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Good luck hitting a skinny little schooner cutting through the waves bound for fortune and glory."
"I'll quote you on that when a cannonball lands in my lap," said Nina. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Leigh Bardugo
Good luck, and may you live to see the Stars ~ David Hofmeyr
Good Luck Gambling quotes by David Hofmeyr
Every subject is much easier than the people who wish to make money teaching it would have you know. So, for every single subject that can be systematized, there is a systematization that allows you to get 80% percent of the power with probably 5 or 10% of the effort. So the key question is that you have to prove that you have the superpower to rearrange the subject, to disintermediate the people who get paid for teaching it – which will always push you towards mastery, which is a question of getting the last 2 or 3% out of the system. And so the good news is that you can rearrange any subject to learn most of it very, very quickly. The bad news is that it will feel terrible because you will be told that you are doing the wrong thing and dooming yourself to a life of mediocrity as a jack of many trades, master of none – but in fact, the problem is that the jack of one trade is the connector of none. Good luck! ~ Eric R. Weinstein
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Eric R. Weinstein
I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Good luck, man." Wraith clapped him on the shoulder. "For an angel, you don't suck." "Ditto. For a demon ... well, you do suck." "Because I'm half vampire?" "Sure," Reaver said. "Let's go with that. ~ Larissa Ione
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Larissa Ione
A good idea is about ten percent and implementation and hard work, and luck is 90 percent. ~ Guy Kawasaki
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Guy Kawasaki
Having lived in Florida for as long as you did as well, Jeb Bush has never really been that great of a politician. He's benefited from a lot of good luck.He torched his own campaign in '94, he had a weak Democratic opponent in '98, he benefited from the Clinton boom and got out before the Bush bust. ~ Joy-Ann Reid
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Joy-Ann Reid
Humor requires perspective. Perspective requires focus. Focus requires balance. Balance requires attention to the present moment. In the 'now' one is freed from labels. Success and failure, good luck and bad - they're all constructs of your mind. ~ Tom Bergeron
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Tom Bergeron
Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered. ~ William Shakespeare
Good Luck Gambling quotes by William Shakespeare
Ty's jeans were totally soaked and clung to him like a second skin, and Zane had to swallow hard. Jesus. "Good luck getting out of those gracefully," he rasped with a slight smile, still leaning against the wall.
"Good luck thinking for the next hour," Ty shot back with a smirk.
"Shit," Zane muttered, turning into the spray to wash before leaning and shutting the water off. ~ Abigail Roux
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Abigail Roux
Never expect justice in this world. That is not part of God's plan. Everybody thinks that if they don't get it, they're some kind of odd man out. And it's not true. Nobody gets justice - people just get good luck or bad luck. ~ Orson Welles
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Orson Welles
I'm trying to be kind, you know, for I admired your parents. Fine people, and your father was a fair-minded man to every faith. But there are spiritual dangers you Protestants don't even seem to know exist, and this monkeying with difficult, sacred things is a sure way to get yourself into a real old mess. Well I recall, when I was a seminarian, how we were warned one day about a creature called a fool-saint.

Ever hear of a fool-saint? I thought not. As a matter of fact, it's a Jewish idea, and the Jews are no fools, y'know. A fool-saint is somebody who seems to be full of holiness and loves everybody and does every good act he can, but because he's a fool it all comes to nothing - to worse than nothing, because it is virtue tainted with madness, and you can't tell where it'll end up. Did you know that Prudence was named as one of the Virtues? There's the trouble with your fool-saint, y'see - no Prudence. Nothing but a lotta bad luck'll rub off on you from one of them. Did you know bad luck could be catching? There's a theological name for it, but I misremember it right now. ~ Robertson Davies
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Robertson Davies
Our God is sovereign. That means there's no such thing as luck. Anything that happens to you, good or bad, must pass through His fingers first. There are no accidents with God. I like the story of the cowboy who applied for health insurance. The agent routinely asked him, 'Have you ever had any accidents?' The cowboy replied, 'Well no, I've not had any accidents. I was bitten by a rattlesnake once, and a horse did kick me in the ribs. That laid me up for a while, but I haven't had any accidents.' The agent said, 'Wait a minute. I'm confused. A rattlesnake bit you, and a horse kicked you, Weren't those accidents?' 'No, they did that on purpose. ~ Tony Evans
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Tony Evans
A challenge to your bad luck is your confidence. Your confidence, you and your patience is your good luck. ~ Dhiraj Das
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Dhiraj Das
I'm seventy-five now. I also have the peculiar luck of having a sister and brother who are fourteen and sixteen years older than me. Their health is not good. It couldn't be at that age. But their spirits are. Both my brother and my sister are an example to me. ~ Grace Paley
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Grace Paley
I wonder if Jack and Diane ever made it
After the drums and the guitars all faded
Was the best they could do good enough
Or did the heartland just swallow 'em up

