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#1. My real passion is to make movies, to direct. It's good for my ego to be an actress. It's like someone is saying, 'Yes, you're beautiful! Yes, you're doing fine!' But I feel like a child when I'm an actress. - Author: Maiwenn
Good Movies quotes by Maiwenn
#2. I think more money can be very detrimental to movies and TV because things get solved economically rather than creatively, and that's never a good solution. - Author: Peter Dinklage
Good Movies quotes by Peter Dinklage
#3. Sometimes I do movies that aren't any good, or sometimes I might not be any good in them, or sometimes they don't do very well. - Author: Michael Keaton
Good Movies quotes by Michael Keaton
#4. I play mostly bad guys on TV and mostly good guys in movies. - Author: Kyle Gallner
Good Movies quotes by Kyle Gallner
#5. I've been so good in so many movies that nobody saw. - Author: Joe Pantoliano
Good Movies quotes by Joe Pantoliano
#6. I think DVD has been a real gold mine for a lot of reasons. You were selling a packaged good in a big mass market, so you could make it huge. You were selling or renting a thing that people didn't consume. You go to Blockbuster, rent five movies, and only watch two. That's a good business to be in. - Author: Michael Lynton
Good Movies quotes by Michael Lynton
#7. In thinking about 'depressing movies,' many people don't realize that all bad movies are depressing, and no good movies are. - Author: Roger Ebert
Good Movies quotes by Roger Ebert
#8. Making people laugh is giving, and it's healing, too, when people can go up to the movies and forget about their problems. It's a good thing. That's why I want to work. - Author: Chris Tucker
Good Movies quotes by Chris Tucker
#9. I don't know if it's good or bad, but when I first started writing I imitated the narrative thrust of a movie. And as I worked, I learned what you can do in fiction that you can't do in movies, and vice-versa. - Author: Kevin Wilson
Good Movies quotes by Kevin Wilson
#10. I have never read a review for anything I have ever done, be it for theater or movies, just because. I am really good about that. And YouTube comments. People will hide behind that. - Author: Skylar Astin
Good Movies quotes by Skylar Astin
#11. I've got a bunch of books ... I rely on funny books and movies to cheer me up. Oh, but I must say, I do have the world's most perfect husband, so a cuddle from him always cheers me up. He's a good guy. - Author: Wendi McLendon-Covey
Good Movies quotes by Wendi McLendon-Covey
#12. It's a good time to be making movies, despite the cynicism people have about Hollywood. - Author: Rob Morrow
Good Movies quotes by Rob Morrow
#13. Mel Gibson is losing it. I don't know how people still supporting this dude's movies like it's all good. That dude is nuts. All you gotta do is shut him down and don't support any of his movies. - Author: J. B. Smoove
Good Movies quotes by J. B. Smoove
#14. Usually you're in movies with a lot of dissolves and things, but this was kind of quick, more jarring than usual. I thought it would be fun to be in a movie that's unconventional. Then I met Guy and I liked him. I think he's a good man. - Author: Dennis Farina
Good Movies quotes by Dennis Farina
#15. But most good movies have a gun in them. - Author: David Sedaris
Good Movies quotes by David Sedaris
#16. I've begun to believe more and more that movies are all about transitions, that the key to making good movies is to pay attention to the transition between scenes. And not just how you get from one scene to the next, but where you leave a scene and where you come into a new scene. Those are some of the most important decisions that you make. It can be the difference between a movie that works and a movie that doesn't. - Author: Steven Soderbergh
Good Movies quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#17. There are as many great superhero movies as there are comedies and dramas and cartoons. People just want to see good movies. - Author: Josh Trank
Good Movies quotes by Josh Trank
#18. The more unique your film is and unusual it is and difficult it is, the harder it is to get it financed. That's why a lot of good filmmakers are doing television. They do HBO movies. - Author: David Cronenberg
Good Movies quotes by David Cronenberg
#19. The main thing is to do each project the way you want, and if they find an audience, that's terrific. And if they don't, there's nothing you can do anyway, so don't let it concern you that much. An awful lot of good movies have done badly and an awful lot of bad movies have done very well. There are no real rhymes or reasons for it. Sometimes the stars don't always align right. But if you've done the best you can, you feel pretty good about it. - Author: Clint Eastwood
Good Movies quotes by Clint Eastwood
#20. It's a difficult line to tread, where sometimes you go to the movies or you watch someone do publicity for movies or TV shows, and they do all the jokes that are good in the promotion of it, and you see the movie, and you're like, 'I kind of get it already. I'm not that psyched about it.' - Author: Mike Birbiglia
Good Movies quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#21. It is painful to watch children trying to show off for parents who are engrossed in their cell phones. Children are nostalgic for the 'good old days' when parents used to read to them without the cell phone by their side or watch football games or Disney movies without having the BlackBerry handy. - Author: Sherry Turkle
Good Movies quotes by Sherry Turkle
#22. The good news about New Mexico is we bring a lot of movies, a lot of television series out here, so I'm hoping I continue to work out here in New Mexico along with being part of my community. - Author: Steven Michael Quezada
Good Movies quotes by Steven Michael Quezada
#23. I have been in movies that I thought I wasn't very good in. - Author: Christopher Walken
Good Movies quotes by Christopher Walken
#24. I'm a character actor. I have to find work in good movies where I can make something of my role. I'm a very lucky guy to be in that kind of position. It's like a kid who dreams of becoming a baseball player and then he gets to play for the Yankees ... - Author: Christopher Walken
Good Movies quotes by Christopher Walken
#25. Brad Pitt is a dude who just wants to make good movies. He's not afraid to surround himself with the greatest actors, which I always appreciate because I've also seen actors who only want to surround themselves with weak actors because it makes them look better. That ends up making a poorer movie. - Author: Garret Dillahunt
Good Movies quotes by Garret Dillahunt
#26. I don't require movies to be about good people, and I don't reject screen violence. - Author: Roger Ebert
Good Movies quotes by Roger Ebert
#27. A movie is better than real life because in the movies only the bad guys die. Or you can pick the good movies where the bad guys die and only those. If you get tricked and a good person dies in the movie then you can rewrite it in your head so the good person lives and the part about death is superfluous. - Author: Kathryn Erskine
Good Movies quotes by Kathryn Erskine
#28. I'd like to make a great movie. I've made many movies. I think I've made some good movies. I've never felt I've made a great movie. - Author: Woody Allen
Good Movies quotes by Woody Allen
#29. An awful lot of good movies have gone unrecognized, and an awful lot of bad movies have had tremendous recognition. As long as you keep that in mind, you are never really disappointed. - Author: Clint Eastwood
Good Movies quotes by Clint Eastwood
#30. I'm a big action junkie. I grew up on the '80s action movies - the bad ones and the good ones. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Good Movies quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#31. The way Hollywood portrays mothers - you're either all good and saint-like, or you're all bad. And I think the real honesty of motherhood is not given a voice in movies. I miss that as an audience member. - Author: Ellen Barkin
Good Movies quotes by Ellen Barkin
#32. Have you ever made the world stand still before?"

