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Just do what he says!" the youngest guy said.
Quickly they all started to undress until the five men were standing there, naked. They were being held at bay by an old guy and a kid, neither of whom was wearing a shirt. It was a pretty ridiculous scene, lika a game of strip poker that was going horribly wrong. ~ Eric Walters
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Eric Walters
When I was this kid's age, you'd be burned alive for such talk. Being a homosexual was unthinkable, and so you denied it, and found a girlfriend who was willing to settle for the sensitive type. On dates, you'd remind her that sex before marriage was just that, sex: what dogs did in the front yard. This as opposed to making love, which was more what you were about. A true union of souls could take anywhere from eight to ten years to properly establish, but you were willing to wait, and for this the mothers loved you. You sometimes discussed it with them over an iced tea, preferably on the back porch when you girlfriend's brother was mowing the lawn with his shirt off. ~ David Sedaris
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by David Sedaris
You like to watch?" The girl asked. "Or do you want to join us?"
"I…uh…" Oh, this wasn't hot anymore. This was just awkward, and I was so totally out of place with my flannel shirt and my socks and my hair back in a bun.
I was wearing fucking glasses. Who wears glasses to your neighbor's orgy? ~ Molly O'Keefe
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Molly O'Keefe
You might think of a thought as an invisible, innocuous little thing. Something that barely exists. But a thought is something hard to conceal. Hold a thought and it melts all over your hands. Touch something else and now you've left traces of it. Hide it under your shirt and it bleeds through. ~ Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
My shirt is gray," I pointed out. "You've expanded my fashion horizons dramatically. I wear three colours now. ~ Stacey Kade
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Stacey Kade
Spirituality has thus come to be regarded by the world as those futile, self-torturing excesses of strange men and women who lived in far-off, benighted places and times. Accordingly, the One who came to give abundance of life is commonly thought of as a cosmic stuffed shirt, whose excessive "spirituality" probably did not allow him normal bodily functions and certainly would not permit him to throw a frisbee or tackle someone in a football game. ~ Dallas Willard
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Dallas Willard
She isn't simply unafraid of a good fight, she lives for it, and will often actively go looking for a fight. This is what differentiates your run-of-the-mill fighter from a crusader. The Warrior Princess Submissive is no shrinking violet. She is that dyed-in-the-wool Republican who attends the Democratic National Convention wearing a Rand Paul t-shirt. She is the African-American woman who invites herself to a Ku Klux Klan rally without a hood... and hands out business cards to everyone there. She is the woman who invites the Jehovah's Witnesses into her home and feeds them dinner, just for the opportunity to defend Christmas - even though she may be a Pagan.
When the other girls in high school or college were trying out for the pep squad or cheerleading, she set her sights on the debate team. While her friends agonize over how to "fit in" socially, she is war gaming ideas on how to change society to fit her ideals and principles. Are you someone she considers to be immoral or evil? Run. She will eviscerate you. ~ Michael Makai
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Michael Makai
Ladies love a man with shirt off, so my shirt stays off ~ Soulja Boy
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Soulja Boy
He is wearing a rugby shirt with numbers and a little man on a horse on his chest. Kent has told Elsa that this sort of shirt costs more than a thousand kronor, and Granny always used to say that those sorts of shirts were a good thing, because the horse functioned as a sort of manufacturer's warning that the shirt was highly likely to be transporting a muppet. ~ Fredrik Backman
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Fredrik Backman
Alone in the bathroom, I stared into the mirror over the sink. Who was I looking at? Andrew or Drew? The boy on the lawn had been wearing my jeans, my T-shirt, my running shoes. I was wearing his clothes. I'd whistled for his dog the way he would have. I'd called his mother "Mama" as naturally as I'd once called my mother "Mom." If I stayed here long enough, would I sink down into Andrew's life and forget I'd ever been anyone else?
