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#1. You haven't even Fucking watched one piece. you're such a ignorant cunt. watch one piece. Watch it then judge, hate or whatever. - Author: Batuhan Ibal
Grammar Fail quotes by Batuhan Ibal
#2. You're barely older than me.'

'Than I,' he corrected me with a little smile. - Author: H.P. Mallory
Grammar Fail quotes by H.P. Mallory
#3. In the early grey of the morning they reached the headquarter of General Genarius and found him working in a mountain of paperwork. Joey and Maya informed the general in detail about Libertine's report. General Genarius closed his eyes and thought for a long moment until he said, "Wait a minute! Are you telling me that you want to enter the belly of darkness and liberate the mermaids and the unicorns?"
"Yes Sir, we are determined to attack the center of demonic powers and believe in the great opportunity to liberate the mermaids and the unicorns from the cruel grip of the Empire!" Maya said.
"Dangerous, dangerous…but the more I think about it, the more I can see that it could really work. However…this mission has to be well organized and of course…you must find the secret door to the Underworld… in time or you will be in big trouble. It is very risky but I will support this venture! Let me share with you some of my ideas and how this attempt could work. Take your six unicorns, all the equipment you need and leave the city of Selinka as soon as possible with Captain Goran and my assistant Captain Armstrong. You must cross the Thordis River behind the city, stay close to the Lagoon and move directly east from there. Let me take my map and show you exactly the way and… let me talk to Captain Armstrong. He is indeed a man with a strong arm, a clear mind in battle and he knows the way to Duanes Gate very well because his family lives somewhere in that area. - Author: Gloria Maradonia
Grammar Fail quotes by Gloria Maradonia
#4. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately sometimes they fail. - Author: Demi Moore
Grammar Fail quotes by Demi Moore
#5. A fixed mindset causes people to fear failure; they don't want to try anything that might damage their current sense of ability and intelligence. Their self-worth and identity are wrapped up in not making a mistake, so they gravitate to fail-safe activities. People with growth mindsets, on the other hand, seek out challenges and activities that expand their abilities. The fixed mindset seeks sameness and validation; the growth mindset seeks learning and adaptation. - Author: David Sturt
Grammar Fail quotes by David Sturt
#6. I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life and as soon as I done it I seen it - Author: Carl Sandburg
Grammar Fail quotes by Carl Sandburg
#7. Often we fail to consider the fact that our social, spiritual, and intellectual interests are miles apart. Our value systems and goals are contradictory, but we are in love. - Author: Gary Chapman
Grammar Fail quotes by Gary Chapman
#8. If a heart could fail in its pumping, a lung in its breathing, then why not a brain in its thinking, rendering the world forever askew, like a television with bad reception? And couldn't a brain fail as arbitrarily as any one of these other parts, without regard to the blessing and cosseting that, everyone was so eager to remind you, disentitled you from unhappiness? - Author: Caroline Kettlewell
Grammar Fail quotes by Caroline Kettlewell
#9. Oftentimes you give others the opportunity to create your happiness, and many times they fail to create it the way you want it. Why? Because only one person can be in charge of your joy, of your bliss, and that's you. So even your parent, your child, your spouse - they do not have the control to create your happiness. They simply have the opportunity to share in your happiness. Your joy lies within you. - Author: Rhonda Byrne
Grammar Fail quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#10. Adventures come to the adventurous, and mysterious things fall in the way of those who, with wonder and imagination, are on the watch for them; but the majority of people go past the doors that are half ajar, thinking them closed, and fail to notice the faint stirrings of the great curtain that hangs ever in the form of appearances between them and the world of causes behind. - Author: Algernon Blackwood
Grammar Fail quotes by Algernon Blackwood
#11. You cannot train yourself to successfully and sustainedly unsee and unhear - you do them all the time, but they also fail, repeatedly, and you cheat, repeatedly, in all sorts of small ways. The book mentions that several times. It is absolutely about absolute fidelity to those particular urban protocols, exaggerations or extrapolations of the ones that I think are all around us all the time in the real world; but it's also about cheating them, and failing them, and playing a little fast and loose, which I think is an inextricable part of such norms. - Author: China Mieville
