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The only test, Baker, is how not to erase ourselves from the map. Our history is that things don't last. Every generation creates the right monsters to destroy itself. ~ Gerard Donovan
Gunten Map quotes by Gerard Donovan
Through the theories they embody, paradigms prove to be constitutive of the research activity. They are also, however, constitutive of science in other respects, and that is now the point. In particular, our most recent examples show that paradigms provide scientists not only with a map but also with some of the directions essential for map-making. In learning a paradigm the scientist acquires theory, methods, and standards together, usually in an inextricable mixture. Therefore, when paradigms change, there are usually significant shifts in the criteria determining the legitimacy both of problems and of proposed solutions. ~ Thomas S. Kuhn
Gunten Map quotes by Thomas S. Kuhn
My last two records that I made were both quite pointed in one direction and I think I do my best stuff when it's all over the map, when there's a couple traditional things, a couple pretty rocking things. ~ Vince Gill
Gunten Map quotes by Vince Gill
The sage does not become trapped in semantics, does not mistake map for territory, but rather "opens things up to the light of Heaven" by flowing with the words, by playing with the words. Once attuned to this flow, the sage need make no special effort to "illumine," for language does it by itself, spontaneously. Language spills over. ~ Hakim Bey
Gunten Map quotes by Hakim Bey
What a land. What power these rivers were already yielding, far beyond her sight. Even a map of this country
lines arranged in an arbitrary way on a long rectangular piece of paper
stirs the imagination beyond imagination, she thought, looking at the map, as other lines differently arranged in relation to each other have not the power to stir. Each name on the map says We reached this point, by broken trail and mountains and water; and when we reached it, thus and thus we named it. ~ Ethel Wilson
Gunten Map quotes by Ethel Wilson
However, Ron did not appear on the map, and after a while Harry found himself taking it out simply to stare at Ginny's name in the girls' dormitory, wondering whether the intensity with which he gazed at it might break into her sleep, that she would somehow know he was thinking about her, hoping she was all right. ~ J.K. Rowling
Gunten Map quotes by J.K. Rowling
One of my dreams is to expand and make sure African music and Afro Beats music is really on the map. I would like to be a contribution to that success. ~ Ice Prince
Gunten Map quotes by Ice Prince
God was a maze without a map, a circle without a centre; the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that never seemed to fit together. If only she could solve this mystery, she could bring meaning to senselessness, reason to madness, order to chaos, and perhaps, too, she could learn to be happy. ~ Elif Shafak
Gunten Map quotes by Elif Shafak
Ones vision is not a road map but a compass. ~ Peter Block
Gunten Map quotes by Peter Block
Skating was put on the map, supposedly from me Everybody made a life and a livelihood, um, except me. ~ Tonya Harding
Gunten Map quotes by Tonya Harding
In the early grey of the morning they reached the headquarter of General Genarius and found him working in a mountain of paperwork. Joey and Maya informed the general in detail about Libertine's report. General Genarius closed his eyes and thought for a long moment until he said, "Wait a minute! Are you telling me that you want to enter the belly of darkness and liberate the mermaids and the unicorns?"
"Yes Sir, we are determined to attack the center of demonic powers and believe in the great opportunity to liberate the mermaids and the unicorns from the cruel grip of the Empire!" Maya said.
