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And then there she was, a girl of elegant height, perhaps eighteen or nineteen years of age - gawky and coltish, all long legs and arms, but with the promise of stunning beauty to add graceful curves to the lean lines of her body. She was dressed in a pair of my blue jeans, cut off at the tops of her muscled thighs, and my own T-shirt, tied off over her abdomen. A pentacle amulet, identical to my own, if less battered, lay over her heart, between the curves of her modest breasts. Her skin was pale, almost luminous, her hair a shade of brown-gold, like ripe wheat, her eyes a startling, storm-cloud grey in contrast. Her smile lit up her face, ~ Jim Butcher
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Jim Butcher
When I was in high school, I was a late bloomer. And just like all those supermodels who said they were gawky and no one liked them, that was me - metaphorically. And so I was ready to rise like a phoenix in later times. ~ Stephen Malkmus
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Stephen Malkmus
I was a very gawky-looking teenager, so I was not cute. ~ Lance Bass
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Lance Bass
The last clear thought I have is of my grandmother's rust-colored wall clock ticking away in the darkness of my apartment - my sanctuary where I dreamed and desired and hoped for goodness and love. I wonder how long that clock will tick without anyone around to hear it. I wonder if maybe I should have taken my grandmother's silverware or jewelry instead. I wonder – if I knew then what I know now – if I still would have approached Jade that first night and invited her into my life, only to watch as she took it from me and fed it to some Godless thing, as my mother had called it. Would I still have given myself over to her, knowing it would end the same way, with the barbaric flicker of hope that this time she could love me? ~ J. Tonzelli
Gawky Jewelry quotes by J. Tonzelli
Wait your turn, Lion, or I'll be wearing your eyeballs as jewelry. (Savitar) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I hate people who sneak into first class to use the bathroom. I'm sitting there, in 4F, sipping Cristal and admiring my new line of jewelry for QVC, and suddenly, busting through the curtain and rushing toward the bathroom is some doughy soccer mom holding her crotch and yelling, "Emergency, emergency!" No, it's not!!! Opening the main hatch and pushing you out at thirty thousand feet for disturbing me is an emergency. ~ Joan Rivers
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Joan Rivers
I've decided that I am totally against jewelry. So I have all fake. There's no reason to have real diamonds. People think it's real anyway. ~ Liza Minnelli
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Liza Minnelli
Outside the study hall the next fall, the fall of our senior year, the Nabisco plant baked sweet white bread twice a week. If I sharpened a pencil at the back of the room I could smell the baking bread and the cedar shavings from the pencil.... Pretty soon all twenty of us - our class - would be leaving. A core of my classmates had been together since kindergarten. I'd been there eight years. We twenty knew by bored heart the very weave of each other's socks....

The poems I loved were in French, or translated from the Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek. I murmured their heartbreaking sylllables. I knew almost nothing of the diverse and energetic city I lived in. The poems whispered in my ear the password phrase, and I memorized it behind enemy lines: There is a world. There is another world.

I knew already that I would go to Hollins College in Virginia; our headmistress sent all her problems there, to her alma mater. "For the English department," she told me.... But, "To smooth off her rough edges," she had told my parents. They repeated the phrase to me, vividly.

