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As Margaret would later write, Europe had come to seem "my America," an unsettled territory where liberty was at hand, while the New World she had left behind had grown "stupid with the lust of gain, soiled by crime in its willing perpetuation of slavery, shamed by an unjust war," the imperialist conflict with Mexico over the annexation of Texas. ~ Megan Marshall
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Megan Marshall
Americans until 1924. States like Arizona and New Mexico found ways to continue restricting voting rights until 1948, just as several southern states continue to do in this century to African Americans. ~ Brian D. McLaren
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Brian D. McLaren
It's hot,' [Mulder] said, dropping on the bench beside [Scully].
'It's July, Mulder,' Garson reminded him. 'It's New Mexico. What did you expect?'
'Heat I can get at home. An oven I already have in my apartment. ~ Charles Grant
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Charles Grant
According to a new survey, 40 percent of adults in Mexico say they would move to the United States if they got a chance. The number would have been higher, but the other 60 percent already live here. ~ Conan O'Brien
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Conan O'Brien
But I see how he watches the stars,
And he talks to people just because,
And gee, it would be nice to have a friend."
From "Fated" in BREATHE IN ~ Eileen Granfors
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Eileen Granfors
When the laughing stops, we're looking out at the farm, over Valley Drive, up those craggy mountains and the biggest, starriest sky I have ever seen. I bet that someday, when someone says the words New Mexico, this will be the image in my mind. This night. This sky. And Wendy. ~ Patrick Flores-Scott
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Patrick Flores-Scott
I did nine months in 'Mrs. Klein' in New York, then four months on the road. Then I did a movie directed by Philip Haas, who did 'Angels & Insects'. We shot 'The Blood Oranges' in Mexico for six weeks. ~ Laila Robins
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Laila Robins
McCain said the lower gas prices were sitting somewhere under the Gulf of Mexico. Obama said they were sitting in the bank accounts of companies like Exxon in the form of windfall profits to be taxed.

The formula was the same formula we see in every election: Republicans demonize government, sixties-style activism, and foreigners. Democrats demonize corporations, greed, and the right-wing rabble.

Both candidates were selling the public a storyline that had nothing to do with the truth. Gas prices were going up for reasons completely unconnected to the causes these candidates were talking about. What really happened was that Wall Street had opened a new table in its casino. The new gaming table was called commodity index investing. And when it became the hottest new game in town, America suddenly got a very painful lesson in the glorious possibilities of taxation without representation. Wall Street turned gas prices into a gaming table, and when they hit a hot streak we ended up making exorbitant involuntary payments for a commodity that one simply cannot live without. ~ Matt Taibbi
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Matt Taibbi
In New Mexico, I inherited the largest structural deficit in state history, and our legislature is controlled by Democrats. We don't always agree, but we came together in a bipartisan manner and turned that deficit into a surplus. And we did it without raising taxes. ~ Susana Martinez
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Susana Martinez
I didn't know much about the Mexican gray wolf before January 2011, when we contributed a flight in our Pilatus PC12 to the effort to re-establish the wolf in the forests of Arizona and New Mexico. ~ Joy Covey
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Joy Covey
Ve always believed if you're involved even in a very small struggle - in some sort of infinity in a grain of sand - in your local neighborhood, that every action has universal implications. I believe that if I struggle for the rights of an acequia in Taos, New Mexico that the ripple effect [will spread] from that tiny struggle. ~ John Nichols
Granfors New Mexico quotes by John Nichols
My father was raised in the mountains of New Mexico, and he picked cotton for a dollar a day. He was working for the family from the time he was 7. ~ Val Kilmer
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Val Kilmer
Not long after I'd first met Doc, we were sitting on our rock on the hill behind the rose garden and I had asked him why I was a sinner and what I had done to be condemned to eternal hell fire unless I was born again.
