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#1. We promised new benefits to seniors like preventive screening and diabetes testing. We kept that promise. - Author: Mike Rogers
Functionality Testing quotes by Mike Rogers
#2. Old age is the time when birthday candles cost more than the birthday cake itself, and half of your urine is wasted on medical testing. - Author: Faina Ranevskaya
Functionality Testing quotes by Faina Ranevskaya
#3. Maybe it's some Bioterrorism test being run by the government. Don't drink the tap water or seafood until I do some testing." Bubba
"I don't normally drink my seafood Bubba, but" Nick - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Functionality Testing quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#4. By looking at a person's features, clothing, and speech, even Confucius would not be able to say what sort of a person he is. But by testing him in a position and seeing what he he does, even someone with so-so judgment would be able to know if he is wise or not. - Author: Han Fei
Functionality Testing quotes by Han Fei
#5. I'm stuck in a burning building. But more than that, I'm stuck on this planet with you. And honestly, I'm glad. I've been exposed to a lot of awful people in the last few months, but I've met many more that are amazing, thoughtful, generous, and kind. I honestly believe that is the human condition. And if the Carls are testing us, this final test is the hardest to accomplish. If you pay attention, there is only one story that makes sense, and that is one in which humanity works together more and more since we took over this planet. Yeah, we fuck it up all the time, yeah there have been some massive steps backward, but look at us! We are one species now more than we have ever been. People fight against that, and they probably always will, but could there be any time in history when what Carl is asking us would be more possible? Asking dozens of governments to take the same action simultaneously with an uncertain outcome? Or at least asking them to allow their citizens to take that action? - Author: Hank Green
Functionality Testing quotes by Hank Green
#6. It is easier for the leaders to reject the prophecy and the prophet, particularly if there are some unresolved character issues in the life of the prophet. It provides a legitimate reason to reject the word in the eyes of the people, though not necessarily in the eyes of the Lord. Prophecy has a way of testing our true motives. - Author: Graham Cooke
Functionality Testing quotes by Graham Cooke
#7. Count it all joy, my brothers,when you meet trials of various kinds,for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. -James 1:2-4 - Author: Anonymous
Functionality Testing quotes by Anonymous
#8. Why do we shave? It doesn't seem like a natural activity. There are no examples of shaving in nature. The only creature that comes close is the male South Pacific Groping Beetle, which sometimes, just before mating, will slap on a little Aqua Velva. But we think this resulted from atomic testing. - Author: Dave Barry
Functionality Testing quotes by Dave Barry
#9. They stopped testing me. And if you're not going to test me, I'm gonna smoke! - Author: Michael Lewis
Functionality Testing quotes by Michael Lewis
#10. You ask me,' a thoughtful Crumpet had once said in the smoking-room of the Drones Club, 'why it is that at the mention of his Uncle Fred's name Pongo Twistleton blenches to the core and calls for a couple of quick ones. I will tell you. It is because this uncle is pure dynamite. Every time he is in Pongo's midst, with the sap running strongly in his veins, he subjects the unfortunate young egg to some soul-testing experience, luring him out into the open and there, right in the public eye, proceeding to step high, wide and plentiful. For though well stricken in years the old blister becomes on these occasions as young as he feels, which seems to be about twenty-two. I don't know if you happen to know what the word "excesses" means, but those are what he invariably commits, when on the loose. Get Pongo to tell you some time about that day they had together at the dog races. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Functionality Testing quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#11. The best single question for testing an organization's character is: What happens when people make mistakes? - Author: Robert I. Sutton
Functionality Testing quotes by Robert I. Sutton
#12. In order for us to use the very best judgment possible in spending the taxpayer's money intelligently, we just have to do a certain amount of this research and development work ourselves. We just have to keep our own hands dirty to command the professional respect of the contractor personnel engaged with actual design, shop and testing work. - Author: Wernher Von Braun
Functionality Testing quotes by Wernher Von Braun
#13. that material presents 'testing'
as: "start spending 100% of my time on the project, formally
writing a test strategy, approach, and plan, and writing
test cases and scripts which are cross referenced to the
requirements, even though the requirements are changing
and therefore much of the 'testing' would lead to waste and
rework - Author: Alan Richardson
Functionality Testing quotes by Alan Richardson
