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I've always been a Dracula/vampire aficionado, being half-Romanian myself. Dracula has always been close to my heart - in fact, I have a first edition of Bram Stoker's book. I read it over and over again as a young kid. ~ Ray Wise
Girly Edition quotes by Ray Wise
The scene we stepped into was straight out of 50 Shades of Grey - Geriatric Edition. ~ R.S. Grey
Girly Edition quotes by R.S. Grey
You're a man, darling. There's something sick and twisted inside you, making you relish girly torture. I don't understand it myself. Never did. ~ Linda Kage
Girly Edition quotes by Linda Kage
His psychic wounds presented a more complicated challenge. Something was needed in addition to the autonomic remedies provided by dreams, shaking, weeping, hollering, sweating, and vomiting. For true recovery -- involution -- Blake required satisfactory relations with other creatures over extended periods of time, and lots and lots of rest ... Blake could sometimes imagine what a reasonably balanced state of mind would be like. He could almost picture a less haunted edition of himself, sense an inheritance that might come due someday. ~ David Rhodes
Girly Edition quotes by David Rhodes
In November I'll be releasing my new solo record, entitled 'Box Of Bees'. There's no music, it's just a box full of live bees. The deluxe edition comes with more bees. ~ Thom Yorke
Girly Edition quotes by Thom Yorke
I'm a girly girl. I'm strong, but I'm very timid. Very dainty. ~ Lil' Kim
Girly Edition quotes by Lil' Kim
I got butterflies when Reno turned to face me. He had a compelling appearance - handsome, but in a rough and dangerous "don't fuck with me" kind of way. Maybe it was the canvas of muscle that pressed against his tight-fitted shirt, or the sharp cut of his jaw, or the concealed weapon beneath his shirt. But it was definitely the stony expression on his face. His musky cologne filled my nose, and I waited impatiently for him to speak.
Dark, Dannika (2014-07-27). Five Weeks (Seven Series #3) (p. 64). Kindle Edition. ~ Dannika Dark
Girly Edition quotes by Dannika Dark
A King Charles spaniel named Camilla Parker Bowles. Fucking Americans.

Black, Tasha (2014-12-22). Fate of the Alpha: Episode 1: A Tarker's Hollow Serial (Kindle Location 1321). 13th Story Press. Kindle Edition. ~ Tasha Black
Girly Edition quotes by Tasha Black
I'm not a girly girl, never have been. I really admire those who love to frock up. ~ Deborah Mailman
Girly Edition quotes by Deborah Mailman
When the adversaries of Erasmus had got the Trinity into his edition, they threw by their manuscript as an old almanac out of date. ~ Isaac Newton
Girly Edition quotes by Isaac Newton
PORQUÊ? is the Portuguese edition of "Why - Answering Questions About The Crucifixion ~ Allen Smith
Girly Edition quotes by Allen  Smith
There are so many pressures that are put upon young women. Whatever we can do to alleviate that and help women feel beautiful about who we are inside, which is the only beauty there truly is, is so nice. Let's get down and dirty. Let's be a real girl. ~ Drew Barrymore
Girly Edition quotes by Drew Barrymore
I started to respond, but Bambi slithered up and placed its horse-sized head on my shoulder. Every muscle in my body locked up and I squeezed my eyes shut. There was a puff of air, stirring the hair along my temple. Bambi's forked tongue shot out, tickling the side of my neck.
"Hey, look, Bambi likes you."
I pried one eye open.
"And if she didn't?"
"Oh, you'd know, 'cause she would've eaten you by now."
Armentrout, Jennifer L. (2014-03-01). White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements Book 1) (p. 255). Harlequin. Kindle Edition. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Girly Edition quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
He rarely gathered news; people brought it to him. It was said he made up every edition of The Maycombe Tribune out of his own head and wrote it down on the linotype. ~ Harper Lee
Girly Edition quotes by Harper Lee
A random crack in the old plaster in the corner behind her seemed to grow, until it curled its way across the ceiling, circled the frosted chandelier, and swirled its way back down. It looked like a heart. A giant, looping, girly heart had just appeared in the cracking plaster of her bedroom ceiling.
"Is your ceiling about to fall in on our heads?"
She turned and looked at the crack. When she saw it, she bit her lip, and her cheeks turned pink. "I don't think so. It's just a crack in the plaster."
"Were you trying to do that?"
"No." A creeping pink spread across her nose and cheeks. She looked away. ~ Kami Garcia
Girly Edition quotes by Kami Garcia
N MY early boyhood I was enraptured by the great fairytale illustrators of the period: Arthur Rackham, Edmond Dulac, Kay Nielsen. As a schoolboy, I was to discover Aubrey Beardsley, and I was extremely fond of an edition of A Midsummer Night's Dream with most imaginative drawings by Heath Robinson, ~ John Gielgud
Girly Edition quotes by John Gielgud
I didn't want to be perceived as a girly girl on stage. ~ Annie Lennox
Girly Edition quotes by Annie Lennox
'I'll be back' always sounded a little girly to me. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Girly Edition quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
I wondered if he thought this was a real emergency or another dramatic thing - I am constantly in some panic or despair, it seems. I worried more than I could breathe.