"What does that mean?"

"It means making a conscious decision to leave the world behind, just for a little bit. To improve yourself and improve the world at the same time. To make yourself move better, and the world move better, when you come back to it. You have to make sure that no one and nothing causes you any problems during that time. Read a good book, watch good movies and above all, enjoy good conversation with someone who inspires you. And you know what?"

"What?", I said, excited and intrigued.

"Then the world gives you a reward. The universe moves in favour of those who move it. And the ones who move it are the ones who know how to make it stand still. Do you want to move the world, or do you want the world to move you? - Author: Albert Espinosa
Good Movies quotes by Albert Espinosa
#33. There's not a lot of good movies being made. - Author: Sean Penn
Good Movies quotes by Sean Penn
#34. We watch so many TV shows and movies about jaded or corrupt policemen, we forget people join the police force to do good, and they really care about that. - Author: Enrico Colantoni
Good Movies quotes by Enrico Colantoni
#35. People are patronizing the theatres with renewed enthusiasm - there is an entire picnic-like attitude when families go out to see movies, which is a very good sign. They want to see larger-than-life characters on the big screen and not just watch movies on television or on DVDs. - Author: Salman Khan
Good Movies quotes by Salman Khan
#36. I like the good feeling movies. - Author: Robert Duvall
Good Movies quotes by Robert Duvall
#37. You know, every country needs another country to mock, and Australians seem to be pretty good at impersonating American people. Maybe it's because all the movies and music and TV you see there is from America, so we just have the knack for it. - Author: Callan McAuliffe
Good Movies quotes by Callan McAuliffe
#38. I have a saying: 'I'm good for three things: making fried bologna sandwiches, making money and picking out good movies.' - Author: Tyler James Williams
Good Movies quotes by Tyler James Williams
#39. If you just love movies enough, you can make a good one. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Good Movies quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#40. If you look at the least effective of the 'Twilight' movies, it was when they brought in an action-movie director instead of a director who was really a good storyteller. And you can tell the difference. - Author: Mark Waters
Good Movies quotes by Mark Waters
#41. I now, more and more, appreciate when I'm in a group of good people and get to work in good movies and projects. I'm wildly grateful and appreciative. - Author: Jeff Goldblum
Good Movies quotes by Jeff Goldblum
#42. I knew I was a good stage actor but I had no idea about movies. And I wasn't a Paul Newman type of guy. That's why I thought the stage is just right for me. - Author: Ed O'Neill
Good Movies quotes by Ed O'Neill
#43. I feel like Canadian movies should be as good or better than the competition because of the talent we have here. Someone like Ryan Gosling shouldn't have to come back here because it's a Canadian movie. He should want to come back because some of the best movies are being made here. - Author: Kevin Zegers
Good Movies quotes by Kevin Zegers
#44. I'm excited that 'The Good Guy' is getting distribution because indie movies they're not - people ran out of money and they're not making these movies anymore. It's all superhero movies or real obvious tent pole studio films. - Author: Bryan Greenberg
Good Movies quotes by Bryan Greenberg
#45. People ask me, 'Is 3D a good medium for horror movies?' I think it's the perfect thing for horror movies because it really puts you into it. - Author: Tania Raymonde
Good Movies quotes by Tania Raymonde
#46. It just proves good movies don't need 100 million dollars to be good. - Author: Emily Blunt
Good Movies quotes by Emily Blunt
#47. Secrets make for good drama, and revealing the hidden truths and contradictions of life is, for me, one of the most exciting aspects of making movies. - Author: Ira Sachs
Good Movies quotes by Ira Sachs
#48. Most movies suck, even the independent ones. Hollywood is like baseball: Hit three good ones out of 10 and you're a Hall of Famer. - Author: Denis Leary
Good Movies quotes by Denis Leary
#49. Truth is, I don't like movies that are only good once; I tend to dismiss them. I like movies that get better the more you watch them. - Author: Drew Goddard
Good Movies quotes by Drew Goddard
#50. They wanted me to do Scream 2, and I hate talking about movies I turned down, because it sounds judgmental. There's nothing wrong with horror movies. I enjoy watching them. The main reason I turn a part down is if I think I won't be good. - Author: Casey Affleck
Good Movies quotes by Casey Affleck
#51. I grew up loving films and making stupid movies with a good friend of mine, who now actually has a career in a really prominent special effects house, so he's still doing it. We just started messing around with a camera. - Author: D.J. Cotrona
Good Movies quotes by D.J. Cotrona
#52. One incredible tool to accomplish bringing a product to the public is to put a face on TV shows, movies, and the actors in them by using good PR. - Author: Kristoffer Polaha
Good Movies quotes by Kristoffer Polaha
#53. I just want to make good movies. Honestly, the only difference for me with this stuff is that there is more people on the set. - Author: Charlize Theron
Good Movies quotes by Charlize Theron
#54. Audiences don't ever disappoint me, in the sense that movies I feel really good about, they usually feel really good about too. - Author: Greg Kinnear
Good Movies quotes by Greg Kinnear
#55. We have to make movies where we do not think this is for the American market or this is for the Chinese market. We have to make a good movie that anyone would just want to sit down and watch because love, language, culture transcend everything. - Author: Michelle Yeoh
Good Movies quotes by Michelle Yeoh
#56. I think I made good movies. - Author: Jane Campion
Good Movies quotes by Jane Campion
#57. Most big popcorn movies are 'bad guy does something to good guy, good guy gets revenge on bad guy, sets the world right, and moves on.' And 'Ender's Game' is just not that simple, so it's an exciting challenge. It's a little terrifying, and let's see how audiences respond. - Author: Gavin Hood
Good Movies quotes by Gavin Hood
#58. I love the Marvel movies, but I always feel like we should be a step ahead of the movies. One of the reasons those movies have been so good and so successful is that they've been very good at mining the comics. - Author: Jason Aaron
Good Movies quotes by Jason Aaron
#59. When you first start out as an actor, you're just looking for a good part. As time goes on, if you're being held responsible for the movies themselves, you're looking for a good script all around. - Author: George Clooney
