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#1. Free your mind, become who you are.. the mind is the biggest drug.. and everyone is addicted. - Author: Jonathan Bailey
Free Your Mind quotes by Jonathan Bailey
#2. Free your mind... and your ass will follow. - Author: George Clinton
Free Your Mind quotes by George Clinton
#3. Maybe if we love ourselves healthy we will all heal? - Author: Nikki Rowe
Free Your Mind quotes by Nikki Rowe
#4. Don't apologize. My ma used to say that crying is good for you. Tears are the path that free your mind of sorrowful thoughts." – Sundown - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Free Your Mind quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#5. Even the caged bird flys out when someone opens the door for it - Author: Andrea L'Artiste
Free Your Mind quotes by Andrea L'Artiste
#6. You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.

Morpheus, The Matrix - Author: Lana Wachowski
Free Your Mind quotes by Lana Wachowski
#7. Nothing threatens a corrupt system like a free mind. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Free Your Mind quotes by Suzy Kassem
#8. Don't keep running the race of life with the same heavy load of mistakes and indecisiveness! You may grow weary and weary! Mistakes lead to discovery, but not all the time! Mind your mind, and for a moment, realize where you have reach, and drop your loads! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Free Your Mind quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#9. Free your mind from all that troubles you; God will take care of things. You will be unable to make haste in this (choice) without, so to speak, grieving the heart of God, because he sees that you do not honor him sufficiently with holy trust. Trust in him, I beg you, and you will have the fulfillment of what your heart desires. - Author: St. Vincent
Free Your Mind quotes by St. Vincent
#10. You have to know yourself, and that once you know yourself, then you cannot be bound by - because sometimes we are bound by other people's thoughts, because we are not sure about ourselves. But once you know yourself ... I guess it is really an expression of the biblical statements that the truth will make you free! When you know, then you are free, your mind is free. - Author: Wangari Maathai
Free Your Mind quotes by Wangari Maathai
#11. Free your mind and free yourself from brand slavery. - Author: Bryant McGill
Free Your Mind quotes by Bryant McGill
#12. Don't be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. –Hopi - Author: Sylvia Browne
Free Your Mind quotes by Sylvia Browne
#13. Don't just think about what you missed! Don't continue to dwell on your past mistakes. You shall also miss something in life, consciously or unconsciously! You shall never be able to do all things excellently in life though you must try to! The lesson from what you missed and its application for a better tomorrow is what matter! Move your thought! Move your body! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Free Your Mind quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#14. Your mind will enchain you. Your heart will set you free - Author: Rasheed Ogunlaru
Free Your Mind quotes by Rasheed Ogunlaru
#15. Free your mind, Jowendrhan. A cage is only a cage as long as you believe it is. - Author: Poppet
Free Your Mind quotes by Poppet
#16. Sometimes your mind can imprison your body and can put your body under some constraints. There is only one way for your body to be free: To free your mind! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Free Your Mind quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#17. For we each of us deserve everything, every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead kings, and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger. Have we not eaten while another starved? Will you punish us for that? Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate? No man earns punishment, no man earns reward. Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Free Your Mind quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#18. Using your body to free your mind. That's the blessing bestowed by movement, by action. - Author: Marty Rubin
Free Your Mind quotes by Marty Rubin
#19. I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it

Morpheus, The Matrix - Author: Lana Wachowski
Free Your Mind quotes by Lana Wachowski
#20. Free your mind completely to find true peace in this world. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Free Your Mind quotes by Debasish Mridha
#21. Free your heart from hatred - forgive. Free your mind from worries - most never happen. Live simply and appreciate what you have. Give more. Expect less. - Author: Stephen Covey
Free Your Mind quotes by Stephen Covey
#22. There is no certainty, not even your next breath.
