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#1. Soon enough my mind hooked onto the missing guitars and the locked door and the hole filled up with clues and suspects and all the detective stuff and I could pretend it was just another case.
The guitars. The lock. The keys. The gun. The musician in the drawing room with the gun. The duchess in the kitchen with the guitar. I let my mind fill with the case. It was only a case. Only another case. Another sentence of words to arrange.
Maybe that was all there was to life. One long case, only you kept switching roles. Detective, witness, client, suspect. Then one day I'd be the victim instead of the detective or the client and it would all be over. Then I'd finally have a fucking day off. - Author: Sara Gran
Guitars quotes by Sara Gran
#2. You can't beat 2 guitars, bass, and drums. - Author: Lou Reed
Guitars quotes by Lou Reed
#3. There was a lot of camaraderie among the bands. I remember a lot of times when I'd be driving up Laurel Canyon and pass by the house where Frank Zappa was living and I'd just see people out on the porch playing guitars. - Author: June Millington
Guitars quotes by June Millington
#4. You can't beat two guitars, bass, and drums. - Author: Lou Reed
Guitars quotes by Lou Reed
#5. A man can't have too many guitars or too many shotguns. - Author: Robert Earl Keen
Guitars quotes by Robert Earl Keen
#6. Toward the end of his second decade in the airport, Clark was thinking about how lucky he'd been. Not just the mere fact of survival, which was of course remarkable in and of itself, but to have seen one world end and another begin. And not just to have seen the remembered splendors of the former world, the space shuttles and the electrical grid and the amplified guitars, the computers that could be held in the palm of a hand and the high-speed trains between cities, but to have lived among those wonders for so long. To have dwelt in that spectacular world for fifty-one years of his life. Sometimes he lay awake in Concourse B of the Severn City Airport and thought, "I was there," and the thought pierced him through with an admixture of sadness and exhilaration. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Guitars quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#7. I am the Great White Buffalo and I play an American-made Gibson guitar that can blow your head clean off at 100 paces. - Author: Ted Nugent
Guitars quotes by Ted Nugent
#8. Oh yeah, I mean, it wasn't a very good guitar, most good guitars have got thrust rods in the necks that you can adjust or that'll keep them in shape, you know keep them straight. This one just, well it turned into a bow and arrow after a couple of months. - Author: Eric Clapton
Guitars quotes by Eric Clapton
#9. The Beatles were bubblegum cards and Help at the Saturday morning cinema and toy plastic guitars and singing 'Yellow Submarine' at the top of my voice in the back row of the coach on school trips. They belong to me, not to me and Laura, or me and Charlie, or me and Alison Ashworth, and though they'll make me feel something, they won't make me feel anything bad. - Author: Nick Hornby
Guitars quotes by Nick Hornby
#10. I think it's safe to say that if you talk to anybody in Ireland, they'll have a passing knowledge of the guitar. It was something that I couldn't get away from when I was younger: guitars played in shops and parties, just everywhere. - Author: James Vincent McMorrow
Guitars quotes by James Vincent McMorrow
#11. The heavy guitars are the ones that sound good. They are not that comfortable, but they do sound great. - Author: Neal Schon
Guitars quotes by Neal Schon
#12. In New York, I'm around a lot of the reasons I started playing music in the first place. I live right behind Matt Umanov Guitars. I live on the street that Suze Rotolo and Bob Dylan were walking down on the album cover. I recognize the history. - Author: Steve Earle
Guitars quotes by Steve Earle
#13. The problem is that once I start on a song and get a rough idea of where I might go with an arrangement, I try dozens, sometimes hundreds, of different things on a song. The bass, the backing guitars, the lead guitars, the keyboards. It's a long process. It's like 100 steps forward and 99 steps back. - Author: Tom Scholz
Guitars quotes by Tom Scholz
#14. Then, you know, the other more-traditional role of the producer in, like, the kind of Quincy Jones sense is kind of part arranger. So you're coming up with, like, these - you hear these songs that are quite bare-bones, and you dream up what's the band doing? What's the rhythm section doing? What's the guitars, strings, pianos - that sort of thing. It's almost like a little toolbox. - Author: Mark Ronson
Guitars quotes by Mark Ronson
#15. It all comes down to the density of the wood. Every guitar's different. - Author: Robin Trower
Guitars quotes by Robin Trower
#16. I've been into Sonic Youth since junior high school. I think I kind of have ADD, so it's good music for ADD because it just throws you in different directions all the time. I really like Kim Gordon's voice and Thurston Moore's voice, and I like the guitars going off on tangents. - Author: Norman Reedus
Guitars quotes by Norman Reedus
#17. You can muck around with different guitars for certain bits, but you have to have your own sound. That's your benchmark, that's your sound. I also play a Black Beauty. It sounds amazing. - Author: Dan Hawkins
Guitars quotes by Dan Hawkins
#18. As far as my part in it is concerned, it began one night in the fall of 1956 in Lexington, Kentucky, when I walked into the Zebra Bar--a musty, murky coal-hole of a place across Short Street from the Drake Hotel (IF YOU DUCK THE DRAKE YOUR A GOOSE!! read the peeling roadside billboard out on the edge of town)--walked in under a marquee that did, sure enough, declare the presence inside of one 'Little Enis,' and came upon this amazing little stud stomping around atop the bar, flailing away at one of those enormous old electric guitars that looked like an Oldsmobile in drag--left-handed! - Author: Ed McClanahan
Guitars quotes by Ed McClanahan
#19. Symmetria by the Uccello Project is a gorgeous, instrumental and largely unclassifiable record. Best thought of as 'cinematic', each of the tracks conjures up a range of emotions and images, taking the listener on a beautiful journey. The layers of basses, guitars and percussion ebb and flow, drawing on jazz, folk, blues and African music, blending all the elements into one lovely album. Recommended. - Author: Steve Lawson
Guitars quotes by Steve Lawson
#20. It was a brave city, she decided, eyeing them. Brave in its other sense; not courageous, so much as outstanding, commanding. It was too nice a town to die in. Though it had no honeysuckle vines and no balconies and no guitars, it was meant for love. For living and for love, and the two were inseparable; one didn't come without the other.
("Too Nice A Day To Die") - Author: Cornell Woolrich
Guitars quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#21. I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it
After the drums and the guitars all faded
Was the best they could do good enough
Or did the heartland just swallow 'em up

How did my mom and my dad ever do it
If there were troubles then we never knew it
I guess they had each other and that was enough

You know you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try,
You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat you love like
You're jumping off a rope swing maybe 'cause the whole thing is really just a shot in the dark
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart

What am I gonna tell my kids when they see
All of this bull that goes down on TV
When the whole world is down on its luck
I gotta make sure they keep that chin up

Cry when it hurts, laugh when it's funny
Chase after the dream, don't chase after the money
And know we got each other, that's what's up

'Cause you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try
You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat you love like
You're jumping off a rope swing maybe cause the whole thing is really just a shot in the dark
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart

You gotta love like there's no s - Author: Old Dominion
Guitars quotes by Old Dominion
#22. His father had smashed his very first guitar for him, in an early attempt to rid Jude of his musical ambitions. Jude hadn't been able to repeat the act himself, not even onstage, for show, when he could afford all the guitars he wanted. He was, however, perfectly willing to use one as a weapon to defend himself. In a sense he supposed he had always used them as weapons. - Author: Joe Hill
Guitars quotes by Joe Hill
#23. The issue of the mysterious power of transmission arises here. What do you transmit to your child? Blonde hair, blue eyes, very small feet? But also a taste for cigarettes, panettone, boys with guitars? Is this foetus's life destined to be filled with suitcases packed in the middle of the night, suitcases that will always return to their point of departure some weeks later?