No, no, no. Splashing cold water on my face, I reminded myself I was just acting a part. When I won the marble game, the curtain would go down on the last act. I'd be Drew again and Andrew would be Andrew--for keeps. Till then, I'd call Mrs. Tyler "Mama" and Mr. Tyler "Papa," I'd think of Hannah and Theo as my brother and sister, I'd whistle for Buster, I'd do whatever my role demanded.
Outside, a horn blew and Theo yelled, "Andrew, hurry up or we'll leave without you!"
Yes--I'd even ride in a genuine Model T. ~ Mary Downing Hahn
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
He glared at me and said, "Look how you're dressed." I looked down and could see only what I had seen in the mirror that morning, the suit and shirt and tie that was customary for students at the time. "Your suit is blue," he said. "Your shirt is blue, your tie is blue. That's what's wrong with your writing." When my ordeal was over I slunk away from Goodman's cubicle to rethink the sameness of my writing and to learn the value of variety. It took some time for me to learn the other lesson, that a writer, shy or not, needs a tough skin, for no matter how advanced one's experience and career, expert criticism cuts to the quick, and one learns to endure and to perfect, if for no other reason than to challenge the pain-maker. ~ Sol Stein
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Sol Stein
You're right," she acknowledged. "I don't know you,
really. We spent all of about thirty minutes together
nearly a decade ago. Still, I think the Kyle Rhodes
who walked me home and gave me the shirt off his
back would do the right thing no matter how pissed
he was at my office. So if that guy is hanging around
this penthouse anywhere, tell him to call me. ~ Julie James
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Julie James
He reached down and pinched the chest of his tee shirt in between his thumb and finger. As he pulled it forward, stretching it tight out in front of him, he grinned. "You see what happens when you walk away?" he said a she held the shirt taught. ~ Scott Hildreth
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Scott Hildreth
I prefer 100 per cent cotton Ts. They are kinder to lumps and bumps than figure-hugging stretchy Lycra ones and feel nicer against the skin. Extra-long-sleeved T-shirts are a lifesaver for me. I wear them either underneath a shirt with the sleeve pulled out of the cuff, or underneath gypsy tops, tunic tops and waistcoats. ~ Twiggy
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Twiggy
He reclined on a delightfully cushioned lounge in the sprawling ranch Paris had rented. In Dallas, Texas, of all places. Promiscuity had decked himself out, too, wearing a Stetson (weird), no shirt (understandable), unfastened jeans (smart) and cowboy boots (weird again). Dude looked ready to rustle cattle or something. ~ Gena Showalter
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Gena Showalter
The moral of the story was not to wear a red shirt. Or go on away missions when you're the only one whose name isn't on the opening credits. ~ John Scalzi
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by John Scalzi
Oh come now," Bast reproached, his smile falling away. "That's just insulting."
"By earth and stone, I abjure you!" Kote dipped his fingers into the cup by his side and flicked droplets
casually in Bast's direction. "Glamour be banished!"
"With cider?" Bast managed to look amused and annoyed at the same time as he daubed a bead of liquid
from the front of his shirt. "This better not stain. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
Fire in your belly comes from pride and passion in wearing the red shirt. We don't need to motivate players because each of them is responsible for the performance of the team as a whole. The status of Liverpool's players keeps them motivated. ~ Bill Shankly
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Bill Shankly
For me there's nothing better than putting the white shirt on for England and playing for England. I'd get worried if it wasn't like that. ~ Michael Owen
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Michael Owen
Whatever you want," he said. "Will you please come here now?"
I slipped a piece of protective tissue over my drawing and flipped the book closed. A piece of blue scratch paper slid out, the line I'd copied from Edward;s poetry book. "Hey. Translate for me, Monsieur Bainbridge."
I set the sketchbook on my stool and joined him on the chaise. He tugged me onto his lap and read over his head. "'Qu'ieu sui avinen, leu lo sai.' 'That I am handsome, I know."
"Verry funny."
"Very true." He grinned. "The translation. That's what it says. Old-fashionedly."