Mailhot, Terese Marie. Heart Berries: A Memoir (p. 106). Counterpoint. Kindle Edition. ~ Terese Marie Mailhot
Girly Edition quotes by Terese Marie Mailhot
... But that those belonging to what are called the same genera are lineal descendants of some other and generally extinct species, in the same manner as the acknowledged varieties of any one species are the descendants of that species. ~ Charles Darwin
Girly Edition quotes by Charles Darwin
I'm competing, Kennedy," he breathes against my neck. "And I'm going to win."
Zart, Lindy (2014-11-20). Roomies (p. 154). Kindle Edition. ~ Lindy Zart
Girly Edition quotes by Lindy Zart
The other option was to go to the public library. Few people came back from a visit to the library. There was one girl a few years ago the survived the summer reading program at the Night Vale Public Library. The girl, Tamika Flynn, defeated the librarian that had imprisoned her and her classmates using the switchblade hidden in every hardback edition of Eudora Welty's touching homecoming novel, The Optimist's Daughter. But few who have seen a librarian up close have survived or been in a physical condition to communicate. ~ Joseph Fink
Girly Edition quotes by Joseph Fink
When I left home after graduating high school, I left as a migrant agricultural worker with a Modern Library edition of Plato in my duffel bag. It sounds kind of crazy, but I loved it. I loved the stuff. Before I knew there was a subject called philosophy, I loved it. ~ Dallas Willard
Girly Edition quotes by Dallas Willard
Now everything is available at the push of a button, and that thrill of the search is gone. With vinyl albums and special edition releases, I feel like that's coming back. ~ Mark Hoppus
Girly Edition quotes by Mark Hoppus
I only discovered the 'Harry Potter' series in my tenth standard. I dived right into it, often reading non-stop through the day and night. It was the morning after one such readathon when I was to appear for a Chemistry exam. Spending my night with the third edition of Harry Potter didn't help much, and I fared poorly. ~ Sonam Kapoor
Girly Edition quotes by Sonam Kapoor
You're an idiot," Preston says.

"Excuse me?"

"You're an idiot, sir?" he tries again.

"Just tell me how much she likes Dave, Preston. I don't have time for this girly bullshit." Jesus fuck, am I going to have to resort to getting girl advice from my gay assistant? What the hell has my life come to? Sandra has turned everything upside down.

"She doesn't like Dave. She likes you. She's had a crush on you forever and I'm totally breaking girl code telling you any of this."

"Then why the hell is she spending the weekend with Dave?" I ask, ignoring his girl code.

"But you know Sandy's a nice girl. She doesn't know what to make of a guy who fucks her in his office but never asks her to dinner," Preston continues. Apparently girl code is over. "Women are complex creatures, Gabe. They think it means something when a man takes his sweet-ass time asking her on a date. They think it means you're just interested in the sex." He narrows his eyes at me. "Obviously that's not the case here, as based on the way you look at that girl it's clear you're already half in love with her."

I really am getting girl advice from my gay assistant

"Since you know everything, care to tell me where she went with Dave?"

"Marissa's wedding."

"Who the hell is Marissa?"

"Hello? She works here? In sales?"

I shrug. Still no idea who he's talking about.

"You kno ~ Jana Aston
Girly Edition quotes by Jana Aston
I realized what tremendous teamwork it took to pull this off. I originally had nine and a half pages. This is the condensed version. So, anyone I may have inadvertently omitted in this draft, please email me and I'll send you the longer edition. (Trust me. Your name is definitely on that one. As is the name of every resident in the entire state of Wisconsin.) ~ Marilyn Brant
Girly Edition quotes by Marilyn Brant
Tom Regan's now classic Case for Animal Rights blends careful argument with intense moral concern. For two decades, where Regan has been taken seriously, animals have been better off and people have become better persons. This new edition is a welcome sign of this influence continuing. ~ Holmes Rolston III
Girly Edition quotes by Holmes Rolston III
They're limited edition,' she said. 'Listen,' I said 'they're not limited enough. These shouldn't have been made at all. ~ Karl Pilkington
Girly Edition quotes by Karl Pilkington
It was nice to be around a girly girl, even if it meant there was no space for his shaving gear in the bathroom. ~ Bart Hopkins
Girly Edition quotes by Bart Hopkins
We have also an edition of The Trial, by the notorious Jew, Kafka. Berlin would appreciate it, I am thinking, if this too was added to the bonfire. Also the works of that decadent lesbian Bolshevik, Jane Austen. ~ Stephen Fry
Girly Edition quotes by Stephen Fry
I love the action that I'm able to do. I grew up in Maine, outdoors and playing with the boys and shooting skeet. I have my girly side, too. But, I do like playing the strong female roles, especially now with something as simple as Twitter, where you've got young women following you. ~ Rachel Nichols
Girly Edition quotes by Rachel Nichols
She doesn't blame you. She knows this isn't your fault. It's not like on the day they were passing out Connections, you decided to hog two for yourself because you're a greedy bitch."

Lyons, Heather (2013-11-17). A Matter of Heart (Fate Series Book 2) (p. 320). Cerulean Books. Kindle Edition. ~ Heather Lyons
Girly Edition quotes by Heather Lyons
It's so wrong when I pick up a new edition of Huckleberry Finn and I look at the last page and it doesn't say, Yours truly, at the end. ~ Leslie Fiedler
Girly Edition quotes by Leslie Fiedler
Self-consciousness, however, does hinder the experience of the present. It is the one instrument that unplugs all the rest. So long as I lose myself in a tree, say, I can scent its leafy breath or estimate its board feet of lumber, I can draw its fruits or boil tea on its branches, and the tree stays tree. But the second I become aware of myself at any of these activities
looking over my own shoulder, as it were
the tree vanishes, uprooted from the spot and flung out of sight as if it had never grown. And time, which had flowed down into the tree bearing new revelations like floating leaves at ever moment, ceases. It dams, stills, stagnates. (Harper Perennial Edition 82) ~ Annie Dillard
Girly Edition quotes by Annie Dillard
You're not a whore. You're a chick who hasn't exactly grown up with every advantage, and you've learned to use what you've got. You don't do it on purpose. It's second nature. You act girly and helpless and make men think you're harmless. ~ Jennifer Echols
Girly Edition quotes by Jennifer Echols
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