In other words, is this foetus destined to relive, again and again, emotions encoded in a fossilized region of its brain and thus, almost simultaneously, experience love and the end of the world, hope and lightning, a romantic comedy and a horror film? - Author: Monica Sabolo
Guitars quotes by Monica Sabolo
#24. This isn't a mass-produced ... instrument. Mike Lull Custom Guitars makes each bass right here in the NW. Over 20 years of collaborating, designing, and building basses has gone into my model. - Author: Jeff Ament
Guitars quotes by Jeff Ament
#25. The music was intended to replicate or even enhance the mind-altering experiences of the psychedelic drugs. They were using electric guitars, wah-wah pedals, loop music to create ostinato patterns, electric organs, synthesizers (nobody even had any idea what that was at the time, but it was cool to throw it into a conversation), electro-mechanical polyphonic tape replay keyboards, fuzz box effects, backward tapes, you name it. Anything went - Author: Karl Wiggins
Guitars quotes by Karl Wiggins
#26. I was making guitars and I was a sheet metal worker and if you ever see sheet metal workers' hands, you've never seen so many cuts in your life. - Author: Roger Daltrey
Guitars quotes by Roger Daltrey
#27. Guitars are like women. You'll never get them totally right. - Author: Slash
Guitars quotes by Slash
#28. He looks like the kind of boy who would jump trains, strum guitars, and pass a joint. - Author: Heather Demetrios
Guitars quotes by Heather Demetrios
#29. My older sister encouraged me from early on and bought me one of the first guitars I had. She listened to all of the crappy songs that I wrote when I was 8 years old and encouraged me to keep doing it. - Author: Tracy Chapman
Guitars quotes by Tracy Chapman
#30. It is utterly unfair," she said, shooing Wrigley away and
tossing aside her blanket, "that your country boy smile isn't
illegal." She pulled her feet from beneath him, but then she swung a leg over him and straddled his lap, still smiling at him while she took his cheeks in her hands and pressed a soft, open-lipped kiss to his mouth.
Will's pulse kicked up the tempo. He gripped her hips and
pushed against her, parted his lips to make way for her tongue.
Music exploded inside him. Electric guitars, keyboard, fiddle,
bongos. No words, just the white-hot melody of their bodies.
The intoxicating scent of her shampoo tickled his nose, but the intrigued woman scent was stronger - heady and spicy and everything.
He wanted her. - Author: Jamie Farrell
Guitars quotes by Jamie Farrell
#31. I like guitars in the Fender style because they have skinny necks. - Author: Kurt Cobain
Guitars quotes by Kurt Cobain
#32. I wanted to smell the guitars. It's hard to explain but they have a smell. And the best way I could ever describe it would be to say they smell like potential. Ambition and desire. If such things had a smell. - Author: Barbara Hall
Guitars quotes by Barbara Hall
#33. Nowadays, by contrast, Christianity specialises in soft-focus mood music; its threats of hell, its demand for poverty and chastity, its doctrine that only the few will be saved and the many damned, have been shed, replaced by strummed guitars and saccharine smiles. It has reinvented itself so often, and with such breath-taking hypocrisy, in the interests of retaining its hold on the gullible, that a medieval monk who woke today, like Woody Allen in Sleeper, would not be able to recognise the faith that bears the same name as his own. - Author: A.C. Grayling
Guitars quotes by A.C. Grayling
#34. I shared guitars before I actually got one of my own and played a guy's Silver tone and played another guys Danelectro 12 string and it was at about age 17 that I actually started playing. - Author: Ronnie Montrose
Guitars quotes by Ronnie Montrose
#35. I used a fifties Les Paul custom on most of the stuff. I also used a Strat, a newer Strat. I had a million guitars in there but I used the Strat & the Les Paul in just about everything. There were a lot of different amp choices, I was working with a pro tools plug-in which is like an amplifier stimulator. The possibilities with something like that are just endless. - Author: Tracii Guns
Guitars quotes by Tracii Guns
#36. I play bass. I play a bit of guitar. I've never been to a lesson, so my theory of music is non-existent in any instrument, but we always had guitars around. My dad taught me to play drums for 'Love Actually,' and I still play drums now. But I'm not a 'drummer.' I'm not a 'guitarist.' I'm trying to be a bassist. - Author: Thomas Sangster
Guitars quotes by Thomas Sangster
#37. I was listening to Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, because that was new music for me. I really hadn't been up on them. I mean, I'd heard of them, but I wasn't up on their music. And I kept listening to Radiohead, and I was like, Man, I want to make hip-hop that feels like Radiohead. I want to make hip-hop that can use guitars and soul and jazz and just fuse it all together. - Author: Will Ferrell
Guitars quotes by Will Ferrell
#38. I'm not into that Keith Richard trip of having all those guitars in different tunings. I never liked the Rolling Stones much anyway. - Author: Ritchie Blackmore
Guitars quotes by Ritchie Blackmore
#39. Call it "the New Year's resolution effect" - it's why gyms that were crowded in January are only half full in July and why so many slightly used guitars are available on Craigslist. So - Author: Anders Ericsson
Guitars quotes by Anders Ericsson
#40. I played piano in a covers band, but that didn't especially help with girls. There is never a piano around after the shows. Guys with the guitars were the ones who got lucky. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Guitars quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#41. The Bangles are proof that short skirts and electric guitars go hand-in-hand. They are one of the great all-girl groups, backing up their looks with a serious pop-rock pedigree. - Author: Shawn Amos
Guitars quotes by Shawn Amos
#42. I was in bands, but they were punk bands, and you plug in the guitars, you turn them up really loud, you've got four or five other people on stage with you, you've got some protection from when they throw lighters. You can always hide behind the lead singer or the bass player. - Author: Oscar Isaac
Guitars quotes by Oscar Isaac
#43. When you go to awards shows these days, you can walk through a room and they give you everything for free: sunglasses, guitars, stuff for the wife. - Author: Jordan Knight
Guitars quotes by Jordan Knight
#44. I don't really collect guitars like some musicians do. - Author: Tom Curren
Guitars quotes by Tom Curren
#45. I can play the trumpet. Before I became an actor, I wanted to be the next Louis Armstrong. I started young and got to grade seven. When I turned 13, everyone started whipping out guitars, looking cool and joining rock bands, so I stopped playing. - Author: Douglas Booth
Guitars quotes by Douglas Booth
#46. As jazz fans, it was amusing for us to play jazz harmonies on these big, ugly electric guitars. - Author: Donald Fagen
Guitars quotes by Donald Fagen
#47. There are as many burning guitars, as there are burning doves. - Author: Weasel
Guitars quotes by Weasel
#48. Guitars have been the obsession of my life. I first picked one up at the age of four and I've been a guitar junkie ever since. - Author: Johnny Marr
Guitars quotes by Johnny Marr
#49. My philosophy is, honestly, never collected anything that I don't play. I know a lot of people that collect guitars, but for me, I want instruments that I play. And if I don't play them, I don't' want to have them sitting in a closet collecting dust. - Author: Ronnie Montrose
Guitars quotes by Ronnie Montrose
#50. Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls. - Author: Bob Weir
Guitars quotes by Bob Weir
#51. I'm full of dust and guitars... - Author: Syd Barrett
Guitars quotes by Syd Barrett
#52. When I return to the writing process after being away from it for a while, the first part of it always is being honest with myself: What am I into right now? Is it rock bands and guitars, is it noise, is it dance beats and electronics? Is it space, is it clutter? - Author: Trent Reznor
Guitars quotes by Trent Reznor
#53. The media says that equality for women has arrived, but if you look around, you still don't see girls playing guitars and having success with it. - Author: Joan Jett
Guitars quotes by Joan Jett
#54. I still believe in the need for guitars and drums and desperate poetry. - Author: Frank Turner
Guitars quotes by Frank Turner
