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#1. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men. - Author: Ayn Rand
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Ayn Rand
#2. I didn't used to be like this. I didn't believe in love and romance and swooning. My default setting was bitch - Author: Elizabeth Norris
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Elizabeth Norris
#3. Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death. I have committed even before setting pen to paper the essential crime that contains all others unto itself. - Author: Winston Smith
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Winston Smith
#4. When life is tough, use Cosmic Ordering. When life is great, use Cosmic Ordering. - Author: Stephen Richards
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Stephen Richards
#5. I got to try things that I might've been uncomfortable doing if I had been in a larger setting with a studio and producers looking at me. - Author: Ashly Burch
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Ashly Burch
#6. Crossing over mountains, rivers, arid oceans, setting at naught, as it were, the obstacles of the distance of space and time, the blood of Indian thought has flowed, and is still flowing into the veins of other nations of the globe, whether in a distinct or in some subtle unknown way. Perhaps to us belongs the major portion of the universal ancient inheritance. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#7. I don't like the fact that we're not creating jobs the way we used to create jobs in Pennsylvania. I lament the fact that we're not setting the table for really robust economic development, here in Pennsylvania, where we can do that. I lament the fact that our schools are being hollowed out. We need a fresh start. I think we need to go in a different direction. I think we need a new governor. - Author: Tom Wolf
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Tom Wolf
#8. I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot
You call the shots babe
I just wanna be yours

Secrets I have held in my heart
Are harder to hide than I thought
Maybe I just wanna be yours
I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours
Wanna be yours, wanna be yours, wanna be yours

Let me be your 'leccy meter and I'll never run out
And let me be the portable heater that you'll get cold without
I wanna be your setting lotion (I wanna be)
Hold your hair in deep devotion (How deep?)
At least as deep as the Pacific Ocean
I wanna be yours

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Frankenstein Setting quotes by Arctic Monkeys
#9. The last jobs I had were fixing cars and covering football games for a local access TV station. As in driving the mobile van to the field, setting up 3 cameras, teaching depressed grownups and interns how to use them and directing the game from the van and then wanting to kill myself. - Author: Louis C.K.
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Louis C.K.
#10. Even as I wrote my note to Fern, for instance, expressing sentiments and regrets that were real, a part of me was noticing what a fine and sincere note it was, and anticipating the effect on Fern of this or that heartfelt phrase, while yet another part was observing the whole scene of a man in a dress shirt and no tie sitting at his breakfast nook writing a heartfelt note on his last afternoon alive, the blondwood table's surface trembling with sunlight and the man's hand steady and face both haunted by regret and ennobled by resolve, this part of me sort of hovering above and just to the left of myself, evaluating the scene, and thinking what a fine and genuine-seeming performance in a drama it would make if only we all had not already been subject to countless scenes just like it in dramas ever since we first saw a movie or read a book, which somehow entailed that real scenes like the one of my suicide note were now compelling and genuine only to their participants, and to anyone else would come off as banal and even somewhat cheesy or maudlin, which is somewhat paradoxical when you consider – as I did, setting there at the breakfast nook – that the reason scenes like this will seem stale or manipulative to an audience is that we've already seen so many of them in dramas, and yet the reason we've seen so many of them in dramas is that the scenes really are dramatic and compelling and let people communicate very deep, complicated emotional realities that are almost impossibl - Author: David Foster Wallace
Frankenstein Setting quotes by David Foster Wallace
#11. Indian monks were the first to choose the garden as the proper setting for their lives, which were devoted to the
contemplation of the divine; but with a prophetic eye we may see that the garden will often be dedicated in a
like manner: at a later time Greek philosophers, and monks in early Christian days, will retire into their
gardens for united, yet silent, contemplation. - Author: Marie-Luise Gothein
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Marie-Luise Gothein
#12. No more let life devide what death can join together. - Author: Victor Frankenstein
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Victor Frankenstein
#13. I have never cared about setting world records, or filling my boat with fish, or, for that matter, even catching fish. I go for the experience of spending six hours in the arms of the ocean, never thinking of a single thing except chasing fish. - Author: Jimmy Buffett
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#14. Bicycles, bullock carts, and buses that belched thick, black smoke moved in anarchic streams with the auto rickshaws and cars along the streets. Many of the shops - normally selling everything from groceries to stainless steel cookware to shoes - stood silent behind shutters and honeycomb grilles. - Author: Ken Doyle
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Ken Doyle
#15. Progressives must not portray all abortions as tragedies ... Senator Hillary Clinton, in a 2005 speech commendable for setting forth a prochoice, pro-prevention, pro-family agenda, took the aspiration a step in the wrong direction when she called for policy changes so that abortion 'does not ever have to be exercised or only in very rare circumstances. - Author: Dawn Johnsen
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Dawn Johnsen
#16. To me, success in the job is setting a vision, guiding an organization through change - which is exactly what I did at Digitas, and I'm very proud of that - and bringing people together and with you. That, to me, is what it takes to be successful. - Author: Laura Lang
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Laura Lang
#17. I think that, unfortunately, people who are maybe threatened by feminism think that it's about setting your bra on fire and being aggressive, and I think that's really wrong and really dangerous. - Author: Jenny Slate
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Jenny Slate
#18. When I sit down at the typewriter, I write. Someone once asked me if I had a fixed routine before I start, like setting up exercises, sharpening pencils, or having a drink of orange juice. I said, "No, the only thing I do before I start writing is to make sure that I'm close enough to the typewriter to reach the keys." - Author: Isaac Asimov
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Isaac Asimov
#19. Life occurs in segments, little bursts of time setting us on a course. Our little boat floats out into vast waters, sailing along until a storm comes to knock us off course - or worse. How many people are floating around, lost? I'm not even sure I am floating anymore. It's more like I'm trying to break my boat free from years of rot after it's been filled with sediment and settled on the ocean floor. - Author: H.M. Ward
Frankenstein Setting quotes by H.M. Ward
#20. We call it a grain of sand,
but it calls itself neither grain nor sand.
It does just fine, without a name,
whether general, particular,
permanent, passing,
incorrect, or apt.

