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#1. People expect it to be easy because there you are, out there, doing the thing that you want and making lots of money out of it. But, you know, I'm not that smooth. I can get clumsy around certain people. Like if I were to sit down and think, 'OK, I'm really famous, how am I going to conduct myself in public?' I wouldn't know who that person would be! It would be a lot easier if I could, but I can't. - Author: Kristen Stewart
Gruden Famous quotes by Kristen Stewart
#2. The usefulness of madmen is famous: they demonstrate society's logic flagrantly carried out down to its last scrimshaw scrap. - Author: Cynthia Ozick
Gruden Famous quotes by Cynthia Ozick
#3. When I was 10 I used to walk around shopping centres and go, "Oh, they've recognised me!" And I would think, "hold on, who am I? I'm nobody famous yet!" - Darren on 60 Minutes - Author: Darren Hayes
Gruden Famous quotes by Darren Hayes
#4. I don't care about being famous or having a lot of people go, "She's really good." - Author: Laurie Anderson
Gruden Famous quotes by Laurie Anderson
#5. I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it. - Author: Jonathan Winters
Gruden Famous quotes by Jonathan Winters
#6. There are three goals for any comedian: to make a living as a comedian; I've been fortunate to do that. To make a name for yourself and to be famous would be great - because it would give me that freedom. - Author: Alonzo Bodden
Gruden Famous quotes by Alonzo Bodden
#7. I'd probably be famous now if I wasn't such a good waitress. - Author: Jane Siberry
Gruden Famous quotes by Jane Siberry
#8. To paraphrase the famous Walt saying, Cast Members are there to work so Guests can play. - Author: Leslie Le Mon
Gruden Famous quotes by Leslie Le Mon
#9. Quite often I can be in a bookshop, standing beneath a great big picture of myself and paying for a book with a credit card clearly marked John Grisham, yet no one recognises me. I often say I'm a famous author in a country where no one reads. - Author: John Grisham
Gruden Famous quotes by John Grisham
#10. : But the people on the CD are famous. Those people were coming out to see those people. I don't think they need that kind of intimacy with those people. - Author: B. J. Porter
Gruden Famous quotes by B. J. Porter
#11. Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Gruden Famous quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#12. Shelby..." Her tongue skimmed over his while he cupped the back of her neck more firmly. "Shelby," he repeated a moment later, "there was something I wanted to talk to you about earlier, and I'm in danger of becoming as ditracted now as I was then."
"Promise?" She moved her lips to his throat.
"I have a command performance this weekend."
"Oh?" She switched to his ear.
In self-defense, Aan rolled over and pinned her beneath him. "I got a call from my father this afternoon."
"Ah" Humor danced in her eyes. "The laird."
"The title would appeal to him." Alan grasped her wrists to prevent her from clouding his mind as she seemed bent on doing. "It seems he's planned one of his famous family weekends. Come with me."
One brow lifted. "To the MacGregor fortress in Hyannis Port? Unarmed?"
"We'll hoist the white flag."
She wanted to go.She wanted to say no. A visit to his family home came perilously close to that final commitment she was so carefully sidestepping. Questions, speculation-there'd be no avoiding them. Alan heard her thoughts as clearly as if it had been spoken.Pushng back frustration, he changed tactics.
"I have orders to bring that girl-" he watched her eyes narrow- "-that daughter of the thieving, murdering Campbells,with me."
"Oh,is that so?"
"Just so," Alan returned mildly.
Shelby lifted her chin. "When do we leave? - Author: Nora Roberts
Gruden Famous quotes by Nora Roberts
#13. We needed to become world-famous soon, while there was still that kind of world to be famous in ... - Author: Scott Westerfeld
Gruden Famous quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#14. Exploitation films were famous for taking an issue an exploiting it because they could move much faster than a studio could. If there was any hot topic, they would run out and make a quick movie and make a buck on it, by changing it around and using it, in some way, to give some relevance. - Author: Robert Rodriguez
Gruden Famous quotes by Robert Rodriguez
#15. Used to be when a bird flew into a window, Milly and Twiss got a visit. Milly would put a kettle on and set out whatever culinary adventure she'd gone on that day. For morning arrivals, she offered her famous vanilla drop biscuits and raspberry jam. Twiss would get the medicine bag from the hall closet and sterilize the tools she needed, depending on the seriousness of the injury. A wounded limb was one thing. A wounded crop was another.
