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my oral sex skills are off the chart. I know all about getting dirty down under. Let me show you, pretty please? ~ Kylie Scott
Getting Dirty quotes by Kylie Scott
I was a typical kid. I dug holes in the yard, threw rocks, had plum battles with the neighbours and used trash can lids as shields. I was always outside getting dirty. ~ Arj Barker
Getting Dirty quotes by Arj Barker
If loving you means getting dirty, bring on the grime. ~ Sarah Kay
Getting Dirty quotes by Sarah Kay
You don't ever play games, make me guess what it is you want, or what you're thinking. You're not afraid of getting dirty, you don't worry about if your hair looks just right, or get angry about having your prom in the woods. ~ Cindy C. Bennett
Getting Dirty quotes by Cindy C. Bennett
Problem is, I'm not thinking very proper thoughts when I look at you. I keep thinking about messing you up. Getting dirty. Making you scream. Stuff like that. ~ Jennifer Probst
Getting Dirty quotes by Jennifer Probst
Why get stained when getting dirty is so much more fun ~ Gayle Forman
Getting Dirty quotes by Gayle Forman
Horseback riding is my passion. Other than work. People can't imagine me getting dirty, but that's what I love about it. ~ Kaley Cuoco
Getting Dirty quotes by Kaley Cuoco
Californians are people who insist on growing their own vegetables, but they won't dig up the pretty lawn, won't plant anything for fear of getting dirty, and they use fragrant bath salts from The Body Shop instead of smelly compost. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Getting Dirty quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Chicago always hit me as such a gloomy place - I just remember all the snow getting dirty as soon as it would fall, all the decaying brown brick buildings around where we lived, all this soot all over the place. ~ Terry Zwigoff
Getting Dirty quotes by Terry Zwigoff
Go get dirty, baby girl. And I mean the naked kind. ~ Kelly Moran
Getting Dirty quotes by Kelly Moran
I just love getting dirty. ~ Robin Wright
Getting Dirty quotes by Robin Wright
Fantastic! Right in the middle of that long stretch between Christmas and Spring Break, your coats are getting dirty, everything's dark, dingy - what a great time for a movie! ~ John Hughes
Getting Dirty quotes by John Hughes
I think it's important for girls at a young age to be involved in as many things as possible. Especially safe communities of people that teach them great life lessons like self-confidence and courage. And getting girls to go to camp especially in the summer where they can meet new friends, learn new things, and not just sit at home and watch TV. ~ Shawn Johnson
Getting Dirty quotes by Shawn Johnson
Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four, and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren't Jewish, they're laid by Catholic nuns. If you're an atheist, they're laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. ~ Max Jerry Horovitz
Getting Dirty quotes by Max Jerry Horovitz
I'm not Mother Teresa. But I'm not Frank Bough, either. I am getting older and a bit more sensible. I'm not going to be popping up in dungeons every six months. If you catch me preaching fidelity while I am shagging chickens then throw the book at me. Otherwise, leave me alone. ~ Steve Coogan
Getting Dirty quotes by Steve Coogan
There are some older women out there who are just knockouts, real beauties, and they're not getting the roles they should. ~ William H. Macy
Getting Dirty quotes by William H. Macy
But what should he wear?
I thought about having him laid to rest in his uniform. But the truth is he hated wearing it. He really needed to be dressed in something he was comfortable in.
And that wasn't going to be in a suit, either: he hated being in a jacket and tie even more than in a uniform.
Tie? Ha!
I got a pair of his best pressed jeans. They had a nice crease in the pants leg, just like he liked. I found one of his plaid button-down shirts, another favorite.
Kryptek, which produces tactical gear and apparel and was one of Chris's favorite companies, had presented him with a big silver belt buckle that he loved. It was very cowboy, and in that way very much who Chris was.
"You think I can pull this off?" he'd asked, showing me how it looked right after he got it.
"Hell, yeah," I told him.
I made sure that was with him as well.
But if there was any item of clothing that really touched deep into Chris's soul, it was his cowboy boots. They were a reminder of who he was when he was young, and they were part of who he'd been since getting out of the military.
He had a really nice pair of new boots that had been custom made. He hadn't had a chance to wear them much, and I couldn't decide whether to bury him in those or another pair that were well worn and very comfortable.