#55. I worship pianos like they are prize diamonds, and I never willfully do damage to them. But I grew up playing guitars, and you treat a guitar like a best friend or a little brother or a lover you have a tempestuous relationship with. - Author: Jamie Cullum
Guitars quotes by Jamie Cullum
#56. I've discovered that sheer quantity doesn't necessarily make for a heavier sound; if anything, overdubs make guitars sound mushier. - Author: James Hetfield
Guitars quotes by James Hetfield
#57. Instead of buying a guitar for $2,000 or $2,500 - I'm not sure how much these are going for - but it's maybe $300 or something like that. It's more for beginners and stuff like that. Obviously it's not hitting the pros. And you can't get the Piezo pickup and the color-changing paint and the inlays and all the fancy things that my signature guitars offer, but you can get the general feel of the guitar - and the body style. It's cool. - Author: John Petrucci
Guitars quotes by John Petrucci
#58. I use Dr.Ducks Ax Wax on my entire collection of vintage guitars ... it's the best polish I've ever used ... - Author: Bob Daisley
Guitars quotes by Bob Daisley
#59. The stainless-steel frets were a major breakthrough, because of the amount of playing and bending that I do. I have to get my guitars refretted every couple of months. - Author: Eddie Van Halen
Guitars quotes by Eddie Van Halen
#60. I've always written everything as two guitars and I never thought I'd find that right person. - Author: Erik Rutan
Guitars quotes by Erik Rutan
#61. Producers like to record all the drums first, then they do the bass, then all the guitars, so you're constantly moving from one song to another. - Author: Noel Gallagher
Guitars quotes by Noel Gallagher
#62. It is fun to smash guitars. - Author: Kim Gordon
Guitars quotes by Kim Gordon
#63. Gibson has been making the finest electric guitars the world has ever witnessed for over 70 years. They are as American as God, guns and rock and roll. - Author: Ted Nugent
Guitars quotes by Ted Nugent
#64. When boys called Bob and Bono would bring their own wild-rhythm celebration and the world would fall down in worshipful hallelujahs as it again acknowledged Ireland's capacity to create missionaries. So what if they were "the boys in the band"? They sang from a pulpit, an enormous pulpit looking down on a congregation that would knock your eyes out. A city that had produced Joyce and Beckett and Yeats, a country that had produced poet-heroes and more priests and nuns per head of population than almost any on earth was not going to spawn boys who just wanted to stand before a packed hall of gyrating teenagers and strum their guitars and sing. They had to have a message. One of salvation; they were in it to save the world. Like I said, we're teachers, missionaries. - Author: Josephine Hart
Guitars quotes by Josephine Hart
#65. Although I have guitars all around and I pick themm up occasionally and write a tune and make a record, I don't really see myself as a musician. It may seem a funny thing to say. It's just like, I write lyrics amd I make up songs, but I'm not a great lyricist or songwriter or producer. It's when you put all these things together - that makes me. - Author: George Harrison
Guitars quotes by George Harrison
#66. I play until my fingers are blue and stiff from the cold, and then I keep on playing. Until I'm lost in the music. Until I am the music
notes and chords, the melody and harmony. It hurts, but it's okay because when I'm the music, I'm not me. Not sad. Not afraid. Not desperate. Not guilty. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Guitars quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#67. I got to be about 13 and everyone started playing guitars and being in rock bands. There was no place for me with my trumpet and I wasn't cool anymore. Although now if I played the trumpet it would be the coolest thing in the world. - Author: Douglas Booth
Guitars quotes by Douglas Booth
#68. I do have electric guitars, because I've always believed, especially when I'm working in the studio with other bands as producer, that there should be a really nice Strat around. - Author: Nick Mason
Guitars quotes by Nick Mason
#69. I think Blank Generation holds up pretty well. You listen to that with headphones and there's a lot going on there with the guitars- it's the product of a lot of fighting. - Author: Robert Quine
Guitars quotes by Robert Quine
#70. I'm not a guitar collector. I own some guitars because I play. - Author: Robin Zander
Guitars quotes by Robin Zander
#71. And they tramped off to the forests with sturdy youths bearing guitars, twang-twang! - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Guitars quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#72. I can safely say that any band with a sentence for a name, 6 members or more and carefully combed to the side hairdos are not metal no matter what distortion pedal they have for their guitars. - Author: Chris Reifert
Guitars quotes by Chris Reifert
#73. Guitars are fun. There are plenty of different kinds to play. They look cool. They sound cool. Don't *you* want to play guitar? - Author: Joe Satriani
Guitars quotes by Joe Satriani
#74. To me, the producer is there to make sure the album gets done and gets done as good as possible. So if that means that you have to help write a bridge or help write a part, that's what you do. If that means you help tune the guitars, then that's what you do. If that means all you do is tell the band their takes are good and they should stop f - - - with things, then that's what you do. Sometimes it's a little more stressful than others, but for the most part, you just don't complain about it and you just get it done. - Author: John Congleton
Guitars quotes by John Congleton
#75. I like loud snare, and I like really treble-y guitars, and that's just never going to change. - Author: Kathleen Hanna
Guitars quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#76. This band - because this is myself on electric and acoustic guitars - we've done three tours together now and I really, really like it which is why I did the DVD as well. - Author: Joan Armatrading
Guitars quotes by Joan Armatrading
#77. I'm a very compulsive person, so I spend most of my time drawing or writing my diary, patching things up and carving bits of wood - I've carved two of my guitars. - Author: Lou Doillon
Guitars quotes by Lou Doillon
#78. Hundreds of young barefoot, long-haired, newly converted believers flocked to the church, and they brought their guitars with them. - Author: Robert J. Morgan
Guitars quotes by Robert J. Morgan
#79. Any time you do an Adam Sandler film, it's kind of like a boys' club, because you're hanging out and there are guitars around, and basketballs and footballs and electric bikes and scooters and different people dropping by. - Author: Kevin Nealon
Guitars quotes by Kevin Nealon
#80. Once the spark catches, once the prepared, courageous combination of camp, melody, enigma, fantasy, paranoia, electric guitars, shock, male make-up and flirtation took hold, and he found himself at last in the right place at the right time, nothing can stop the momentum from growing. Repressed fantasies, forbidden pleasures, rule-breaking spirit and highly suggestive erotic discrepancies are released with tremendous force into the mainstream. They make it there mostly through Bowie's insatiable mind and body, which has adopted the perfect disguise of an ambiguously sexy, deadly smart and attractively damaged pop star. - Author: Paul Morley
Guitars quotes by Paul Morley
#81. I've had three wives and three guitars. I still play the guitars. - Author: Andres Segovia
Guitars quotes by Andres Segovia
#82. Right now my mind is on the people who stole our instruments, and, specifically, the person with my guitar, which will no doubt end its days having Green Day songs worked out on it. A better fate was deserved - and while the reverence given to guitars annoys me, I shall miss it. - Author: Jonny Greenwood
Guitars quotes by Jonny Greenwood
#83. Speaking in a common tongue, speaking through guitars and drums. - Author: Lou Reed
Guitars quotes by Lou Reed
#84. Hillingham first saw the women by the dwile flonkers. He had spent the day walking around Dover's Hill, the shallow amphitheatre where the Cotswold Olimpick Games took place and had taken, he thought, some good photographs so far. The place was heaving and he had captured some of that, he hoped; the shifting bustle as people flocked from event to event and laughed and shouted and ate and drank. The sound of cymbals and mandolins and violins and guitars filled the air about the crowd, leaping around the brightly costumed figures and the smells of roasting meat and open fires.