"Dangerous, dangerous…but the more I think about it, the more I can see that it could really work. However…this mission has to be well organized and of course…you must find the secret door to the Underworld… in time or you will be in big trouble. It is very risky but I will support this venture! Let me share with you some of my ideas and how this attempt could work. Take your six unicorns, all the equipment you need and leave the city of Selinka as soon as possible with Captain Goran and my assistant Captain Armstrong. You must cross the Thordis River behind the city, stay close to the Lagoon and move directly east from there. Let me take my map and show you exactly the way and… let me talk to Captain Armstrong. He is indeed a man with a strong arm, a clear mind in battle and he knows the way to Duanes Gate very well because his family lives somewhere in that area. ~ Gloria Maradonia
Gunten Map quotes by Gloria Maradonia
Writing makes a map, and there is something about a journey that begs to have its passage marked. ~ Christina Baldwin
Gunten Map quotes by Christina Baldwin
[The] concentration of our food supply is also a national security threat. A few dedicated terrorists with a crude map could, in a few days, wipe out most of the food supply of this country. We were much less vulnerable when farm animals were dispersed all over the country. ~ Ken Midkiff
Gunten Map quotes by Ken Midkiff
There must be something innate about maps, about this one specific way of picturing our world and our relation to it, that charms us, calls to us, won't let us look anywhere else in the room if there's a map on the wall. ~ Ken Jennings
Gunten Map quotes by Ken Jennings
Little by little, over more than two centuries, the local stories told by rocks in all parts of the world have been stitched together into a great global tapestry - the geologic timescale. This "map" of Deep Time represents one of the great intellectual achievements of humanity, arduously constructed by stratigraphers, paleontologists, geochemists, and geochronologists from many cultures and faiths. It is still a work in progress to which details are constantly being added and finer and finer calibrations being made. ~ Marcia Bjornerud
Gunten Map quotes by Marcia Bjornerud
Bobby Fischer was hugely important for the American chess community because it put chess on the map - he made it possible for other chess players to make a living. ~ Liz Garbus
Gunten Map quotes by Liz Garbus
Your Soul is your ultimate guidance system. You can think of your Soul as the compass, map, and destination all in one. ~ Aletheia Luna
Gunten Map quotes by Aletheia Luna
Our society is struggling because during times of change, the very last people you need on your team are well-paid bureaucrats, note takers, literalists, manual readers, TGIF laborers, map followers, and fearful employees. ~ Seth Godin
Gunten Map quotes by Seth Godin
I don't know whether you have ever seen a map of a person's mind. Doctors sometimes draw maps of other parts of you, and your own map can become intensely interesting, but catch them trying to draw a map of a child's mind, which is not only confused, but keeps going round all the time. There are zigzag lines on it, just like your temperature on a card, and these are probably roads on the island, for the Neverland is always more or less an island, with astonishing splashes of colour here and there, and coral reefs and rakish-looking craft in the offing, and savages and lonely lairs, and gnomes who are mostly tailors, and caves through which a river runs, and princes with sex elder brothers, and a hut fast going to decay, and one very small old lady with a hooked nose. It would be an easy map if that were all, but there is also first day at school, religion, fathers, the round pond, needle-work, murders, hangings, verbs that take the dative, chocolate-pudding day, getting into braces, say ninety-nine threepence for pulling out your tooth yourself, and so on, and either these are part of the island or they are another map showing through, and it is all rather confusing, especially as nothing will stand still.
Of course the Neverlands vary a good deal. John's, for instance, had a lagoon with flamingos flying over it at which John was shooting, while Michael, who was very small, had a flamingo with lagoons flying over it. John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sands, ~ J.M. Barrie
Gunten Map quotes by J.M. Barrie
If you want to put yourself on the map, publish your own map. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant
Gunten Map quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant
Noon. In the middle of Knoll Road. In it up to your waist, wearing your father's old reindeer sweater, your mother's fur-lined gloves. Squinting across an infinite ocean of white. Shivering. Breathing. Listening. To nothing. There are no cars, no mailboxes, no traffic islands, no sound. The triple-deckers are now double-deckers and everything's muffled and buried and gone. You yell and you are the only one yelling. The only one breathing. The only one there. The faint chime of a city plow in the distance. The wail of one of Schoerner's penned-up hounds. But no one is with you. No one to contradict you. And you dare to close your eyes and fill up your lungs with winter, your destiny before you like a map of the world. And the wind seems to whisper promises, and you, with arms outstretched and chin to the heavens, swear oaths back to the wind - little things, like fulfilling prophecies and charting new courses and going forth from this time and this place to do great and wondrous things. But first, of course, it will be necessary to get high. ~ Bob Flaherty
Gunten Map quotes by Bob Flaherty
Every person draws a map that shows themselves at the center. But that does not mean that no other countries exist. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Gunten Map quotes by Catherynne M Valente
People said that video games were bad because they made you numb to death, made you register entrails splattering across a screen as a sign of success. In that moment, Val thought that the real problem with games was that the player was suppossed to try everything. If there was a cave, you went in it. If there was a mysterious stranger, you talked to him. If there was a map, you followed it. But in games, you had a hundred million billion lives and Val only had this one. ~ Holly Black
Gunten Map quotes by Holly Black
They are quiet for a long time. "Do you remember the time you told me you were afraid that you were a series of nasty surprises for me?" he asks him, and Jude nods, slightly. "You aren't," he tells him. "You aren't. But being with you is like being in this fantastic landscape," he continues, slowly. "You think it's one thing, a forest, and then suddenly it changes, and it's a meadow, or a jungle, or cliffs of ice. And they're all beautiful, but they're strange as well, and you don't have a map, and you don't understand how you got from one terrain to the next so abruptly, and you don't know when the next transition will arrive, and you don't have any of the equipment you need. And so you keep walking through, and trying to adjust as you go, but you don't really know what you're doing, and often you make mistakes, bad mistakes. That's sometimes what it feels like." They're silent. "So basically," Jude says at last, "basically, you're saying I'm New Zealand. ~ Hanya Yanagihara
Gunten Map quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
Goodbye is the waving map of your palm, is a stone on my tongue. ~ Natasha Trethewey
Gunten Map quotes by Natasha Trethewey
Great leaders get people to admit the truth because they know that dreams are buried under the lies they tell themselves, in order to feel okay with giving up. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Gunten Map quotes by Shannon L. Alder
My home is a little more complicated than coordinates on a map. ~ Jay Crownover
Gunten Map quotes by Jay Crownover
If we don't want to see the map of Central America covered in a sea of red, eventually lapping at our own borders, we must act now. ~ Ronald Reagan
Gunten Map quotes by Ronald Reagan
The five of us were squeezed into Dad's little Toyota, on our way to spend the day at Zoo Gardens Theme Park. Dad had messed up and left the map at home. But Mom said the park would be real easy to find. ~ R.L. Stine
Gunten Map quotes by R.L. Stine
She blurted something that had nothing to do with anything. "Do you know how to make honeyed half-moons?"