Live like you are dieing because in reality we all are. - Author: Nikki Rowe
Free Your Mind quotes by Nikki Rowe
#23. Once you free your mind about a concept of music and harmony being correct, you can do whatever you want. - Author: Giorgio Moroder
Free Your Mind quotes by Giorgio Moroder
#24. You are free. Your mind belongs to you. Your thoughts are yours. Honor the sacred territory of your freedom and individuality. - Author: Bryant McGill
Free Your Mind quotes by Bryant McGill
#25. The main problem is to free your mind when you play. I find that in my own playing, whenever I feel any kind of tension, I'm restricted to playing the most fundamental kinds of things. - Author: Art Farmer
Free Your Mind quotes by Art Farmer
#26. Life is a celebration. Free your mind to find the liberation. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Free Your Mind quotes by Debasish Mridha
#27. Once you free your mind about the concept of harmony and of music being correct, you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do. - Author: Giorgio Moroder
Free Your Mind quotes by Giorgio Moroder
#28. Being open is happiness and being closed is sadness. So free your mind from the prison of binding ideas and thoughts. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Free Your Mind quotes by Debasish Mridha
#29. My ma used to say that crying is good for you. Tears are the path that free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Free Your Mind quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#30. I don't like when people say 'I can't believe I wasted the whole day reading.' Diving into another world to free your mind is hardly a waste. - Author: Christopher Stocking
Free Your Mind quotes by Christopher Stocking
#31. Free your mind from routine, keep your brain somewhere else - Author: Benny Bellamacina
Free Your Mind quotes by Benny Bellamacina
#32. This is precisely why when somebody asked Jesus once, "What is the most important of all the commandments?" he answered, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength." It is not coincidental that all the parts of the person we have been talking about are here in the most important commandment. Your heart (that is, your will, your choices), your mind (all your thoughts and desires), your strength (all of your body), and your soul are all to be bound together and focused on love of God, and then the love of all that flows out of this. - Author: John Ortberg
Free Your Mind quotes by John Ortberg
#33. Turning something over to the Holy Spirit is a leap of faith that lets go of attempting to control outcomes. The core of alcoholism, anorexia, bulimia, smoking and a host of things the world calls addictions is control. The little willingness the Holy Spirit asks is the key to letting go of the attempt to manage the body and the world, which is the insane attempt to maintain a self-concept image that God did not create. An idea to contemplate from the Course is this: "Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world." The requirement is to change your thinking, not to focus on behavior and form. Behavior flows from thought, and transformation of the mind is synonymous with changing thought patterns from ego-based to Spirit-based. - Author: David Hoffmeister
Free Your Mind quotes by David Hoffmeister
#34. When I ask, "Tell me the first word that comes to your mind when I say Christian," not one time has someone suggested the word love. Yet without question that is the proper biblical answer. - Author: Philip Yancey
Free Your Mind quotes by Philip Yancey
#35. There will always be people who try to squeeze you into their molds and pressure you into being who they want you to be. They may be good people. They may mean well, but the problem is they didn't breathe life into you. They didn't equip you or empower you. God did.
If you're going to become the winner you were created to be, you need to have a boldness. The second quality of a winner is that you run your race the way you want to run it.
You can't be insecure and you can't worry about what everyone thinks. You can't try to keep everyone happy. If you change with every criticism and play up to people, trying to win their favor, you'll go through life letting people manipulate you and pressure you into their boxes.
You have to accept the fact that you can't keep everyone happy. You can't make everyone like you. You will never win over every critic. Even if you changed and did everything they asked, some would still find fault. You're not really free until you're free from trying to please everyone. You're respectful, you're kind, but you're not living to please people, you're living to please God. - Author: Joel Osteen
Free Your Mind quotes by Joel Osteen
#36. Get a single, solitary thought in your mind, and that thought - the precious love of Jesus. Go and live it out, and come what may, you will be respected though abused. They may say you are an enthusiast, a fanatic, a fool, but those names from the world are titles of praise and glory. The world does not take the trouble to nickname a man unless he is worth it. It will not give you any censure unless it trembles at you. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
Free Your Mind quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#37. Anyway, who in their right mind would ever say a person was supposed to be happy? In your life happiness is either cut to your length or isn't. - Author: Howard Norman
Free Your Mind quotes by Howard Norman
#38. He fell into a stillness then, remembering clenched fists, and sit-ins, and pot smoke wafting on the breeze. And power to the people. And the hope, the abiding expectation, that things could be better, that you could, if you wanted it bad enough, if you worked for it hard enough, force this old world to change. Where did it all go? he wondered. When did it all change? When did we all get so small? . . . It wasn't so long ago, explained Malcolm, that you and I wouldn't have been here arguing over who was the bigger victim. It wasn't so long ago that white guys just like you were putting themselves on the line, and even dying, because they knew that unless everybody was free, nobody was. I just wonder sometimes, how we got from people like that to people like you. . . . Small-minded people. Hateful, closed-minded, self-righteous, damned ignorant, and proud of it. We were not like that. And white people were not like that, when I was your age. . . . Yeah, he said, there was drugs and there was sex, but there was also vision. We had ambition, not for making money, but for making a difference. - Author: Leonard Pitts Jr.
Free Your Mind quotes by Leonard Pitts Jr.