I thought of Edward's notation on the page, the reminder to read the poem to Diana in bed, and rolled my eyes. You're so vain.I bet you think this song is about you..."Boy and their egos."
Alex cupped my face in his hands. "Que tu est belle, tu le sais."
"Oh,I am not-"
"Shh," he shushed me, and leaned in.
The first bell came way too soon. I reluctantly loosened my grip on his shirt and ran my hands over my hair. He prompty thrust both hands in and messed it up again. "Stop," I scolded, but without much force.
"I have physics," he told me. "We're studying weak interaction."
I sandwiched his open hand between mine. "You know absolutely nothing about that."
"Don't be so quick to accept the obvious," he mock-scolded me. "Weak interaction can actually change the flavor of quarks."
The flavor of quirks, I thought, and vaguely remembered something about being charmed. I'd sat ~ Melissa Jensen
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Melissa Jensen
When I see things that are inspiring, I must write a song about it. Some people make a t-shirt or slap something on a wall with paint, but I must make music and freestyle rap. ~ Flula Borg
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Flula Borg
Amy, listen to me. What I do. The choices I make. They're mine. Only mine. The consequences of those decisions - mine.
"Mine," he repeated when she sighed heavily. "No one else's."
Silence. Only the warm wetness of her tears dampening his shirt.
It broke his heart. ~ Cindy Gerard
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Cindy Gerard
I opened myself up to the kiss and kissed him back with enthusiasm. Putting all my secret emotions and tender feelings into the embrace, I wound my arms around his neck and slid my hands into his hair. Pulling his body that much closer to mine, I embraced him with all the warmth and affection that I wouldn't allow myself to express verbally.
He paused, shocked for a brief instant, and then quickly adjusted his approach, escalating into a passionate frenzy. I shocked myself by matching his energy. I ran my hands up his powerful arms and shoulders and then down his chest. My senses were in turmoil. I felt wild. Eager. I clutched at his shirt. I couldn't get close enough to him. He even smelled delicious.
You'd think that several days of being chased by strange creatures and hiking through a mysterious kingdom would make him smell bad. In fact, I wanted him to smell bad. I'm sure I did. I mean, how can you expect a girl to be fresh as a daisy while traipsing through the jungle and getting chased by monkeys. It's just not possible.
I desperately wanted him to have some fault. Some weakness. Some…imperfection. But Ren smelled amazing-like waterfalls, a warm summer day, and sandalwood trees all wrapped up in a sizzling, hot guy.
How could a girl defend herself from a perfect onslaught delivered by a pefect person? I gave up and let Mr. Wonderful take control of my senses. My blood burned, my heart thundered, my need for him quickened, and I lost all track of ti ~ Colleen Houck
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Colleen Houck
1. In the end, as much as the responsibility seems to lie with Beijing, it also lies with the global consumer. Our appetite for the $30 DVD player and the $3 T-shirt helps keep jewelry factories filled with dust, illegal mines open and 16-year-olds working past midnight. We all pay the China price. ~ Alexandra Harney
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Alexandra Harney
I want to prove that he's wrong - he's wearing a t-shirt that says he won the last two fights. ~ Manny Pacquiao
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Manny Pacquiao
Grace, did you just sniff my shirt?" He asked, incredulous.
"Yep, I did. What of it? And after you leave, I'll probably lay on your side for a while because the pillow smells like you. I'm ridiculous when I'm in love. We're talking Hallmark over here. ~ Alice Clayton
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Alice Clayton
She kind of accidentally bumped into his chest on the way out. Well, maybe not so accidentally. She saw his muscles through his shirt
they'd just needed a closer physical inspection. ~ Ophelia London
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Ophelia London
We're just going to have to wait for-" Then she saw us, and looked Ian over, in his flannel shirt and jeans. "The Brawny paper-towel guy. ~ Katherine Center
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Katherine Center
He took me in skeptically. "Darling, the ensemble is fabulous," he said, patting my hand, eyeing my black jacket, black tie, black silk shirt, and heavily pegged black satin pants, "but I'm not so sure about the white sneakers."