Good Movies quotes by George Clooney
#60. According to the perverse aesthetics of artistic guilty pleasure, certain books and movies are so bad - so crudely conceived, despicably motivated and atrociously executed - that they're actually rather good. - Author: Walter Kirn
Good Movies quotes by Walter Kirn
#61. The thing about all good horror movies is that the fans expect a couple of inside jokes. Maybe I'm supposed to be saying how terrified I was while making it, but it was really fun. - Author: Margot Kidder
Good Movies quotes by Margot Kidder
#62. Well, yeah! Now they're considered golden oldies, which is awesome. I was watching Little Women recently, and I didn't want to get up for fear of missing something. And Heathers is like my own Rocky Horror Picture Show; I recite the lines when it's on. It may seem odd, but I think it's because they're really good movies. - Author: Winona Ryder
Good Movies quotes by Winona Ryder
#63. I'm amazed that movies ever get finished at all - much less come out good once in a while. It's an awful lot of work and it can go wrong a thousand different ways. - Author: Rick Baker
Good Movies quotes by Rick Baker
#64. And it's very hard to do this stuff too because there are so many effects movies being done, so many companies busy doing this work and the public just wants to see it. Good work is being done all over the world. - Author: Dennis Muren
Good Movies quotes by Dennis Muren
#65. I like to go out if there's a party or go to the movies, but I just like hanging out with my buddies and having a good time. - Author: Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Good Movies quotes by Jean-Luc Bilodeau
#66. I consider myself more of a film fan than a filmmaker, or I guess it's kind of a balance, fortunately. But I really want to see good movies as much as I want to make good movies and I want to see bizarre movies as much as I want to make bizarre movies. - Author: David Gordon Green
Good Movies quotes by David Gordon Green
#67. In the movies, they make you look good and tough, but in real life, it's completely the opposite. I do these ueber roles, I think, because in real life I'm quite shy and reserved. In real life, I'm a dork. - Author: Sam Worthington
Good Movies quotes by Sam Worthington
#68. Some of my favorite movies are action movies. You want something good to say. That comes from good writing. But writing is not a skill I possess, unfortunately. - Author: Jason Statham
Good Movies quotes by Jason Statham
#69. There's a classic element that all good Disney movies have. It really comes down to the storytelling, I think. It manages to push all of these buttons inside of us; there's a sentimentality. - Author: Mandy Moore
Good Movies quotes by Mandy Moore
#70. I read certain articles about how all of the new filmmakers are immediately being given massive tentpoles, and there's a lot of original movies that we have now lost as a result of this. I don't want to call it a fad because I think it's a good thing. I think the movies are better as a result. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
Good Movies quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#71. It's really hard to find good movies, and that's pretty much what I try to find, good movies. - Author: Edward Furlong
Good Movies quotes by Edward Furlong
#72. I actually like older horror movies more than newer ones because when I'm watching newer ones, like 'Chucky' or 'Saw' or whatever, I'm like, 'Come on, really, this isn't even good, all it is is blood and knives.' I like when it has a story line, you know? When it's actually a movie. - Author: Emily Alyn Lind
Good Movies quotes by Emily Alyn Lind
#73. My mum and my dad have really good taste in movies. My gran would tape them off the TV and write notes about them, rating them. - Author: Domhnall Gleeson
Good Movies quotes by Domhnall Gleeson
#74. With movies, you are always in search is a good story, one that everyone will relate to and love. I love finding those stories and creating a visual world to tell the story. - Author: Don Bluth
Good Movies quotes by Don Bluth
#75. People can criticise all day long, I think I've proven myself, I think I deliver. And I agree, box office does not mean a movie's good, but I feel like I'm making good movies and I'm delivering in box office. - Author: Brett Ratner
Good Movies quotes by Brett Ratner
#76. Whereas there are lots of good novels out there; there are a few good movies out there. People have been writing great poems for years, but there aren't a lot of good comics. I like trying to write them. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Good Movies quotes by Neil Gaiman
#77. Filmmakers, they tell me they want to make movies. I say, 'Good, go out, buy a $500 camera, get some friends and make a movie. Don't go to Hollywood. Stay wherever you are.' - Author: Alan Arkin
Good Movies quotes by Alan Arkin
#78. I don't sleep at night at all. Making movies is a marathon. I'm a good 100-yard-dash guy. - Author: Gary David Goldberg
Good Movies quotes by Gary David Goldberg
#79. For a number of years, I'd been around the kind of people who financed movies and the kind of people who are there to make the deals for movies. But I'd always had this naive idea that everybody wants to make movies as good as they can be, which is stupid. - Author: David Fincher
Good Movies quotes by David Fincher
#80. When I started in movies, they said I'd be this big star, but I was only a moderate one. Not enough good pictures. It's important to be in a good piece of work no matter the size of one's own part. - Author: Suzanne Pleshette
Good Movies quotes by Suzanne Pleshette
#81. I'm a huge Woody Allen fan. Good movie, bad movie, it doesn't matter - I just like his movies. - Author: Sean Penn
Good Movies quotes by Sean Penn
#82. There are a lot of things that come to bear on movies now that I don't think are good for movies. They're trying to appeal to the biggest demographic and, when they do that, you sometimes flatten out. - Author: Kevin Costner
Good Movies quotes by Kevin Costner
#83. Getting movies developed doesn't do me any good as a producer. It only does me good to get movies made. - Author: Nina Jacobson
Good Movies quotes by Nina Jacobson
#84. I feel like I turned down a lot of things that I wish I hadn't. But you never know when you're younger. I don't have regrets about certain things I turned down. Those films would have required things of me that would have been challenging, and they ended up being really good movies. But I was never a careerist, I never thought in those terms. I'd be like, "Oh, I'm tired. I don't want to work." - Author: Jennifer Jason Leigh
Good Movies quotes by Jennifer Jason Leigh
#85. People will love people
no matter what
terrible shit they do.

