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#1. I'll get cast occasionally as sort of the jerk version of myself, and I have fun doing that. But it's really better for everyone if I stay behind the camera. - Author: Aaron Sorkin
Gabbart Cast quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#2. Being cast out of society early on made you see civilization for the farce it was, a theater of cruelty you were free to drop out of. Instead of playing along you became a fuckup. It was a political statement and a survival skill. - Author: Michelle Tea
Gabbart Cast quotes by Michelle Tea
#3. I'm not a leading man; I don't think I've got the face of a leading man, and I don't think, ever in my life, someone will cast me in the role of a leading man. - Author: Toby Kebbell
Gabbart Cast quotes by Toby Kebbell
#4. Now my aim is clear: I must show that the house is one of the greatest powers of integration for the thoughts, memories and dreams of mankind. The binding principle in this integration is the daydream. Past, present and future give the house different dynamisms, which often interfere, at times opposing, at others, stimulating one another. In the life of a man, the house thrusts aside contingencies, its councils of continuity are unceasing. Without it, man would be a dispersed being. It maintains him through the storms of the heavens and through those of life. It is body and soul. It is the human being's first world. Before he is "cast into the world," as claimed by certain hasty meta-physics, man is laid in the cradle of the house. And always, in our daydreams, the house is a large cradle. A concrete metaphysics cannot neglect this fact, this simple fact, all the more, since this fact is a value, an important value, to which we return in our daydreaming. Being is already a value. Life begins well, it begins enclosed, protected, all warm in the bosom of the house. - Author: Gaston Bachelard
Gabbart Cast quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#5. When fog is dense, everything slows down because you can't see. If I cast a fog over the land, it will quickly fall in its superiority. The people will rise up and blame my brother for their problems. He will become afraid of them and will fear for his life. Unless he changes, the surrounding lands will also take advantage of his weakness and attack. - Author: L.R.W. Lee
Gabbart Cast quotes by L.R.W. Lee
#6. Ah! Gentle, gracious Dove,
And art thou grieved in me,
That sinners should restrain thy love,
And say, "It is not free:
It is not free for all:
The most, thou passest by,
And mockest with a fruitless call
Whom thou hast doomed to die."

They think thee not sincere
In giving each his day,
" Thou only draw'st the sinner near
To cast him quite away,
To aggravate his sin,
His sure damnation seal:
Thou show'st him heaven, and say'st, go in
And thrusts him into hell."

Worthy of whence it came!
Forgive their hellish blasphemy
Who charge it on the Lamb:
Whose pity him inclined
To leave his throne above,
The friend, and Saviour of mankind,
The God of grace, and love.

O gracious, loving Lord,
I feel thy bowels yearn;
For those who slight the gospel word
I share in thy concern:
How art thou grieved to be
By ransomed worms withstood!
How dost thou bleed afresh to see
Them trample on thy blood!

To limit thee they dare,
Blaspheme thee to thy face,
Deny their fellow-worms a share
In thy redeeming grace:
All for their own they take,
Thy righteousness engross,
Of none effect to most they make
The merits of thy cross.