("The Cotswold Olimpicks") - Author: Reggie Oliver
Guitars quotes by Reggie Oliver
#85. Bagpipes and electric guitars usually end in tears - Author: David Mitchell
Guitars quotes by David Mitchell
#86. I can't take any more white boys noodling around on their guitars. - Author: Gene Ween
Guitars quotes by Gene Ween
#87. You can never have enough guitars. It's like women and shoes ... it's nice to have different paints on your palette. - Author: Dave Genn
Guitars quotes by Dave Genn
#88. He screamed and shouted 'Wooeeeee!' at Guitar's list, but because his life was not unpleasant and even had a certain amount of luxury in addition to its comfort, he felt off center. He just wanted to beat a path away from his parents' past, which was also their present and which was threatening to become his present as well. - Author: Toni Morrison
Guitars quotes by Toni Morrison
#89. The disenfranchised offspring, along with an entire ageless class of human discards, know only that they are doomed. They are drawn to spikes and pentagrams, gasoline, guitars screaming like whips, MIDI-programmed Thanatos, with sufficient amplitude to occupy that hollow space where consciousness once resided. These Dionysians obliterate themselves by removing filters, ultimately becoming insensate with sensation. This mode of behaviour originates in the superstitious belief that transcendence is acquired in the precise ratio by which reason is destroyed. - Author: Adam Parfrey
Guitars quotes by Adam Parfrey
#90. I leave scientists mentally scarred,
Triple Extra Large,
Wild like rock stars who smash guitars ... - Author: Inspectah Deck
Guitars quotes by Inspectah Deck
#91. I don't listen to music made by white people. I especially hate anything where a guitar is used. I don't listen to white people and guitars. - Author: Harmony Korine
Guitars quotes by Harmony Korine
#92. I like guitar. It just turned out that it's the instrument I learned to play. I have a lot of respect for it, and I'm learning more and more every day. For me, the classic band setup - guitars, drums, bass - will stay fresh forever. I don't know. I'm still into it. - Author: Mac DeMarco
Guitars quotes by Mac DeMarco
#93. That's why I played music; my social skills were limited. I think a lot of people that experience that pick up guitars, because they can't communicate otherwise. - Author: Ryan Adams
Guitars quotes by Ryan Adams
#94. closing, I ask "could you imagine the world without guitars"? - Author: Bob Fetherolf
Guitars quotes by Bob Fetherolf
#95. Rock stars should be able to tune their own guitars, apply their own eyeliner, and pick out their own leather pants. - Author: Shawn Amos
Guitars quotes by Shawn Amos
#96. Why did they keep changing guitars and amplifiers when they were perfect? They did the same things with cars, if you ask me. They forgot how to make them right, because they focused on style and bells and whistles. - Author: Buddy Guy
Guitars quotes by Buddy Guy
#97. I like The Smiths as well. They took a cue from The Buzzcocks. They have jangly guitars instead of distorted guitars. All the Manchester bands have a character about them. The Stone Roses and The Smiths and all that. Even if you don't like them, they have a certain original sound. - Author: Steve Diggle
Guitars quotes by Steve Diggle
#98. Set your guitars and banjos on fire and before you write a song smoke a pack of whiskey and it'll all take care of itself. - Author: Beck
Guitars quotes by Beck
#99. Maybe I feel like I'm writing songs that don't need to be saved or made more interesting by endless overdubs and studio tricks ... maybe - remember, where I am with songwriting I have never been before - sparkly guitars and overdubs I've done (and will do again - see instrumental record in above answer) - Author: Robin Guthrie
Guitars quotes by Robin Guthrie
#100. Make for yourself a world you can believe in.
