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#1. Fynn disguise nobody but Fynn. At the time of writing I have known him for a couple of years. But there is another way in which I have known him all my life. For there is about him that transparent vulnerability which makes for a total and immediate correspondence with anyone who is prepared to throw prejudices to the wind and celebrate life as a lump of mysterious and joyful awe. But all the speculation about a trained scientist or theologian with imaginative leanings and communications was pretty well wide of the mark. Fynn, thank God, was not trained as either of these. Intelligent to the eyelashes and with a gargantuan appetite for knowledge, Fynn was early advised to eschew (may his adviser rest in peace) universities and other institutions for the purveying of processed thought. Some of his most formative thinking took place far from the quads and colleges and punted rivers amongst the small streets, warehouses, and canals of the East End. But with his modest job and his Woolworth's do-it-yourself laboratory he produced thought to which few PhD's have approximated. - Author: Vernon Sproxton
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Vernon Sproxton
#2. That dark laboratory we call the soil. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Aldo Leopold
#3. The power to assimilate crude inorganic matter as it is found in the soil, and convert it into living protoplasm and other organic substances, or to use such substances in performing physiological function, does not belong to the animal organism. It is the office of plant life or vegetation to convert the primary elements from their crude inorganic state into the organic state. This conversion cannot be accomplished by any synthetic process known to the laboratory.
After the plant has raised the crude inorganic matter of the soil into plant protoplasm, the animal may take these and raise them to a still higher plane - that of animal protoplasm. But the animal cannot do the work of the plant. He must get his food either directly or indirectly from the plant kingdom. That is, the animal must either eat the plant or its fruits, or he must eat the animal that has eaten the plant. Food must be in the organic form. Air and water form the only exceptions to this rule. - Author: Herbert M. Shelton
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#4. Is the world divided into mind and matter, and, if so, what is mind, what is matter? Is mind subject to matter, or is it possessed of independent powers? Has the universe any unity or purpose? Is it evolving towards some goal? Are there really laws of nature, or do we believe in them only because of our innate love of order? Is man what he seems to the astronomer, a tiny lump of impure carbon and water impotently crawling on a small and unimportant planet? Or is he what he appears to Hamlet? Is there a way of living that is noble and another that is base, or are all ways of living merely futile? ... To such questions no answers can be found in the laboratory.'23 - Author: John C. Lennox
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by John C. Lennox
#5. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established highly specific criteria for the diagnosis of Lyme disease: an acknowledged tick bite, the appearance of a bull's-eye rash, and, for those who don't live in a region where Lyme is common, laboratory evidence of infection. - Author: Michael Specter
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Michael Specter
#6. Catastrophe is change on the fast track. Disaster is a laboratory for adaptability. - Author: Robert Watson
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Robert Watson
#7. Giving cancer to laboratory animals has not and will not help us to understand the disease or to treat those persons suffering from it. - Author: Albert Sabin
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Albert Sabin
#8. Whether epidemiology alone can, in strict logic, ever prove causality, even in this modern sense, may be questioned, but the same must also be said of laboratory experiments on animals. - Richard Doll - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#9. Henrietta's were different: they reproduced an entire generation every twenty-four hours, and they never stopped. They became the first immortal human cells ever grown in a laboratory. - Author: Rebecca Skloot
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Rebecca Skloot
#10. There is voluminous evidence that exclusive reliance on heuristic processing tendencies of Type I sometimes results in suboptimal responding (Baron, 2008; Evans, 2007a; Gilovich, Griffin, & Kahneman, 2002; Johnson-Laird, 2006; Kahneman & Tversky, 1973, 1996, 2000; Koehler & Harvey, 2004; Nickerson, 2004, 2008; Nisbett & Ross, 1980; Tversky & Kahneman, 1974, 1983, 1986) and that such thinking errors are not limited to the laboratory (Ariely, 2008; Åstebro, Jeffrey, & Adomdza, 2007; Baron, 1998; Baron, Bazerman, & Shonk, 2006; Belsky & Gilovich, 1999; Berner & Graber, 2008; Camerer, 2000; Chapman & Elstein, 2000; Croskerry, 2009a, 2009b; Dawes, 2001; Hilton, 2003; Kahneman & Tversky, 2000; Lichtenstein & Slovic, 2006; Lilienfeld, Ammirati, & Landfield, 2009; Myers, 2002; Prentice, 2003; Reyna et al., 2009; Stewart, 2009; Sunstein, 2002, 2005; Taleb, 2001, 2007; Tavris & Aronson, 2007; Tetlock, 2005; Thaler & Sunstein, 2008; Ubel, 2000). - Author: Keith E. Stanovich
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Keith E. Stanovich
#11. Opportunities for kindness are flowing past us continuously, during the hours we spend at home, in the office or store or shop or laboratory where we work, as we walk along the street, as we drive hither and yon, as we travel by train or plane or bus - in short, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. - Author: David Dunn
