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#1. Poem"

"Two communities outside Birmingham, Alabama, are
still searching for their dead." - News Telecast

And tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock in Springfield, Massachusetts,
my oldest aunt will be buried from a convent.
Spring is here and I'm staying here, I'm not going.
Do birds fly? I am thinking my own thoughts, who else's?

When I die, don't come, I wouldn't want a leaf
to turn away from the sun - it loves it there.
There's nothing so spiritual about being happy
but you can't miss a day of it, because it doesn't last.

So this is the devil's desire? Well I was born to dance.
It's a sacred duty, like being in love with an ape,
and eventually I'll reach some great conclusion, like assumption,
when at last I meet exhaustion in these flowers, go straight up. - Author: Frank O'Hara
Great Conclusion quotes by Frank O'Hara
#2. A good thought sets you up for a great deed.
A good desire sets you up for a great feeling.
A good intention sets you up for a great act.
A good feeling sets you up for a great experience.
A good word sets you up for a great reception.
A good mind sets you up for a great fortune.
A good deed sets you up for a great reward.
A good attitude sets you up for a great life.
A good heart sets you up for a great destiny.
A good soul sets you up for a great afterlife.

A good teacher sets you up for a great lesson.
A good job sets you up for a great career.
A good education sets you up for a great occupation.
A good school sets you up for a great future.
A good character sets you up for a great relationship.
A good mother sets you up for a great wife.
A good father sets you up for a great husband.
A good parent sets you up for a great marriage.
A good beginning sets you up for a great conclusion.
A good today sets you up for a great tomorrow. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Great Conclusion quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#3. Let me pull myself out of these waters. But they heap themselves on me; they sweep me between their great shoulders; I am turned; I am tumbled; I am stretched, among these long lights, these long waves, these endless paths, with people pursuing, pursuing. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Great Conclusion quotes by Virginia Woolf
#4. Great leaders create more leaders, not followers. - Author: Roy T. Bennett
Great Conclusion quotes by Roy T. Bennett
#5. My mother was a Bloomsbury figure: a great friend of TS Eliot, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell. My grandmother, Mary Hutchinson, gave her life to works of art, being an admirer of Matisse and Giaometti, whom I collected as a young man because of her. - Author: Jacob Rothschild
Great Conclusion quotes by Jacob Rothschild
#6. When I think of those who have influenced my life the most, I think not of the great but of the good. - Author: John Knox
Great Conclusion quotes by John Knox
#7. Perhaps," she said, "to be able to learn things quickly isn't everything. To be kind is worth a great deal to other people. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Great Conclusion quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#8. Jon had often told me that if you focus on the fruit and ignore the root, the tree will die, but if you continue to care for the root and focus on your culture, process, people, and purpose, then you'll always have a great supply of fruit. - Author: Jon Gordon
Great Conclusion quotes by Jon Gordon
#9. Accessibility is key. MMOs are great for traditional gamers who have a lot of time to become immersed in a world, but the mass market wants things bite-sized. - Author: Craig Sherman
Great Conclusion quotes by Craig Sherman
#10. On a movie, you have a great time, and you're really enjoying the work, and then everybody is done and goes their separate ways, and you maybe never get to work with those people again. - Author: Denis Leary
Great Conclusion quotes by Denis Leary
#11. When we are young we cannot know
what it is like to bigger grow
but why do grown-ups great and tall
so soon forget they once were small. - Author: Marta Moran Bishop
Great Conclusion quotes by Marta Moran Bishop
#12. [..] neoproletariat caste, the future cybercattle of neurocracy, joyous sophisticate of the always-incomplete chain of predation, primed by silos of soya, stocks of onions, pork bellies…and completed by the global apotheosis of the Great Futures Market of neurolivestock, more volatile (and more profitable) than all the livestock of the Great Plains. Neurolivestock certainly enjoy an existence more comfortable than serfs or millworkers, but they do not easily escape their destiny as the self-regulating raw material of a market as predictable and as homogeneous as a perfect gas, a matter counted in atoms of distress, stripped of all powers of negotiation, renting out their mental space, brain by brain. - Author: Gilles Châtelet
Great Conclusion quotes by Gilles Châtelet
#13. I think we have a great track record on being relevant, on identifying consumer trends, needs and wants. - Author: Jim Cantalupo
Great Conclusion quotes by Jim Cantalupo
#14. It takes a very great intelligence to breathe logical meaning into meaningless ideas. - Author: Milan Kundera
Great Conclusion quotes by Milan Kundera