Sinners, abhor the fiend:
His other gospel hear -
"The God of truth did not intend
The thing his words declare,
He - Author: Charles Wesley
Gabbart Cast quotes by Charles Wesley
#7. Marriage is a paradox second only to life itself. That at the age of twenty or so, with little knowledge of each other and a dangerous overdose of self-confidence, two human beings should undertake to commit themselves for life – and that church and state should receive their vows with a straight face – all this is absurd indeed. And it is tolerable only if it is reveled in as such. A pox on all the neat little explanations as to why it is reasonable that two teenagers should be bound to each other until death. It is not reasonable. It happens to be true to life, but it remains absurd. Down with the books that moralize reasonably on the subject of why divorce is wrong. Divorce is not a wrong; it is a metaphysical impossibility. It is an attempt to do something about life rather than with it - to work out the square root of –I rather than to use it.
Up with the absurdity of marriage then. Let the peasant rejoice. He is a very odd ball on a very odd pool table, and his marriage is one of the few things left to him that will roll properly in this game. And up with the marriage service. Let the peasant go back and read it while he rejoices - preferably in the old unbowdlerized version still used by the Church of England. It is full of death and cast iron. And it is one of the great remaining sanity markers. The world is going mad because it has too many reasonable options, and not enough interest or nerve to choose anything for good. In such a world, the marriage service is - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Gabbart Cast quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
#8. We are rendering many species extinct; we may even succeed in destroying ourselves. But this is nothing new for the Earth. Humans would then be just the latest in a long sequence of upstart species that arrive on-stage, make some alterations in the scenery, kill off some of the cast, and then themselves exit stage-left forever. New players appear in the next act. The Earth abides. It has seen all this before. - Author: Carl Sagan
Gabbart Cast quotes by Carl Sagan
#9. God's righteousness and His unchangeable law make Christianity a stumbling block for many. Organizations and individuals carry a political and moral agenda that aims to remove all obstacles to their sin. Their goal is to 'break God's bands asunder and cast away His cords.' They counsel together to rid themselves of the law of God; anyone who preaches the gospel or stands for righteousness stands in the way of their agenda. - Author: Carman
Gabbart Cast quotes by Carman
#10. Because you are the superhero fledgling. I'm just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions. - Author: P.C. Cast
Gabbart Cast quotes by P.C. Cast
#11. When you're in something like 'Game of Thrones' and get the chance to play a part like Bronn, with that cast and with Peter Dinklage, it's wonderful. - Author: Jerome Flynn
Gabbart Cast quotes by Jerome Flynn
#12. They did cast me as an ingenue once, and the novelty was nice. But I said, 'There is nothing here to play!' I really like getting into the meat of a role. - Author: Geraldine Page
Gabbart Cast quotes by Geraldine Page
#13. As a professional actor, I don't have much choice about what I've gotten into. I tend to be cast in comedies and I'm fine with that. - Author: Fran Kranz
Gabbart Cast quotes by Fran Kranz
#14. Thank you Doctor Gboco for your help because since i have been married to my husband about 6years now i have not be able to get my own kid and my mother in law wants me out of the house because she think i can't give bath to a baby but since you cast a spell for me and it been five months now since you cast a spell for me and i started seeing changes in me i and my husband are now happy now and we are expecting our baby by June i am very grateful for your help doctor Gboco Email: [email protected] you are more than just a father to me. - Author: Shelly Shapiro
Gabbart Cast quotes by Shelly Shapiro
#15. Encouragement is important for in our daily walk we all will encounter some degree of adversity. At times due to fear we give the weight of our difficulty so much authority that we allow it to dictate life decisions. As a result we lie defeated, so scared of the struggle that we might incur on ourselves that we willingly embrace a life less than; a life of mediocrity. The word of God never said that we would be trouble free but that we would be troubled on every side yet not distressed; that we would be perplexed, but not in despair. Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed. - Author: Ahlumba Harris