I had hopes for my rough edges. I wanted to use them as a can opener, to cut myself a hole in the world's surface, and exit through it. Would I be ground, instead, to a nub? Would they send me home, an ornament to my breed, in a jewelry bag? ~ Annie Dillard
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Annie Dillard
To practice the Way single heartedly is, in itself, enlightenment. There is no gap between practice and enlightenment and daily life. This stripped-down Buddhist aesthetic pervades all aspects of St Zen. Most St Zen temples eschew the fantastic sculptures of bodhisattvas with their jewelry and fluttering robes. Instead, Zen emphasizes rock gardens, green-tea caffeine-infused meditation, and single-mindedness. ~ Marie Mutsuki Mockett
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Marie Mutsuki Mockett
I've bought jewelry for women before," Zoltan growled. "Not in my lifetime. ~ Kerrelyn Sparks
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
I really love laser-cutting. I do a lot of laser-cut jewelry and laser-etched stationery. I'll even etch my food sometimes. You can download an image online and etch it onto a tortilla or a brownie. It's so cool to meld the digital and analog worlds together. ~ Brit Morin
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Brit Morin
Death, jewelry, or magic; it sounded like Valentine's Day. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
He had changed, of course, but the change was subtle; as though he had been put into an oven and baked to a hard finish. He looked as though both muscle and skin had drawn in just a bit, grown closer to the bone, so he was more tightly knit; he had never seemed gawky, but the last hint of boyish looseness had vanished. ~ Diana Gabaldon
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Diana Gabaldon
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Gawky Jewelry quotes by OBX Store
What topics fascinate me? Do I want to earn a degree or certificate? What would be fun, interesting, profitable, healthy, and/or beneficial for me to learn? What institutions or teachers do I want to learn from? What steps can I take today to propel me toward these goals? - My possessions: What types of possessions do I want or need in order to fulfill my divine function? What objects would make my life easier, safer, or more enjoyable? What types of furniture, clothing, cars, recreational vehicles, jewelry, equipment, toys, or other possessions have I always wanted? What possessions are weighing me down? What would I like to get rid of? Do I have anything I'd like to sell, donate, barter, or trade? When you've answered these questions for yourself, you'll be well on the way to setting healthy goals that will enrich and enhance your life! ~ Doreen Virtue
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Doreen Virtue
Juliet wondered if the woman even knew what a Rider was. She made loud noises and loved jewelry. Other than that, Juliet couldn't think of a way to describe her. ~ Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
My friends call my style 'old man chic.' I wear loafers and stylish sweatpants. I love to stay comfortable, so I definitely funk it up, but I'm always comfortable. I wear lots of hats and feathers, and I kind of have a little obsession with Native American jewelry. ~ Hayley Kiyoko
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Hayley Kiyoko
To me, jewelry is a natural progression and there is something so meaningful and magical about creating that one of a kind, special piece. ~ Pamela Love
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Pamela Love
Everyone asks about gold. This is the irony: just as Jim Grant tells us (correctly) that we all have faith-based paper currencies backed by nothing, it is equally fair to say that gold is a faith-based metal. It pays no dividend, cannot be eaten, and is mostly used for nothing more useful than jewelry. I would say that anything of which 75% sits idly and expensively in bank vaults is, as a measure of value, only one step up from the Polynesian islands that attached value to certain well-known large rocks that were traded. ~ Jeremy Grantham
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Jeremy Grantham
I like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I'm wearing. That's more important to me than a name, brand, or label. ~ Nikki Reed
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Nikki Reed
Women like clothes, they like shoes, they like flowers and they like people to look at them and think,'God, she's gorgeous.' The more people who think that, the better it is. The one day in your life where you get all that rolled up into one is your wedding day. And it
comes with jewelry and presents and ends
with a vacation where it's practically law that you have to wear fabulous underwear and have lots of sex. ~ Kristen Ashley
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Kristen Ashley
Jewelry of the clouds on the horizon;
Seven circles are intertwined.
A voice follows you without words;
Soft footsteps, in the water of transience. ~ Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
I didn't like jewelry that much anyway ~ C.D. Reiss
Gawky Jewelry quotes by C.D. Reiss
One of Duke's very strict rules was to take his dick out any time a woman demanded it of him. He reached deep and put his favorite friend carefully on the fake wood.
She turned and cringed. "Jesus, dicks are so fucking ugly. Why you think putting your grandmother's jewelry on it will make it more fetching is beyond me."