"But they're essential to my costume."
"Your costume? What are you dressed as?"
"A tennis player in mourning. ~ Patti Smith
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Patti Smith
I need an exotic star but not the universe. ~ Talismanist Giebra
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Talismanist Giebra
Ersken gathered the dice, put them in the cup they had used for play, and tucked it inside one bound Rat's shirt.
"Let that be a lesson to you not to gamble," he told the Rat soberly. "The trickster asks you pay for any luck you may have, one way or another."
"Bless the boy, he's a priest with it," one of the Goddess warriors said with a grin. "After this, laddie, what's say I take you home and rub some of that off yez?"
Ersken actually winked at her! "Forgive me, gracious warrior, but my woman would turn me into something unnatural if I took you up on your kind offer," he replied as if he truly regretted it. "She's a mage and I'd best stay devoted. ~ Tamora Pierce
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Tamora Pierce
Home to a girl's most secret fantasy. I just hoped said fantasy had managed to find a t-shirt. ~ Natasha Boyd
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Natasha Boyd
I have to wear a new T-shirt every night. I throw them into the audience. One day I'm going to go around the world and reclaim all my T-shirts ~ Damon Albarn
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Damon Albarn
We need to leave as soon as possible."
"Okay," Luce said. "I have to go home, then, pack, get my passport..." Her mind whirled in a hundred directions as she started making a mental to-do list. Her parents would be at the mall for at least another couple of hours, enough time for her to dash in and get her things together...
"Oh, cute." Annabelle laughed, flitting over to them, her feet inches off the ground. Her wings were muscular and dark silver like a thundercloud, protruding through the invisible slits in her hot-pink T-shirt. "Sorry to butt in've never traveled with an angel before, have you?"
Sure she had. The feeling of Daniel's wings soaring her body through the air was as natural as anything. Maybe her flights had been brief, but they'd been unforgettable. They were when Luce felt closest to him: his arms threaded around her waist, his heart beating close to hers, his white wings protecting them, making Luce feel unconditionally and impossibly loved.
She had flown with Daniel dozens of times in dreams, but only three times in her waking hours: once over the hidden lake behind Sword & Cross, another time along the coast at Shoreline, and down from the clouds to the cabin just the previous night.
"I guess we've never flown that far together," she said at last.
"Just getting to first base seems to be a problem for you two," Cam couldn't resist saying.
Daniel ignored him. "Under normal circumstances, I think you'd enjoy t ~ Lauren Kate
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Lauren Kate
Ian's knees buckled. The rock outcropping shook the ground, sending a spew of grayish dust that quickly billowed around them.
Shielding his eyes, he spotted Amy standing by the figurine, which was now moving toward her. She was in shock, her backpack on the ground by her feet.
"Get back!" he shouted.
Ian pulled Amy away and threw her to the ground, landing on top of her. Gravel showered over his back, embedding into his hair and landing on the ground like a burst of applause.
His second though was that the shirt would be ruined. And this was the shock of it-that his first thought had not been about the shirt. Or the coin. Or himself.
It had been about her.
But that was not part of the plan. She existed for a purpose. She was a tactic, a stepping stone. She was...
"Lovely," he said.
Amy was staring up at him, petrified, her eyelashes flecked with dust. Ian took her hand, which was knotted into a fist. "Y-y-you don't have to do that," she whispered.
"Do what?" Ian asked.
"Be sarcastic. Say things like 'lovely.' You saved my life. Th-thank you."
"My duty," he replied. He lowered his head and allowed his lips to brush hers. Just a bit. ~ Peter Lerangis
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Peter Lerangis
Ill-fitted T-shirts stretched over a gut are my pet hate. And if the colour's faded - ugh. ~ Joanne Froggatt
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Joanne Froggatt
Adam snorted as he pulled on a faded green t-shirt that said "I Heart Coyotes." Yet another sign that folding my clean clothes wasn't too big a price to pay to make him happy. He didn't have any "I Heart Christy " shirts or I would have burned them already. ~ Patricia Briggs
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Patricia Briggs
I borrowed this from Kyle. My other shirt was pretty filthy."