People used to come from as far away as Reedsburg and Wilton. Milly would sit with them while Twiss patched up the 'poor old robin' or the 'sweet little meadowlark.' Over the years, the number of visitors had dwindled. Now that the grocery store sold ready-bake biscuits and jelly in all the colors of the rainbow, people didn't bother as much about birds. - Author: Rebecca Rasmussen
Gruden Famous quotes by Rebecca Rasmussen
#16. We have already shown by references to the contemporary drama that the plea of custom is not sufficient to explain Shakespeare's attitude to the lower classes, but if we widen our survey to the entire field of English letters in his day, we shall see that he was running counter to all the best traditions of our literature. From the time of Piers Plowman down, the peasant had stood high with the great writers of poetry and prose alike. Chaucer's famous circle of story-tellers at the Tabard Inn in Southwark was eminently democratic. - Author: William Shakespeare
Gruden Famous quotes by William Shakespeare
#17. Adele took her place in front of the audience and began to sing.
"Miss Eyre, perhaps you can tell me what he's saying?" Mrs. Fairfax said. "The only other person in the house who speaks French is the master, and he hates to translate anymore."
Jane glanced at Mr. Rochester, but he stared straight ahead.
Jane listened to the song. "The first few lines are about a famous dancer ... in a club ... She wore flowers in her hair and a dress that ... oh." Adele sang in detail about how much the dress covered. Or didn't cover.
Jane blushed and glanced at Mr. Rochester, searching for a reaction to the scandalous lyrics. But he just listened. Not scandalized.
"So, yes, the dancer wore a dress," Jane continued, with slightly less detail. "And she was in love with a ... dealer. Of cards. And at night, they ... oh my."
Adele sang of a very special hug.
Jane's cheeks flamed. "Perhaps Mr. Rochester should translate."
She turned to Mr. Rochester, who coughed. He waved his hand. "Please continue, Miss Eyre. You're doing such a fine job."
Now Adele sang of the woman's roving eye, and another man visiting while her lover was away.
"They continued to love each other," Jane said quickly, maybe a bit desperately.
In the last verse, the boyfriend found out about her infidelity, and stabbed the dancer and her other lover.
"That escalated quickly," said Helen. She also spoke French, but no one had asked her to translate.
"And they both l - Author: Cynthia Hand
Gruden Famous quotes by Cynthia Hand
#18. If you've ever wondered why some writers who, in your humble opinion, don't write as well as you do yet are rich and famous while you struggle onward, this is the reason. They are great directors. - Author: Larry Brooks
Gruden Famous quotes by Larry Brooks
#19. No further issues with Corinne Bishop or her kin in Detroit?" "Hunter didn't seem to be concerned," Gideon replied. "Said he had the situation under control." Lucan grunted, wry despite the weight of the discussion previously under way. "Where've I heard that line before? Famous last words from more than one of us over the course of the past year and a half. - Author: Tina St. John
Gruden Famous quotes by Tina St. John
#20. Growing up in Texas and Oklahoma, Ben Johnson was more famous than John Wayne to some of us. I knew him. I worked with him on a low budget film years ago, and we'd sit around at night while waiting for a shot. - Author: Bill Paxton
Gruden Famous quotes by Bill Paxton
#21. Winning the Games will make you famous, losing will mean death. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Gruden Famous quotes by Suzanne Collins
#22. Saturday evening, on a quiet lazy afternoon, I went to watch a bullfight in Las Ventas, one of Madrid's most famous bullrings. I went there out of curiosity. I had long been haunted by the image of the matador with its custom made torero suit, embroidered with golden threads, looking spectacular in his "suit of light" or traje de luces as they call it in Spain. I was curious to see the dance of death unfold in front of me, to test my humanity in the midst of blood and gold, and to see in which state my soul will come out of the arena, whether it will be shaken and stirred, furious and angry, or a little bit aware of the life embedded in every death. Being an avid fan of Hemingway, and a proponent of his famous sentence "About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after," I went there willingly to test myself. I had heard atrocities about bullfighting yet I had this immense desire to be part of what I partially had an inclination to call a bloody piece of cultural experience. As I sat there, in front of the empty arena, I felt a grandiose feeling of belonging to something bigger than anything I experienced during my stay in Spain. Few minutes and I'll be witnessing a painting being carefully drawn in front of me, few minutes and I will be part of an art form deeply entrenched in the Spanish cultural heritage: the art of defying death. But to sit there, and to watch the bull enter the arena… To watch one bull - Author: Malak El Halabi