Grammar Fail quotes by China Mieville
#12. We know that happiness is short-lived, that we fail to cherish it when it is within our grasp and value it only when it has vanished forever. - Author: Jose Saramago
Grammar Fail quotes by Jose Saramago
#13. A free and independent press is generally considered essential for democracy, both to raise timely questions about debatable government policies and to report challenges to those policies when they fail. - Author: W. Lance Bennett
Grammar Fail quotes by W. Lance Bennett
#14. My brief survey of stimulant aphrodisiacs would be incomplete were I to fail to include that most famous love drug of all time, chocolate or cacao, from the seeds of Theobroma cacao. - Author: Rick Doblin
Grammar Fail quotes by Rick Doblin
#15. If you give your best and fail, you have no reason to be disappointed. If you don't give your best and fail, you have not right to be. - Author: Brandon L. Clay
Grammar Fail quotes by Brandon L. Clay
#16. For now, I had the good fortune of more chances to fail and succeed, more love to give and receive - more life. And while I didn't know what my future held, I would follow my mother's lead. I would summon my strength and go find out what was next. - Author: Camille Pagan
Grammar Fail quotes by Camille Pagan
#17. Perhaps that's why they had been so happy to learn a new tongue in the first place : the self consciousness of it, the effort of it, the grammar of it, pulled you up; a new language provided distance and kept the heart intact. - Author: Kiran Desai
Grammar Fail quotes by Kiran Desai
#18. If America is destroyed, it may be by Americans who salute the flag, sing the national anthem, march in patriotic parades, cheer Fourth of July speakers - normally good Americans, but Americans who fail to comprehend what is required to keep our country strong and free, Americans who have been lulled away into a false security. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
Grammar Fail quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#19. It seems to me in retrospect that the department stores and the dime stores did an excellent job of extending the 'sacred space' of Christmas in those days. And I sometimes wonder whether for people of no religion, this might have been the only sacred space they knew. When people rail now against the 'commercial nature of Christmas,' I'm always conflicted an unable to respond. Because I think those who would banish commercialism from the holiday fail to understand how precious and comforting the shop displays and music can be. - Author: Anne Rice
Grammar Fail quotes by Anne Rice
#20. Though he avoided outright endorsement of the view, fifth-century Church Father Saint Augustine was clearly familiar with the theory of the spherical earth: "They [those who believe that "there are men on the other side of the earth"] fail to observe that even if the world is held to be global or rounded in shape, or if some process of reasoning should prove this to be the case, it would still not necessarily follow that the land on the opposite side is not covered by masses of water." - Author: Saint Augustine
Grammar Fail quotes by Saint Augustine
#21. We don't become gods because we think we are gods. That is only a sign of ego. We become gods when we realise that a part of the universal divinity lives within us; when we understand our role in this great world and when we strive to fulfil that role. That makes you a God. And remember, gods don't fail. You cannot fail. - Author: Amish Tripathi
Grammar Fail quotes by Amish Tripathi
#22. When your efforts run in the face of conventional wisdom and accepted mastery, persistence can look like madness. If you succeed in the end, this extreme originality reformulates into a new level of mastery, sometimes even genius; if you fail in the end, you remain a madman in the eyes of others, and maybe even yourself. When you are in the midst of the journey ... there's really no way of knowing which one you are. (p.129) - Author: Hilary Austen
Grammar Fail quotes by Hilary Austen
#23. Art must pass the test of time; science must fail it, for the world it tries to understand keeps changing. - Author: Mario Bunge
Grammar Fail quotes by Mario Bunge
#24. What's the bigger risk: Taking the risk, or not taking the risk? What will you accomplish by not taking the risk? What will you accomplish by taking the risk, even if you fail? - Author: Kya Aliana
Grammar Fail quotes by Kya Aliana
It's the failures that make us winners.