We forgive people, even when
they don't ask for forgiveness.

When there is no
no penance.

Why do we love people?
Why do we forgive evil?
Stupidity -
Shallowness -
the darkest motives.
We forgive
because we are attached,
we have known them a long time,
we have put them into the
category of family or friend.
We want to have sex with them.
Because they entertain us.

We even forgive child molesters
if they make good movies.

The unspeakable truth
is that we need written laws
that have mystic origins -
with weapons to keep
them upheld.

Because we are too
forgiving of our friends
and family. We take their side,
even when we know
they are wrong, and lying.

The world would collapse
into chaos without law
not because we are
savage beasts, but because
we are so forgiving. - Author: Noah Cicero
Good Movies quotes by Noah Cicero
#86. By the way, movies are like sporting events in that you're as good as the movie you're in. You can sit in a room for 20 years and go do a movie and you can just kill in it and you move to the head of the line again. By the same token, you can do five movies a year and if they're dreck, it's nothing. - Author: Albert Brooks
Good Movies quotes by Albert Brooks
#87. The good movies that people want to keep are probably creating their value more than anything else. - Author: Bill Mechanic
Good Movies quotes by Bill Mechanic
#88. I was sick and tired of being an English actor who did a lot of American movies because I was cheap and good. - Author: Daniel Craig
Good Movies quotes by Daniel Craig
#89. Television has its own award. It's called the Emmy. It's a good award. I like it. I have one. But you don't see movies like 'The King's Speech' win Oscars and then go to TV and qualify for Emmys. In documentaries, some networks have been able to game the system. - Author: Michael Moore
Good Movies quotes by Michael Moore
#90. I think the whole stigma of 'black movies' is slowly being lost. When you look at movies like '12 Years A Slave,' to 'The Butler,' to 'The Best Man,' to 'Ride Along,' to even 'Think Like a Man' from last year - these movies are just good movies. - Author: Kevin Hart
Good Movies quotes by Kevin Hart
#91. If making movies was easier, there'd be a lot more good movies. So you kind of learn that if it's just a good script, or if it's just a good producer, that's not always enough. You need an entire team of creative people coming together. - Author: Chris Evans
Good Movies quotes by Chris Evans
#92. I don't generally do movies that get good reviews. - Author: Seann William Scott
Good Movies quotes by Seann William Scott
#93. Cinema is entertainment, and people go to the movies because they want to feel good and forget about everything. - Author: Vincent Cassel
Good Movies quotes by Vincent Cassel
#94. I turned down some movies that were quite good. mainly on the basis of taste. - Author: Dick Van Dyke
Good Movies quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#95. I don't really make movies because I want to see my face on a billboard or because I want to get good reviews or have a big box office. That doesn't really matter to me at all. - Author: Joaquin Phoenix
Good Movies quotes by Joaquin Phoenix
#96. When I was a kid, I would make these incredibly bloody movies in my back yard. I was constantly making weird blood concoctions; Jell-O and milk was a good one. I was constantly ruining clothes and staining my parents' walls and stuff. - Author: Fran Kranz
Good Movies quotes by Fran Kranz
#97. Let's face it: professing a deep interest in movies, the absolutely dominant global art form of the last century, is at this point like professing an interest in air. Passion is nice. Erudition is admirable. But it's like that moment when good manners cross over into meaningless etiquette. - Author: David Rakoff
Good Movies quotes by David Rakoff
#98. I love to star in movies, but I want to have good roles. It doesn't help to get starring roles in something that's no good. I mean, that will just kill you. - Author: Joe Pesci
Good Movies quotes by Joe Pesci
#99. My agent said, 'You aren't good enough for movies.' I said, 'You're fired.' - Author: Sally Field
Good Movies quotes by Sally Field
#100. You go from movies where you are wearing nice clothes and you're trying to smell good to a movie where you are in water and you are wet all day, and you are dealing with that elements, it gets rough, but it was definitely something I wanted to try. - Author: Morris Chestnut
Good Movies quotes by Morris Chestnut
#101. I just love good movies. And not every movie you're going to end up in is always going to turn out right, but at least walk into it with the right intention. - Author: Joel Edgerton
Good Movies quotes by Joel Edgerton
#102. I think movies are good for getting into dream states or exploring weird alternate states of thinking. - Author: Alex Winter
Good Movies quotes by Alex Winter
#103. As a philanthropist, I give away a lot of money every year. Yet I thought there was a higher leverage to come in and create movies and TV shows that were actually able to do some good in the world. - Author: Jeffrey Skoll
Good Movies quotes by Jeffrey Skoll
#104. I've done movies that have mostly feminine characters and elements, and I think that both 'Heathers' and 'Truth About Cats and Dogs' are, in their own weird ways - they're different ends of the girl movie spectrum, but they're very much centered around the female characters, and I like those movies, and I like working with good actresses. - Author: Michael Lehmann
Good Movies quotes by Michael Lehmann
#105. Music is fun, but I'm an ice skater. I may sing songs and do shows, make movies and other things ... that's all well and good and I enjoy it, and I would never trade any of those for anything. But figure skating is who I am. - Author: Johnny Weir
Good Movies quotes by Johnny Weir
#106. Skinniness is not your friend when you're over 40. I'd like to gain a good 10 pounds, but I did always have a fat, round face that plagued me when I was young. When I started to make movies, I couldn't look at myself. - Author: Ellen Barkin
Good Movies quotes by Ellen Barkin
#107. If you get a good comedy once a year, man, that's pretty good. I may be pickier than some, but still, there aren't that many movies that are really, truly, honestly that funny. - Author: Michael Keaton
Good Movies quotes by Michael Keaton
#108. There's an absolute prejudice that good movies are dramas and comedies are more dismissable. But I couldn't disagree more. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Good Movies quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#109. I love all kinds of movies. I love a really good comedy and not the cheesy ones. My parents hate this, but I love horror films. Those are my favorite, and of course, dramatic roles. I'm really drawn to those as well. All different genres. - Author: Liana Liberato
Good Movies quotes by Liana Liberato
#110. I've made three musical movies which is pretty good considering that not many are made but I was lucky in other ways. I came along when independent movies were starting to boom. - Author: Christopher Walken
Good Movies quotes by Christopher Walken
#111. I don't hold with the notion that only bad books make good movies. - Author: Anthony Minghella
Good Movies quotes by Anthony Minghella
#112. In movies, you don't get reactions: Live, when you do a joke, you know in a second whether it's good or bad. But in a movie, since no one is allowed to laugh or do anything, when you're done with a scene, you're left asking, 'Was that funny?' - Author: Carrot Top
Good Movies quotes by Carrot Top
#113. You can't plan for people to like your movies. I knew that people were not going to run in droves to the theater for the 'In the Valley of Elah.' I knew they might not want to see it, but I still had to the movie; I felt very strongly about it. Wanting to keep telling a good story is what you want to do, a compelling story. - Author: Paul Haggis
Good Movies quotes by Paul Haggis
#114. You feel stressed when you think that you are working. When I am doing movies, I don't feel that way at all. When I wake up in the morning and then get dressed up for the job, I feel good because this is what I want. I am the happiest that way and honestly, if at all I get a day or two off, I get restless. - Author: Sonakshi Sinha
Good Movies quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
#115. In principle, I think the idea of rewarding a good effort is interesting, but movies are generally different from each other as are performances and the conditions on how the performances are given and how they're edited and so forth. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
Good Movies quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#116. I went to film school at UT Austin. I learned a lot, and that school's good for puking up all your bad movies early and quick. But ultimately, no one can teach you to be an artist. - Author: Jay Duplass
Good Movies quotes by Jay Duplass
#117. I used to do lots of independent films and for a while I was very content living in New York City and doing independent movies and off-Broadway theater. I loved it, I had a really good time doing that, and I worked on a lot of projects that are very dear to my heart, both plays and films. - Author: Jared Harris
Good Movies quotes by Jared Harris
#118. Animation, for me, is a wonderful art form. I never understood why the studios wanted to stop making animation. Maybe they felt that the audiences around the world only wanted to watch computer animation. I didn't understand that, because I don't think ever in the history of cinema did the medium of a film make that film entertaining or not. What I've always felt is, what audiences like to watch are really good movies. - Author: John Lasseter
Good Movies quotes by John Lasseter
#119. Grips and electricians have done more to help me shoot good movies than any other craft. - Author: Gordon Willis
Good Movies quotes by Gordon Willis
