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I'm interested in the dark side of man. I'm interested in taboos, and murder is the greatest taboo. Characters are fascinating in their extremity, not in their happiness. ~ Elizabeth George
George And Gracie quotes by Elizabeth George
You must understand something, George. The world's leaders create catastrophes and resolve them
all at their own whimsy
every single day. It is how the world runs. Lacking anything else to believe in, common people need to believe in their leaders' abilities to save them. It's true! Their emotional well-being
and yes, their fate
depends on the intelligence and skill of those who manipulate the days' disasters. And it should go without saying that the one who succeeds in taking the reins of leadership
by whatever means
is the most intelligent and skillful, and therefore most qualified to lead. ~ Trenton Lee Stewart
George And Gracie quotes by Trenton Lee Stewart
I--buy, and I sell."
"You're a thief. ~ Tamora Pierce
George And Gracie quotes by Tamora Pierce
A president must make decisions based upon principle and stand by the principles by which he makes decisions in order to achieve peace. ~ George W. Bush
George And Gracie quotes by George W. Bush
Worry denies the power of God and produces no good results. Worry adds no value to your life. Eliminate it with God's help. ~ Elizabeth George
George And Gracie quotes by Elizabeth George
I'd love to be a dead body in the emergency room and have George Clooney go, 'This one's gone!' while he puts a sheet on me. ~ Rosie O'Donnell
George And Gracie quotes by Rosie O'Donnell
Catholic schools carry out a great mission, to serve God by building knowledge and character ... By teaching the word of God, you prepare your students to follow a path of virtue. ~ George W. Bush
George And Gracie quotes by George W. Bush
This, said Squealer, was something called tactics. He repeated a number of times, "Tactics, comrades, tactics!" skipping round and whisking his tail with a merry laugh. The animals were not certain what the word meant, but Squealer spoke so persuasively, and the three dogs who happened to be with him growled so threateningly, that they accepted his explanation without further questions. ~ George Orwell
George And Gracie quotes by George Orwell
Some calamities - the 1929 stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, 9/11 - have come like summer lightning, as bolts from the blue. The looming crisis of America's Ponzi entitlement structure is different. Driven by the demographics of an aging population, its causes, timing and scope are known. ~ George Will
George And Gracie quotes by George Will
There are books that are suitable for a million people, others for only a hundred. There are even remedies - I mean books - that were written for one person only… A book is both medic and medicine at once. It makes a diagnosis as well as offering therapy. Putting the right novels to the appropriate ailments: that's how I sell books. ~ Nina George
George And Gracie quotes by Nina George
I recall my mother asking in about 1946 what I was and I replied proudly that I was a professor. A decade later she repeated her question and I repeated my answer. "No promotion?" was her comment. ~ George Stigler
George And Gracie quotes by George Stigler
People expect too much of one year and too little of ten. ~ George Bernard Shaw
George And Gracie quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Art, music, and philosophy are merely poignant examples of what we might have been had not the priests and traders gotten hold of us. ~ George Carlin
George And Gracie quotes by George Carlin
There's a funny fool. I have a riddle for you, Shagwell. Why do you care if she screams? Oh, wait, I know." He shouted "SAPPHIRES," as loudly as he could.
Cursing, Rorge kicked at his stump again. Jaime howled. I never knew there was such agony in the world, was the last thing he remembered thinking. It was hard to say how long he was gone, but when the pain spit him out, Urswyck was there, and Vargo Hoat himself. "Thee'th not to be touched," the goat screamed, spraying spittle all over Zollo. "Thee hath to be a maid, you foolth! Thee'th worth a bag of thapphireth!" And from then on, every night Hoat put guards on them, to protect them from his own.
Two nights passed in silence before the wench finally found the courage to whisper, "Jaime? Why did you shout out?"
"Why did I shout out 'sapphires,' you mean? Use your wits, wench. Would this lot have cared if I shouted 'rape'?"
"You did not need to shout at all."
