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Abel is of course aware that Noemi doesn't love him, at least not in the same way he loves her. This, too, is irrelevant. As he understands it, love is not transactional; it is a thing freely given. The joy is in the giving. ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
Modern life assaults us with an infinite range of things we could do, we would love to do, or some people tell us we should do. But we are not God and we are neither infinite nor eternal. We are quite simply finite. We have only so many years, so much energy, so many gray cells, and so many bank notes in our wallets. 'Life is too short to ... ' eventually shortens to 'life is too short. ~ Os Guinness
Gray Geese quotes by Os Guinness
[Ana] "You're a sadist?"
"I'm a Dominant." His eyes are a scorching gray, intense.
"What does that mean?" I whisper.
"It means I want you to willingly surrender yourself to me, in all things."
I frown at him as I try to assimilate this idea.
"Why would I do that?"
"To please me," he whispers as he cocks his head to one side, and I see a ghost of a smile.
Please him! He wants me to please him! I think my mouth drops open. Please Christian Grey. And I realize, in that moment, that yes, that's exactly what I want to do. I want him to be damned delighted with me. It's a revelation. ~ E.L. James
Gray Geese quotes by E.L. James
Gained a little wisdom, did you?" "Age and experience do that for a person." "True. There should be some reward for creaking bones and gray hair." He ~ Grace Draven
Gray Geese quotes by Grace Draven
As she looked at him, her dark gray eyes went slowly from astonishment to stillness, then to a strange expression that resembled a look of weariness, except that it seemed to reflect much more than the endurance of this one moment. ~ Ayn Rand
Gray Geese quotes by Ayn Rand
Everything is not black-and-white. I'm really interested in the gray area - not justifying it, not glorifying it, not condoning it, but at least having people see there's a genesis for every event in our lives. There's some divine order to it, whether it's ugly or beautiful. ~ Isaiah Washington
Gray Geese quotes by Isaiah Washington
Governor Gray Davis has asked the California state Supreme Court to delay the October recall vote because he says that's not enough time to put on a fair election. Hey, let me tell you something. If we didn't need a fair election to pick the president of the United States, we don't need a fair election to pick the governor of California. ~ Jay Leno
Gray Geese quotes by Jay Leno
Cover your face. I´m going to break through the external wall
With what? she looked around and he couldn´t resist a smile
With me ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
Oh, if we could end love just by willing it, life would be very different!' Tessa laughed. 'It's easier to end someone else's love for you than kill your love for them, or that you are someone they cannot respect-ideally both.' Her eyes were wide and gray and youthful; it was hard to believe she was older than nineteen. 'To change your own hear, that's nearly impossible. ~ Cassandra Clare
Gray Geese quotes by Cassandra Clare
Had the girl had any common sense, she would have dropped the line at once. But she had no sense. She made no sense. She was a pale English rose of a governess, adrift in a watery wilderness, on her way to a grueling post on a godforsaken island, when any fool could have told her-a woman so lovely need never work for her keep.
Had the men around her any sense, they would have cut the rope immediately. But they were idiots, bloody shite-for-brains idiots, too entranced by the pretty girl in peril to reach for their knives.
Had Gray his own knife, he would have drawn it. But he wasn't wearing his knife, because he wasn't the captain on this ship, was he? Nor an officer, nor even part of the crew. He was just a stupid, overdressed passenger who hadn't strapped on a goddamned knife that morning because it might ruin the lines of his goddamned brand-new coat. ~ Tessa Dare
Gray Geese quotes by Tessa Dare
The opera in Los Angeles is excellent. ~ James Gray
Gray Geese quotes by James Gray
The man in gray decided to take the Glen Suite of diamonds at midnight. Provided they were still in the apartment safe and the occupants away. This he needed to know. So he watched and he waited. At half past seven he was rewarded. ~ Frederick Forsyth
Gray Geese quotes by Frederick Forsyth
Gotanda swung by at either-forty. He was wearing a perfectly ordinary gray V-neck sweater over a perfectly ordinary blue button-down shirt with- you got it - perfectly ordinary cotton slacks. And still he looked striking. Extraordinarily so. ~ Haruki Murakami
Gray Geese quotes by Haruki Murakami
There's a gray area between Conservative and Orthodox people, for whom you don't screw around with the mezuzah, you don't mess with the holy melodies. ~ Rick Moranis
Gray Geese quotes by Rick Moranis
That was how evil magnified itself: it took root in the young and grew along with them. ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
Congress was just a gray repository that got its OS replaced with each election. ~ Joshua Cohen
Gray Geese quotes by Joshua Cohen
It's hope that makes us believe in miracles that haven't come to pass. Hope that crushes us with the unbearable truth. ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
I've always been interested in the paranormal, but 'Gray Matter' is a more subtle, mature expression of that - looking at the powers of the brain and more delicate evidence of the extraordinary. ~ Jane Jensen
Gray Geese quotes by Jane Jensen
I c-c-can't use the vidphone," Isidore protested, his heart laboring. "Because I'm hairy, ugly, dirty, stooped, snaggle-toothed, and gray. And also I feel sick from the radiation; I think I'm going to die. ~ Anonymous
Gray Geese quotes by Anonymous
This could be our greatest nightmare. But maybe, intead this would be our only hope of salvation. ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
A large piece of lead floated out of Bobby head, followed by dark chunks of what could only be pieces of Bobby's brain.

