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There are food stations around the room, each representing one of the main characters. The Black Widow station is all Russian themed, with a carved ice sculpture that delivers vodka into molded ice shot glasses, buckwheat blini with smoked salmon and caviar, borsht bite skewers, minipita sandwiches filled with grilled Russian sausages, onion salad, and a sour cream sauce.
The Captain America station is, naturally, all-American, with cheeseburger sliders, miniwaffles topped with a fried chicken tender and drizzled with Tabasco honey butter, paper cones of French fries, mini-Chicago hot dogs, a mac 'n' cheese bar, and pickled watermelon skewers. The Hulk station is all about duality and green. Green and white tortellini, one filled with cheese, the other with spicy sausage, skewered with artichoke hearts with a brilliant green pesto for dipping. Flatbreads cooked with olive oil and herbs and Parmesan, topped with an arugula salad in a lemon vinaigrette. Mini-espresso cups filled with hot sweet pea soup topped with cold sour cream and chervil.
And the dessert buffet is inspired by Loki, the villain of the piece, and Norse god of mischief. There are plenty of dessert options, many of the usual suspects, mini-creme brûlée, eight different cookies, small tarts. But here and there are mischievous and whimsical touches. Rice Krispies treats sprinkled with Pop Rocks for a shocking dining experience. One-bite brownies that have a molten chocolate center that explodes in the m ~ Stacey Ballis
Gleek Dc quotes by Stacey Ballis
Honestly, I wasn't familiar with the whole DC comics world and the Batman world before I was part of 'Gotham.' ~ Camren Bicondova
Gleek Dc quotes by Camren Bicondova
We owe Clint Eastwood a debt of thanks. Not only because it was truly a hilarious twelve minutes of improvised "awesome" in a week of scripted "blah".
But because it advanced our understanding.
This president has issues, and there are very legitimate debates about his policies and actions, and successes and or failures as president - I mean, tune in next week. But I could never wrap my head around why the world, and the president republicans describe, bears so little resemblance to the world and the president that I experience. And now I know why :
There is a president Obama that only republicans can see ~ Jon Stewart
Gleek Dc quotes by Jon Stewart
I wasn't terribly aware of Catwoman. She was a DC comics character and as a kid, I wasn't terribly fond of the DC comics characters. I was a Marvel boy. ~ Benjamin Bratt
Gleek Dc quotes by Benjamin Bratt
Many people consider the things government does for them to be social progress but they regard the things government does for others as socialism.
[Address to National Press Club in Washington DC, as quoted in Freedom and Union (April 1952)] ~ Earl Warren
Gleek Dc quotes by Earl Warren
You don't have to visit an asylum to see insanity. All you have to do is visit Washington DC. ~ Jarod Kintz
Gleek Dc quotes by Jarod Kintz
It's a long way to the top, If you wanna rock n' roll ~ AC/DC
Gleek Dc quotes by AC/DC
There's a relentless wave of WTF coming out of Washington DC. ~ Jarod Kintz
Gleek Dc quotes by Jarod Kintz
If I was on an island, just for melody, I would take albums by the Stones, AC/DC and the Beach Boys' Smiley Smile. ~ Steven Tyler
Gleek Dc quotes by Steven Tyler
My problem was that I had bad luck. And I spoke up when I saw something wrong. I did it because I could, without having to worry about the fallout lasting years. And yes, there was always fallout. ~ Gwenda Bond
Gleek Dc quotes by Gwenda Bond
People look at Marvel movies as epic in scope, but if you look back at the comics, you realise that Marvel heroes were often a reaction to the square-jawed DC characters like Superman, who were flawless and beyond reproach. ~ Jon Favreau
Gleek Dc quotes by Jon Favreau
I am someone who, from a very young age, was a huge fan of DC Comics. ~ Jason Fuchs
Gleek Dc quotes by Jason Fuchs
I had a dream about you. You looked like you, but you also looked like a mannequin. And I looked like me, but I also looked like a mannequin. Between the two of us, we were too fake even for Hollywood. And as such, we were forced to reside in Washington DC. ~ Dark Jar Tin Zoo
Gleek Dc quotes by Dark Jar Tin Zoo
For DC, I'm working on the new 'Red Lanterns' and 'JLA Dark.' Both of these are very different books, which is great for me. I've heard 'JLA Dark' described as a team of people with supernatural powers - but that's only half the story. ~ Peter Milligan
Gleek Dc quotes by Peter Milligan