"Do I…?" He lowered the map. "Kestrel, I hate to disappoint you, but I was never a cook."
"You know how to make tea."
He laughed. "You do realize that boiling water is within the capabilities of anybody?"
"Oh." Kestrel moved to leave, feeling foolish. What had possessed her to ask such a ridiculous question anyway?
"I mean, yes," Arin said. "Yes, I know how to make half-moons."
"Ah…no. But we can try. ~ Marie Rutkoski
Gunten Map quotes by Marie Rutkoski
I've got a little baby, I made him ... He doesn't speak, he's 2 ... He's a slow learner, he's only got 2 words ... car and map ... I'm slightly worried he's trying to escape. If his next word is passport we are in serious trouble! ~ Michael McIntyre
Gunten Map quotes by Michael McIntyre
Life is equal parts strange and beautiful and horrible, and we're tossed into it without a map or an instruction guide. Poems and stories have a way of helping us make sense of things. ~ Chuck Wendig
Gunten Map quotes by Chuck Wendig
Finnish forests: Let us remind the satellite pictures of the 1970's winter in which the old forest appeared black and young forest and cut downs white. Already then the Finnish borders were like drawn on the map: White Finland between black Karelian and black Sweden. Finnish Forest Research Institute hicced up some time and then decided that the pictures are fake ... ~ Pentti Linkola
Gunten Map quotes by Pentti Linkola
The value of having an inner map of the world as it is (not as it's broadcast) is this: it allows you to know that your task is larger than yourself. If you choose, just by virtue of being a decent person, you are entrusted with passing on something of value through a dark, crazy time-preserving your integrity, in your way, by your acts and your very breathing for those who will build again when this chaos exhausts itself. ~ Michael Ventura
Gunten Map quotes by Michael Ventura
Topography displays no favorites; North's as near as West.
More delicate than the historians' are the map-makers' colors. ~ Elizabeth Bishop
Gunten Map quotes by Elizabeth Bishop
A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future. ~ Alexa Von Tobel
Gunten Map quotes by Alexa Von Tobel
Father, we are uniquely capable of morality. We must be moral, because we can be moral.

He stood very still as the words settled like silt to the floor of his veins.

We can snatch from the air the abstractness of numbers, adding and subtracting and making logic from magic, and because we can, we do, and we must. We can build pyramids and sky-piercing towers, so we must. We can wrestle language from our grunting, so we must. We can map our physical mysteries with machines of our own making. We can classify the species of the earth, name every stone and streamlet. We can run a hundred miles, and we can walk on the face of the moon, so we must - and then we must go farther.

We can, from the chaos of existence, extract meanings, which do not exist. We can make ourselves philosophers and scientists and priests. We can construct our unnatural civilizations - we can, and therefore we must. To starve our genes is to honor our genes. With fear and loathing we can stand on the necks of our parents and refuse them. We can evolve from simple to complex. We can choose survival of the species over survival of the self. We can say no to nature and form a conspiracy of doves.

We are uniquely capable of morality, therefore we must be moral. That is our nature. ~ C.E. Morgan
Gunten Map quotes by C.E. Morgan
Life is a zigzag journey, they say, not much straight and easy on the way, but the wrinkles in the map, explorers know, smooth out like magic at the end of where we go. ~ Ivan Doig
Gunten Map quotes by Ivan Doig
Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change. ~ Muhammad Ali
Gunten Map quotes by Muhammad Ali
It was on the corner of the street that he noticed the first sign of something peculiar - a cat reading a map. ~ J.K. Rowling
Gunten Map quotes by J.K. Rowling
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