It sounds simple, I know. But it's not. Listen, there are a million worlds you could make for yourself. Everyone you know has a completely different one - the woman in 5G, that cab driver over there, you. Sure, there are overlaps, but only in the details. Some people make their worlds around what they think reality is like. They convince themselves that they had nothing to do with their worlds' creations or continuations. Some make their worlds without knowing it. Their universes are just sesame seeds and three-day weekends and dial tones and skinned knees and physics and driftwood and emerald earrings and books dropped in bathtubs and holes in guitars and plastic and empathy and hardwood and heavy water and high black stockings and the history of the Vikings and brass and obsolescence and burnt hair and collapsed souffles and the impossibility of not falling in love in an art museum with the person standing next to you looking at the same painting and all the other things that just happen and are. But you want to make for yourself a world that is deliberately and meticulously personalized. A theater for your life, if I could put it like that. Don't live an accident. Don't call a knife a knife. Live a life that has never been lived before, in which everything you experience is yours and only yours. Make accidents on purpose. Call a knife a name by which only you will recognize it. Now I'm not a very smart man, but I'm not a d - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Guitars quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#101. His brown eyes would roam around the various sentimental and artistic bric-a-brac present, and his own banal toiles (the conventionally primitive eyes, sliced guitars, blue nipples and geometrical designs of the day), and with a vague gesture toward a painted wooden bowl or veined vase, he would say "Prenez donc une des ces poires. La bonne dame d'en face m'en offre plus que je n'en peux savourer." Or: "Mississe Taille Lore vient de me donner ces dahlias, belles fleurs que j'exècre. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Guitars quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#102. The guitar's not all that expensive either, when you compare it to gettin' a toothpulled or something. - Author: Merle Haggard
Guitars quotes by Merle Haggard
#103. I mean, i was into their music and everything way before I knew what they looked like, but they had their pictures in the CD insert and when Victoria and I got it, we were both like, "Why, hellooooo there." Plus, they were British. I'm a sucker for cute boys with guitars, as you may have noticed, but throw in a London accent and I'll happily sell my soul without a second thought. - Author: Robin Benway
Guitars quotes by Robin Benway
#104. I'm a real sucker for guitars. I've had a crush on many, many a guitarist. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Guitars quotes by J.K. Rowling
#105. For the longest time, I didn't even want to admit I was serious about music. Before the Shins, I would tell myself, 'Oh, I'm going to figure something out someday.' I had this romantic vision of being this old dude maybe making guitars or something. - Author: James Mercer
Guitars quotes by James Mercer
#106. I'm seeing and hearing lots of B to B instruments, and everybody isn't, you know, using them ... a lot of these guys are trying to do it on conventional guitars, although that has its own sound, and maybe its okay. - Author: John Sebastian
Guitars quotes by John Sebastian
#107. I bought all my friends guitars and I had a good time with my money. But then one day the IRS came knocking. - Author: Janis Ian
Guitars quotes by Janis Ian
#108. Drawing from the costumed and goth-infused death metal found in the icy Netherlands, doom metal down-tuned all the guitars, drew inspiration from the drones of Tibetan monks and Hindu ragas, and created a new mythology of metal, one that embraced decay and darkness as an essential part of the human condition. - Author: Peter Bebergal
Guitars quotes by Peter Bebergal
#109. I don't really care what music's made on - I love guitars, but I'm fine with great electronic music. - Author: Johnny Marr
Guitars quotes by Johnny Marr
#110. There are tons of people in the West who love fiddles, banjos and mandolins. If you got to any cowboy poetry and music gathering those are the instruments they use. It's acoustic music. We don't do that much modern country that has electric guitars and a lot of volume. It's a gentler form of music. It's from the land and comes from the ranchers and farmers. - Author: Michael Martin Murphey
Guitars quotes by Michael Martin Murphey
#111. I'm not too picky about guitars. I love to collect them, mostly oddballs, but I'm not married to any brand or model. Whatever guitar has the best character for the song is the one I want to use, because if you've got a style, you're going to sound like yourself no matter what guitar you play. - Author: Dan Auerbach
Guitars quotes by Dan Auerbach
#112. If we were a rock 'n' roll band,
We'd travel all over the land.
We'd play and we'd sing and wear spangly things,
If we were a rock 'n' roll band.
If we were a rock 'n' roll band,
And we were up there on the stand,
The people would hear us and love us and cheer us,
Hurray for that rock 'n' roll band.
If we were a rock 'n' roll band
Then we'd have a million fans.
We'd goggle and laugh and sign autographs,
If we were a rock 'n' roll band.
If we were a rock 'n' roll band,
The people would all kiss our hands.
We'd be millionaires and have extra long hair,
If we were a rock 'n' roll band.
But we ain't no rock 'n' roll band,
We're just seven kids in the sand
With homemade guitars and pails and jars
And drums of potato chip cans.
Just seven kids in the sand,
Talkin' and wavin' our hands,
And dreamin' and thinkin' oh wouldn't it be grand,
If we were a rock 'n' roll band. - Author: Shel Silverstein
Guitars quotes by Shel Silverstein
#113. It would be obvious for me to do conceptual art, and I think I've done it already with smashing bass guitars and whatever - I consider that as conceptual. - Author: Paul Simonon
Guitars quotes by Paul Simonon
#114. A lot of kids bought guitars and started playing rock'n'roll because of us. - Author: Johnny Ramone
Guitars quotes by Johnny Ramone
#115. I started playing guitar back in '56. I was a teenager, and guitars had just come in, and I had a thing for it and got one. Started learning lead breaks from songs, because that was the easiest thing to do at the time. I had the guitar for two years before I learned any chords. Really. - Author: Roger McGuinn
Guitars quotes by Roger McGuinn
#116. Music is never about music. If it was, we'd be writing songs about guitars. But we don't. We write songs about women.

Women will crush you, you know? I suppose everybody hurts everybody, but women always seem to get back up, you ever notice that? Women are always still standing. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Guitars quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#117. Some sample lyrics I think I catch: "My engine races up to seventh gear; wrap your legs around my engine, dear ... The tunnel's dark, but the ground is wet; I lubricate it with my dripping sweat!"
Or, something vaguely disturbing and gross like that; it's hard to tell with the wailing guitars and the front man screaming through his ravaged vocal chords. - Author: Rusty Fischer
Guitars quotes by Rusty Fischer
#118. I've got an Avalon guitar - that's the company that used to be Lowden. They come out of Ireland, and they're like these folk kind of guitars. You can pick 'em, you can strum 'em - they're quite good. - Author: James Vincent McMorrow
Guitars quotes by James Vincent McMorrow
#119. Lots of people can have girlfriends. But I can throw around guitars onstage! That'll be my epitaph: 'He never had a girlfriend, but you should've seen him smash a Les Paul!' - Author: Trent Reznor
Guitars quotes by Trent Reznor
#120. There is something about guitars - maybe something magical - when played right, which evokes past, mysterious, barely-conscious sentiments, both individual and universal. - Author: John Fahey
Guitars quotes by John Fahey
#121. The man who had served us was lounging at the counter, nodding his head in time with the music. It was a cacophonous din, with too many guitars and not enough melody. It was, I thought, the sound of madness, the kind of music that lunatics hear in their heads just before they slice the heads off foxes and throw them into their neighbour's back garden. - Author: Gail Honeyman
Guitars quotes by Gail Honeyman
#122. My mum's family would all get together, with guitars, harmonica, mandolins and upright bass and play old blues and folk songs. That was normal to me. - Author: Dan Auerbach
Guitars quotes by Dan Auerbach