I got into one Metallica record. That was about it. I never got into AC/DC or Black Sabbath or any of that. I was interested in the side of heavy metal that had interesting guitar ideas, but that was a very short-lived thing. ~ M. Ward
Gleek Dc quotes by M. Ward
I live in Alexandria, Virginia. Near the Supreme Court chambers is a toll bridge across the Potomac. When in a rush, I pay the dollar toll and get home early. However, I usually drive outside the downtown section of the city and cross the Potomac on a free bridge. This bridge was placed outside the downtown Washington, DC area to serve a useful social service, getting drivers to drive the extra mile and help alleviate congestion during the rush hour. If I went over the toll bridge and through the barrier without paying the toll, I would be committing tax evasion ... If, however, I drive the extra mile and drive outside the city of Washington to the free bridge, I am using a legitimate, logical and suitable method of tax avoidance, and am performing a useful social service by doing so. For my tax evasion, I should be punished. For my tax avoidance, I should be commended. The tragedy of life today is that so few people know that the free bridge even exists. ~ Louis D. Brandeis
Gleek Dc quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
Bricks could be used to feed the homeless. But why not use those bricks to build the homeless people homes? Oh yeah, because that's not the sort of smart decision DC makes. ~ Jarod Kintz
Gleek Dc quotes by Jarod Kintz
The DC 9/11: Time of Crisis film was hard to get the part; I had to audition three times. It was very serious and very sobering. We studied and tried to re-create all the stuff that we all saw that day. ~ Timothy Bottoms
Gleek Dc quotes by Timothy Bottoms
My only problem with fans is when they turn pro. For example, when all the professional writers were fired by DC in the '60s, they brought in a generation of comic book fans who would have paid to have written these stories. ~ Alan Moore
Gleek Dc quotes by Alan Moore
There was an elegance to things back then. With everything around us changing so quickly, it doesn't hurt to have a few touchstones to the past. Reminds me what's important. ~ Phil Coulson
Gleek Dc quotes by Phil Coulson
That pompous phrase (graphic novel) was thought up by some idiot in the marketing department of DC. I prefer to call them Big Expensive Comics. ~ Alan Moore
Gleek Dc quotes by Alan Moore
And here come the Left Brothers - Al "747" Sharpton and Jesse "DC 10" Jackson - barreling in for a landing on top of Goodell's dome. And this time every black person with an ounce of common sense and self-respect is riding shotgun with Jesse and Al, who have justifiably voiced their displeasure with Limbaugh's ownership bid. ~ Jason Whitlock
Gleek Dc quotes by Jason Whitlock
Development does not take place in Washington, DC. Development takes place in the rest of the world. ~ Andrew Natsios
Gleek Dc quotes by Andrew Natsios
One of my favorite things about the DC Universe, growing up as a reader, was just how big it was and just how many characters and superheroes there were. And how many odd characters there were. ~ Jeff Lemire
Gleek Dc quotes by Jeff Lemire
I just trust the people involved. Marvel and DC for the last 16 years - is that 90 percent of the time it's incredible top talent. Like, this is what makes it different from the pre-2000 superhero movies. I would say, except Tim Burton and Richard Donner, it was generally, comic book movies were done by guys who weren't that into the material and people who didn't really respect the stuff. But as everything, whether it's Wolverine, X-Men, Avengers, Batman, all these things, it's just been done by top-tier people. I have total confidence that they'll continue that tradition of being great. ~ Mark Millar
Gleek Dc quotes by Mark Millar
I'm an out and out basic man and AC/DC are one of the best rock'n'roll bands in the world, doing things just to the basics, you know. ~ Brian Johnson
Gleek Dc quotes by Brian Johnson
I've banged my head quite a bit. I liked Iron Maiden, Ozzy, AC/DC. And of course, Ratt and Poison. ~ Cameron Diaz
Gleek Dc quotes by Cameron Diaz
I've always preferred Marvel over DC. I just relate to their characters better. I mean look at Wolverine, at first he was just a bit player in an ensemble cast. Now he's the only reason people read X-Men. Just like me and Scrubs. ~ Zach Braff
Gleek Dc quotes by Zach Braff
One of the strengths of the DC Universe has been the strength of the rogues' gallery. Often times they're as famous - if not more infamous - than our heroes. ~ Jim Lee
Gleek Dc quotes by Jim Lee
When is a king, not a king? When hes actually a pawn."