#39. Perfect. Imperfect. A pair of adjectives that come over and again, in all seasons, day in and day out, taunting us, judging us, isolating us, turning our isolation into illness. Is there a more accomplished adjective than perfect? Perfect is free from comparison, perfect rejects superlative. We can always be good, do better, try our best, but how perfect can we be before we can love ourselves and let others love us? And who, my dear child, has taken the word lovable out of your dictionary and mine, and replaced it with perfect? - Author: Yiyun Li
Free Your Mind quotes by Yiyun Li
#40. You dedicate your life to the pursuit of pleasure. No over-indulgence, mind you, but knowing that your body is apleasure machine, you treat it carefully in order to get the most out of it. - Author: Nathanael West
Free Your Mind quotes by Nathanael West
#41. How do you take leave, for all time, of a brother?'

'You wish him well,' Lymond said, 'if that is what is in your mind. And you accept from him his understanding, and his pity, and his fellowship as he is driven, as you are, through the world. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Free Your Mind quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#42. Civilization depends on, and civility often requires, the willingness to say, "What you are doing is none of my business" and "What I am doing is none of your business. - Author: George F. Will
Free Your Mind quotes by George F. Will
#43. Along the way. Whenever serious sickness or injury strikes and your body or mind breaks down, the vital questions are the same: What is your understanding of the situation and its potential outcomes? What are your fears and what are your hopes? What are the trade-offs you are willing to make and not willing to make? And what is the course of action that best serves this understanding? The field of palliative - Author: Atul Gawande
Free Your Mind quotes by Atul Gawande
#44. Just make up your mind at the very outset that your work is going to stand for quality ... that you are going to stamp a superior quality upon everything that goes out of your hands, that whatever you do shall bear the hallmark of excellence. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
Free Your Mind quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#45. I don't give a flying fuck what all the fairy tales say, what families always say. Love is not unconditional. And it never should be. Everyone should know that there is only so much they can get away with before you wash your hands of their shit. No one gets a free pass just because they have the same blood in their veins. When you wouldn't tolerate a stranger doing something, you shouldn't tolerate a family member doing it. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
Free Your Mind quotes by Jessica Gadziala
#46. Ricky Lee's father had once told him that if a man was in his right mind, you brought him what he paid for, be it piss or poison. Ricky Lee didn't know if that was good advice or bad, but he knew that if you tended bar for a living, it went a fair piece toward saving you from being chomped into gator-bait by your own conscience. - Author: Stephen King
Free Your Mind quotes by Stephen King
#47. Always remember, child" her first teacher had impressed on her, "that to think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral you down into ever-increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. This is one of the things that need disipline –training- is about. So train your mind to dwell on sweet perfumes, the touch of this silk, tender raindrops against the shoji, the curve of the flower arrangement, the tranquillity of dawn. Then, at length, you won't have to make such a great effort and you will be of value to yourself,… - Author: James Clavell
Free Your Mind quotes by James Clavell
#48. You can't wait for the race to start to get ready. That's a loss. You must get your mind right before you get to the starting line. Mindset is everything! - Author: Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
Free Your Mind quotes by Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
#49. From the '70s and '80s, the following songs immediately spring to my mind as candidates: "The Battle of Evermore," "Spirit of Eden," "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed," "Close to the Edge," "In Your Eyes," "Thick as a Brick," "Cinema Show," "Echoes," and "The Killing Moon. - Author: Bradley J. Birzer
Free Your Mind quotes by Bradley J. Birzer
#50. Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life. - Author: Steven C. Hayes
Free Your Mind quotes by Steven C. Hayes
#51. There is a simple path to follow, that appears only when you calm your mind. - Author: Bryant McGill
Free Your Mind quotes by Bryant McGill
#52. Life won't change if your mind doesn't change. A better life comes with a better mind. - Author: Avina Celeste
Free Your Mind quotes by Avina Celeste
#53. Adjust your doctrine - or just minimize doctrine - to attract the world, and in the very process of attracting them, lose the radical truth that alone can set them free. - Author: John Piper
Free Your Mind quotes by John Piper
#54. Here is the difference between Oscar Wilde and me. For all the tortures he suffered, for all the ugliness of being punished for loving men, nobody read his lines and asked him: What does your husband think of that? Jail, exile
these were his lot. But never, What does your husband think?
Women may have the vote, but they are not free as long as that reaction erupts. Even those without husbands are judged as if they had offended them merely by writing the truth.