#15. The case of the general talk of "progress" is, indeed, an extreme one. As enunciated today, "progress" is simply a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative. We meet every ideal of religion, patriotism, beauty, or brute pleasure with the alternative ideal of progress - that is to say, we meet every proposal of getting something that we know about, with an alternative proposal of getting a great deal more of nobody knows what. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Great Conclusion quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#16. Every man's condition is a solution in hieroglyphic to those inquiries he would put. He acts it as life, before he apprehends it as truth. In like manner, nature is already, in its forms and tendencies, describing its own design. Let us interrogate the great apparition, that shines so peacefully around us. Let us inquire, to what end is nature? - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Great Conclusion quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#17. Laissez faire! Let things alone! have said the judges of the camp. Careers are open; and although the field is covered with corpses, although the conqueror stamps on the bodies of the vanquished, although by supply and demand, and the combinations and monopolies in which they result, the greater part of society becomes enslaved to the few, let things along - for thus has decreed fair play. It is by virtue of this beautiful system that a parvenu, without speaking of the great lord who receives counties as his heritage, is able to conquer with ready money thousands of acres, expel those who cultivate his domain, and replace people and their dwellings with wild animals and rare trees. It is thus that a tradesman, more cunning or intelligent, or, perhaps, more favored by luck than his fellows, is enabled to become master of an army of workers, and as often as not to starve them at his pleasure. - Author: Elisee Reclus
Great Conclusion quotes by Elisee Reclus
#18. Upon my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this new state of things. In France, I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions. But in America I found they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Great Conclusion quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#19. Think of the majesty of that moment in this dying world's history, when Jesus Christ declared that to the Christian death was only a sleep. Outside of that small dwelling in Capernaum, a great race of men rushed and toiled as they harassed continents and seas; mighty events marshaled themselves into annals and pageants. What was inside? In one inconspicuous chamber of a now forgotten house, man's Redeemer, unobserved, martyred man's final enemy. There Immanuel subdued death forever. - Author: Charles Seymour Robinson
Great Conclusion quotes by Charles Seymour Robinson
#20. I'm not a fashionista, definitely. I'm an actress. I have a great team working with me. - Author: Stephanie Sigman
Great Conclusion quotes by Stephanie Sigman
#21. The number of fixed stars which observers have been able to see without artificial powers of sight up to this day can be counted. It is therefore decidedly a great feat to add to their number, and to set distinctly before the eyes other stars in myriads, which have never been seen before, and which surpass the old, previously known stars in number more than ten times. - Author: Galileo Galilei
Great Conclusion quotes by Galileo Galilei
#22. Such poverty as we have today in all our great cities degrades the poor, and infects with its degradation the whole neighborhood in which they live. And whatever can degrade a neighborhood can degrade a country and a continent and finally the whole civilized world, which is only a large neighborhood. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Great Conclusion quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#23. The unity of style not only of the Christian Middle Ages but of the Renaissance expresses in each case the different structure of social power, and not the obscure experience of the oppressed in which the general was enclosed. The great artists were never those who embodied a wholly flawless and perfect style, but those who used style as a way of hardening themselves against the chaotic expression of suffering, as a negative truth. The style of their works gave what was expressed that force without which life goes unheard - Author: Max Horkheimer
Great Conclusion quotes by Max Horkheimer
#24. At high school I was never comfortable for a minute. I did not know about Lonnie. Before an exam, she got icy hands and palpitations, but I was close to despair at all times. When I was asked a question in class, any simple little question at all, my voice was apt to come out squeaky, or else hoarse and trembling. When I had to go to the blackboard I was sure - even at a time of the month when this could not be true - that I had blood on my skirt. My hands became slippery with sweat when they were required to work the blackboard compass. I could not hit the ball in volleyball; being called upon to perform an action in front of others made all my reflexes come undone. I hated Business Practice because you had to rule pages for an account book, using a straight pen, and when the teacher looked over my shoulder all the delicate lines wobbled and ran together. I hated Science; we perched on stools under harsh lights behind tables of unfamiliar, fragile equipment, and were taught by the principal of the school, a man with a cold, self-relishing voice - he read the Scriptures every morning - and a great talent for inflicting humiliation. I hated English because the boys played bingo at the back of the room while the teacher, a stout, gentle girl, slightly cross-eyed, read Wordsworth at the front. She threatened them, she begged them, her face red and her voice as unreliable as mine. They offered burlesqued apologies and when she started to read again they took up rapt postures, mad - Author: Alice Munro
Great Conclusion quotes by Alice Munro
#25. The connection between our archaic system of punishment and our androcentric culture is two-fold. The impulse of resistance, while, as we have seen, of the deepest natural origin, is expressed more strongly in the male than in the female. The tendency to hit back and hit harder has been fostered in him by sex-combat till it has become of great intensity. The habit of authority too, as old as our history; and the cumulative weight of all the religions and systems of law and government, have furthermore built up and intensified the spirit of retaliation and vengeance.