Duke covered his dick's ears and snarled back at Dove, "You'll hurt his feelings. ~ Debra Anastasia
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Debra Anastasia
A man can do a television interview and roll out of bed 15 minutes before; it's just not the same for a woman. A woman has to pay attention to her hair, makeup, clothing, and jewelry choices. ~ Michele Bachmann
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Michele Bachmann
Richard ... ," Julie said, staring down at the open jewelry case in her hand. Inside was an ornate, heart-shaped locket supported by a gold chain. "It's beautiful. But ... why? I mean, what's the occasion?"
"No occasion. I just saw it and, well ... I liked it. Or rather, I thought of you and knew you should have it. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Nicholas Sparks
I always accessorize with jewelry. I am a bit of a magpie; I love sparkles, and so wearing jewelry makes me feel more exciting and confident, too! ~ Amber Le Bon
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Amber Le Bon
Cheap jewelry, however, is worse than no jewelry at all, and there are very few things in life than are worse than no jewelry at all. ~ Jill Conner Browne
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Jill Conner Browne
I feel gawky and morbid as somebody in a sideshow. ~ Sylvia Plath
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Sylvia Plath
Whether a carpenter makes a table, or a goldsmith a piece of jewelry, whether the peasant grows his corn, or the painter paints a picture, in all types of creative work the worker and his object become one, man unites himself with the world in the process of creation. This, however, holds true only for productive work, for work in which I plan, produce, see the result of my work. In the modern work process of a clerk, the worker on the endless ~ Erich Fromm
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Erich Fromm
If it wasn't for golf, I'd probably still be peddling jewelry or be in the sugar mills somewhere. ~ Calvin Peete
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Calvin Peete
I'm not much of a jewelry man. I don't even wear a watch half the time. ~ Red Schoendienst
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Red Schoendienst
Her salary as King's Champion was considerable, and Celaena spent
every last copper of it. Shoes, hats, tunics, dresses, jewelry, weapons,
baubles for her hair, and books. Books and books and books. So many
books that Philippa had to bring up another bookcase for her room. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Sarah J. Maas
We used to have MTV and all these ways we can show our videos, and it was these rap shows, and it was everything. And then it became not cool to be conscious; it became cool to just hang out. Escapism rap became the norm. And, when I say "escapism rap", I mean getting high, get your cars, get your money, get your jewelry, go to the club, have your women, and it just became all about escaping your reality and not making your reality better on a real tip; not just on the have fun tip. ~ Ice Cube
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Ice Cube
The jewelry business is a very, very tough business - tougher than the computer business. You truly have to understand how to take care of your customers. ~ Guy Kawasaki
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Guy Kawasaki
I've got something for you," he crooned, reaching down and putting my wedding band back on my finger. The huge diamond ring sparkled in a spotlight against the familiar darkness - the darkness of the bedroom where Tristan had perpetrated so many drug-induced sex acts against me. "You forgot your finest jewelry at home. Never leave home without it. ~ A. Violet End
Gawky Jewelry quotes by A. Violet End
The poor Sufi dressed in rags walked into a jewelry store owned by a rich merchant and asked him, "Do you know how you're going to die." And the Sufi said, "I do.""How?" asked the merchant.
And the Sufi lay down, crossed his arms, said, "Like this," and died, whereupon the merchant promptly gave up his store to live a life of poverty in pursuit of the kind of spiritual wealth the dead Sufi had acquired. ~ John Green
Gawky Jewelry quotes by John Green
The best part of such noble liquor, No less than gold and jewelry, By preference dwells in night and gloom. The wise man searches tirelessly; 5200 To see by daylight, that's child's play, But where it's dark, there mysteries have their home. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
The day before yesterday, men brought the Bible and medicine to the blacks, and received in exchange their intangible souls. Yesterday, they brought cheap jewelry and deadly firearms, and took away ivory and rubber - and human life. To-day, they came with weird cries and sleep-inducing vapors - and flew away with live and protesting gorillas. To-morrow? . . . Perhaps, they would remove the jungle itself. . . . ~ Bertram Gayton
Gawky Jewelry quotes by Bertram Gayton
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