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#1. The book was long, and difficult to read, and Klaus became more and more tired as the night wore on. Occasionally his eyes would close. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Lemony Snicket
#2. Scarlatti [Kirkpatrick] started writing sonatas when he was 66 and the idea that he ran off 500 or so after he was 66 was just too much for me to resist. It's just great. - Author: Frank Stella
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Frank Stella
#3. ...the act of remembering is imagined as a real act, that is, as a physical act: as walking...the means of retrieving the stored information was walking through the rooms like a visitor in a walk the same route again can mean to think the same thoughts again, as though thoughts and ideas were indeed fixed objects in a landscape one need only know how to travel through. In this way, walking is reading, even when both the walking and reading are imaginary, and the landscape of the memory becomes a text as stable as that to be found in the garden, the labyrinth, or the stations. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#4. Singing always came naturally but the writing side is something I have always had to work hard at to get from good songs to great songs. - Author: Andrew Ripp
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Andrew Ripp
#5. If there's an idea I think is really good and I feel like I can write it, then I'll do it. - Author: Matt Damon
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Matt Damon
#6. If you're just starting out as a writer, you could do worse than strip your television's electric plug-wire, wrap a spike around it, and then stick it back into the wall. See what blows, and how far. Just an idea. - Author: Stephen King
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Stephen King
#7. Desire never stops. Equilibrium is temporary. The self-revelation is never simple, and it cannot guarantee the hero a satisfying life from that day forward. since a great story is always a living thing, its ending is no more final and certain than any other part of the story. - Author: John Truby
Great Writing Ideas quotes by John Truby
#8. The Butcher Boy is a very great novel indeed and a very important Irish novel. The ambiguity of that is, he's writing a book about an appalling situation and he does it in a hilarious way. - Author: Stephen Rea
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Stephen Rea
#9. When you write you have a certain vision of how it could be and it's great to be able to see it all the way to the goal line. - Author: Etan Cohen
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Etan Cohen
#10. I think that once you start writing songs, you start developing a library of ideas that you can go and take from, so it gets easier as you go. - Author: James Mercer
Great Writing Ideas quotes by James Mercer
#11. Writing a novel is like going a great distance to take a small shit. - Author: Harlan Ellison
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Harlan Ellison
#12. Stop that." Mortified, she reached out to slam the door shut. "Somebody could come in." "Then stop squirming," he suggested, and gently peeled back the bandage. He nodded in approval. "You did a decent job." Even as she hissed at him, he lowered his head and touched his lips to the cut. "All better," he said with a grin just as the door opened. Peabody gaped, flushed, then
stammered out, "Excuse me." "Just leaving," Roarke said, patting the bandage back in place while Eve ground her teeth. "How did you come through this
morning's excitement, Peabody?" "Okay, it was... well, actually." She cleared her throat and shot him a hopeful glance. "I got this little nick right here." She rubbed her finger at her jawline, heart fluttering pleasantly when he
smiled at her. "So you do." He stepped to her, angled his head, and touched his lips to the tiny cut. "Take care of yourself." "Man, man, oh man," was the best she could manage when he'd left. "He's got such a great mouth. How do you stop yourself from just biting it?" "Wipe the drool off your chin, for Christ's sake. And sit down. We've got a report to write for the
commander." "I almost got blown up and got kissed by Roarke all in the same morning. I'm writing it on my calendar." "Settle down." "Yes, sir." She took out her log and got to work. But with a smile on her face. - Author: J.D. Robb
Great Writing Ideas quotes by J.D. Robb
#13. I knew I could only play Cyrano if he were Americanized. I had no intention of writing the script myself. I was afraid of it. You're playing with fire when you tamper with a classic. So I went looking for a writer. But it was such a personal idea, and anyone I would give it to would make it his own. It's hard to ask Neil Simon to write your idea. - Author: Steve Martin
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Steve Martin
#14. Writing itself is a dream. There are days of self doubt and deadlines and wondering how you're going to pay the bills until you write that bestseller. But it's still the best job I've ever had. I've also been able to help a lot of people and even inspire a few and that feels great. - Author: Graham Brown
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Graham Brown
#15. I loved 'Everybody Loves Raymond' because I like Ray and I thought it was beautifully cast, I thought it was great writing. I thought Patricia Heaton was wonderful. - Author: Bob Newhart
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Bob Newhart
#16. As long as you have ideas, you can keep going. That's why writing fiction is so much fun: because you're moving people about, and making settings for them to move in, so there's always something there to keep working on. - Author: Guy Davenport
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Guy Davenport
#17. I have a great many opinions about writing, but I'm afraid that all of them are unprintable - Author: Alfred Lansing
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Alfred Lansing
#18. The idea of Herman Melville in a writing class is always distressing to me. - Author: Harold Bloom
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Harold Bloom
#19. And why don't you write? Write! Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it. I know why you haven't written. (And why I didn't write before the age of twenty-seven.) Because writing is at once too high, too great for you, it's reserved for the great-that is for "great men"; and it's "silly."