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by David Dunn
#12. I like to be in the laboratory with the doors closed. I like experimenting and trying things. - Author: Nigel Godrich
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Nigel Godrich
#13. All of us are guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress. - Author: Tennessee Williams
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Tennessee Williams
#14. As an undergraduate at Harvard in the 1960s, I was fascinated by my visits to psychologist B.F. Skinner's laboratory. - Author: Andrew Weil
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Andrew Weil
#15. Modern science is fast-moving, and no laboratory can exist for long with a program based on old facilities. Innovation and renewal are required to keep a laboratory on the frontiers of science. - Author: Burton Richter
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Burton Richter
#16. There's one thing which I hate about color films ... people who use up a lot of their despairing producer's money by working in the laboratory to bring out the dominant hues, or to make color films where there isn't any color. - Author: Claude Chabrol
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Claude Chabrol
#17. Unless our laboratory results are to give us artificialities, mere scientific curiosities, they must be subjected to interpretation by gradual re-approximation to conditions of life. - Author: John Dewey
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by John Dewey
#18. The office is the laboratory and meeting your users is like going into the field. You can't just stay in the lab. And it's not just asking users what they want, it's about seeing what they're doing. - Author: Brian Chesky
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Brian Chesky
#19. In 1970, I had begun work on the basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor which has later become the model compound for the development of protein NMR, molecular dynamics, and experimental folding studies in other laboratories. - Author: Robert Huber
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Robert Huber
#20. On the recommendation of my professor in experimental physics, Paul Scherrer, I took an assistantship for electron microscopy at the Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Geneva in November 1953. This laboratory was animated by Eduard Kellenberger, and it had two prototype electron microscopes requiring much attention. - Author: Werner Arber
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Werner Arber
#21. Is it necessary to practice all these asanas, further and further? Is it necessary to develop scientific researches further and further? To a yogi, the body is a laboratory, a field of experiments and perpetual researches. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
#22. Trying to replace the common law with a rationally designed law is, he jests, like trying to design a better rhinoceros in a laboratory. - Author: Matt Ridley
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Matt Ridley
#23. What we do in the laboratory is we try to design drugs that will not just eradicate cancer cells but will eradicate their homes. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#24. Tesla, at least, seemed perfectly satisfied with what he had achieved in Colorado. He had made lightning dance at his command; he had used the whole Earth as a piece of laboratory equipment; and he had received messages from the stars. Now he was in a hurry to get on with the future. - Author: Margaret Cheney
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Margaret Cheney
#25. Much of the vaunted material wealth that shields us from disease and famine was accumulated at the expense of laboratory monkeys, dairy cows and conveyor-belt chickens. Over the last two centuries tens of billions of them have been subjected to a regime of industrial exploitation whose cruelty has no precedent in the annals of planet Earth. If we accept a mere tenth of what animal-rights activists are claiming, then modern industrial agriculture might well be the greatest crime in history. When evaluating global happiness, it is wrong to count the happiness only of the upper classes, of Europeans or of men. Perhaps it is also wrong to consider only the happiness of humans. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#26. The close of my studies with a degree of a Dr. Ing. in 1929 coincided with the great economic crisis, and I was not able to find an academic position. I was therefore very grateful for a position in the newly created laboratory of G.J. Driza in Prague where rare chemicals were produced on small scale. - Author: Vladimir Prelog
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Vladimir Prelog
#27. After I arrived in Basel, I initially attempted to continue the project of my days in Dulbecco's laboratory, namely, the transcriptional control of the simian virus 40 genes. - Author: Susumu Tonegawa
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Susumu Tonegawa
#28. The images attempt to capture scientific thought. They represent the physical manifestation of the thought process. Everything in the laboratory is a product of a stream of conscious or unconscious thought. - Author: Peter Fraser
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Peter Fraser
#29. This here's a re-search laboratory. Re-search means look again, don't it? Means they're looking for something they found once and it got away somehow, and now they got to re-search for it? How come they got to build a building like this, with mayonnaise elevators and all, and fill it with all these crazy people? What is it they're trying to find again? Who lost what? - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#30. What did we talk about?

