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The mental sciences? A strange synonym for magic. ~ Lindsay Buroker
Frantically Synonym quotes by Lindsay Buroker
A few things introverts are not: The word introvert is not a synonym for hermit or misanthrope. Introverts can be these things, but most are perfectly friendly. ~ Susan Cain
Frantically Synonym quotes by Susan Cain
I always have trouble with titles for my books. I usually have no title until the editor has to present the book and calls me frantically, 'Judy, we need a title.' ~ Judy Blume
Frantically Synonym quotes by Judy Blume
I pull her back to the mattress while she attempts to squirm away. "You're exhausting, you know that?" I roll her onto her back and she begins to nod, frantically.

"That's right, Warren. I'm exhausting. I'm mean. I always see the glass half empty, and if you think telling me you love me will make me nicer and less exhausting, you're wrong. You can't change me. Everyone wants to change me, but I am who I am, and if you think me telling you that I love you, too, will make me shit out unicorns and rainbows, you're wrong. I hate unicorns and rainbows. ~ Colleen Hoover
Frantically Synonym quotes by Colleen Hoover
There is no closer bond than the one that gratefulness celebrates, the bond between giver and thanksgiver. Everything is a gift. Grateful living is a celebration of the universal give-and-take of life, a limitless yes to belonging. Can our world survive without gratefulness? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: to say an unconditional yes to the mutual belonging of all beings will make this a more joyful world. This is the reason why Yes is my favorite synonym for God. ~ David Steindl-Rast
Frantically Synonym quotes by David Steindl-Rast
The need of the human mind for contrast has its roots in the mind's age-old habit of looking for differences and likenesses. When the mind can find no differences and no likenesses, as is the case when monotony is present, it restlessly, then resentfully, and at last frantically seeks for contrast that it may again busy itself with observing differences and likenesses. ~ Maren Elwood
Frantically Synonym quotes by Maren Elwood
In New York it's not three or four A.M. that's the quiet time - there are too many bar stragglers, calling out to each other as they collapse into taxis, yelping into their cell phones as they frantically smoke that one last cigarette before bed. Five A.M., that's the best time, when the clicking of your heels on the sidewalk sounds illicit. All the people have been put away in their boxes, and you have the whole place to yourself. ~ Gillian Flynn
Frantically Synonym quotes by Gillian Flynn
I'd rather fiddle with my phone for precious seconds than neglect an apostrophe; I'd rather insert a word laboriously keyed out than resort to predictive texting for a - acceptable to some - synonym. ~ Will Self
Frantically Synonym quotes by Will Self
Maybe it's just hart to see what's right in front of you while you're frantically searching for it. ~ Susane Colasanti
Frantically Synonym quotes by Susane Colasanti
The cave was cool and silent- thoroughly carpeted- with the most luxuriant mantle of mosses Alma Whittaker had ever seen.
The cave was not merely mossy; it throbbed with moss. It was not merely green; it was frantically green. It was so bright in its verdure that the color nearly spoke, as though- smashing through the world of sight- it wanted to migrate into the world of sound. The moss was a thick, living pelt, transforming every rock surface into a mythical, sleeping beast. Improbably, the deepest corners of the cave glittered the brightest; they were absolutely studded, Alma realized with a gasp, with the jewellike filigree of 'Schistotega pennata.'
Goblin's gold, dragon's gold, elfin gold- 'Schistotega pennata' was that rarest of cave mosses, that false gem that gleams like a cat's eye from within the permanent twilight of geologic shade, that unearthly sparkling plant that needs but the briefest sliver of light each day to sparkle like glory forever, that brilliant trickster whose shining facets have fooled so many travelers over the centuries into believing that they have stumbled upon hidden treasure. But to Alma, this 'was' treasure, more stunning than actual riches, for it bedecked the entire cave in the uncanny, glistering, emerald light that she had only ever before seen in miniature, in glimpses of moss seen through a microscope... yet now she was standing fully within it. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Frantically Synonym quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
But if you don't ride me hard enough, I'm flipping you over and tearing that ass up. Got it?"
