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I really identify with being a bookworm. I love reading, learning and books. I mean, I have 1000 books, all catalogued, already in my specially made library my dad made me. Books are my friends. I live in sweat pants and workout gear or t-shirt and jeans. I dress more for comfort than for fashion. I dress up if I have to go out but I can't wait to come home and take off the makeup, heels and scratchy clothing. ~ Tania Marshall
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Tania Marshall
I loved all those classic figures from the '30s and '40s ... Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Humphrey Bogart, Rita Hayworth. They had such glamour and style. I loved the movies of those times too - so much attention paid to details, lights, clothing, the way the studios would develop talent. ~ Grace Jones
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Grace Jones
Are you a stripper?" I ask. "Because you're wearing way too much clothing for a stripper." "And you're not wearing enough," she says, her voice icy. "Well, it would be a shame to hide my best feature," I say, giving her my cocky grin. Women totally dig the grin. It gets me into – and out of – so much trouble. But this girl doesn't. She wrinkles her nose and looks at me like she just tasted something bad. "I'm sorry," she says. "About what?" "I'm sorry that's your best feature," she says, nodding pointedly downward at my cock. "How disappointing. ~ Sabrina Paige
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Sabrina Paige
Multiple times he has tried writing his thoughts about Marianne down on paper in an effort to make sense of them. He's moved by a desire to describe in words exactly how she looks and speaks. Her hair and clothing. The copy of Swann's Way she reads at lunchtime in the school cafeteria, with a dark French painting on the cover and a mint-coloured spine. Her long fingers turning the pages. She's not leading the same kind of life as other people. She acts so worldly at times, making him feel ignorant, but then she can be so naive. He wants to understand how her mind works... He writes these things down, long run-on sentences with too many dependent clauses, sometimes connected with breathless semicolons, as if he wants to recreate a precise copy of Marianne in print, as if he can preserve her completely for future review. ~ Sally Rooney
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Sally Rooney
Senegal had always boasted one of Africa's most vibrant merchant cultures. The country's boubou-wearing traders had long colonized street corners in New York and many a European city, where they sold clothing, gadgetry, and assorted tourist fare. But in 2004, Dakar's traders woke up suddenly to the alarming notion that they were in turn being colonized by Chinese who seemed to be taking over the retail sector. Large protests followed in Dakar, with the striking Senegalese traders demanding government action to protect them from the Chinese newcomers. From ~ Howard W. French
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Howard W. French
In 1900, the average American spent $76 of every $100 on food, clothing and shelter. Today he spends $37. ~ Matt Ridley
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Matt Ridley
Now she took a close look at me for the first time, puffing on her pipe while the old woman beside her sighed. I didnt feel I could look at Mother directly, but I had the impression of smoke seeping out of her face like steam from a crack in the earth. I was so curious about her that my eyes took on a life of their own and began to dart about. The more I saw of her, the more fascinated I became. Her kimono was yellow, with willowy branches bearing lovely green and orange leaves; it was made of silk gauze as delicate as a spiders web. Her obi was every bit as astonishing to me. It was a lovely gauzy texture too, but heavier-looking, in russet and brown with gold threads woven through. The more I looked at her clothing, the less I was aware of standing there in that dirt corridor, or of wondering what had become of my sister and my mother and father and what would become of me. ~ Arthur Golden
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Arthur Golden
I've never been on the cover of 'Tiger Beat' magazine, let's put it that way. But that's not why you go see Primus. You don't go see Primus to see what kind of new clothing I'm wearing or what my new hairdo is. ~ Les Claypool
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Les Claypool
What genius decided to call that particular piece of clothing a "wife beater"? It's not a wife beater. It's a vagina arouser. A drool inducer. A panty destroyer. Fricking ~ Leisa Rayven
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Leisa Rayven
Are you high? Why are you never wearing a shirt?"
"I sleep naked," Cole said. He put both milk and sugar in my coffee. "As the day goes on, I put on more and more clothing. You should've come over an hour ago. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices. ~ Criss Jami
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Criss Jami
His hand skimmed softly over her stomach, then he said, "I think I'm a little overdressed, don't you?"
Kate's eyes widened as he left the bed and stripped off the rest of his clothing. His body was perfection, his chest finely muscled, his arms and legs powerful, and his - "Oh, my God," she gasped.