#120. I always watched movies and rooted for the bad guys, you know? I've always been that kind of guy. I still hold some respect for criminals that are good at their jobs. - Author: Justin Townes Earle
Good Movies quotes by Justin Townes Earle
#121. That's probably when I get the most angry at American movies, when they just so cynically manipulate the audience without even trying to give a good story. - Author: Gene Siskel
Good Movies quotes by Gene Siskel
#122. A good movie can take you out of your dull funk and the hopelessness that so often goes with slipping into a theatre; a good movie can make you feel alive again, in contact, not just lost in another city. Good movies make you care, make you believe in possibilities again. If somewhere in the Hollywood-entertainment world someone has managed to break through with something that speaks to you, then it isn't all corruption. The movie doesn't have to be great; it can be stupid and empty and you can still have the joy of a good performance, or the joy in just a good line. An actor's scowl, a small subversive gesture, a dirty remark that someone tosses off with a mock-innocent face, and the world makes a little bit of sense. Sitting there alone or painfully alone because those with you do not react as you do, you know there must be others perhaps in this very theatre or in this city, surely in other theatres in other cities, now, in the past or future, who react as you do. And because movies are the most total and encompassing art form we have, these reactions can seem the most personal and, maybe the most important, imaginable. The romance of movies is not just in those stories and those people on the screen but in the adolescent dream of meeting others who feel as you do about what you've seen. You do meet them, of course, and you know each other at once because you talk less about good movies than about what you love in bad movies. - Author: Pauline Kael
Good Movies quotes by Pauline Kael
#123. Making movies, you're like an independent contractor - you come in, you have a specific job, and a lot of what you do is completely manipulated, which is good and bad. - Author: Zooey Deschanel
Good Movies quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#124. I always argued against the auteur theory; films are a collaborative art form. I've had some fantastically good people help me make the movies. - Author: Alan Parker
Good Movies quotes by Alan Parker
#125. Sports movies are a genre that I really respond to, but they can be done really poorly and really fall short. The good ones are just so good and inspiring and make you feel good. - Author: David Walton
Good Movies quotes by David Walton
#126. I'm not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Good Movies quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#127. I knit for Caps for Good - a charity that gives hats to Third World babies - while I watch movies with friends. - Author: Isabelle Fuhrman
Good Movies quotes by Isabelle Fuhrman
#128. But I have never had the privilege of unhappiness in Happy Valley. California is about the good life. So a bad life there seems so much worse than a bad life anywhere else. Quality is an obsession there - good food, good wine, good movies, music, weather, cars. Those sound like the right things to shoot for, but the never-ending quality quest is a lot of pressure when you're uncertain and disorganized and, not least, broker than broke. Some afternoons a person just wants to rent Die Hard, close the curtains, and have Cheerios for lunch. - Author: Sarah Vowell
Good Movies quotes by Sarah Vowell
#129. I think you get out of film school what you put into it. If you don't care about making movies, film school will do you no good. - Author: Richard King
Good Movies quotes by Richard King
#130. I just make good movies. That's the way I thank my fans. - Author: Jackie Chan
Good Movies quotes by Jackie Chan
#131. If I did any movies I'd have to take a break from singing, because I'd want it to be really good. - Author: Justin Timberlake
Good Movies quotes by Justin Timberlake
#132. With horror movies, a bigger budget is actually your enemy. You want to feel the rough edges, the handmade quality to good horror films. It's a genre that benefits from not having everything at your disposal. - Author: Drew Goddard
Good Movies quotes by Drew Goddard
#133. I won`t buy into the Hollywood thing...I want to be in good movies. - Author: Ewan McGregor
Good Movies quotes by Ewan McGregor
#134. I like to go from mainstream movies to more artsy films. I don't sign on for the money. Maybe I should, but I don't. There's always a good reason for doing something. - Author: Famke Janssen
Good Movies quotes by Famke Janssen
#135. When I'm depressed and I feel low thinking that good movies are not made any more, then I put on his movies and I watch them. I laugh and I cry and I have great pleasure. - Author: Geraldine Chaplin
Good Movies quotes by Geraldine Chaplin
#136. Making a movie is so hard, you'd better make movies about something you really know about. And even more, it's really good to make movies about things you need to figure out for yourself, so you're driven the whole way through. It's going to make things more crucial for you. - Author: Mike Mills
Good Movies quotes by Mike Mills
#137. All my good movies, nobody sees. - Author: Chris Evans
Good Movies quotes by Chris Evans
#138. Mainstream Hollywood makes a few good movies a year. And in order to be in one of those, you have to be one of five people. Hollywood makes many bad movies too, which I'm not interested in being a part of. But there are only a few good independent movies a year, and many, many bad ones. I want to be in good movies, and I want people to see them. - Author: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Good Movies quotes by Maggie Gyllenhaal
#139. You do small movies because the script is good and because you believe in the director. You don't care about the money. And when they disappear, it's a pity. - Author: Stephen Rea
Good Movies quotes by Stephen Rea
#140. I'm just looking to make good movies and looking to be as good as I can be in them and that's about it. But I feel much more comfortable doing a comedy, but the fact that I got to try a few dramas, I feel I've tested myself a little bit. - Author: Adam Sandler
Good Movies quotes by Adam Sandler
#141. I wake up every morning bolt upright, whether it's a commercial, not that that's a good thing or a bad thing, because I shoot commercials in between movies. But whether it's a commercial or a movie where I'm shooting a major train wreck, the thing that worries me most is when I'm doing a performance thing. - Author: Tony Scott
Good Movies quotes by Tony Scott
#142. I'm a fan of good horror movies. - Author: Donnie Wahlberg
Good Movies quotes by Donnie Wahlberg
#143. I made a decision to live outside the city in northern California. My agent said to me, 'Kid, you're going to make a mint in television movies.' He positioned me, and we picked really good projects, and I cornered that market. They were 20-day projects. - Author: Mare Winningham
Good Movies quotes by Mare Winningham
#144. There is the moral spectrum in 'Fargo,' and you see it in other Coen brothers movies, where you have a very good character on one end and a very bad character on the other. - Author: Noah Hawley
Good Movies quotes by Noah Hawley
#145. I remember when first, Stripes, and then Animal House came out - which I was really proud of, even though it was kind of loose and quite raucous - there were imitative movies that were not quite as good. - Author: Ivan Reitman
Good Movies quotes by Ivan Reitman
#146. I am fortunate enough to have worked on, and continue to work on, evolutionary movies in all formats from just simple good story telling, which still matters most of all, to CG movies to tent-pole size 3D movies, and genre 3D movies like 'Piranha 3D.' - Author: Mark Canton
Good Movies quotes by Mark Canton
#147. I've always felt that really good prequels should be original movies. - Author: Damon Lindelof
Good Movies quotes by Damon Lindelof
#148. Good movies make you care, make you believe in possibilities again. - Author: Pauline Kael
Good Movies quotes by Pauline Kael
#149. Nothing that I've turned down do I feel like I should have done. Because I've generated everything I've done, I've never really considered doing something that I haven't originated myself. There are definitely things that I've been brought that someone else made good movies out of. But it's not a path I've followed, so I don't have regret. - Author: Noah Baumbach
Good Movies quotes by Noah Baumbach
#150. You can't think about how people will perceive you or your character. All you can do is focus on your work. The rest is up to the universe. I've been acting for 16 years. I've done 55 movies and, in all seriousness, there's maybe five that are good and the rest are crap. - Author: Robert Patrick
Good Movies quotes by Robert Patrick
#151. It's hard to really get that excited about movies. Think about it like this: how many good comedy movies come out a year? Maybe one or two? And then, in those movies, what are the chances that there's a character that I'm the best fit to play? It's really small! - Author: Aziz Ansari
Good Movies quotes by Aziz Ansari
#152. There's good movies and there's bad movies. The genres are never dead, it's just about how to apply them and articulate them and execute them - the story, the quality of the writing, the acting, the design elements, the directorial execution - all these things make it what it is. - Author: Andy Garcia
Good Movies quotes by Andy Garcia
#153. I've made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good. - Author: Tom Hanks
Good Movies quotes by Tom Hanks
#154. In this day and age, where you have a lot of comic book movies made every day, and most of them are really good boys, it's important to have a couple bad boys out there, too. - Author: Nicolas Cage
Good Movies quotes by Nicolas Cage
#155. - Family