So immovable is the wall around a woman's freedom that she can't do a things without being asked to think of its effect upon some man who is presumed to be more important than she. - Author: Erica Jong
Free Your Mind quotes by Erica Jong
#55. It's easy to sit on a mountaintop and tell people what to do and how to be happy. I have chosen to do that. Not because it's easy, but for a different reason, which I would reveal, if your mind was ready to handle it, which it isn't, which is also very convenient for me. - Author: Eugene Mirman
Free Your Mind quotes by Eugene Mirman
#56. You have to step through the gate, the false barrier of your critical mind, to see all the ways we habitually reject the very place our lives have landed us. And then, we have to stop plotting an escape. That's what practice is for: staying put. - Author: Karen Maezen Miller
Free Your Mind quotes by Karen Maezen Miller
#57. To hope is to risk frustration. Make up your mind to risk frustration. - Author: Thomas Merton
Free Your Mind quotes by Thomas Merton
#58. I think the problems with being older come when your body cannot do what your mind wants. Then, Houston, we have a problem. - Author: Antonio Banderas
Free Your Mind quotes by Antonio Banderas
#59. I would say to bishops, and to all men in authority, we should have an interest in carrying on this work. We should labor to get the Spirit of God. It is our right, our privilege, and our duty to call upon the Lord, that the vision of our mind may be opened, so that we may see and understand the day and age in which we are living. It is your privilege, and mine too, to know the mind and will of the Lord concerning our duties, and if we fail to seek after this, we neglect to magnify our calling. - Author: Wilford Woodruff
Free Your Mind quotes by Wilford Woodruff
#60. I believe that you become yourself every single day of your life through your choices and how you think. And that's constantly changing every day ... You are constantly changing, evolving through your experiences, how you interpret your experiences, and how you choose to do things in the future based on those experiences ... Being yourself means you think with your own mind, and you make your own choices and that makes you you. - Author: Jenna Marbles
Free Your Mind quotes by Jenna Marbles
#61. People ask why I always play crazy people and free spirits. I guess it is because I like to have fun. But I am more ambitious than your average free spirit. This job is hard enough that, without drive and hard work, you will never make it work. - Author: Lucy Punch
Free Your Mind quotes by Lucy Punch
#62. To occupy yourself with tasks that are useful to yourself and others, you can get your mind off your problems. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Free Your Mind quotes by Frederick Lenz
#63. I'm not going to tell you it's not dangerous for you. It is. But if we don't do something, the Royals will be sentenced
to the Ice Caverns. You'll never see Galen or your mother again. I'll never see Rayna again."
"But you're mated to Rayna. Doesn't that make you a Royal, too?"
"Not a true Royal, that's not how it works. They're only talking about purebloods. Paca will be exempt, too. If they're sentenced to the Caverns, we'll both be free to choose different mates. But I don't want another mate, Emma. I want Rayna. I always have. - Author: Anna Banks
Free Your Mind quotes by Anna Banks
#64. You don't have to do anything to be happy, nor do you have to avoid anything. Happiness comes from within your mind. Happiness already exists. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Free Your Mind quotes by Frederick Lenz
#65. When I chose to leave a career as a young lawyer in Washington to move to Arkansas to marry Bill and start a family, my friends asked, 'Are you out of your mind?' - Author: Hillary Clinton
Free Your Mind quotes by Hillary Clinton
#66. Use the practice of mind and body; in order to make those moves perfectly, you have to pull your mind out of its mundane thoughts and awarenesses and bring it into the body movement. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Free Your Mind quotes by Frederick Lenz
#67. Once your life is clutter-free, literally and metaphorically, you will feel less stressed and your life will have more room for happiness. - Author: Jamie Becker
Free Your Mind quotes by Jamie Becker
#68. Even in zazen you will lose yourself. When you become sleepy, or when your mind starts to wander about, you lose yourself. When your legs become painful - "Why are my legs so painful?" - you lose yourself. "
"You just sit in the midst of the problem; when you are a part of the problem, or when the problem is a part of you, there is no problem, because you are the problem itself. The problem is you yourself. If this is so, there is no problem."
"When you start to wander about in some delusion which is something apart from you yourself, then your surroundings are not real anymore, and your mind is not real anymore. If you yourself are deluded, then your surroundings are also a misty, foggy delusion. Once you are in the midst of delusion, there is no end to delusion. You will be involved in deluded ideas one after another. Most people live in delusion, involved in their problem, trying to solve their problem. But just to live is actually to live in problems. And to solve the problem is to be a part of it, to be one with it. - Author: Shunryu Suzuki
Free Your Mind quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
#69. The closet is a closet, but it's also a rocket or a tree house. Your mind is a palace, as long as you go in the right rooms. - Author: Erin Entrada Kelly
Free Your Mind quotes by Erin Entrada Kelly

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