I asked the funeral director for his opinion.
"We usually don't do shoes," he said. It can be very difficult to get them onto the body. "But if i ~ Taya Kyle
Getting Dirty quotes by Taya Kyle
Power, money, food, sex, love. Can we ever get enough, or will getting some make us crave even more? ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Getting Dirty quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
I don't know,' Charlie said. 'Have you gotten a good look at them? I mean, they got the badonkadonk out back and some fine bajoopbadangs up front, know what I'm sayin', dog? Buss a rock wid a playa?' He offered his fist for Minty to buss him a rock, but alas, the mint one left him hangin'. ~ Christopher Moore
Getting Dirty quotes by Christopher Moore
Your life is beautiful.

I see nothing especially lovely about it. [He looks at his watch] Excuse me, I must go at once, and begin writing again. I am in a hurry. [He laughs] You have stepped on my pet corn, as they say, and I am getting excited, and a little cross. Let us discuss this bright and beautiful life of mine, though. [After a few moments' thought] Violent obsessions sometimes lay hold of a man: he may, for instance, think day and night of nothing but the moon. I have such a moon. Day and night I am held in the grip of one besetting thought, to write, write, write! Hardly have I finished one book than something urges me to write another, and then a third, and then a fourth--I write ceaselessly. I am, as it were, on a treadmill. I hurry for ever from one story to another, and can't help myself. Do you see anything bright and beautiful in that? Oh, it is a wild life! Even now, thrilled as I am by talking to you, I do not forget for an instant that an unfinished story is awaiting me. My eye falls on that cloud there, which has the shape of a grand piano; I instantly make a mental note that I must remember to mention in my story a cloud floating by that looked like a grand piano. I smell heliotrope; I mutter to myself: a sickly smell, the colour worn by widows; I must remember that in writing my next description of a summer evening. I catch an idea in every sentence of yours or of my own, and hasten to lock all these treasures in my lit ~ Anton Chekhov
Getting Dirty quotes by Anton Chekhov
Shit, it's even getting me a little hot. Beside Shayla, Lacey is trying to suck the plastic off her rent-a-dick. ~ S.L. Jennings
Getting Dirty quotes by S.L. Jennings
Above all, meditation is about letting the mind be as it is and knowing something about how it is in this moment. It's not about getting somewhere else, but about allowing yourself to be where you already are. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
Getting Dirty quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Och, stop being so sensitive, Prentice; it isn't much fun getting old. One of the few pleasures that do come your way is to speak your mind ... Certainly annoying your relatives is enjoyable too, but I expected better of you. ~ Iain Banks
Getting Dirty quotes by Iain Banks
For Our Purposes, I define "reading" as looking at printed words and getting enough meaning from them to satisfy your purpose. ~ Peter Kump
Getting Dirty quotes by Peter Kump
I'm kind of comfortable with getting older because it's better than the other option, which is being dead. So I'll take getting older. ~ George Clooney
Getting Dirty quotes by George Clooney
My two sons are the biggest pigs - always dirty, sweaty, burping and farting. ~ Judy Gold
Getting Dirty quotes by Judy Gold
Being in a hurry. Getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in front of me. I cannot think of a single advantage I've ever gained from being in a hurry. But a thousand broken and missed things, tens of thousands, lie in the wake of all the rushing ... Through all that haste I thought I was making up time. It turns out I was throwing it away. ~ Ann Voskamp
Getting Dirty quotes by Ann Voskamp
Sometimes bravery is just getting on with things. ~ A.F. Harrold
Getting Dirty quotes by A.F. Harrold
If you are not happy while getting rich, chances are that you will not be happy when you do get rich. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Getting Dirty quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
Unless you've also had some experience dragging around a boat trailer, [topping off the gas tank] may not sound important. But trailer driver's know: a gas stop can be a traumatic experience. You need enough clearance on every possible side. You can't cut the turn too sharp or you'll clip the gas pump. Getting back on the freeway can be as challenging as sending a man to the moon. ~ Brad Alan Lewis
Getting Dirty quotes by Brad Alan Lewis
We're living in a different world now in terms of employee needs, and companies have to offer alternative methods for getting the work done. Even under the most difficult circumstances you can have creative flexibility. ~ Anne M. Mulcahy