Gabbart Cast quotes by Ahlumba Harris
#16. If you meet somebody and they love you when you are your true, awful, not-ready-yet, boring, not cool enough, not handsome enough, not pretty enough, too fat, too poor self? And if you love them back so much it makes you calm? And they have flaws and you do not mind a single one of them? That means you get yourself to the church and you pull one of those priests out of bed and you have him cast one of those wedding spells on you. If you're gay and this happens, you might have to rent a car first and drive to one of the states that operates a few hours ahead. Because if you found that, you found it. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Gabbart Cast quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#17. It is our work to cast care, and it is God's work to take care. - Author: Thomas Watson
Gabbart Cast quotes by Thomas Watson
#18. If I had created myself, I would be taller, blond, and more well endowed, financially. I would have cast out spiders and bad-hair days. Therefore, and hence, I believe strongly in a Creator who not only gave me the gift, but the free will to create my own journey through life. - Author: Audrey Conn
Gabbart Cast quotes by Audrey Conn
#19. Paint records the most delicate gesture and the most tense. It tells whether the painter sat or stood or crouched in front of the canvas. Paint is a cast made of the painter's movements, a portrait of the painter's body and thoughts. - Author: James Elkins
Gabbart Cast quotes by James Elkins
#20. Now, we are agreed, I and my destinies. The total world, Above, below, whate'er is seen or known, And all that men, and all that gods enact, Hopes, fears, imaginations, purposes; With joy, and pain, and every pulse that beats In the great body of the universe, I give to the eternal sisterhood, To make my peace withal! And cast this husk, This hated, mangled, and dishonour'd carcase Into the balance; so have I redeem'd My proper birthright, even the changeless mind, The imperishable essence uncontroll'd. - Author: Hartley Coleridge
Gabbart Cast quotes by Hartley Coleridge
#21. These were vile discoveries; but except for the treachery of concealment, I should have made them no subject of reproach to my wife, even when I found her nature wholly alien to mine, her tastes obnoxious to me, her cast of mind common, low, narrow, and singularly incapable of being led to anything higher, expanded to anything larger - when I found that I could not pass a single evening, nor even a single hour of the day with her in comfort; that kindly conversation could not be sustained between us, because whatever topic I started, immediately received from her a turn at once coarse and trite, perverse and imbecile - when I perceived that I should never have a quiet or settled household, because no servant would bear the continued outbreaks of her violent and unreasonable temper, or the vexations of her absurd, contradictory, exacting orders - even then I restrained myself: I eschewed upbraiding, I curtailed remonstrance; I tried to devour my repentance and disgust in secret; I repressed the deep antipathy I felt. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Gabbart Cast quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#22. Spell?" The priest proudly raised his head. "I'm not a godless sorcerer! I don't cast spells! My power comes from faith and prayer!" "Can you or can't you?" "I can." "Then get on with it, because time's pressing on." "Geralt, - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
Gabbart Cast quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#23. And here before me stands a marvelously groomed little man who is pinning a hero's medal on me because some of his forebears were Alfred the Great and Charles the First, and even King Arthur, for anything I knew to the contrary. But I shouldn't be surprised if inside he feels as puzzled about the fate that brings him here as I. we are public icons, we two: he an icon of kingship, and I an icon of heroism, unreal yet very necessary; we have obligations above what is merely personal, and to let personal feelings obscure the obligations would be failing in one's duty.