When you win a competition, you celebrate. You are on cloud nine. But when you lose, you learn. In my case, losing Blackpool that first time was the best thing that ever happened to me. I dug deep down and asked myself what it was that was holding me back from achieving what I knew I was capable of. Failure shows you what's possible. It makes your desire burn hotter. It builds courage, and in the end, it makes the win that much sweeter. I would rather fail at something than regret never trying. Leaders think of failures as experiments, showing them what works and what doesn't and how to fix things. We live in a world where failure is thought of as something negative: no one likes the idea of screwing up. But what if you could change that? What if you could see failure as a positive? What if you could embrace failure as part of the process necessary to get what you want? Suddenly, the fear of it disappears. I never went into any competition wanting to fail (just the opposite), but after racking up my share of disappointments, I learned that I could deal with it. It hurt and pissed me off at the time, but now I see the value in it. I wouldn't be where I am today without those failures notched on my belt. - Author: Derek Hough
Grammar Fail quotes by Derek Hough
#26. Maycomb did not have a paved street until 1935, courtesy of F. D. Roosevelt, and even then it was not exactly a street that was paved. For some reason the President decided that a clearing from the front door of the Maycomb Grammar School to the connecting two ruts adjoining the school property was in need of improvement, it was improved accordingly, resulting in skinned knees and cracked crania for the children and a proclamation from the principal that nobody was to play Pop-the-Whip on the pavement. Thus the seeds of states' rights were sown in the hearts of Jean Louise's generation. - Author: Harper Lee
Grammar Fail quotes by Harper Lee
#27. Becoming an artist does not merely mean learning something, acquiring professional techniques and methods. Indeed, as someone has said, in order to write well you have to forget the grammar. - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
Grammar Fail quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#28. Of what good is our faith, our repentance, our baptism, and all the sacred ordinances of the gospel by which we have been made ready to receive the blessings of the Lord, if we fail, on our part, to keep the commandments. - Author: Heber J. Grant
Grammar Fail quotes by Heber J. Grant
#29. One night, walking on the street in the Colonia Portales, I become startled by my own train of thought. I am desperately poor right now, surviving on coffee, orange juice, and beer ('grain juice'), and tacos. Gigs for writers don't come easy. I am angry and depressed and feverish. I had moved to Mexico City on a whim and I knew it would be hard. What I fail to expect is that the delinquency mind-set would take over my brain. Who would stop me, I think, who would catch me, if I hop into that cab coming my way and start barking directions? Who would know or care if I held a knife to the driver's throat, demanded all his money, and threatened to kill him if he made any further moves? How would I feel when I got home at night, finally able to eat properly? p 123-4 - Author: Daniel Hernandez
Grammar Fail quotes by Daniel Hernandez
#30. It's impossible to fail if one doesn't know how the end should look. And it's impossible to succeed. But it's possible to enjoy. - Author: Sarah Manguso
Grammar Fail quotes by Sarah Manguso
#31. When we get married, we promise a person the rest of our lives, "Til death do us part". But what if in another life we promised someone forever? What if ten lifetimes ago we promised someone lifetime after lifetime after lifetime? Think about it. Maybe that's why marriages fail when they do fail. Because maybe promises are never really broken. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Grammar Fail quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#32. People succeed or fail on the merits in America, not on who they
know or whose reelection campaign they supported. This absolutely
American principle must be reestablished and permanently fortified.
There can be no more "too big to fail." If you are reckless, greedy,
and arrogant, the American taxpayer should not bail you out. - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
Grammar Fail quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#33. Those who try may not fail; but those who fail will not try. - Author: Ivy Yuelle
Grammar Fail quotes by Ivy Yuelle
#34. Lack of discipline. First of all, I think some of them fail because they just don't have natural talent, and they shouldn't even be in the business to begin with. - Author: Michael Flutie
Grammar Fail quotes by Michael Flutie
#35. Advice? Fail constantly. Because the word doesn't mean what you think it means, especially when you're an artist. I use the word artist to mean everything from songwriting to writing a novel to even writing video games. Anything that tells a story, which is almost any medium. Gotta take risks, you gotta go through multiple drafts which means you have to FAIL, a lot. So you won't always get the reaction you always want from every single person, so when you lose that fear of failure, when you stop even thinking of it as failure, and you push yourself farther, you'll take bigger risks, and eventually, after about six or seven hundred rejections, you'll find success. And you'll find a way of conveying what you really want to say, in the best manner. - Author: Victor Giannini
Grammar Fail quotes by Victor Giannini

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