Besides, you've written a little, but in secret. And it wasn't good, because it was in secret, and because you punished yourself for writing, because you didn't go all the way, or because you wrote, irresistibly, as when we would masturbate in secret, not to go further, but to attenuate the tension a bit, just enough to take the edge off. And then as soon as we come, we go and make ourselves feel guilty-so as to be forgiven; or to forget, to bury it until the next time. - Author: Helene Cixous
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Helene Cixous
#20. Graphic design was largely about communication in an artistic or creative manner, much like writing is used to convey ideas. Many designers completely miss that aspect of the "art." Some are completely satisfied with just making things pretty, without taking the communication element into consideration. - Author: Jeff Fisher
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Jeff Fisher
#21. All nonfiction writers, whether they like it or not, are translators. The translator is the perfect journalist. The best journalism endeavors to convey an essential idea or story to an audience that knows very little about it, and that requires translation. To do this successfully, the writer must filter the idea through the prism of his eye, and his mind, and his writing style. - Author: Ilan Stavans
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Ilan Stavans
#22. The idea that a student can write a sonnet or a novel without having a sound understanding about its history, and where it fits into literature as a whole, seems to me to be manifestly daft. - Author: Nicholas Royle
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Nicholas Royle
#23. The simple everyday experiences become the doorway to new thoughts and inspirations. - Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
Great Writing Ideas quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#24. The young women of today, free to study, to speak, to write, to choose their occupation, should remember that every inch of this freedom was bought for them at a great price. It is for them to show their gratitude by helping onward the reforms of their own times, by spreading the light of freedom and of truth still wider. The debt that each generation owes to the past it must pay to the future. - Author: Abigail Scott Duniway
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Abigail Scott Duniway
#25. You took my paper smudged with tears and you read it out loud. You told me what worked in the essay, and what didn't work. You asked me questions about word choice, pacing, and something you called political symbolism. You asked me what I was really trying to say with the essay and suggested I start with saying exactly that. You challenged me to use the rest of the essay to discover ideas and questions I didn't already know and feel. "A good question anchored in real curiosity is much more important than a cliché or forced metaphor," you told me. - Author: Kiese Laymon
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Kiese Laymon
#26. It can be hard to write a skillfully entertaining fiction, but a great book wants to be more, and wants more from us. - Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#27. Clary,

Despite everything, I can't bear the thought of this ring being lost forever, any more then I can bear the thought of leaving you forever. And though I have no choice about the one, at least I can choose about the other. I'm leaving you our family ring because you have as much right to it as I do.
I'm writing this watching the sun come up. You're asleep, dreams moving behind your restless eyelids. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I wish I could slip into your head and see the world the way you do. I wish I could see myself the way you do. But maybe I dont want to see that. Maybe it would make me feel even more than I already do that I'm perpetuating some kind of Great Lie on you, and I couldn't stand that.
I belong to you. You could do anything you wanted with me and I would let you. You could ask anything of me and I'd break myself trying to make you happy. My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can't have and wanting what you shouldn't want. And I shouldn't want you.
All night I've watched you sleeping, watched the moonlight come and go, casting its shadows across your face in black and white. I've never seen anything more beautiful. I think of the life we could have had if things were different, a life where this night is not a singular event, separate from everything else that's real, but every night. But things aren't different, and I can't - Author: Cassandra Clare
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Cassandra Clare
#28. I deplore with you the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed, and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them ... This has in a great degree been produced by the violence and malignity of party spirit. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#29. My reason for writing stories is to give myself the satisfaction of visualising more clearly and detailedly and stably the vague, elusive, fragmentary impressions of wonder, beauty, and adventurous expectancy which are conveyed to me by certain sights (scenic, architectural, atmospheric, etc.), ideas, occurrences, and images encountered in art and literature. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Great Writing Ideas quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#30. Independent graphic novelists have already achieved good work in terms of design, but all these great minds are writing in English. There is a need for people to write in Hindi. - Author: Anurag Kashyap
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Anurag Kashyap
#31. Write all the time. I believe in writing every day, at least a thousand words a day. We have a strange idea about writing: that it can be done, and done well, without a great deal of effort. Dancers practice every day, musicians practice every day, even when they are at the peak of their careers – especially then. Somehow, we don't take writing as seriously. But writing – writing wonderfully – takes just as much dedication. - Author: Theodora Goss
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Theodora Goss
#32. You start realizing that good prose is crunchy. There's texture in your mouth as you say it. You realize bad writing, bland writing, has no texture, no taste, no corners in your mouth. I'm a great believer in reading aloud. - Author: Janet Fitch
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Janet Fitch
#33. Depending on each other and facing the difficulties that go with it takes a lot more effort than living on your own, separated from the rest of the world. Loving each other, hurting each other, over and over, until our death. All those things that seem so normal are actually incredibly difficult. To accomplish a normal life might be an achievement as great as writing a book that goes down in history! - Author: Naoyuki Ochiai
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Naoyuki Ochiai
#34. I am a great procrastinator. When the writing is going really well, the laundry piles up. - Author: Dana Spiotta
Great Writing Ideas quotes by Dana Spiotta

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