Getting Dirty quotes by Anne M. Mulcahy
I keep getting these people at my shows who only know me from television. I can always tell when they're, like, emotionally flinching when I start doing my jokes. ~ Dave Attell
Getting Dirty quotes by Dave Attell
So if you're really unhappy down there, and if all kinds of people are telling you that you're suffering from severe perceptual disorders, look for your own way of getting here, and when you find it, could you please bring some cards, 'cause we're getting pretty tired of the marbles. - from Pipes ~ Etgar Keret
Getting Dirty quotes by Etgar Keret
There's nothing good about getting older-absolutely nothing-because the amount of wisdom and experience you gain is negligible compared to what you lose. You do gain a couple of things-you gain a little bittersweet and sour wisdom from your heartbreaks and failures and things-but what you lose is so catastrophic in every way. ~ Woody Allen
Getting Dirty quotes by Woody Allen
The CIA's drone campaign is extraordinarily effective, and the agency is getting progressively better at targeting senior leaders and disrupting their networks. ~ Joby Warrick
Getting Dirty quotes by Joby Warrick
If I use Facebook to stay in touch with my high school friends who are church-going Republicans, I may be getting more ideological diversity than in hanging out with secular progressives on the World Politics sub-reddit. ~ Ethan Zuckerman
Getting Dirty quotes by Ethan Zuckerman
If there was a chance the love she feels for me would ever dissipate, I'll move heaven and earth - I'll dig down dirty to stop that from happening, because I know when I'm onto a good thing and India's the best of everything. ~ V. Theia
Getting Dirty quotes by V. Theia
Getting to meet other artists that I admire is one of the best parts of my job. I don't know if I'd say 'star struck' as much as excited to hear other peoples' ideas. ~ Mark Hoppus
Getting Dirty quotes by Mark Hoppus
I started by looking at what others had done before me. You see, over the years there have been attempts by many different people to reconstruct the chariot. ~ Kit Williams
Getting Dirty quotes by Kit Williams
That's what you might call the normal pattern of female life. I've seen many girls and women, with strong maternal instincts, keen on getting married but mainly, though they mayn't quite know it themselves - because of their urge to motherhood. And the babies come; they're happy and satisfied. Life goes back into proportion for them. They can take an interest in their husbands and in the local affairs and in the gossip that's going round, and of course in their children. But it's all in proportion. The maternal instinct, in a purely physical sense, is satisfied, you see. ~ Agatha Christie
Getting Dirty quotes by Agatha Christie
Wicked men have done dirty things to u but never ever think that u are dirty! ~ Gladys Lawson
Getting Dirty quotes by Gladys Lawson
The point is that getting married for lust or money or social status or even love is usually trouble. The point is that marriage is a maze into which we wander - a maze that is best got through with a great companion. ~ Robert Fulghum
Getting Dirty quotes by Robert Fulghum
Brutality is boring. Over and over, hell night after hell night, the same old dumb, tedious, bestial routine: making men crawl; making men groan, hanging men from the bars; shoving men; slapping men; freezing men in the showers; running men into walls; displaying shackled fathers to their sons and sons to their fathers. And if it turned out that you'd been given the wrong man, when you were done making his life unforgettably small and nasty, you allowed him to be your janitor and pick up the other prisoners' trash.
There was always another prisoner, and another. Faceless men under hoods: you stripped them of their clothes, you stripped them of their pride. There wasn't much more you could take away from them, but people are inventive: one night some soldiers took a razor to one of Saddam's former general in Tier 1A and shaved off his eyebrows. He was an old man. "He looked like a grandfather and seemed like a nice guy," Sabrina Harman said, and she had tried to console him, telling him he looked younger and slipping him a few cigarettes. Then she had to make him stand at attention facing a boom box blasting the rapper Eminem, singing about raping his mother, or committing arson, or sneering at suicides, something like that⁠ - these were some of the best-selling songs in American history.
"Eminem is pretty much torture all in himself, and if one person's getting tortured, everybody is, because that music's horrible," Harman said. The general maintained his bearing a ~ Philip Gourevitch
Getting Dirty quotes by Philip Gourevitch
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