feeling at home anywhere on earth, and a foreigner even in the country where I was born, I consider myself an earthling, a citizen of the world.
I love nature dearly and all creatures that contribute to make it what it is. I see the beauty in all expressions of life, and I see how blind so many of us still are. Our planet is remarkably abundant and there's more than enough for us all.
It is greed and shortsightedness that create the illusion of scarcity. I have lived through tremendous adventures and survived only because other people risked their lives for me. Realising how interconnected and interdependent we all are, I am neither shy or embarrassed when it is time for me lean on another to ask for help. And when I have the opportunity to help another, I view it as my duty and privilege. ~ Yossi Ghinsberg
Haggis Adventures quotes by Yossi Ghinsberg
I miss my mother very, very much. ~ Paul Haggis
Haggis Adventures quotes by Paul Haggis
There were several varieties of hatred, he had learned in the past several days. There was the kind that sent a man spiraling into himself and kept him chained to his bed, unable to do anything but sleep and wallow. And there was the kind that possessed a person and drove him to distraction. The kind that forced him to seek escape in wine and women and inane adventures. Those sorts of hate were certainly terrible and had profound effects on a person. But the third kind, that was the most lethal. The third was the kind of hate that infected a man, and it replicated and ran through his veins, replacing his blood. And it drove him to do terrible, vile, murderous things. That was the sort that propelled Hook forward into the trees that night. ~ Brianna R. Shrum
Haggis Adventures quotes by Brianna R. Shrum
The consolation of fairy-stories, the joy of the happy ending: or more correctly of the good catastrophe, the sudden joyous "turn" (for there is no true end to any fairy-tale): this joy, which is one of the things which fairy-stories can produce supremely well, is not essentially "escapist," nor "fugitive." In its fairy-tale--or otherworld--setting, it is a sudden and miraculous grace: never to be counted on to recur. It does not deny the existence of dyscatastrophe, of sorrow and failure: the possibility of these is necessary to the joy of deliverance; it denies (in the face of much evidence, if you will) universal final defeat and in so far is evangelium, giving a fleeting glimpse of Joy, Joy beyond the walls of the world, poignant as grief.

It is the mark of a good fairy-story, of the higher or more complete kind, that however wild its events, however fantastic or terrible the adventures, it can give to child or man that hears it, when the "turn" comes, a catch of the breath, a beat and lifting of the heart, near to (or indeed accompanied by) tears, as keen as that given by any form of literary art, and having a peculiar quality ... In such stories when the sudden "turn" comes we get a piercing glimpse of joy, and heart's desire, that for a moment passes outside the frame, rends indeed the very web of story, and lets a gleam come through. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Haggis Adventures quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
As a writer, I see the saga of your life in a single glimpse. It may be inaccurate, but my version doesn't lack for creativity. ~ Richelle E. Goodrich
Haggis Adventures quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? ~ Lewis Carroll
Haggis Adventures quotes by Lewis Carroll
People who exist at the margins of society are very much like Alice in Wonderland. They are not required to make the tough decision to risk their lives by embarking on an adventure of self-discovery. They have already been thrust beyond the city's walls that keep ordinary people at a safe distance from the unknown. For at least some outsiders, "alienation" has destroyed traditional presumptions of identity and opened up the mythic hero's path to the possibility of discovery. What outsiders discover in their adventures on the other side of the looking glass is the courage to repudiate self-contempt and recognise their "alienation" as a precious gift of freedom from arbitrary norms that they did not make and did not sanction. At the moment a person questions the validity of the rules, the victim is no longer a victim. ~ Jamake Highwater
Haggis Adventures quotes by Jamake Highwater
Once we begin to live the truth that we have found in our inner adventures, a more liberating world will open before our eyes. ~ M. Laurie Cantil
Haggis Adventures quotes by M. Laurie Cantil
I am about life. I surround myself with beautiful things. I work hard to have a better life. This job helps me achieve that through the people I meet. I'm lucky - not to have been a cover girl - but to have been able to meet all these people, to live these adventures and travel so comfortably. But despite that, it's still difficult. Nothing comes easily. Everything I've earned is down to me, and no one else. ~ Lea Seydoux
Haggis Adventures quotes by Lea Seydoux
Call it walking meditation or a neighborhood stroll; by whatever name
suits you, rediscover the art of meandering. ~ Gina Greenlee
Haggis Adventures quotes by Gina Greenlee
Be of good cheer, your visions will be fulfilled in their own time. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Haggis Adventures quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
God also likes to play hide-and-seek, but because there is nothing outside God, he has no one but himself to play with. But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. In this way he has strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening. But these are just like bad dreams, for when he wakes up they will disappear. ~ Alan W. Watts
Haggis Adventures quotes by Alan W. Watts
Donald Trump foreign policy speech got good reviews, and it says we're going to defeat the people who are direct threats to us, but we're going to be a lot more cautious about getting involved in long-term, Wilsonian adventures. ~ Jeff Sessions
Haggis Adventures quotes by Jeff Sessions
Tristran sat at the top of the spire of cloud and wondered why none of the heroes of the penny dreadfuls he used to read so avidly were ever hungry. His stomach rumbled, and his hand hurt him so.

Adventures are all very well in their place, he thought, but there's a lot to be said for regular meals and freedom from pain.

Still, he was alive, and the wind was in his hair, and the cloud was scudding through the sky like a galleon at full sail. Looking out over the world from above, he could never remember feeling so alive as he did at that moment. There was a skyness to the sky and a nowness to the world that he had never seen or felt or realized before.

He understood that he was, in some way, above his problems, just as he was above the world. ~ Neil Gaiman
Haggis Adventures quotes by Neil Gaiman
The NFL has been an amazing page in this chapter of my life. I pray that all successive adventures offer me the same potential for growth, success and most importantly fun. ~ Ricky Williams
Haggis Adventures quotes by Ricky Williams
I wanted to do a political film that is as nonpartisan as can be, because I wanted to do a story that was American. I wanted to tell an American tragedy. ~ Paul Haggis
Haggis Adventures quotes by Paul Haggis
Herat, 8 December. What a day it was! God save me from any more adventures on a drained stomach. ~ Robert Byron
Haggis Adventures quotes by Robert Byron
The romantic temper, so often and so grievously misinterpreted and not more by others than by its own, is an insecure, unsatisfied, and impatient temper which sees no fit abode here for its ideals and chooses therefore to behold them under insensible figures. As a result of this choice it comes to disregard certain limitations. Its figures are blown to wild adventures, lacking the gravity of solid bodies, and the mind that has conceived them ends by disowning them. ~ James Joyce
Haggis Adventures quotes by James Joyce
You must go on adventures to find out where you belong. ~ Sue Fitzmaurice
Haggis Adventures quotes by Sue Fitzmaurice
Even in a comedy, you have to make people feel. You have to put your hand inside their soul and twist out their heart. ~ Paul Haggis
Haggis Adventures quotes by Paul Haggis
I think I'm open to adventures and surprises. As a performer, I'm really just naturally talented. And those roles may not look as good on paper, but I know how to create them on screen. I like to have fun and interpret my roles in my own way. ~ Bai Ling
Haggis Adventures quotes by Bai Ling
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