#14. But the brain does much more than just recollect it inter-compares, it synthesizes, it analyzes, it generates abstractions. The simplest thought like the concept of the number one has an elaborate logical underpinning. The brain has its own language for testing the structure and consistency of the world. - Author: Carl Sagan
Functionality Testing quotes by Carl Sagan
#15. Whatever life throws at you,know that it's the universe testing you to see how committed you are. - Author: Nalini Singh
Functionality Testing quotes by Nalini Singh
#16. All his reckless, whimsical, sensual testing of the world throughout the years had been a search for what he knew with her. Passion and peace. Laughter and combat and friendship. God, but he loved her. It was an immensely humbling, enormous, radiant thing. - Author: Julie Anne Long
Functionality Testing quotes by Julie Anne Long
#17. Limitations foster creativity. Tell an artist to paint anything, and he may struggle, but tell him to create something specific, in a set amount of time, for a certain audience, and these constraints might well push him to produce something he might never have come up with on his own. We grow and evolve by testing ourselves. That's my personal philosophy. - Author: Wildbow
Functionality Testing quotes by Wildbow
#18. They're testing you to see if you can follow orders, and you're failing with flying f**king colours. - Author: D.R. Graham
Functionality Testing quotes by D.R. Graham
#19. The Matisse seemed to respond to the decreasing light by increasing its own wattage. Every object in the room was drained of color, but the Matisse stood firm in the de-escalating illumination, its beauty turning functionality inside out, making itself a more practical and useful presence than anything else in sight. - Author: Steve Martin
Functionality Testing quotes by Steve Martin
#20. The one size fits all approach of standardized testing is convenient but lazy. - Author: James Dyson
Functionality Testing quotes by James Dyson
#21. My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core! - Author: Louis C.K.
Functionality Testing quotes by Louis C.K.
#22. If you are rigorous in your own R&D in whatever your area is, you do your own testing, and you really stress-test the thing that you do, I think that gives you a tremendous amount of inner fortitude when you come up against the monolith. - Author: Brian Koppelman
Functionality Testing quotes by Brian Koppelman
#23. You're certainly chipper this morning."
"Damn straight. Chipper's my middle name. I'm going out to spread joy and laughter to all of mankind."
"What a nice change of pace." There was amusement riding along with the Irish in his voice. "Perhaps you'll start now by going down with me to see Summerset off."
She grimaced. "That might spoil my appetite." Testing, she polished off the pancakes. "No, no, it doesn't. I can do that. I can go down and wave bye-bye."
Brow lifted, he gave her hair a quick tug. "Nicely."
"I won't do the happy dance until he's out of sight. Three weeks. - Author: J.D. Robb
Functionality Testing quotes by J.D. Robb
#24. Color streamed into a toe of darkness testing the sand. - Author: Frank Herbert
Functionality Testing quotes by Frank Herbert
#25. One of the most common platitudes we heard was that "words failed." But words were not failing us at all. It was not true that there was no way to describe our experience. We had plenty of language to talk to each other about the horror of what was happening, and talk we did. If there was a communication problem it was that there were too many words; they were far too heavy and too specific to be inflicted upon others. If something was failing it was the functionality of routine, platitudinous language - the comforting clichés were now inapplicable and perfectly useless. We instinctively protected other people from the knowledge we possessed; we let them think that words failed, because we knew they didn't want to be familiar with the vocabulary we used daily. We were sure they didn't want to know what we did; we didn't want to know it either. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
Functionality Testing quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#26. It pure joy, my brothers and sisters,a whenever you face trials of many kinds,f 3because you know that the testing of your faithg produces perseverance.h 4Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be maturei and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God,j who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.k 6But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt,l because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. 8Such a person is double-mindedm and unstablen in all they do. - Author: Anonymous
Functionality Testing quotes by Anonymous
#27. Do you know what day it is?" she asked, peering at him.
"Don't you?"
"Here in Spindle Cove, we ladies have a schedule. Mondays are country walks. Tuesdays, sea bathing. Wednesdays, you'd find us in the garden." She touched the back of her hand to his forehead. "What is it we do on Mondays?"
"We didn't get to Thursdays."
"Thursdays are irrelevant. I'm testing your ability to recall information. Do you remember Mondays?"
He stifled a laugh. God, her touch felt good. If she kept petting and stroking him like this, he might very well go mad.