Tell me about your family.
Does everyone live in the area?
What do you like best about being a father/mother/son/aunt, etc.?


What got you into your current job?
How did you come up with that idea?
What are some of the toughest challenges in your job?
If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?
How has the Internet impacted your business/industry?

- Recreation

What do you do for fitness?
What kinds of things does your family do for fun?
How do you spend your leisure time?
What's been your favorite vacation?

- Miscellaneous
Have you seen any good movies lately?
What do you think about - - - - - [news event]?
Are you reading anything you really enjoy? - Author: Debra Fine
Good Movies quotes by Debra Fine
#156. The movies that I did in the '80s were either good or bad, but I never was oppressed with any feeling - I mean, I thought it was ridiculous to play high school or college students when I was 30. But at the same time, that was really done then. - Author: Curtis Armstrong
Good Movies quotes by Curtis Armstrong
#157. No one ever said movies are for developing your range. Hardly anyone gets that opportunity. Which is why I think the stage is so good. It's less bread, but you can play different types, and you can initiate your own projects. - Author: Sal Mineo
Good Movies quotes by Sal Mineo
#158. There are conservatives in Hollywood who make good movies. They just don't make conservative movies because that's not what gets funded. - Author: Rick Santorum
Good Movies quotes by Rick Santorum
#159. The fact of the matter is, it's hard to find good movies, period. - Author: Eddie Kaye Thomas
Good Movies quotes by Eddie Kaye Thomas
#160. Certainly, a lot of the films I've worked on have ended up good movies, but they haven't always been the best experiences. - Author: Frances McDormand
Good Movies quotes by Frances McDormand
#161. We didn't care if we were well-liked as long as the movies were good. We served the movie - that was our master at Miramax. In our second incarnation, the movie is still the master but we're getting the same results in more subtle ways. - Author: Harvey Weinstein
Good Movies quotes by Harvey Weinstein
#162. I haven't seen about half the movies I've done. You know, you've got to make a living, but some I don't get a good vibe with. - Author: Ray Liotta
Good Movies quotes by Ray Liotta
#163. My children have never watched any of my films. Charlie knows that daddy makes movies, but he says they are not good enough for him to watch. - Author: Russell Crowe
Good Movies quotes by Russell Crowe
#164. Work is good when people are responsible, and in low-budget movies a lot of the actors don't want to be there. They're there to build a resume. - Author: Sean Young
Good Movies quotes by Sean Young
#165. Such narrative arcs make good movies but shitty existences. - Author: David Mitchell
Good Movies quotes by David Mitchell
#166. Mental violence is as bad as physical violence. You don't see that very often in movies, so it was a good subject to tackle. - Author: Chazz Palminteri
Good Movies quotes by Chazz Palminteri
#167. In films, I didn't crave the type of attention I had sort of stumbled into in my music career. And I do not audition well. I'm really not good at it. Early on, I did movies like 'Alpha Dog' and 'Black Snake Moan' because the directors didn't ask me to audition. - Author: Justin Timberlake
Good Movies quotes by Justin Timberlake
#168. I do have to take care of myself, not only because I'm in the movies, just for mental health reasons. I exercise for me. You know, maybe it would be nice to not have to do that in order to feel good, but I do. I feel like I have to, to feel good. To clear my head and all of that, so. - Author: Annette Bening
Good Movies quotes by Annette Bening
#169. Good movies are what I wait my whole life for. - Author: Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
Good Movies quotes by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
#170. What's the rush? Recognise that with the time at our disposal, there is only a limited number of good books you can read, a few really good movies worth seeing, and a finite number of hours, days, years to enjoy them! - Author: Ken Puddicombe
Good Movies quotes by Ken Puddicombe
#171. But, Tarantino has seen all of my movies. He's seen my good stuff, he's seen my bad stuff, he's seen the ones I directed, he's read my autobiography. There's an awful lot of things he knows about me, all of which I think had something to do with his casting. - Author: David Carradine
Good Movies quotes by David Carradine
#172. It was always a dream as I was growing up. I would watch movies, mostly American movies, and be so engrossed in those stories, all I wanted to do was be there. I wanted to be part of that romance or that fantasy or be that warrior or that struggling soul who finally makes it good. - Author: Gerard Butler
Good Movies quotes by Gerard Butler
#173. I have a feeling, one of those gut feelings, that I'll make pretty good movies the rest of my life. - Author: Paul Thomas Anderson
Good Movies quotes by Paul Thomas Anderson
#174. We knew all along we were making a good show, so its success was not a surprise to me. What has surprised me is the magnitude of this show's success. More people see me now in one episode than saw me in 20 years of movies and theater! - Author: William Petersen
Good Movies quotes by William Petersen
#175. I really tried to make movies I wanted to see. I thought that if I was good enough, somebody would always need me. - Author: Jason Patric
Good Movies quotes by Jason Patric
#176. I made about 28 movies, and I think about five of them were good. - Author: Chevy Chase
Good Movies quotes by Chevy Chase
#177. I know it's good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children. - Author: Campbell Scott
Good Movies quotes by Campbell Scott
#178. I have such a soft spot for the really cheesy zombie movies, but if I had to pick a really good one, I'd have to go with an actual TV show and say 'The Walking Dead'. - Author: Jennifer Armentrout
Good Movies quotes by Jennifer Armentrout