How did my mom and my dad ever do it
If there were troubles then we never knew it
I guess they had each other and that was enough

You know you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try,
You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat you love like
You're jumping off a rope swing maybe 'cause the whole thing is really just a shot in the dark
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart

What am I gonna tell my kids when they see
All of this bull that goes down on TV
When the whole world is down on its luck
I gotta make sure they keep that chin up

Cry when it hurts, laugh when it's funny
Chase after the dream, don't chase after the money
And know we got each other, that's what's up

'Cause you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try
You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat you love like
You're jumping off a rope swing maybe cause the whole thing is really just a shot in the dark
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart
You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart

You gotta love like there's no s ~ Old Dominion
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Old Dominion
Your patience may have long to wait,Whether in little things or great,But all good luck, you soon will learn,Must come to those who nobly earn.Who hunts the hay-field overWill find the four-leaved clover. ~ Sarah Orne Jewett
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Sarah Orne Jewett
You can take it as understood,
That your luck changes only if it's good. ~ Ogden Nash
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Ogden Nash
Thank you and good luck! ~ Julian Hulse
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Julian Hulse
Batman is not a very interesting character. For any actor. There is simply not much to play. I think Michael Keaton did it the best, and I wish good luck to Ben Affleck. But, you know who would have made a great Batman? Alec Baldwin in the '80s. ~ Quentin Tarantino
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Quentin Tarantino
I'm just doing what I have to do. I don't have a choice."
"Yeah, good luck going to bed with a guilt-free conscience with that sorry-ass excuse."
The sour expression evaporated from Mr. Greek's face. His gaze switched back to the computer. "Keep talking and I'll gag you."
"Blow me. ~ Santino Hassell
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Santino Hassell
A good team was simply a group of very disparate athletes who assembled each day from radically different lives and - with luck - for one shared moment put aside their differences, their dislikes, their egos and their rivalries, harnessing their energies towards a common goal. ~ David Halberstam
Good Luck Gambling quotes by David Halberstam
Thank you for asking. Of course one wishes to break down on a heart-shaped sofa and week into one's lace handkerchief, but I am somehow managing to hold it together. After all, I still have a warlock contact."
Magnus inclined his head with a slight smile.
"Tessa Gray," said Raphael. "Very dignified lady. Very well-read. I think you know her?"
Magnus made a face at him. "It's not being a sass-monkey that I object to. That I like. It's the joyless attitude. One of the chief pleasures of life is mocking others, so occasionally show some glee about doing it. Have some joie de vivre."
"I'm undead," said Raphael.
"What about joie de unvivre?"
Raphael eyed him coldly. Magnus gestured his own question aside, his rings and trails of leftover magic leaving a sweep of leftover magic leaving a sweep of sparks in the night air, and sighed.
"Tessa," Magnus said with a long exhale. "She is a harbinger of ill news and I will be annoyed with her for dumping this problem in my lap for weeks. At least."
"What problem? Are you in trouble?" asked Raphael.
"Nothing I can't handle," said Magnus.
"Pity," said Raphael. "I was planning to point and laugh. Well, time to go. I'd say good luck with your dead-body bad-news thing, but ... I don't care."
"Take care of yourself, Raphael," said Magnus.
Raphael waved a dismissive hand over his shoulder. "I always do. ~ Cassandra Clare
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Cassandra Clare
Sounds pretty bad. Are you sure about this?"
"Oh, I'm sure."
"Well, I don't know what we can do to prepare, except say our prayers."
"Good luck with that, Herb. God died in 1945. ~ Natalie Standiford
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Natalie Standiford
Recently, I was in New York with most of the Robertson family promoting the season-four premiere of Duck Dynasty. We were staying at the Trump International Hotel, which is a really nice place near Central Park. I was already uncomfortable being in the big city. I don't like traffic or concrete, and there are a lot of both in New York. After we checked in, we gathered downstairs to go to a Broadway musical show. I know it might seem bizarre for me to be going to a musical, but my very attractive wife can be mightily persuasive, especially when I have nothing else to do.
As we were waiting or the others in the lobby, I asked a doorman if there was a nearby bathroom. He gave me directions to the nearest restroom, which included a walk through the hotel restaurant. As I entered the restaurant, a well-dressed staffer offered his assistance. I informed him I was only going to the restroom. But he very nicely continued to offer assistance and took the role of my escort, which I thought was quite courteous and professional. At his direction, we took a quick left turn and walked out of the hotel. Befuddled, I asked him, "Where is the bathroom?" He painted down the street or maybe toward Central Park and said, "Good luck to you, sir. Have a nice day." I circled back around to the main entrance of the hotel, where I found Missy, who had witnessed the entire episode.
"I thought you had to go to the bathroom," she said.
I laughed and told her I had been escorted out of the ~ Jase Robertson
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Jase Robertson
As we left they told us the old joke. To start a journey in a sandstorm is good luck. ~ Michael Ondaatje
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Michael Ondaatje
Beautiful? It's all a question of luck. I was born with good legs. As for the rest ... beautiful, no. Amusing, yes. ~ Josephine Baker
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Josephine Baker
Write if you will: but write about the world as it is and as you think it ought to be and must be - if there is to be a world. Write about all the things that men have written about since the beginning of writing and talking - but write to a point. Work hard at it, care about it. Write about our people: tell their story. You have something glorious to draw on begging for attention. Don't pass it up. You have something glorious to draw on begging for attention. Don't pass it up. Use it. Good luck to you. The Nation needs your gifts.
Lorraine Hansberry speech, "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black," given to Readers Digest/United Negro College Fund creative writing contest winners, NYC, May 1, 1964. ~ Lorraine Hansberry
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Lorraine Hansberry
A rabbit's foot may bring good luck to you, but it brought none to the rabbit. ~ Ambrose Bierce
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Ambrose Bierce
Good luck to progressive candidates in U.S. Senate elections against the usual rich, white, racist, women-hating pricks they run against. ~ Irvine Welsh
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Irvine Welsh
Goals are for losers. Your mind isn't magic. It's a moist computer you can program. The most important metric to track is your personal energy. Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success. Happiness is health plus freedom. Luck can be managed, sort of. Conquer shyness by being a huge phony (in a good way). Fitness is the lever that moves the world. Simplicity transforms ordinary into amazing. ~ Scott Adams
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Scott Adams
Annika called back, "Never would I give my daughter to a dog." Good luck with that one, Lachlain. ~ Kresley Cole
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Kresley Cole
Good luck with your horrifying blood-and-knives spell, pumpkin blossom," Kami said, unlooping his arm from around her waist and standing up so he could. She dropped a kiss on the side of his mouth as she did so.