They have even deified this concept, in ancient religions, crediting to God the evil passions of men. As the small boy recited; 'Vengeance. A mean desire to get even with your enemies: 'Vengeance is mine saith the Lord'--'I will repay. - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Great Conclusion quotes by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
#26. But in our time women are no longer subject to the will of men. Quite the contrary. They have been given every opportunity to win their independence and if, after all this time, they still have not liberated themselves and thrown off their shackles, we can only arrive at one conclusion: there are no shackles to throw off. - Author: Esther Vilar
Great Conclusion quotes by Esther Vilar
#27. But sing, when you must, of great lovers:
their fame has a long way to go before it's really immortal.
Those you almost envied, the unrequited, whom you found
more loving than the gratified, the content -
begin again and again the praise you can never fully express. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Great Conclusion quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#28. Apophis the god of Chaos Anubis the god of funerals and death Babi the baboon god Bast the cat goddess Bes the dwarf god Disturber a god of judgement who works for Osiris Geb the earth god Gengen-Wer the goose god Hapi the god of the Nile Heket the frog goddess Horus the war god, son of Isis and Osiris Isis the goddess of magic, wife of her brother Osiris and mother of Horus Khepri the scarab god, Ra's aspect in the morning Khonsu the moon god Mekhit minor lion goddess, married to Onuris Neith the hunting goddess Nekhbet the vulture goddess Nut the sky goddess Osiris the god of the Underworld, husband of Isis and father of Horus Ra the sun god, the god of order; also known as Amun-Ra Sekhmet the lion goddess Serqet the scorpion goddess Set the god of evil Shu the air god, great-grandfather of Anubis Sobek the crocodile god Tawaret the hippo goddess Thoth the god of knowledge - Author: Rick Riordan
Great Conclusion quotes by Rick Riordan
#29. Bulls don't read. Bears read financial history. As markets fall to bits, the bears dust off the Dutch tulip mania of 1637, the Banque Royale of 1719-20, the railway speculation of the 1840s, the great crash of 1929. - Author: James Buchan
Great Conclusion quotes by James Buchan
#30. Maybe I'm not a great man but I damn well want to break the record. - Author: Roger Maris
Great Conclusion quotes by Roger Maris
#31. Lars Porsena of Clusium
By the Nine Gods he swore
That the great house of Tarquin
Should suffer wrongs no more. - Author: Thomas B. Macaulay
Great Conclusion quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#32. There's some irony in playing a journalist after some of the stuff that has been written about me, but it's a great profession, particularly investigative journalism. - Author: James Nesbitt
Great Conclusion quotes by James Nesbitt
#33. Achieving what I set out to do: to feel that I was instrumental in starting a great new movement which could not only change the course of things for Humanity and the rest of Creation, but alter Man's expectation of surviving for much longer on this planet. - Author: Donald Watson
Great Conclusion quotes by Donald Watson
#34. Great ones are willing to get burned time and again as they sharpen their swords in the fire. - Author: Josh Waitzkin
Great Conclusion quotes by Josh Waitzkin
#35. Is it stupidity or is it moral cowardice which leads men to continue professing a creed that makes self-sacrifice a cardinal principle, while they urge the sacrificing of others, even to the death, when they trespass against us? Is it blindness, or is it an insance inconsistency, which makes them regard as most admirable the bearing of evil for the benefit of others, while they lavish admiration on those who, out of revenge, inflict great evils in return for small ones suffered? Surely our barbarian code of right needs revision, and our barbarian standard of honour should be somewhat changed. - Author: Herbert Spencer
Great Conclusion quotes by Herbert Spencer
#36. Too simple? An idea cannot be too simple. Simple is sometimes great, indeed. The Mahatma had a simple idea, although the British did not like it very much and put him in jail. Simple is good. - Author: Ian B.G. Burns
Great Conclusion quotes by Ian B.G. Burns

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