#179. I love horror movies. I mean, who doesn't like a good horror movie every once in a while? It's fun to get scared. - Author: Tara Reid
Good Movies quotes by Tara Reid
#180. I like being part of good movies and telling stories that mean something to me. I also like playing characters that I look up to. - Author: Katie Holmes
Good Movies quotes by Katie Holmes
#181. For me, the reason to make the movie is that if people like the comic, then people would like the movie if it was well made. There are good movies for them, but very few. And I mean that in a true sense. If they love your story for freaking 30 years, then they can do a movie about it. - Author: Gilbert Hernandez
Good Movies quotes by Gilbert Hernandez
#182. Hymn
At morn- at noon- at twilight dim-
Maria! thou hast heard my hymn!
In joy and woe- in good and ill-
Mother of God, be with me still!
When the hours flew brightly by,
And not a cloud obscured the sky,
My soul, lest it should truant be,
Thy grace did guide to thine and thee;
Now, when storms of Fate o'ercast
Darkly my Present and my Past,
Let my Future radiant shine
With sweet hopes of thee and thine! - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Good Movies quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#183. I was thinking about people," said Polynesia." People make me sick. They think they're so wonderful. The world has been going on now for thousands of years, hasn't it? And the only thing in animal language that people have learned to understand is that when a dog wags his tail he means 'I'm glad'! It's funny isn't it? You are the very first man to talk like us. Oh, sometimes people annoy me dreadfully - such airs they put on, talking about 'the dumb animals.' Dumb! Huh! Why I knew a macaw once who could say 'Good morning' in seven different ways. - Author: Hugh Lofting
Good Movies quotes by Hugh Lofting
#184. Growing up, I think I was arrested 20-odd times by the Boston police. The good news is that I've been able to use those experiences in a lot of my roles, and that has been a blessing. - Author: Mark Wahlberg
Good Movies quotes by Mark Wahlberg
#185. He thought living in a place where there were eagles to watch might encourage some pretty good dreams. - Author: Larry McMurtry
Good Movies quotes by Larry McMurtry
#186. I think Lee has always seen me as somewhat of an obstacle between him and Christina. I know I'm overprotective of her, and for good reason, but that's my job. It's always been my job - I'm just better at it now. And while I don't really have a problem with Lee - he is a good guy and all - he knows I have a strong influence on her life, for better or worse. Some men are threatened by that. - Author: Karina Halle
Good Movies quotes by Karina Halle
#187. I want to be happy because it is beneficial for me but also because I want to be a messenger of happiness to my friends and family. - Author: Susan Harris
Good Movies quotes by Susan Harris
#188. If you argue and rankle and contradict, you may achieve a victory sometimes; but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent's good will. - Author: Dale Carnegie
Good Movies quotes by Dale Carnegie
#189. Nezhdanov's heart began to beat violently and he lowered his eyes involuntarily. This girl, who had fallen in love with a homeless wretch like him, who trusted him, who was ready to follow him, to go with him towards one and the same goal - this wonderful girl - Marianna - at that moment was, for Nezhdanov, the embodiment of everything good and just on earth; the embodiment of that love, that of a family, sister or wife, which he had not experienced; the embodiment of homeland, happiness, struggle and freedom. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
Good Movies quotes by Ivan Turgenev
#190. My life's long radiant Summer halts at last, And lo! beside my path way I behold Pursuing Autumn glide: nor frost nor cold Has heralded her presence; but a vast Sweet calm that comes not till the year has passed Its fevered solstice, and a tinge of gold Subdues the vivid colouring of bold And passion-hued emotions. I will cast My August days behind me with my May, Nor strive to drag them into Autumn's place, Nor swear I hope when I do but remember. Now violet and rose have had their day, I'll pluck the soberer asters with good grace And call September nothing but September. - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Good Movies quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#191. I love being in the studio, and I am a huge fan of live music. Without writing good stuff in the studio, you have nothing to play live. - Author: Anthony Hamilton
Good Movies quotes by Anthony Hamilton
#192. I don't drink anymore myself, I'm moving on. And that's not to say I won't drink again. I'm not making any promises, but I don't think I was a great drinker. Some folks are great drinkers; they drink and tell jokes and laugh their asses off, and they are funny as hell. We buried one of those last week. Life is just a big test, and if you try hard, you fail. If you don't try too hard and fail a little but have a good time, maybe that is success. - Author: Neil Young
Good Movies quotes by Neil Young
#193. Kids - in a really good way - can talk about their differences without the baggage that adults have. - Author: Jim McKay
Good Movies quotes by Jim McKay
#194. In popular government results worth while can only be achieved by men who combine worthy ideals with practical good sense. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Good Movies quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#195. You Change Your Valley Into A Peak When You Find And Use The Good That Is Hidden In The Bad Time. - Author: Spencer Johnson
Good Movies quotes by Spencer Johnson
#196. Clent's expression had set up camp somewhere between amusement and pain. "Sometimes I forget that your small size is the result of youth, not pickling. You are... young, Mosca.

"To be young is to be powerless, but to have delusions of power. To believe that one can really change things, make the world better and simpler in good and simple ways. To grow old is to realize that nobody is ever good, nothing is ever simple. That truth is cruel at first, but finally comforting."