"That sounds fair." I nod frantically, no breath left for banter. I'm just ready to impale myself on him. ~ Kennedy Ryan
Frantically Synonym quotes by Kennedy Ryan
Where is God? Where can I find him? we ask. We don't realize that's like a fish swimming frantically through the ocean in search OF the ocean ~ Ted Dekker
Frantically Synonym quotes by Ted Dekker
Sudden revulsion seized Amory, disgust, loathing for the whole incident. He desired frantically to be away, never to see Myra again, never to kiss anyone; he became conscious of his face and hers, of their clinging hands, and he wanted to creep out of his body and hide somewhere safe out of sight, up in the corner of his mind. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Frantically Synonym quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
People use democracy as a free-floating abstraction disconnected from reality. Democracy in and of itself is not necessarily good. Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action.
All men have the right to live their own life. Democracy must be rooted in a rational philosophy that first and foremost recognizes the right of an individual. A few million Imperial Order men screaming for the lives of a much smaller number of people in the New World may win a democratic vote, but it does not give them the right to those lives, or make their calls for such killing right.
Democracy is not a synonym for justice or for freedom. Democracy is not a sacred right sanctifying mob rule. Democracy is a principle that is subordinate to the inalienable rights of the individual. ~ Terry Goodkind
Frantically Synonym quotes by Terry Goodkind
The Synonym of Job is Compulsion!! ~ M. Azeem Pasha
Frantically Synonym quotes by M. Azeem Pasha
Ok. I'm going to hang here for a while." Cammie smiled sugar-sweetly up at me. Her face looked innocent, but her eyes looked evil. I could see the gossip monster crawling its way up her esophagus and pushing frantically behind her mouth to be let out. ~ Tarryn Fisher
Frantically Synonym quotes by Tarryn Fisher
Discretion is a synonym for intelligence. ~ Eloisa James
Frantically Synonym quotes by Eloisa James
The only people who ever called me were my dad, my brother, assorted Vaders to tell me to come early or late to work (including Sean, but he always sounded grumpy that he had to call me, so it wasn't as big a thrill as you'd think), Tammy to tell me to come early or late to tennis practice, and Frances. I glanced at the caller ID screen and clicked the phone on. "What's up, Fanny?"
From the time Mom died until I was eleven, Frances the au pair had hung out in the background of my life. Once Sean overheard someone calling her Fanny, whch apparently is a nickname for Frances. We found this shocking. I mean, who has a nickname that's a synonym for derriere? Who's named Frances in the first place? So the boys started calling her Fanny the Nanny. Then, Booty the Babysitter. Then, Butt I Don't Need a Governess. This had everything to do with the nickname Fanny and the fact that she tried not to get upset at being addressed in this undignified manner when she was trying to raise compassionate, responsible children. It had nothing to do with her having an outsized rumpus. Frances had a cute figure, if you could see it under all that hippie-wear. ~ Jennifer Echols
Frantically Synonym quotes by Jennifer Echols
Caught up in our own busyness, frantically running from one crisis to the next in a cycle that looks less like loving the Messiah and more like trying to become one. ~ Phileena Heuertz And Darren Prince
Frantically Synonym quotes by Phileena Heuertz And Darren Prince
On previous trips the pirates have stolen valuables, killed people, raped and abducted girls ... the women work frantically to ugly themselves up by smearing black charcoal paste on their faces and bodies. With ashen faces, some of the younger, prettier girls reach into the bags we have vomited into and scoop out handfuls of it to smear on their hair and clothes. ~ Loung Ung
Frantically Synonym quotes by Loung Ung
Does this popcorn taste burnt to you?" Miles asked, chewing loudly.
"Don't eat that," Roland said, plucking the popcorn from Miles's palm. "Arriane got it out of the trash after Luce set the dorm room kitchen on fire."
Miles began spitting frantically, leaning over the edge of Roland's wings.
"It was my way of connecting with Luce." Arriane shrugged. "But here, if you must, have some Milk Duds."
"Is it weird that we're watching the two of them like a movie?" Shelby asked. "We should imagine them like a novel, or a poem, or a song. Sometimes I feel oppressed by how reductive the filmic medium is."
"Hey. Roland didn't have to fly you out here, Nephilim. So don't act smart, just watch. Look." Arriane clapped. "He's totally staring at her hair. I bet he goes home and sketches it tonight. How cuuute!"
"Arriane, you got way too good at being a teenager," Roland said. "How long are we going to watch for? I mean, don't you think they've earned a little privacy?"