#123. Raucous heavy metal of punk guitars screeching like robots put to the rack ... - Author: Elizabeth George
Guitars quotes by Elizabeth George
#124. Martin guitars have now brought out, you know, on a more traditional level, the Stephen Stills' model of Martin guitars. It's beautiful. I just went inside. I bought one immediately. - Author: Graham Nash
Guitars quotes by Graham Nash
#125. Yeah, on the records, the guitars are made melodic, and I try to make it memorable. There's not much just wanking, to be honest - it's mostly melodic parts. I try not to play too many notes. It's just more instrumental music. It's a totally valid criticism if you don't like that kind of thing. It also is maybe a little anachronistic or unnecessary in a certain way. - Author: Stephen Malkmus
Guitars quotes by Stephen Malkmus
#126. Strats are my favorite electric guitars, and I've got quite a collection. - Author: Dan Fogelberg
Guitars quotes by Dan Fogelberg
#127. But, what did happen is I went to Woodstock as a member of the audience. I did not show up there with a road manager and a couple of guitars. I showed up with a change of clothes and a toothbrush. - Author: John Sebastian
Guitars quotes by John Sebastian
#128. I had no idea 'The Dream Weaver' would be so successful. Everything just fell into place with that album. I pioneered a number of ideas with that album and subsequent tour. The all-keyboard approach with no guitars was a new one, and I was one of the first to use a drum machine in concert. It was an amazing time. - Author: Gary Wright
Guitars quotes by Gary Wright
#129. We're just musically and rhythmically retarded. We play so hard that we can't tune our guitars fast enough. People can relate to that. - Author: Kurt Cobain
Guitars quotes by Kurt Cobain
#130. It is dishonest the way that people suddenly think they've found guitars, and wear their guitar as a badge. - Author: Pete Waterman
Guitars quotes by Pete Waterman
#131. Sitting around home I mostly play acoustic. I've got seven or eight guitars of various sorts, including a baritone. Sometimes at home, because a guitar is just lying around, that's the guitar I pick up rather than actually choosing something. I try to plan ahead for my laziness by leaving interesting things scattered about. If I leave a baritone guitar lying around, that's the one I'll pick up, and I'll start writing baritoney things. - Author: Richard Thompson
Guitars quotes by Richard Thompson
#132. The future of punk rock has nothing to do with guitars. Everything interesting that I've heard in years has been nearly all electronic. - Author: Geoff Rickly
Guitars quotes by Geoff Rickly
#133. The street's alive as secret debts are paid, Contacts made, they vanished unseen. Kids flash guitars just like switch-blades Hustling for the record machine. The hungry and the hunted explode into rock'n'roll bands That face off against each other out in the street, down in Jungleland. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
Guitars quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#134. Things like guitars and ukuleles, you should never part with it, because there will probably be good, healthy times spent, just playing and writing. - Author: Eddie Vedder
Guitars quotes by Eddie Vedder
#135. I don't touch electric guitars. It's just not my thing - I stick with acoustic guitars only. - Author: Dave Matthews
Guitars quotes by Dave Matthews
#136. Marconi said, "I see you have your instruments. Can any of you sing? The old spirituals work best."
John said, "I can sing."
I said, "No, you can't, John."
"Well, I play the guitar."
"So can I," said Big Jim. "We have two guitars."
I said, "This could not be any stupider."
John said, "Dave, you remember the words to 'Camel Holocaust'?"
"Ah, once again, you prove me wrong, John. - Author: David Wong
Guitars quotes by David Wong
#137. My son, Wolfgang, plays drums, guitars and bass. - Author: Eddie Van Halen
Guitars quotes by Eddie Van Halen
#138. Loki sat down, closed his eyes and reached his hand toward the sky. Nothing happened immediately and Thor was about to say something nearly intelligent when suddenly guitars started screaming, as if a loud speaker hung from the clouds. Then, Robert Plant's voice rang through the air, "We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow! - Author: Dylan Callens
Guitars quotes by Dylan Callens
#139. Folk music is where I come from originally. The very first thing that introduced me to playing guitars at all was skiffle - my cousin had been in London the summer that skiffle was big. - Author: Bjorn Ulvaeus
Guitars quotes by Bjorn Ulvaeus
#140. Rhythms, beats, etc., are fundamentally central to my creative drive: my first instrument was the drums, nearly every band I have been involved in or at the helm of, is driven by rhythm, my band is driven entirely by rhythm, machine rhythm, and the purpose of the rock instrumentation is literally to speak the beats, to emulate the rhythms with guitars and bass, with very little articulation, and without being 'progressive'. - Author: Justin Broadrick
Guitars quotes by Justin Broadrick
#141. An artist creates songs and timeless moments that are reflections that impact culture, and you can do that in any way - with guitars, ukelele, a computer. So, that will never die. It's always the artist behind the computer, not the computer. - Author: Skrillex
Guitars quotes by Skrillex
#142. The other song we did was my cover of "Addicted to Love." There used to be a sort of karaoke booth on Saint Mark's, where anyone could go in and record themselves. I chose "Addicted to Love" because I liked Robert Palmer's video, with its background cast of zombie models identically dressed and holding guitars. I took the tape with the canned version of the song back to the studio, and we sped up the vocal to make it sound higher in pitch. Later I brought the cassette mix to Macy's, where they had a video version of the karaoke sound booth. You could customize a background while two cameras filmed you. For my backdrop I picked jungle fighters, and I wore my Black Flag earrings. The entire bill came to $19.99, and in a slick, commercial MTV world, it felt gratifying and empowering to pay for the whole thing with a credit card. - Author: Kim Gordon
Guitars quotes by Kim Gordon
#143. So one time for my disillusioned artists, I hear ya Two times for the kid that air-guitars in the mirror Three times for the 9-to-5-in' bus ridin' dudes And four times for my dreamers, yo I'm just like you That's why I sing for my queens with their own pair of wings My brothers flyin' beside me, drama behind me Mama tried to find me, she inquired emphatically I was in the sky with all these other ghetto kids, defying gravity, uh - Author: Danny Denzongpa
Guitars quotes by Danny Denzongpa
#144. The music defied classification. If I had been writing a
review of the show, I would have labeled it progressive,
guitar-driven rock 'n' roll. But the guitars made sounds guitars
didn't always make. Symphonic sounds. Sacred sounds.
The music dug in so deep you didn't hear it so much as feel
it, reminding me of a dream I used to have when I was a kid,
where I would be standing on a street corner, I would jump
into the air, flap my arms, and soar up into the sky.
That's the only way I could describe the music.
It was the sonic equivalent of flight. - Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo
Guitars quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#145. I would have issues with directions songs were taking, but I never heard one of Carlos' [Dangler] basslines and said, "I don't like that, do something else." The same goes for the beat and the guitars. I think that's why we were able to make four albums together. - Author: Paul Banks
Guitars quotes by Paul Banks
#146. When I was living in New York, I had this slightly wannabe bohemian existence and took up painting, at which I'm appalling. I also bought several guitars. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
Guitars quotes by Eddie Redmayne
#147. I'm a strong advocate for music. I think guitars are wonderful. - Author: Mike Huckabee
Guitars quotes by Mike Huckabee
#148. Merrill Hartweiss scales a rocky incline toward Renna. The noon sun bakes the hillside as Merrill's boots dig into the broiling sands. Yet another gypsy tune enters his head. It starts off slowly. A lone guitar, its strings strummed with the lustful passion of a young man brushing his fingertips softly against the breasts of his lover. Another guitar joins, like a second hand, exploring her hot flesh, stroking the side of her bare abdomen, and gradually moving upward toward her chest. Then, a female voice joins the guitars; it is slightly raspy, yet sultry; filled with a fiery allure. The guitars pick up in intensity and tempo. There is a rhythmic clapping now, in synchronization with the strumming. The man has entered his lover.