He grinned. "I'll take that as a compliment."
-Anthony & Kate ~ Julia Quinn
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Julia Quinn
Government welfare programs contribute to the disintegration of poor families. They make women and children dependent on government; dependent for food, for clothing, for shelter; and reward fatherless families with extra benefits and welfare perks. ~ Hans F. Sennholz
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Hans F. Sennholz
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ~ Rachel Zoe
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Rachel Zoe
We have soon to have everywhere smoke annihilators, dust absorbers, ozonizers, sterilizers of water, air, food and clothing, and accident preventers on streets, elevated roads and in subways. It will become next to impossible to contract disease germs or get hurt in the city, and country folk will got to town to rest and get well. ~ Nikola Tesla
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Nikola Tesla
Henry's voice was barely louder than a whisper, but even in the buzz of the foyer, it cut through me. He stood in the hallway, his arms covered in blood and his clothing torn, but like he'd done in the cave, he stared past me and focused on Persephone instead. It was as if none of the past few weeks had happened. As if none of the past thousand years had happened. ~ Aimee Carter
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Aimee Carter
Director Park asking that if there was a pocket on one side of the piece of clothing then there should be a pocket on the other side. They were a little uncomfortable to wear, yes, because there were a lot of tight, high-waisted things so it was great at the end of the day to slip into some pajamas! ~ Mia Wasikowska
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Mia Wasikowska
He wouldn't have seen the wolf in redneck clothing. ~ Lauren Myracle
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Lauren Myracle
What reason is there in the law's prohibiting a man from "wearing woman's clothing?" Is it not that it would have us to be manly, and to be effeminate neither in person and actions, nor in thought and word ? For it would have the man, that devotes himself to the truth, to be masculine both in acts of endurance and patience, in life, conduct, word, and discipline by night and by day; even if the necessity were to occur, of witnessing by the shedding of his blood. ~ Clement Of Alexandria
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Clement Of Alexandria
The West-march of the Walmart Held all the food in the world, Bottled beer by the boatload, Frost-kept food, milk and meat. Setting up for a siege behind barricades The Norsemen fetched food, collected clothing, Turkish trousers with flies in the front Kept closed with clever contraptions, Tiny ~ Neal Stephenson
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Neal Stephenson
I had a head for religious ideas. They were the first ideas I ever encountered. They made other ideas seem mean ... I had miles of Bible in memory: some perforce, but most by hap, like the words to songs. There was no corner of my brain where you couldn't find, among the files of clothing labels and heaps of rocks, among the swarms of protozoans and shelves of novels, whole tapes and snarls and reels of Bible. ~ Annie Dillard
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Annie Dillard
Socks were meant to have holes. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
The animal merely makes a bed, which he warms with his body in a sheltered place; but man, having discovered fire, boxes up some air in a spacious apartment, and warms that, instead of robbing himself, makes that his bed, in which he can move about divested of more cumbrous clothing, maintain a kind of summer in the midst of winter, and by means of windows even admit the light and with a lamp lengthen out the day. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Henry David Thoreau
The truest test of civilization, culture and dignity is character and not clothing. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Most Leadership is Greedership dressed up in sheeps' clothing pretending to care for humanity. ~ Tony Dovale
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Tony Dovale
We ignore the blackness of outer space and pay attention to the stars, especially if they seem to order themselves into constellations. "Common as the air" meant something worthless, but Hackworth knew that every breath of air that Fiona drew, lying in her little bed at night, just a silver flow in the moonlight, was used by her body to make skin and hair and bones. The air became Fiona, and deserving - no, demanding - of love. Ordering matter was the sole endeavor of Life, whether it was a jumble of self-replicating molecules in the primordial ocean, or a steam-powered English mill turning weeds into clothing, or Fiona lying in her bed turning air into Fiona. ~ Neal Stephenson
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Neal Stephenson
Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something. ~ James Laver
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by James Laver