He sat for a long time looking over the valley, and then he said, :Peekay, God is too busy making the sun come up and go down and watching so the moon floats just right in the sky to be concerned with such rubbish. Only man ants always God should be there to condemn this on and save that one. Always it is man who wants to make heaven and hell. God is too busy training the bees to make honey and every morning opening up all the new flowers for business."He paused and smiled "In Mexico there is a cactus that even sometimes you would think God forgets. But no, my friend, this is not so. On a full moon in the desert every one hundred years he remembers and he opens up a single flower to bloom. And if you should be there and you see this beautiful cactus blossom painted silver by the moon and laughing up at the stars, this, Peekay, is heaven.: He looked at me, his deep blue eyes sharp and penetrating. "This is the faith in God the cactus has". We had sat for a while before he spoke again. "it is better just to get on with the business living and minding your own business and maybe, if God likes the way you do things, he may just let you flower for a day or a night. But don't go pestering and begging and telling him all your stupid little sins, that way you will ~ Bruce Courtenay
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Bruce Courtenay
Here's what I was thinking about:1.Who the new threat was 2.The air show in Mexico City 3.How to get Total to quit milking his injury, because enough was enough 4. My mom and Half sister Ella 5.Fang 6.Fang 7.Fang ~ James Patterson
Granfors New Mexico quotes by James Patterson
We have had drought where I live in New Mexico for several years, and I began to think about rain and green plants and growing. Fairies naturally came to mind when I imagined walking in green places. They are workers for the growth principle. ~ Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
The Pentagon tested an anti-missile system in New Mexico Wednesday. The test was an incomplete success. While the interceptor was shooting down the incoming missile, three thousand illegal aliens walked right across the border under its nose. ~ Argus Hamilton
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Argus Hamilton
Her name was Melanie Stryder. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was in Los Angeles when the occupation became known to her, and she hid in the wilderness for a few years before finding ... Hmmm. Sorry, I'll try that one again later. The body has seen twenty years. She drove to Chicago from ... " I shook my head. "There were several stages, not all of them alone. The vehicle was stolen. She was searching for a cousin named Sharon, whom she had reason to hope was still human. She neither found nor contacted anyone before she was spotted. But ... " I struggled, fighting against another blank wall. "I think ... I can't be sure ... I think she left a note ... somewhere. ~ Stephenie Meyer
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Stephenie Meyer
Thank the gods Ubie'd had her detailed, because blood simmering under the New Mexico sun was never a good scent choice for cars. I preferred pine. Or ~ Darynda Jones
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Darynda Jones
New Mexico is my favorite state," I declared as we pulled onto I-40.
"I'm waiting to see it all before I decide. And by the way, your driving isn't half bad. I expected to be terrified."
"I imagined a timid, overly cautious little angel, but you've got an impressive lead foot."
"Your car drives so quietly," I said, "I don't realize how fast I'm going. I'll set the cruise control from now on."
"Don't worry. I'll keep an ear out for cops," he told me.
"Will we be passing the Grand Canyon?" I asked. "I've always wanted to see it."
Kaidan pulled out the map and studied it.
"It's a bit out of the way, more than an hour. But how about this? We can go on the way back, since we won't have a time crunch."
I didn't know if it was the desert air or what, but I felt at ease. I still had a thousand questions for Kaidan, but I wasn't in the mood for another heavy conversation just yet. I liked talking to him. We were still guarded, and it wasn't nearly as carefree as talking with Jay, but I was beginning to imagine keeping Kaidan in my life as a friend after this trip. Time would help us forget the kiss. My crush on him would fade. If I could stop analyzing every touch and every look, then maybe it could work. I vowed to myself at that moment: No more jealousy. No more flirting. No more lustful longing for the elusive Kaidan Rowe. ~ Wendy Higgins
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Wendy Higgins
It's hard to believe a kid hitting golf balls in the cow pastures of New Mexico could have accomplished what I have accomplished. ~ Billy Casper
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Billy Casper
If mob law is going to rule, better dismiss, judge, sheriff, etc., and let's all take chances alike. I expect to be lynched in going to Lincoln [New Mexico.] Advise persons never to engage in killing. ~ Billy The Kid
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Billy The Kid