"You're hard enough to look at with a nose. Besides, I wanted to make the goat say, 'thapphireth. ~ George R.R. Martin
George And Gracie quotes by George R.R. Martin
There is no moral equivalency between those who would kill using children, innocent civilians, children and adults, in their homes and in their places of worship, to that of a government that is seeking those terrorists before they can engage in that awful activity. ~ George Pataki
George And Gracie quotes by George Pataki
It is just the old way
that of obedience. If you have ever seen the Lord, if only from afar
if you have any vaguest suspicion that the Jew Jesus, who professed to have come from God, was a better man, a different man
one of your first duties must be to open your ears to His words and see whether they seem to you to be true. Then, if they do, to obey them with your whole strength and might. This is the way of life, which will lead a man out of its miseries into life indeed. ~ George MacDonald
George And Gracie quotes by George MacDonald
Our difficulty seems to be this: the promise is so "exceeding great" that we cannot conceive God really to mean what he clearly appears to have revealed. The blessing seems too vast for our comprehension; we "stagger at the promises, through unbelief," and thus fail to secure the treasure which was purchased for us by Christ Jesus. ~ George Muller
George And Gracie quotes by George Muller
Let me live according to those holy rules which Thou hast this day prescribed in Thy Holy Word ... direct me to the true object, Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life. Bless, O Lord, all the people of this land. ~ George Washington
George And Gracie quotes by George Washington
I have had some pretty wild nights! I think the media keeps a very close eye on what people are up to these days. I was out with George Clooney a few nights ago and we had a great time. ~ Tom Jones
George And Gracie quotes by Tom Jones
Le Carre's voice - patrician, cold, brilliant and amused - was perfect for the wilderness-of-mirrors undertow of the Cold War, and George Smiley is the all-time harassed bureaucrat of spy fiction. ~ Alan Furst
George And Gracie quotes by Alan Furst
You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. ~ George Lucas
George And Gracie quotes by George Lucas
Kidney disease is a low-profile, unglamorous problem, a disease that disproportionately strikes minorities and the poor. Its celebrity spokesman is blue-collar comedian George Lopez, who received a kidney from his wife. ~ Virginia Postrel
George And Gracie quotes by Virginia Postrel
I go to conventions and universities and talk to young filmmakers and everybody's making a zombie movie! It's because it's easy to get the neighbors to come out, put some ketchup on them. ~ George A. Romero
George And Gracie quotes by George A. Romero
In every instance when my administration sees a responsibility to help people, we will look first to faith-based institutions, to charities and to community groups that have shown their ability to save and change lives. ~ George W. Bush
George And Gracie quotes by George W. Bush
Sometimes they threaten you with something - something you can't stand up to, can't even think about. And then you say, "Don't do it to me, do it to somebody else, do it to So-and-so." And perhaps you might pretend, afterwards, that it was only a trick and that you just said it to make them stop and didn't mean it. But that isn't true. At the time when it happens you do mean it. You think there's no other way of saving yourself, and you're quite ready to save yourself that way. You WANT it to happen to the other person. You don't give a damn what they suffer. All you care is yourself. ~ George Orwell
George And Gracie quotes by George Orwell
Every child has a right to its own bent ... It has a right to find its own way and go its own way, whether that way seems wise or foolish to others, exactly as an adult has. It has a right to privacy as to its own doings and its own affairs as much as if it were its own father. ~ George Bernard Shaw
George And Gracie quotes by George Bernard Shaw
You have to understand that it's a very cooperative world, not only with the environment, with but our fellow human beings. If you do not cooperate, if you do not work together to keep the entire organism going, the whole thing dies, and everybody dies with it. That's a law of nature, and it's existed forever. We're one of the very few creatures that has a choice, and can intellectualize the process. ~ George Lucas
George And Gracie quotes by George Lucas
Almost everywhere, climate change denial now looks as stupid and as unacceptable as Holocaust denial. ~ George Monbiot
George And Gracie quotes by George Monbiot
'It's this accursed Science,' I cried. 'It's the very Devil. The mediaeval priests and persecutors were right, and the Moderns are all wrong. You tamper with it-and it offers you gifts. And directly you take them it knocks you to pieces in some unexpected way.' ~ George Herbert
George And Gracie quotes by George Herbert
Catholic school gave me the tools to reject the very religion they wanted me to have. They taught me how to think for myself and to be independent. ~ George Carlin
George And Gracie quotes by George Carlin
He would say that God had given him a tail to keep the flies off, but that he would sooner have had no tail and no flies. ~ George Orwell
George And Gracie quotes by George Orwell
I told her I hated normal people and the land of the fucking free and the home of the asshole brave, and I hated God and George and all and everything. ~ Aleksandar Hemon
George And Gracie quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
I haven't met anybody who hasn't been able to describe years and years and years of very, very difficult struggle through the whole process of achieving anything whatsoever. And there's no way to sort of get around that. ~ George Lucas
George And Gracie quotes by George Lucas
I spent two years in the Army. And my older brother, who was also a great positive influence on me, encouraged me to think about law school, and I said - well, I didn't have any money. ~ George J. Mitchell
George And Gracie quotes by George J. Mitchell
That's a terrible price to pay because you loved life so much, with the intensity of a thousand suns, and the women and all of it - and then it's all taken away from you. You end up walking the hallways of always to a place called tedium and apathy, day after day after day. Years go by. ~ George Jung
George And Gracie quotes by George Jung
I tell you there isn't a thing under the sun that needs to be done at all, but what a man can do better than a woman, unless it's bearing children, and they do that in a poor make-shift way; it had better ha been left to the men. ~ George Eliot
George And Gracie quotes by George Eliot
It is characteristic of spontaneous friendship to take on first, without enquiry and almost at first sight, the unseen doings and unspoken sentiments of our friends; the parts known give us evidence enough that the unknown parts cannot be much amiss. ~ George Santayana
George And Gracie quotes by George Santayana
Whether you're a history buff or a fantasy fan, Druon's epic will keep you turning pages. This was the original game of thrones. If you like 'A Song of Ice and Fire', you will love 'The Accursed Kings'. ~ George R R Martin
George And Gracie quotes by George R R Martin
The obsidian flake and the silicon chip are struck by the light of the same campfire that has passed from hand to hand since the human mind began. ~ George Dyson
George And Gracie quotes by George Dyson
Goodness is of a modest nature, easily discouraged, and when much elbowed in early life by unabashed vices, is apt to retire into extreme privacy, so that it is more easily believed in by those who construct a selfish old gentleman theoretically, than by those who form the narrower judgments based on his personal acquaintance. ~ George Eliot
George And Gracie quotes by George Eliot
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