The torrent started up again. It flowed steady rather than pulsed with his heart. I knew from that, and from the amount of blood, that it was that mofo vein bleeding. And probably more than a small tear if the amount of blood was telling. I thought there had to be a hole the size of Montana in that thing.

"Jesus Mother Mary" I said, then "Stitch!"

The scrub tech slapped a needle holder into my palm, a curved needle and silk stitch clamped into the end of it. I might have closed my eyes - I've been told I do that sometimes in surgery when I'm trying to visualize something - though if so I don't remember doing it. I took that needle and aimed it into the pool of blood.

"Suck here Joe, right here."

When I thought I could see something, something gray and not black red, I plunged the pointy end of the needle through whatever the visible tissue was and looped it out again. I cinched it down and tied it quick, then repeated the maneuver again after adjusting slightly for lighting, sweating, my own bounding heartbeat, and the regret I wasn't wearing my own diaper.
We're losing, I thought. ~ Edison McDaniels
Gray Geese quotes by Edison McDaniels
She said it out loud, the words distributed into a room that was full of cold air and books. Books everywhere! Each wall was armed with overcrowded yet immaculate shelving. It was barely possible to see paintwork. There were all different styles and sizes of lettering on the spines of the black, the red, the gray, the every-colored books. It was one of the most beautiful things Liesel Meminger had ever seen.
With wonder, she smiled.
That such a room existed! ~ Markus Zusak
Gray Geese quotes by Markus Zusak
Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear. ~ Thomas Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Thomas Gray
They stood together in the gloom of the spruces, an empty world glimmering about them wide and gray under the stars ~ Edith Wharton
Gray Geese quotes by Edith Wharton
It was an unusual sunset. Having sat behind opaque drapery all day, I had not realized that a storm was pushing in and that much of the sky was the precise shade of old suits of armor one finds in museums. At the same time, patches of brilliance engaged in a territorial dispute with the oncoming onyx of the storm. Light and darkness mingled in strange ways both above and below. Shadows and sunshine washed together, streaking the landscape with an unearthly study of glare and gloom. Bright clouds and black folded into each other in a no-man's land of the sky. The autumn trees took on the appearance of sculptures formed in a dream, their leaden-colored trunks and branches and iron-red leaves all locked in an infinite and unliving moment, unnaturally timeless. The gray lake slowly tossed and tumbled in a dead sleep, nudging unconsciously against its breakwall of numb stone. A scene of contradiction and ambivalence, a tragicomedic haze over all. A land of perfect twilight. ~ Thomas Ligotti
Gray Geese quotes by Thomas Ligotti
My parents. My friends. My world. These are the things the Empire can never take away. ~ Claudia Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Claudia Gray
I NEVER WENT AWAY, he said, and his voice was a dark echo from the night places, a cold slab of sound, gray, and dead. If that voice was a stone it would have had words chiseled on it a long time ago: a name, and two dates. ~ Terry Pratchett
Gray Geese quotes by Terry Pratchett
Next she turned the gun upward and thrust the muzzle into her mouth. Now it was aimed directly at her cerebrum-- the gray labyrinth where consciousness resided. ~ Haruki Murakami
Gray Geese quotes by Haruki Murakami
I lean across his body and lift his hand for inspection. As i run my fingertips over his broken skin, careful not to cause more pain, I say "I meant you blowfish. Your bones."
His hand trembles a little in mine. Somehow that rattles me more then anything else. I could deal with losing my fantasy Brody more then i can face a very real, trembling Quince.
"No," He whispers. "I pulled my punches." Then, with some of his usual humor, he adds, "Principal Brown already thinks I'm one step away from juvie. Don't need to put myself there."
I look up ready to argue, when a lumpy spot in his heather gray t-shirt catches my eye. Lifting my fingers to the place just beneath his collarbone, I'm both surprised and not to feel a sand-dollar shaped object. My gaze continues the journey up to his.
"Your still wearing it."
We both know it's not a question, just like we both seem to have lost the ability to breathe. A whole sea of emotions washes though his eyes-fear,anger, pain, trust, love. Love. It's when i see that last one that i close my eyes.
He whispers, "Always. ~ Tera Lynn Childs
Gray Geese quotes by Tera Lynn Childs
Growing up learning of distant lands and their bloody histories, Wareska had quickly noticed how pointing to someone else as unquestionably worse was a widely common justification for many atrocities. ~ Ash Gray
Gray Geese quotes by Ash Gray
Oddly, one of the first thoughts that popped into Michael's mind was why didn't these animals mind cooking their friends? Though maybe geese and chickens weren't on the same social level. ~ James Dashner
Gray Geese quotes by James Dashner
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