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#1. Unequal Democracy is the sort of book to which every political scientist should aspire
it is methodologically rigorous, conceptually serious, and above all, it addresses urgent concerns of our fellow citizens. As Bartels shows, much of what we think we know about the politics of economic inequality is dead wrong. Bartels's perplexing and often unexpected discoveries should help refocus the gathering public debate about inequality and what to do about it. - Author: Robert D. Putnam
Gacki Vs Bartels quotes by Robert D. Putnam
#2. On average, the real incomes of middle-class families have grown twice as fast under Democrats as they have under Republicans, while the real incomes of working poor families have grown six times as fast under Democrats as they have under Republicans. These substantial partisan differences persist even after allowing for differences in economic circumstances and historical trends beyond the control of individual presidents. They suggest that escalating inequality is not simply an inevitable economic trend - and that a great deal of economic inequality in the contemporary United States is specifically attributable to the policies and priorities of Republican presidents. - Author: Larry M. Bartels
Gacki Vs Bartels quotes by Larry M. Bartels
#3. Well, ma'am, as I said, I found Willow lying ill down on the riverbank."
"What was she doing there?"
Rider swallowed. "Ah,well, she, ah, was kind of taking a bath."
"A bath!" The landlady looked like she was going to be sick.
They now had Bartel's full attention. A grin wrinkled the corner of this mouth.
"Oh,she was all done,of course," Rider rushed to explain. "Dressed,too," he lied. "Poor girl said she had a severe headache."
Rider was sweating bullets. He'd rather face the whole Clanton gang than his formidable landlady. She had the uncanny ability to make him feel like a ten-year-old boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And it didn't take much to figure out what her reaction would be to his "headache treatment." Since there were definitely no benefits to be won for total honesty, he reasoned that what she didn't know woulnd't hurt him. - Author: Charlotte McPherren
Gacki Vs Bartels quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#4. Help me, Mother,' Peggy said, and tears came to her eyes as they always did when she spoke to her, because she would never get over the emptiness of a world that no longer held her mother. - Author: Peggielene Bartels And Eleanor Herman
Gacki Vs Bartels quotes by Peggielene Bartels And Eleanor Herman

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