"Tell me your name," he said. "I promise to recall it. - Author: Tessa Dare
Functionality Testing quotes by Tessa Dare
#28. Oh, Colin." She dabbed a fingertip to his sticky abdomen, then rubbed her fingers together, as though testing the quality of his seed. "That was fascinating. - Author: Tessa Dare
Functionality Testing quotes by Tessa Dare
#29. Often, one discovery leads to interest in another. After the Dauphin's heart had undergone DNA testing and was placed in the crypt at St. Denis, I think people wanted some closure to the story about the fate of the royal couple's only child who survived the gruesome Temple Prison. I know I did. - Author: Susan Nagel
Functionality Testing quotes by Susan Nagel
#30. A scientist naturally and inevitably ... mulls over the data and guesses at a solution. He proceeds to testing of the guess by new data-predicting the consequences of the guess and then dispassionately inquiring whether or not the predictions are verified. - Author: Edwin Powell Hubble
Functionality Testing quotes by Edwin Powell Hubble
#31. You used to own the night and put it to good use, during that sweet spot after your father could no longer tell you when to go to sleep and before you shared an apartment with someone else. Is togetherness killing your productivity? When's the last time you stayed up until 4:00 a.m. testing the boundaries of your consciousness and Googling serial killers? But then you remember how hard it was, that moment between wakefulness and sleep. How the moment of settling down was almost physically painful, your mind pulling away from your body like a balloon being sucked into the atmosphere. He settles that. He tells you that your day was rich enough and now it is time to wind down. He helps you sleep. People need sleep. - Author: Lena Dunham
Functionality Testing quotes by Lena Dunham
#32. Testing the theory that we have an innate moral sense as proposed by such Enlightenment thinkers as Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson, Bloom provides experimental evidence that "our natural endowments" include "a moral sense - some capacity to distinguish between kind and cruel actions; empathy and compassion - suffering at the pain of those around us and the wish to make this pain go away; a rudimentary sense of fairness - a tendency to favor equal divisions of resources; a rudimentary sense of justice - a desire to see good actions rewarded and bad actions punished. - Author: Michael Shermer
Functionality Testing quotes by Michael Shermer
#33. I hit rock bottom when I was doing "The Brady Brides." I was supposed to be at the studio, screen testing to pick the guy that would play my husband. At this time, I had been up for three days doing coke and was playing solitaire in my closet. - Author: Maureen McCormick
Functionality Testing quotes by Maureen McCormick
#34. For all the hardship, I was still excited to be on the trail, testing my endurance, feeling especially alive as strength and fatigue flowed alternately through my limbs. - Author: Colin Powell
Functionality Testing quotes by Colin Powell
#35. It is essential that we take steps to prevent chemical substances from becoming environmental hazards. Unless we develop better methods to assure adequate testing of chemicals, we will be inviting the environmental crisis of the future. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
Functionality Testing quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#36. The three branches of somaesthetics: the analytic study of the body's role in perception, experience, and action and thus in our mental, moral, and social life; the pragmatic study of methodologies to improve our body-mind functioning and thus expand our capacities of self-fashioning; and the practical branch that investigates such pragmatic methods by testing them on our own flesh in concrete experience and practice. - Author: Richard Shusterman
Functionality Testing quotes by Richard Shusterman
#37. Religious fanatics and Political fanatics, yet we want Nigeria to be developed.

A nation filled with blind people.

See developed nations dealing on facts and figures, discovering cures for diseases, building people with great minds through science, proposing theories, debating over them, testing them and proving them thus using such theories to invent and innovate technologies.

Here in Nigeria, we are deceiving ourselves, fasting and praying. Pointing fingers at people who won't make heaven yet they don't wanna die.

A place where asking questions is a crime and a sin. They act as if they are holier than the pope.

Greedy and blind people. - Author: OMOSOHWOFA CASEY
Functionality Testing quotes by OMOSOHWOFA CASEY
#38. A lot of genetic testing hasn't been integrated into healthcare because it has been expensive. I want to make people realise that they have the ability to be in charge of their own health. - Author: Anne Wojcicki
Functionality Testing quotes by Anne Wojcicki
#39. I seldom have my stuff up unless I'm testing it. If I'm worrying about a painting, I put it up and see if I detest it quickly or slowly. Otherwise I have things by other artists. - Author: Jenny Holzer
Functionality Testing quotes by Jenny Holzer

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