This was clearer still afterward, at lunch at the Savoy....; they all seemed to accept me as a genuine hero, and I did my best to behave decently, neither believing in it too obviously, nor yet protesting that I was just a simple chap who had done his duty when he saw it--a pose that has always disgusted me. Ever since, I have tried to think charitably of people in prominent positions of one kind or another. We cast them in roles, and it is only right to consider them as players, without trying to discredit them with knowledge of their off-stage life--unless they drag it into the middle of the stage themselves. - Author: Robertson Davies
Gabbart Cast quotes by Robertson Davies
#24. Now that is a sword," Freddy said in awe as he went to look at an impressive saber hanging from the hat rack near the door.
"Stay away from it," she cautioned. "I'm sure it's sharper than yours."
As usual, Freddy ignored her. "Just think what I could do with this," he said as he lifted it off its hook.
"So far I haven't seen you do anything with a sword, my boy," Oliver remarked dryly. "Though I shudder to think what your cousin would attempt."
Maria glared at Oliver, which only made him laugh. Meanwhile, Freddy unsheathed the saber with a flourish.
"Curse it, Freddy, put it back," Maria ordered.
"What a fine piece of steel." Freddy swished it through the air. "Even the one Uncle Adam gave me isn't near so impressive."
Maria appealed to Oliver. "Do something, for pity's sake. Make him stop."
"And get myself skewered for the effort? No, thank you. Let the pup have his fun."
Freddy cast him a belligerent glance. "You wouldn't call me a pup if I came at you with this."
"No, I'd call you insane," Oliver drawled. "But you're welcome to try and see what happens."
Don't encourage him," Maria told Oliver.
The door opened suddenly, and Freddy whirled with the sword in hand, knocking a lamp off the desk. As the glass chimney shattered, spilling oil in a wide arc, the wick lit the lot, and fire sprang to life.
Maria jumped back with a cry of alarm while Oliver leaped out of his chair to stamp it out, first with his boots a - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Gabbart Cast quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#25. Is religion a force for good? The evidence of history and the evidence of current events cast doubt on the truism. - Author: James A. Haught
Gabbart Cast quotes by James A. Haught
#26. We can only try to live our lives with enough joy and passion that when our time is finished we leave behind more good memories than regrets. - Author: P.C. Cast
Gabbart Cast quotes by P.C. Cast
#27. My so-called 'reservations' and personal comfort zones can't define my work. That's not being professional. I feel that even if an actor is cast for the lead role or for any other part in the film, it is his job to do the film and not create an issue. - Author: Shahid Kapoor
Gabbart Cast quotes by Shahid Kapoor
#28. I'd rather be on the cast of 'Love & Hip-Hop' than 'Project Runway.' - Author: Solange Knowles
Gabbart Cast quotes by Solange Knowles
#29. When I was no longer of the world, I would miss its extravagant beauty. I would miss the complex and charming layers of subterfuge by which the truth of the world's mysteries were withheld from us even as we were tantalized and enchanted by them. I would miss the kindness of good people who were compassionate when so many were pitiless, who made their way through so much corruption without being corrupted themselves, who eschewed envy in a world of envy, who eschewed greed in a world of greed, who valued truth and could not be drowned in a sea of lies, for they shone and, by the light they cast, they had warmed me all my life. - Author: Dean Koontz
Gabbart Cast quotes by Dean Koontz
#30. Protecting the integrity of every vote cast is among the most important duties I have as governor. - Author: Pat McCrory
Gabbart Cast quotes by Pat McCrory
#31. I have loved you in your own language, Kaela thought as she picked up her blades, so softly that we never knew it. Let your language be mine; let me cast my own shadows. - Author: Yoon Ha Lee
Gabbart Cast quotes by Yoon Ha Lee
#32. Cast yourself. You are the spell. - Author: T. Thorn Coyle
Gabbart Cast quotes by T. Thorn Coyle
#33. One [event] is the discovery of the anesthetic properties of chloroform [in 1847] by James Simpson of Scotland. Following the reports of [William] Morton's demonstration [1846], he tried ether but, dissatisfied, searched for a substitute and came upon chlorophorm. He was an obstetrician. His use of anesthesia to alleviate the pains of childbirth was violently opposed by the Scottish clergy on the ground that pain was ordained by the scriptural command, "In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children", and that it was impious to attempt to avert it by anesthetic agents. And it was Simpson who stilled this opposition by his own famous quotation from scripture; he pointed out that when Eve was born, God cast Adam into deep sleep before performing upon him the notable costalectomy. Anesthesia was thus permissible by scriptural precedent. - Author: Howard Wilcox Haggard
Gabbart Cast quotes by Howard Wilcox Haggard
#34. For a woman, every outfit is a hopeful spell, cast to influence the outcome of the day. An act of trying to predict your fate, like looking at your horoscope. - Author: Caitlin Moran
Gabbart Cast quotes by Caitlin Moran
#35. I came to Los Angeles only after filming 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' when I was cast in the independent movie 'Delirium.' Director Lee Roy Kunz was looking everywhere for a Russian actress. He saw my photos, and only then he learned where I starred before! Eventually, I spent several months in the U.S., and we made the film quickly. - Author: Yuliya Snigir
Gabbart Cast quotes by Yuliya Snigir

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