"When is a pawn, not a pawn?
When she reaches the end of her journey, the last square on the board and becomes a queen. ~ Jackson Lanzing
Gleek Dc quotes by Jackson Lanzing
Dear Logan,
Alaska's really big.
And really pretty.
It's also really lonely.
Sometimes I ask Dad why we're here and he says it's for our health. Or because I'm almost old enough that he was going to have to "beat the boys off with sticks" if we'd stayed in DC. I don't think that's it, though. But if it is, he's found the place where the stick-to-boy ration is probably the highest on earth.
Maddie ~ Ally Carter
Gleek Dc quotes by Ally Carter
'All-Star Wonder Woman' would get worked on in what is laughably referred to as my 'spare time.' I just ended up with less and less time to devote to it. Eventually, we all realized that it was taking forever, so we just all agreed to hold off on it 'til the time was right to do it properly. Well, I still have a contract; DC never tore it up. ~ Adam Hughes
Gleek Dc quotes by Adam Hughes
It's not about being a head coach, I'd rather be a DC at Auburn and win championships. ~ Will Muschamp
Gleek Dc quotes by Will Muschamp
I'd watched the election of Barack Obama with them, in Harlem: the celebration had spilled out onto the streets and erupted into dancing, outdoor champagne-drinking, euphoria. This [the 1/21/17 Women's March on Washington, DC] was different. It was like laughter at a funeral - what else can you do but hold on to who you are and who you love? What can you do but try to stay sane and fight like hell for what life is all about? ~ Sarah Larson
Gleek Dc quotes by Sarah Larson
'Forever Evil' is my love letter to DC super villains. It's my chance to take all of the villains I've worked with and all the ones I've never worked with and put them into one gigantic, epic story that will bring together the bads of the DC Universe. ~ Geoff Johns
Gleek Dc quotes by Geoff Johns
He turned up the car radio and punched buttons until he found something loud and thumpingly exultant, some piece of jolly stupidity from AC/DC. ~ Tad Williams
Gleek Dc quotes by Tad Williams
To be taught what TRUE LOVE is .....also teaches you NEVER TO LOVE AGAIN ...for true love comes once in a lifetime and last for all eternity ~DC~ ~ Lini D Clarke
Gleek Dc quotes by Lini D Clarke
Before You Laugh at the Idea of 'DC Fashion Week' Read This ~ Denver Nicks
Gleek Dc quotes by Denver Nicks
I like comic conventions. I genuinely like comic conventions. I like wandering around from table to table; I like wandering up and down Artist's Alley and saying "Hello" to people. I like hanging out on the DC booth. I can't do that anymore. I'd like to, but I can't. I physically can't. If I stop moving, somebody will come up to me with something to sign, and if I sign it, somehow it's like ants sensing sugar. There will be fifty or a hundred people around me and then fire marshals will come and then I'm trapped in a crowd. It's bizarre. ~ Neil Gaiman
Gleek Dc quotes by Neil Gaiman
I bet you were all only children, or felt isolated, or busy "training" and stuff. I bet none of you can lay claim to knowing what a normal teen life is supposed to be! Geez, you're so judgmental, I wanna puke! ~ Cissie King-Jones Peter David
Gleek Dc quotes by Cissie King-Jones Peter David
The thrill of working in this building, with its iconic globe on top, would never fade. ~ Gwenda Bond
Gleek Dc quotes by Gwenda Bond
I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.
(Washington DC, 12 May, 2008) ~ George W. Bush
Gleek Dc quotes by George W. Bush
The same music is playing on the radio in San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and Annapolis. Everywhere you go there's the same artists and same songs by them, over and over again. At some stations they play the same songs 50 to 60 times a week. ~ John Hall
Gleek Dc quotes by John Hall
Bad as political fiction can be, there is always a politician prepared to make it look artistic by comparison. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Gleek Dc quotes by Christopher Hitchens
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