Sweat begins to form on Merrill's forehead, then quickly turns to vapor, dissipating into the blistering heat from the sunlight reflecting off the sands. Steady clapping, louder still. The tempo quickens, progressively and with a vigorous intensity. The man arches his back, cresting then falling; cresting, arching, rising and falling deeper again and again into his lover. The clapping, now faster, still rhythmic, but so much more intense. The guitars keep pace with increasing ferocity. In the woman's voice, short, quick breaths form words as she cries out her lover's name from deep within the throes of a forbidden love - Author: Angel Rosa
Guitars quotes by Angel Rosa
#149. There's something about guitars, they're just so big, you know what I mean? You're just like, 'Ugh!' It just seems so overwhelming. And the ukulele is, like, the opposite of overwhelming. - Author: Zooey Deschanel
Guitars quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#150. So many bands are like, 'I'm real because I'm dirty.' If you have money for guitars, you can afford soap. - Author: Pelle Almqvist
Guitars quotes by Pelle Almqvist
#151. Really young kids are into guitars. - Author: Charlie Simpson
Guitars quotes by Charlie Simpson
#152. I smash guitars because I like them. - Author: Pete Townshend
Guitars quotes by Pete Townshend
#153. Tone on jazz guitars is a real tough issue. - Author: Mark White
Guitars quotes by Mark White
#154. I am serenading you sweetheart," Kip says, "The way I figure it, you like those idiots who play guitars, so I figure I will learn how to play so I can seduce you. Jagger will understand. I mean he can't play drums for shit, so you will have no choice but to fall madly in love with my guitar and drum playing skills." He grins like a Cheshire cat. - Author: Sasha Marshall
Guitars quotes by Sasha Marshall
#155. I like to sit in front of the computer, going through files of music, and recording the final vocals, guitars and what- nots. But the windows are always open and you can hear the crickets, birds, chickens, and even the sound of rain hitting the studio. The farm is a great place to hang out in, learn from and create music. - Author: Jason Mraz
Guitars quotes by Jason Mraz
#156. In the camera business, you won't survive if you don't innovate. In the guitar business you may or may not. The guitars being sold were designed between '48 and '59, Gibson SGs in '61. - Author: Paul Reed Smith
Guitars quotes by Paul Reed Smith
#157. I'm into playing guitars, not into figuring out what else goes on with them. - Author: James Young
Guitars quotes by James Young
#158. Little remnants from everywhere I've been are scattered around my home. I collect rocks in a weird way, with stones from around the world as mementos. I've also got three haranas, which are little guitars. - Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
Guitars quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#159. When the cities are gone, he thought, and all the ruckus has died away, when sunflowers push up through the concrete and asphalt of the forgotten interstate freeways, when the Kremlin and the Pentagon are turned into nursing homes for generals, presidents and other such shitheads, when the glass-aluminum skyscraper tombs of Phoenix Arizona barely show above the sand dunes, why then, why then, why then by God maybe free men and wild women on horses, free women and wild men, can roam the sagebrush canyonlands in freedom - goddammit! - herding the feral cattle into box canyons, and gorge on bloody meat and bleeding fucking internal organs, and dance all night to the music of fiddles! banjos! steel guitars! by the light of a reborn moon! - by God, yes! Until, he reflected soberly, and bitterly, and sadly, until the next age of ice and iron comes down, and the engineers and the farmers - Author: Edward Abbey
Guitars quotes by Edward Abbey
#160. My wife bought me a vintage Gibson guitar that isn't just beautiful but has tremendous sentimental value. I have plenty of guitars for live gigs but this is one to treasure. - Author: Bill Bailey
Guitars quotes by Bill Bailey
#161. There's a very old recording maxim that goes, 'Distance makes depth.' I've used that a hell of a lot-whether it's tracking guitars or the whole band. People are used to close-miking amps, but I'd have a mic out around the back, as well, and then balance the two. Also, you shouldn't have to use EQ in the studio if the instruments sound right. You should be able to get the right tones simply with the science of microphone placement. - Author: Jimmy Page
Guitars quotes by Jimmy Page
#162. She grew up in the days when lamps ran on whale blubber, guitars were strung with catgut, and pig brains were a delicacy. Imposing my pampered millennial morality on the situation would be an insult to her entire generation. - Author: George Watsky
Guitars quotes by George Watsky
#163. Our story ends happily ever after. It has to. We escape Battle Creek, pile into the car, and burn a strip of rubber down the highway. Fly away west, to the promised land. Our rooms will be lit by lava lamps and Christmas lights. Our lives will glow. Consciousness will rise and minds will expand, and beautiful boys in flannel shirts will make snow angels on our floor and write love letters on our ceiling with black polish and red lipstick. We will be their muses, and they will strum their guitars beneath our window, calling to us with a siren song. Come down come away with me. We will lean out of our tower, our hair swinging like Rapunzel's, and laugh, because nothing will carry us away from each other. - Author: Robin Wasserman
Guitars quotes by Robin Wasserman
#164. Anything with drums, bass, and guitars is under the pop umbrella. We'll continue to try new sounds as long as we're a band and just by growing up and moving on in your life doesn't mean you hate an earlier part of your life. - Author: Patrick Stump
Guitars quotes by Patrick Stump
#165. In Washington Square, one could still feel the characters of Henry James and the presence of the author himself. Entering the perimeters of the white arch, one was greeted by the sounds of bongos and acoustic guitars, protest singers, political arguments, activists leafleting, older chess players challenged by the young. This open atmosphere was something I had not experienced, simple freedom that did not seem to be oppressive to anyone. - Author: Patti Smith Just Kids
Guitars quotes by Patti Smith Just Kids
#166. I don't listen to Nirvana plugged anymore. I think there's a whole group of people who have semi-forgotten that Nirvana used electric guitars because of the 'Unplugged' album. It's so great. - Author: Steven Hall
Guitars quotes by Steven Hall
#167. Trent likes to record guitars direct, whereas I've always preferred playing through an amplifier. - Author: Daisy Berkowitz
Guitars quotes by Daisy Berkowitz
#168. My interests are guitars, cars, and vacation. I've been playing guitar all my life. My dad was a professional guitarist, but I'm terrible, which lets me off the hook, so I just play for myself. - Author: Josh Hartnett
Guitars quotes by Josh Hartnett
#169. It was 2002, we all got guitars for Christmas and started playing in my garage that summer, rehearsed there and in a warehouse for a bit for about a year. We did our first gig in June 2003 and we played a few gigs in and around Sheffield for a bit then started doing gigs outside of Sheffield about this time last year, recording demos while all this was going on. - Author: Alex Turner
Guitars quotes by Alex Turner
#170. Absolutely, all guitars are different. You can go into a store and grab five guitars, all the same model, and even though they look identical they're not identical. They play differently, they feel a bit different and they sound slightly different. - Author: John McLaughlin
Guitars quotes by John McLaughlin
#171. I wish they'd had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would've been straightened out. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
Guitars quotes by Jimi Hendrix
#172. I don't know what the outcome will be. I put a couple away for my grandkids, like that. So I don't know, who knows? Maybe I'll start building guitars for a living. - Author: Guy Clark