I don't remember. We talked so hard and sat so still that I got cramps in my knee. We had too many cups of tea and then didn't want to leave the table to go to the bathroom because we didn't want to stop talking. You will think we talked of revolution but we didn't. Nor did we talk of our own souls. Nor of sewing. Nor of babies. Nor of departmental intrigue. It was political if by politics you mean the laboratory talk that characters in bad movies are perpetually trying to convey (unsuccessfully) when they Wrinkle Their Wee Brows and say (valiantly--dutifully--after all, they didn't write it) "But, Doctor, doesn't that violate Finagle's Constant?" I staggered to the bathroom, released floods of tea, and returned to the kitchen to talk. It was professional talk. It left my grey-faced and with such concentration that I began to develop a headache. We talked about Mary Ann Evans' loss of faith, about Emily Brontë's isolation, about Charlotte Brontë's blinding cloud, about the split in Virginia Woolf's head and the split in her economic condition. We talked about Lady Murasaki, who wrote in a form that no respectable man would touch, Hroswit, a little name whose plays "may perhaps amuse myself," Miss Austen, who had no more expression in society than a firescreen or a poker. They did not all write letters, write memoirs, or go on the stage. Sappho--only an ambiguous, somewhat disagreeable name. Corinna? The teacher of Pindar. Olive Schriener, gr - Author: Joanna Russ
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Joanna Russ
#31. Conversation is our account of ourselves ... Conversation is the vent of character as well as thoughts ... It is the laboratory of the student. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#32. Given the choice of apathy or someone liberating mink, burning down a research torture-laboratory, or killing a vivisectionist or other DIRECT murderer of animals, I will choose the aforesaid actions over apathy any day of the week.- - Author: Gary Yourofsky
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Gary Yourofsky
#33. I tried to make him a young court-wizard in my mind - he almost looked the part in his fine clothes, pursuing some lovely noblewoman - and there my imagination stumbled. He was a thing of books and alembics to me, library and laboratory. - Author: Naomi Novik
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Naomi Novik
#34. I love you. As the same value, as the same expression, with the same pride and the same meaning as I love my work, my mills, my Metal, my hours at a desk, at a furnace, in a laboratory, in an ore mine, as I love my ability to work, as I love the act of sight and knowledge, as I love the action of my mind when it solves a chemical equation or grasps a sunrise, as I love the things I've made and the things I've felt, as *my* product, as *my* choice, as a shape of my world, as my best mirror, as the wife I've never had, as that which makes all the rest of it possible: as my power to live. - Author: Ayn Rand
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Ayn Rand
#35. The modern research laboratory can be a large and complicated social organism. - Author: J. Michael Bishop
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by J. Michael Bishop
#36. I was working with these very long-chain ... extended-chain polymers, where you had a lot of benzene rings in them ... Transforming a polymer solution from a liquid to a fiber requires a process called spinning ... We spun it and it spun beautifully. It [Kevlar] was very strong and very stiff-unlike anything we had made before. I knew that I had made a discovery. I didn't shout "Eureka!" but I was very excited, as was the whole laboratory excited, and management was excited, because we were looking for something new. Something different. And this was it. - Author: Stephanie Kwolek
Ganjawala Laboratory quotes by Stephanie Kwolek

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