Gruden Famous quotes by Malak El Halabi
#23. One of the words I railed against was "personality," as in a "TV personality." But now I wonder if it isn't the only word for that vast swarm of people who are famous for being famous - and possibly nothing else. What did the Gabor sisters actually do? - Author: William Zinsser
Gruden Famous quotes by William Zinsser
#24. I wanted to be a musician but I didn't have the talent for it, so I decided I wanted to be famous, so I became an actor. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
Gruden Famous quotes by Anthony Hopkins
#25. Draped across an armchair lay his famous long black coat, empty now, and hollow with missing him. - Author: Frank Delaney
Gruden Famous quotes by Frank Delaney
#26. I think that children that are acting are always pretty savvy anyway because you're conducting yourself around adults a lot of the time, aren't you? But there is this worry now that children just want to be famous. - Author: Ashley Jensen
Gruden Famous quotes by Ashley Jensen
#27. I studied Hitchcock a little bit at University and knew the famous story about the Birds - that he'd tortured Tippi for a day using real birds. I had no idea that it was a five-day onslaught and that it was the tip of an iceberg that carried on through to another film. - Author: Toby Jones
Gruden Famous quotes by Toby Jones
#28. You really want my honest opinion?" I ask.
Anton gestures for me to go on. "Please, this is why I hired you, devochka."
I detect a little hint of sarcasm, but I go ahead and say, "I hate restaurants like this."
"Why?" He seems genuinely curious to know why.
"Because - because they're expensive."
"What is the problem? I'm paying for everything."
I shake my head. "It's not that - you see," I lower my voice, " this is where famous people eat."
"Famous?" Anton pretends to look around. "Where?"
"I think that's the guy from that prank show. And there's that guy from those vampire movies. And Maya Findlay."
"Yeah? I don't know who they are."
"Really?" I ask dubiously.
"I'm not into the famous people thing too."
"Which is why you only date models who want to become actresses." I notice him giving me a look. "Sorry," I say sheepishly. - Author: Maria Malonzo
Gruden Famous quotes by Maria Malonzo
#29. If the Chandos portrait is not genuine, then we are left with two other possible likenesses to help us decide what William Shakespeare looked like. The first is the copperplate engraving that appeared as the frontispiece of the collected works of Shakespeare in 1623 - the famous First Folio. - Author: Bill Bryson
Gruden Famous quotes by Bill Bryson
#30. Often the most powerful men in a state can pass down a street unrecognized, while the most famous bask in feted impotence - Author: Robert Harris
Gruden Famous quotes by Robert Harris
#31. If I hadn't had the experience of being famous, I would have searched for it my whole life. I would have just gone on and on trying to find it. - Author: Matthew Perry
Gruden Famous quotes by Matthew Perry
#32. When I get older losing my hair many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I'd been out till quarter to three would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four? - Author: John Lennon
Gruden Famous quotes by John Lennon
#33. Open the pod bay doors, Hal. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Gruden Famous quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#34. No one is famous when they wake up in the morning, so it's nice seeing people in moments when they're just being themselves. - Author: Elizabeth Peyton
Gruden Famous quotes by Elizabeth Peyton
#35. Bards sing songs and act girly. Thus, they're kind of useless in a fight, but make good support characters. Kind of half wizard half healer with a bit of skills master and warrior thrown in. If you want to be a super famous rock star in the Middle Ages, but suck at fighting, play a Bard. - Author: David Dostaler
Gruden Famous quotes by David Dostaler
#36. I never set out to become 'famous.' I mean, when you're 14 you think 'I'm gonna become a writer and people will want my autograph and that'll be cool,' but you grow up and you learn that's just not how the world works. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never be published and if I did it probably wouldn't be a big deal. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Gruden Famous quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#37. People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach. - Author: Marguerite De Navarre
Gruden Famous quotes by Marguerite De Navarre
#38. I never cease to be amazed why some of my friends became famous and others, just as talented, didn't. I've come to suspect it's a matter of wanting fame or not, and those who don't want it, don't get it. - Author: Malcolm Cowley
Gruden Famous quotes by Malcolm Cowley
#39. I signed a deal with Satan because I wanted to get famous. Then I forgot I had a deal with Satan and then I got really famous. - Author: Roseanne Barr
Gruden Famous quotes by Roseanne Barr

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