Guitars quotes by Guy Clark
#173. I wrote, recorded and produced everything myself. I played the guitars and keyboards while the drums were programmed. As a producer, I think music technology has reached a point, where the results that can be achieved in this way, allows me to create the music and sounds I envision. - Author: Paul Wardingham
Guitars quotes by Paul Wardingham
#174. I destroyed a lot of guitars trying to get them to do what I wanted, but I learned something from every guitar I tore apart, and discovered even more things. Things like if the string is not straight from the bridge saddle to the nut, you're going to have friction. - Author: Eddie Van Halen
Guitars quotes by Eddie Van Halen
#175. If your going to learn to play lead guitar, get an electric guitar .. it doesn't have to be an expensive one .. acoustic guitars aren't good for learning lead, because you can't play up very high on the neck and they take heavier-gauge strings which makes it hard to bend notes - Author: Eddie Van Halen
Guitars quotes by Eddie Van Halen
#176. Guitars are kind of just, you know, sexy, especially old vintage ones. - Author: Andrew Bird
Guitars quotes by Andrew Bird
#177. Nirvana was pop. You can have distorted guitars and people say it's alternative, but you can't break out of pop music's constructs and still get extensive radio play and media coverage. - Author: Kristin Hersh
Guitars quotes by Kristin Hersh
#178. These babies ain't just guitars; these babies are living, breathing instruments. - Author: Brenda Sutton Rose
Guitars quotes by Brenda Sutton Rose
#179. We weren't listening to guitar bands, we were thoroughly ashamed of being a guitar band. So we bought loads of keyboards and learned how to use them, and when we got bored we went back to guitars. - Author: Thom Yorke
Guitars quotes by Thom Yorke
#180. It's cool to play the guitar, but to me it's even cooler to scratch a guitar backward and forward, to manipulate it with a turntable. Guitars can't do that themselves. - Author: Diplo
Guitars quotes by Diplo
#181. I have a couple of nice guitars that I use, but I don't have anything that I collect. I collect a lot of dust in my apartment, if that counts for anything. - Author: Chris Carmack
Guitars quotes by Chris Carmack
#182. I don't collect the way other people do. Some people collect rare guitars, like, 'I have a '54 Strat worth $50,000.' And I don't collect the way Nash does. Nash has Duane Allman's guitar and Johnny Cash's guitar. I bought guitars because they sounded good. I played them, they sounded unbelievably good, and I couldn't resist. - Author: David Crosby
Guitars quotes by David Crosby
#183. I have two main bass guitars, and my main bass is a four-string 1964 Fender Jazz, and I've named it Justine. - Author: Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Guitars quotes by Malcolm-Jamal Warner
#184. Just because a guitar is old doesn't make it good ... I've seen guitars that were old but weren't as good as the reissue ... for me, it's not the age that makes it happen, it's the quality of the instrument ... - Author: Jorma Kaukonen
Guitars quotes by Jorma Kaukonen
#185. His crimped hair was subtly frosted, making him look like a preacher in some California church - the kind with acoustic guitars and headset microphones and not much use for the actual Bible. - Author: John Wray
Guitars quotes by John Wray
#186. You've no right to walk into people's castles and take their guitars. - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Guitars quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#187. Gary Burnetts office is shelved with theological books, guitars fill the floor, and the drawers are crammed with CDs. In The Gospel According to the Blues, Gary brings his vocation as a New Testament teacher together with his passion for the blues and gives the reader scholarly knowledge and wise insight. - Author: Steve Stockman
Guitars quotes by Steve Stockman
#188. And as far as guitars go, I loved Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West's stuff. - Author: Willie Nelson
Guitars quotes by Willie Nelson
#189. I was too broke to buy a guitar so I more borrowed guitars from friends. - Author: Ronnie Montrose
Guitars quotes by Ronnie Montrose
#190. It's interesting to see how acoustic guitars are emerging as a primary instrument once again ... reminds me very much of what Jim Messina and I were doing back then. You can't get too far away from an acoustic guitar - Author: Kenny Loggins
Guitars quotes by Kenny Loggins
#191. Rap is rock 'n' roll. Rock is when you push the buttons in the system; when you say, I'm not going along with what you're saying. That's rock, whether it's done with guitars, or it's done with just beats. - Author: Ice-T
Guitars quotes by Ice-T
#192. A man can never have too many pairs of sunglasses or too many guitars. - Author: Richie Sambora
Guitars quotes by Richie Sambora
#193. Other freshmen were already moving into their dormitory rooms when we arrived, with their parents helping haul. I saw boxes of paperbacks, stereo equipment, Dylan albums and varnished acoustic guitars, home-knitted afghans, none as brilliant as mine, Janis posters, Bowie posters, Day-Glo bedsheets, hacky sacks, stuffed bears. But as we carried my trunk up two flights of stairs terror invaded me. Although I was studying French because I dreamed of going to Paris, I actually dreaded leaving home, and in the end my parents did not want me to leave, either. But this is how children are sacrificed into their futures: I had to go, and here I was. We walked back down the stairs. I was too numb to cry, but I watched my mother and father as they stood beside the car and waved. That moment is a still image; I can call it up as if it were a photograph. My father, so thin and athletic, looked almost frail with shock, while my mother, whose beauty was still remarkable, and who was known on the reservation for her silence and reserve, had left off her characteristic gravity. Her face and my father's were naked with love. It wasn't something thatwe talked about - love. But they allowed me this one clear look at it. It blazed from them. And then they left. - Author: Louise Erdrich
Guitars quotes by Louise Erdrich
#194. I see what I want of Love ... I see horses making the meadow dance, fifty guitars sighing, and a swarm of bees suckling the wild berries, and I close my eyes until I see our shadow behind this dispossessed place ...
I see what I want of people: their desire to long for anything, their lateness in getting to work and their hurry to return to their folk ... and their need to say: Good Morning ... - Author: Mahmoud Darwish
Guitars quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#195. I feel my spot is somewhere between a bass player and a rhythm guitar player. I play with a pick. I play very aggressively. I always have a distortion pedal in line, and I play less melodies and do more stuff against the guitars that create melodies. - Author: Nikki Sixx
Guitars quotes by Nikki Sixx
#196. There's just no stopping those girls with guitars. - Author: Wynonna Judd
Guitars quotes by Wynonna Judd
#197. I have about nine guitars in all, so obviously I'm into collecting. - Author: Daisy Berkowitz
Guitars quotes by Daisy Berkowitz
#198. My dad was vehemently opposed to electric guitars. He did not look on that kind of music as legitimate in any way. - Author: Dan Fogelberg
Guitars quotes by Dan Fogelberg
#199. Most records, you build from the drums and bass up. This one, we started with the vocals in Nashville and recorded them live with just the guitars and tried to make that complete and lovely-sounding without any adornment at all. I really wanted to get something with the vocal that I've never gotten before Armchair Apocrypha. - Author: Andrew Bird
Guitars quotes by Andrew Bird
#200. The only two things in life that make it worth livin' / Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin' women - Author: Waylon Jennings
Guitars quotes by Waylon Jennings

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