"Wow, you're wearing each other's clothes now. That's, like, best friend stuff."
"Feeling left out?" said Kyle. "I suppose you want to borrow a black T-shirt too."
"As long as everyone's wearing their own pants."
"I see have come in on a fascinating moment in the conversation." Eric poked his head through the curtain. ~ Cassandra Clare
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Cassandra Clare
She's wearing the same red and yellow BAM! T-shirt from before, which means (a) she slept in, (b) she owns several identical T-shirts, or (c) she's a cartoon character - all of which are appealing alternatives. ~ Robin Sloan
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Robin Sloan
Now I know what happens at a gig, I will be ready for it, next time
I will come in just a T-shirt and shorts and books, and fight my way to the front, like a quietly determined soldier, and then let the band take my head off. I want to walk into rooms like that every night, with a sense of something happening. ~ Caitlin Moran
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Caitlin Moran
Auburn Tigers T-shirt. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Marcus looked down. "Ah, man! This was my favorite shirt. Who tore it?" he asked, trying to pull the ragged edges together. ~ Ripley Patton
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Ripley Patton
I grew up in different orphanages in Israel, and if they gave me a pair of shoes, a shirt, and pair of pants every year, I was lucky. The rest was handouts, leftover clothes. So I appreciated clothes because I only had one new shirt each year. ~ Elie Tahari
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Elie Tahari
I'm a T-shirt-and-jeans-with-combat-boots guy. And if I don't have to shave, I don't. ~ Gabriel Macht
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Gabriel Macht
Many companies are disappointing the citizens of this world by manipulating labor rates, putting horse meat instead of beef out there, or thinking it's totally acceptable to make a T-shirt from a collapsing factory. Increasingly, people don't want to work for these companies, and consumers don't want to buy from them. ~ Paul Polman
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Paul Polman
So the captain, the first officer and the ship's doctor and sometimes the engineer all beam down to a planet. Together."
"The entire complement of the senior officers?"
Billy nodded
"And who has the command of the ship?"
"I don't know. Junior officers I guess."
"If they worked for me I would have them court-martialed. That sounds like a dereliction of duty."
"I know. I know. I always thought it odd myself. But that's not the point."
"What is the point?"
"They're usually accompanied by a guy in the red shirt. Always a crew member you've never seen before. And as soon as you see the shirt, you know he's going to die. ~ Michael Scott
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Michael Scott
His warm fingers slid along my cheek, then wrapped into my hair. He leaned down to rest his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. "The ribbon. I lied."
"What? We aren't engaged?" I asked, smiling shakily, curling my fingers into his shirt. "I have to show up to family dinners as your weird second cousin?"
He opened his eyes and looked into mine. "It doesn't mean family. Not like that. Not to me."
And his emotional connection opened cleanly, without the muddle he usually hid his true feelings within. And it was love, clear and without artifice, shining there.
I stared at him, breath caught in my chest. "You - "
His emotions were wrapping around me, free and clear and relieved. Like honey and copper - sweet, tangy, and charged - gentle, consuming, warm, passionate, and resolute. "No tricks. No games. No expectations. No lies - not to you, not ever again."
Stunned, I watched him pull away.
He looked at peace for the first time in weeks. Months. Then he looked down at our connection threads and I wondered what on earth he'd see.
He looked up, and a smile, brilliant and all-consuming split his face. He backed up slowly. "Interesting. See you soon, darling." He winked, turned, and flipped over the edge of the seal and through the vortex. ~ Anne Zoelle
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Anne Zoelle
Hey, Mike," he said innocently. "I thought girls weren't allowed to spend the night?"
"Watch it."
"At least your not wearing her shirt."
"I think that's enough. ~ Brigid Kemmerer
Golfaholic Shirt quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
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