"But...," Mosca broke in, then halted. Clent was right- she knew that he was. And yet her bones screamed that he was also wrong, utterly wrong. "But sometimes things /are/ simple. Just now and then. Just like now and then people /are/ good."

"Yes." Clent gave a deep sigh. "Yes, I know. Innocent people force one to remember that. For you see, there is a cruelty in all innocence."

Mosca remained silent for a few moments, daunted by the colossal sadness in his voice. "I'll never understand you, Mr. Clent," she said at last.

"Mosca," he replied simply, "I truly hope you never do. - Author: Frances Hardinge
Good Movies quotes by Frances Hardinge
#197. They are always very lax about putting restrictions on violence for children's movies, which I think is much more harrowing than sexuality for children. - Author: Philip Kaufman
Good Movies quotes by Philip Kaufman
#198. I lost my second judo tournament. I finished second, losing to a girl named Anastasia. Afterward, her coach congratulated me.

"You did a great job. Don't feel bad, Anastasia is a junior national champion."

I felt consoled for about a second, until I noticed the look of disgust on Mom's face. I nodded at the coach and walked away.

Once we were out of earshot she lit into me. "I hope you know better than to believe what he said. You could have won that match. You had every chance to beat that girl. The fact that she is a junior national champion doesn't mean anything. That's why they have tournaments, so you can see who is better. They don't award medals based on what you won before. If you did your absolute best, if you were capable of doing nothing more, then that's enough. Then you can be content with the outcome. But if you could have done better, if you could have done more, then you should be disappointed. You should be upset you didn't win. You should go home and think about what you could have done differently and then next time do it differently. Don't you ever let anyone tell you that not doing your absolute best is good enough. You are a skinny blonde girl who lives by the beach, and unless you absolutely force them to, no one is ever going to expect anything from you in this sport. You prove them wrong. - Author: Ronda Rousey
Good Movies quotes by Ronda Rousey
#199. It would be impossible to explain it, because no plausible explanation existed. Fear wasn't a good enough reason to do what I'd done. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Good Movies quotes by Sarina Bowen
#200. Pretend you're good at it. - Author: Jenny Lawson
Good Movies quotes by Jenny Lawson
#201. I think in the bullpen you can tell during your warmups, if you have a good feel for it. But anything can happen once you get into a game. Sometimes you just wind up throwing it better than ever before one day without knowing why. - Author: Barry Zito
Good Movies quotes by Barry Zito
#202. An abundance of good friends does not lead to better philosophy . - Author: Karl Marx
Good Movies quotes by Karl Marx
#203. This Hollywood ain't no good, I would rather be like Robin Hood. - Author: Van Morrison
Good Movies quotes by Van Morrison
#204. He tried not to notice that her hair was loose. He tried not to see that she was wearing her nightclothes. They were demure, yes, but still meant to be removed, and his gaze kept dipping to the silken hem, which brushed the top of her foot, allowing him a tantalizing peek at her toes.
Good God, he was staring at her toes. Her /toes/. What had his life come to? - Author: Julia Quinn
Good Movies quotes by Julia Quinn
#205. So be wise. And if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and then just behave like they would. Now go, and make interesting mistakes. Make Interesting. Mistakes. Make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for you being here. Make good art. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Good Movies quotes by Neil Gaiman
#206. The world is how we see the world. Some people see the world good, the other people see the world bad. Every person has an idea of the world with a subjective [viewpoint]. - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Good Movies quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
#207. I've realized that most of my best ideas have followed a good night's sleep. - Author: Thomas A. Edison
Good Movies quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#208. I've been on the road since 1983. Nothing ever changed, even when I was doing TV and movies. - Author: Sinbad
Good Movies quotes by Sinbad
#209. Don't look at Jason or even in his direction again because if you do, and it pisses of Dominic and results in Jason gettin' hurt again, I'll kill you. Understand, fatso?" she asked and kicked me again. "Yeah," I rasped. "Good." She spat on me then turned and walked off with her friends. - Author: L.A. Casey
Good Movies quotes by L.A. Casey
#210. She's wonderful. Tell her I've never seen such beautiful hands. I wonder what she sees in you."
Waddington, smiling, translated the question.
"She says I'm good."
"As if a woman ever loved a man for his virtue," Kitty mocked. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Good Movies quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#211. I've choreographed all of my movies. - Author: Jackie Chan
Good Movies quotes by Jackie Chan
#212. When I was a child, I thought,
Casually, that solitude
Never needed to be sought.
Something everybody had,
Like nakedness, it lay at hand,
Not specially right or specially wrong,
A plentiful and obvious thing
Not at all hard to understand.

Then, after twenty, it became
At once more difficult to get
And more desired -- though all the same
More undesirable; for what
You are alone has, to achieve
The rank of fact, to be expressed
In terms of others, or it's just
A compensating make-believe.

Much better stay in company!
To love you must have someone else,
Giving requires a legatee,
Good neighbours need whole parishfuls
Of folk to do it on -- in short,
Our virtues are all social; if,
Deprived of solitude, you chafe,
It's clear you're not the virtuous sort.

Viciously, then, I lock my door.
The gas-fire breathes. The wind outside
Ushers in evening rain. Once more
Uncontradicting solitude
Supports me on its giant palm;
And like a sea-anemone
Or simple snail, there cautiously
Unfolds, emerges, what I am."

(Best Company) - Author: Philip Larkin
Good Movies quotes by Philip Larkin
#213. Respect Life and Life will respect You. Love Life and Love will shower Blessings on You. - Author: Rajneesh
Good Movies quotes by Rajneesh
#214. Unless you see your nature, you shouldn't go around criticizing the goodness of others. There's no advantage in deceiving yourself. Good and bad are distinct. Cause and effect are clear. But fools don't believe and fall straight into a hell of endless darkness without even knowing it. What keeps them from believing is the heaviness of their karma. They're like blind people who don't believe there's such a thing as light. Even if you explain it to them, they still don't believe, because they're blind. How can they possibly distinguish light? - Author: Bodhidharma
Good Movies quotes by Bodhidharma
#215. It's no good being too easily swayed by people's opinions. You have to believe in yourself. - Author: Donatella Versace
Good Movies quotes by Donatella Versace
#216. Western society is so unappealing. On a material level, it is clearly more comfortable and protected from the hardships of the natural world. But, as societies become more affluent they tend to require more, rather than less, time and commitment by the individual, and it's possible that many people feel that affluence and safety simply aren't a good trade for freedom. - Author: Sebastian Junger
Good Movies quotes by Sebastian Junger

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