"He's right," Arriane said. "We have other things on our celestial plates. Like..." Her smirk faded when she couldn't seem to think of anything. ~ Lauren Kate
Frantically Synonym quotes by Lauren Kate
I search for love frantically... and quitting at the last moment by making excuse for myself that I've tried ~ Acha Salim
Frantically Synonym quotes by Acha Salim
'Unicorn Island' is the synonym for my happy place. It's a really beautiful message: that happiness is one of the hardest things you'll ever fight for, but it's the only thing worth fighting for. ~ Lilly Singh
Frantically Synonym quotes by Lilly Singh
Capitalism is not a synonym for free markets. ~ Richard A. Posner
Frantically Synonym quotes by Richard A. Posner
How obvious can it be? ... The purpose of makeup is to defy the degradations of time, and time is just a synonym for death. ~ Dean Koontz
Frantically Synonym quotes by Dean Koontz
I am an anarchist in politics and an impressionist in art as well as a symbolist in literature. Not that I understand what these terms mean, but I take them to be all merely synonyms of pessimist. ~ Henry Adams
Frantically Synonym quotes by Henry Adams
Desperately looking for a vital but lost bit of paperwork or just frantically masturbating to the Eroica symphony. ~ David Mitchell
Frantically Synonym quotes by David Mitchell
It's semi-frustrating when your name actually becomes a synonym for douchebag. ~ Pete Wentz
Frantically Synonym quotes by Pete Wentz
And she's here. And said he's here. And she's going to tell him I'm here."
Avery waves her hands frantically. "Shh . . . or everyone will hear!"
We stare at one another in silence, not blinking. Okay, I blinked, but it's not really a contest. ~ Victoria Van Tiem
Frantically Synonym quotes by Victoria Van Tiem
Observe, in politics, that the term extremism has become a synonym of "evil," regardless of the content of the issue (the evil is not what you are extreme about, but that you are "extreme" - i.e., consistent). ~ Ayn Rand
Frantically Synonym quotes by Ayn Rand
The secret of success lies in the perfection of one's gift and working frantically towards God's given potential ~ Sunday Adelaja
Frantically Synonym quotes by Sunday Adelaja
In her attic bedroom Margaret Murry, wrapped in an old patchwork quilt, sat on the foot of her bed and watched the trees tossing in the frenzied lashing of the wind. Behind the trees clouds scudded frantically across the sky. Every few moments the moon ripped through them, creating wraithlike shadows that raced along the ground.
The house shook.
Wrapped in her quilt, Meg shook.
The window rattled madly in the wind, and she pulled the quilt close about her. Curled up on one of her pillows, a gray f luff of kitten yawned, showing its pink tongue, tucked its head under again, and went back to sleep. ~ Madeleine L'Engle
Frantically Synonym quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
The question is, In what manner do we accept this world, which is a perfect gift of joy? Have we been able to receive it in our heart where we keep enshrined things that are of deathless value to us? We are frantically busy making use of the forces of the universe to gain more and more power; we feed and we clothe ourselves from its stores, we scramble for its riches, and it becomes for us a field of fierce competition. But were we born for this, to extend our proprietary rights over this world and make of it a marketable commodity? When our whole mind is bent only upon making use of this world it loses for us its true value. We make it cheap by our sordid desires; and thus to the end of our days we only try to feed upon it and miss its truth, just like the greedy child who tears leaves from a precious book and tries to swallow them. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Frantically Synonym quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
She was pleased her demure stature was finally good for something. It was an advantage at last. A boon. An asset. A virtue - She stopped herself from continuing her synonym spiral. There was work to do. ~ Cynthia Hand
Frantically Synonym quotes by Cynthia Hand
They cowered in a corner as far away as they could from the sound of ripping, tearing and banging. The creature above was frantically trying to find a way through the floor to them.
The terrifying scraping noise signaled that the thing had torn its way through the clean, white woolen carpet that had neatly covered the hard wood floorboards. Now it scraped its claws along the wood trying to find a hold.
In frustration, and after many attempts, it thumped the floor in anger. Screaming a long high-pitched whistle, it smashed itself hard and heavily against the floor.
Dust drifted towards them as they looked to each other for any suggestions to the one impending question upon all of their minds.
How are we going to get out of here alive? ~ Robert E. Kreig
Frantically Synonym quotes by Robert E. Kreig
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