THE LAMB Little Lamb, who made thee Dost thou know who made thee, Gave thee life, and bid thee feed By the stream and o'er the mead; Gave thee clothing of delight, Softest clothing, woolly, bright; Gave thee such a tender voice, Making all the vales rejoice? Little Lamb, who made thee? Dost thou know who made thee? Little Lamb, I'll tell thee; Little Lamb, I'll tell thee: He is called by thy name, For He calls Himself a Lamb He is meek, and He is mild, He became a little child. I a child, and thou a lamb, We are called by His name. Little Lamb, God bless thee! Little Lamb, God bless thee! ~ William Blake
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by William Blake
But I hate socks.' I do, especially sleeping in them. They always come half-off in the middle of the night, and why? What kind of inferior clothing item falls off of you when you're lying still? ~ Francesca Serritella
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Francesca Serritella
It was the serene cheerfulness of a man who has no nightmares, who feels at peace with himself and everyone else. They [Americans] were almost all of them like that. And it definitely got Maigret's back up. It made him think of clothing that was too neat, too clean, too well-pressed. ~ Georges Simenon
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Georges Simenon
My role in all of this is very simple. I make clothing like armor. My clothing protects you from unwelcome eyes. ~ Yohji Yamamoto
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
Mind is not your brain, but mind is subtle clothing that is spread over your entire physical body and doesn't limit itself only with the physical part of the brain. ~ Roshan Sharma
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Roshan Sharma
I used to collect vintage clothing - exquisite lace dresses, embroidered shawls and ornate jewelry - but that's just not me any more. ~ Britt Ekland
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Britt Ekland
It's a new era in fashion- there are no rules ~ Alexander McQueen
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Alexander McQueen
Cordelia – "Why so rough?"
Aral – "It's very poor. It was the town center during the time Isolation. And it hasn't been touched by renovation, minimal water, no electricity choked with refuse."
"Mostly human," added Peoter tartly.
"Poor?" Asked Cordelia bewildered. "No electricity? How can it be on the comm network?"
"It's not of course," answered Vorkosigan.
"Then how can anyone get their schooling?" Cordelia
"They don't."
Cordelia stared. "I don't understand, how do they get their jobs?"
"A few escape to the service, the rest prey on each other mostly." Vorkosigan regarded her face uneasily. "Have you no poverty on Beta colony?"
"Poverty? Well some people have more money than others, but no comm consuls…?"
Vorkosigan was diverted from his interrogation. "Is not owning a comm consul the lowest standard of living you can imagine?" He said in wonder.
"It's the first article in the constitution! 'Access to information shall not be abridged.'"
"Cordelia, these people barely have access to food, clothing and shelter. They have a few rags and cooking pots and squat in buildings that aren't economical to repair or tear down yet with the wind whistling through the walls."
"No air conditioning?"
"No heat in the winter is a bigger problem here."
"I suppose so. You people don't really have summer. How do they call for help when they are sick or hurt?"
"What help?" Vorkosigan was growing grim. "If they're s ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
People say Jesus Christ is a god, and they pray to him. Likewise, the Navajos have a god. He is an everlasting god who never dies, and we pray to him for everything. We were created from white shell in a sacred, holy way. Part of the white shell was taken and put in our bodies, but no one can see it. White Shell is a god. We pray to her "to give us the invisible white shell shoes, white shell socks, clothing, feathers," and so on. This god is female and is out there, but we cannot see her. ~ John Holiday
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by John Holiday
Tailor's work
the finishing of men's outside garments
was the "trade" learned most frequently by women in [the 1820s and 1830s],and one or more of my older sisters worked at it; I think it must have been at home, for I somehow or somewhere got the idea, while I was a small child, that the chief end of woman was to make clothing for mankind. ~ Lucy Larcom
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Lucy Larcom
Until the twentieth century, the T-shirt's role was strictly to form a barrier between a man's body and the more valuable clothing he actually wanted the world to see. ~ Tim Gunn
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Tim Gunn
The scent of freshly laundered clothing that had been dried in the desert sun lingered around him. She breathed deeply, remembering how kind he had been to her that day, and she closed her eyes. The tip of his tongue brushed her mouth, and her lips parted slightly. She tilted her head back, relaxing against the strength of his arm as he cradled her. His other hand found her hip. Kisses, not so light now, trailed along her jaw before dipping lower. She sighed, the roughness of his unshaven cheek teasing the delicate skin of her throat, sparking a sense of restlessness in her that she did not know how to resolve. She wanted to touch him too, to kiss him in return, but she also wanted to stay just as she was because she liked what he did to her. ~ Paula Altenburg
Gutteridge Clothing quotes by Paula Altenburg
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