The truth of the matter is that for all the drive-in movie references, what Weston Ochse has really created in Multiplex Fandango is a travelogue. Acting as narrator and guide, Weston takes you on a trip to places familiar and obscure-New Orleans, the Sonoran desert, Mexico's Pacific coast, and the dark, impenetrable reaches of the soul. He shows off sights that chill the blood, and as with any good trip, the things seen and experienced along the way will stay with you for a lifetime. ~ Jeff Mariotte
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Jeff Mariotte
The thing about America - it's different everywhere, but visually, it's amazing to shoot in the desert in the New Mexico light. It's really hard to shoot in that desert and make anything look not amazing. ~ Lenny Abrahamson
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Lenny Abrahamson
It is difficult when you pass that way, especially when you are peacefully recovering from sea-sickness with the plush cushions of a boat-train carriage under your bum, to believe that anything is really happening anywhere. Earthquakes in Japan, famines in China, revolutions in Mexico? Don't worry, the milk will be on the doorstep tomorrow morning, the New Statesman will come out on Friday. ~ George Orwell
Granfors New Mexico quotes by George Orwell
When I go across the country, whether it's Albuquerque, New Mexico, whether it's Birmingham, Alabama or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there are always forces at play that I choose to relate to and extract inspiration from, and as long as they stay committed to the struggle against poverty, I find a role for myself. ~ Harry Belafonte
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Harry Belafonte
I read recently that I was born in Arizona. I wasn't born in Arizona. I was born in New Mexico, but I can understand why people might confuse those two Southwestern desert states. ~ Baron Vaughn
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Baron Vaughn
I have traveled to many places but have no desire to leave New Mexico. ~ Rudolfo Anaya
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Rudolfo Anaya
I KNOW HE'S GONE. I CAN STILL FEEL THE LINGERING pain from the new scar on my leg. I might never stop feeling that; it could be with me for the rest of my life.
I have to try.
I fall to my knees in the mud next to Eight's body. The wound doesn't even look so bad. There's not as much blood as there was in New Mexico, and Eight lived through that. I should be able to heal this, right? It should work. It has to work. But this one is right on his heart, straight through. I press my hands across the puncture and will my Legacy to kick in. I did it before. I can do it again. I have to.
Nothing happens. I feel cold all over, but it's not the iciness of my Legacy.
I wish I could lie down next to Eight here in the muck and just shut out everything that's going on around me. I'm not even crying - it's like the tears have gone out of me and I just feel hollow. ~ Pittacus Lore
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Pittacus Lore
The dedication of Don Winslow's novel 'The Cartel' is nearly two pages long: a list of journalists who were either murdered or 'disappeared' in Mexico between 2004 and 2012 - the period covered in this hugely hypnotic new thriller. ~ Alan Cheuse
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Alan Cheuse
I've worn a mask most of my life. Most people do. As a little girl, I covered my face with my hands, figuring if I couldn't see my father, he couldn't see me. When this didn't work, I hid behind Halloween masks: clowns and witches and Ronald McDonald. Years later, when I went to Mexico, I understood just how far a mask can take you. In the dusty streets, villagers turned themselves into jaguars, hyenas, the devil himself. For year,s I thought wearing a mask was a way to start over, become someone new. Now I know better. ~ Lili Wright
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Lili Wright
He domesticated and developed the native wild flowers. He had one hill-side solidly clad with that low-growing purple verbena which mats over the hills of New Mexico. It was like a great violet velvet mantle thrown down in the sun; all the shades that the dyers and weavers of Italy and France strove for through centuries, the violet that is full of rose colour and is yet not lavender; the blue that becomes almost pink and then retreats again into sea-dark purple - the true Episcopal colour and countless variations of it. ~ Willa Cather
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Willa Cather
Once you have learned to trust your own voice and allowed that creative force inside you to come out, you can direct it to write short stories, novels, and poetry, do revisions, and so on. You have the basic tool to fulfill your writing dreams. But beware. This type of writing will uncover other dreams you have, too-going to Tibet, being the first woman president of the United States, building a solar studio in New Mexico-and they will be in black and white. It will be harder to avoid them. ~ Natalie Goldberg
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Natalie Goldberg
I doubt I'll ever do another book collaboration; I've been spoiled. Roger and I both happened to move to New Mexico at about the same time, when we each had a family of young kids to raise. Socializing seemed to lead naturally to working together. ~ Fred Saberhagen
Granfors New Mexico quotes by Fred Saberhagen
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