Jared paused and then said, "Thanks."

That was almost encouragement, Kami thought. She didn't even know where the dumb terms of endearment had come from, except from her inherent terror of being serious about anything, but they appeared to have the effect of a stun gun on Jared. They worked when nothing else had worked, and she had to use what she had ~ Sarah Rees Brennan
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
He wished me luk. I hope I have luk. I got my rabits foot and my luky penny and my horshoe. Dr Strauss said dont be so superstishus Charlie. This is sience. I dont know what sience is but they all keep saying it so maybe its something that helps you have good luk. ~ Daniel Keyes
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Daniel Keyes
Don't think I haven't noticed that you don't wear the necklace I gave you with the fishbone charm on it. It's for good luck."
Harper frowned. "How can it give good luck? Things didn't exactly go well for the fish. ~ Suzanne Wright
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Suzanne Wright
Kaylee, this means something to me." His hands trailed down my arms to cup my elbows, and his gaze held mine. "With any
luck, we're going to have millions of moments over the course of eternity, and I plan to love every one of them. But we'll never
have this moment again, and this is very important to me." The twists of blue in his eyes coiled so tightly the color was almost gone,
lost among pale shades of a need so deep it couldn't possibly be captured in a kiss, or a touch. "I need to know that this is important
to you, too. I need to know that this isn't like last time. That you're not doing this just so you can say you've done it. Because that's
not good enough for me. That's not good enough for us. ~ Rachel Vincent
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Rachel Vincent
Do not confuse good tactics with good luck. ~ D.E.A. Unknown
Good Luck Gambling quotes by D.E.A. Unknown
-we wish you-"
"-a tale-"
"-worth telling."
"Not luck?" asked Vikram.
The gate heaved with wet laughter.
"-what good is-"
"-such a thing. ~ Roshani Chokshi
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Roshani Chokshi
Trying to rely on the sheer good luck of avoiding bad outcomes indefinitely would simply guarantee that we would eventually fail without the means of recovering. ~ David Deutsch
Good Luck Gambling quotes by David Deutsch
Good luck, Mr. Gorsky ~ Neil Armstrong
Good Luck Gambling quotes by Neil Armstrong
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