Our glance, our touch means nothing to it.
It doesn't feel itself seen and touched.
And that it fell on the windowsill
is only our experience, not its.
For it, it is not different from falling on anything else
with no assurance that it has finished falling
or that it is falling still.

The window has a wonderful view of a lake,
but the view doesn't view itself.
It exists in this world
colorless, shapeless,
soundless, odorless, and painless.

The lake's floor exists floorlessly,
and its shore exists shorelessly.
The water feels itself neither wet nor dry
and its waves to themselves are neither singular nor plural.
They splash deaf to their own noise
on pebbles neither large nor small.

And all this beheath a sky by nature skyless
in which the sun sets without setting at all
and hides without hiding behind an unminding cloud.
The wind ruffles it, its only reason being
that it blows.

A second passes.
A second second.
A third.
But they're three seconds only for us.

Time has passed like courier with urgent news.
But that's just our simile.
The character is inverted, his hasts is make believe,
his new - Author: Wisława Szymborska
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Wisława Szymborska
#21. A fully Christian view of the Bible includes the idea of God's self-revelation but, by setting it in a larger context, transforms it. Precisely because the God who reveals himself is the world's lover and judge, rather than its absentee landlord, that self-revelation is always to be understood within the category of God's mission to the world, God's saving - Author: N. T. Wright
Frankenstein Setting quotes by N. T. Wright
#22. Try for once to justify the meaning of your existence as it were a posteriori by setting yourself an aim, a goal ... an exalted and noble 'to this end.' Perish in pursuit of this and only this - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#23. ..the following parable may be useful. Long ago, when shepherds wanted to see if two herds of sheep were isomorphic, they would look for an explicit isomorphism. In other words, they would line up both herds and try to match each sheep in one herd with a sheep in the other. But one day, along came a shepherd who invented decategorification. She realized one could take each herd and 'count' it, setting up an isomorphism between it and some set of 'numbers', which were nonsense words like 'one, two, three, . . . ' specially designed for this purpose. By comparing the resulting numbers, she could show that two herds were isomorphic without explicitly establishing an isomorphism! In short, by decategorifying the category of finite sets, the set of natural numbers was invented. According to this parable, decategorification started out as a stroke of mathematical genius. Only later did it become a matter of dumb habit, which we are now struggling to overcome by means of categorification. - Author: John Baez
Frankenstein Setting quotes by John Baez
#24. Aim low and you won't be disappointed. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#25. Our strength lies, not alone in our proving grounds and our stockpiles, but in our ideals, our goals, and their universal appeal to all men who are struggling to breathe free. - Author: Adlai Stevenson I
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Adlai Stevenson I
#26. [T]he seeds of [the Argument Culture] can be found our classrooms, where a teacher will introduce an article or an idea ... setting up debates where people learn not to listen to each other because they're so busy trying to win the debate. - Author: Deborah Tannen
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Deborah Tannen
#27. There is seldom a physical description of a character or scene in Pride and Prejudice and yet we feel that we have seen each of these characters and their intimate worlds; we feel we know them, and sense their surroundings. We can see Elizabeth's reaction to Darcy's denunciation of her beauty, Mrs. Bennet chattering at the dinner table or Elizabeth and Darcy walking in and out of the shadows of the Pemberley estate. The amazing thing is that all of this is created mainly through tone - different tones of voice, words that become haughty and naughty, soft, harsh, coaxing, insinuating, insensible, vain.
The sense of touch that is missing from Austen's novels is replaced by a tension, an erotic texture of sounds and silences. She manages to create a feeling of longing by setting characters who want each other at odds. - Author: Azar Nafisi
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Azar Nafisi
#28. Writing a balanced, beautiful novel, where plot and character and
setting and pacing and narrative structure and imagery and, above all,
story work in harmony and true proportion, is fucking *hard*."
--Nicola Griffith, - Author: Nicola Griffith
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Nicola Griffith
#29. There's nothing mysterious about Cosmic Ordering, it's simply a method used to transmute thought into reality. - Author: Stephen Richards
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Stephen Richards
#30. We're setting up mechanisms where we can kill human beings with drones and missiles where you're sitting at a console and pressing the button. We never have to hear their whimpering, or hear them begging for their mother, or dying in horrible realities around us. I don't know if that's necessarily such a good thing. - Author: George R R Martin
Frankenstein Setting quotes by George R R Martin
#31. Philosophers are in the habit of setting themselves before life and experience. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#32. We should begin by setting conscience free. When all men of all religions shall enjoy equal liberty, property, and an equal chance for honors and power we may expect that improvements will be made in the human character and the state of society. - Author: John Adams
Frankenstein Setting quotes by John Adams
#33. He must shape simultaneously (in an expanding creative moment) his characters, plot, and setting, each inextricably connected to the others; he must make his whole world in a single, coherent gesture, as a potter makes a pot ... - Author: John Gardner
Frankenstein Setting quotes by John Gardner
#34. And then the kissing started again. There was no avoiding it, not when we were together like this, far away from the real world of our normal lives. The setting was too perfect. He was too perfect, despite being one of the most imperfect people I knew. And honestly, we'd wasted far too much time with doubts and games. The one thing you learn from constantly having your life in danger is that you'd better not waste it. - Author: Richelle Mead
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Richelle Mead
#35. The fact is, all education is directed to some end, and if parents don't make conscious decisions on what that end is, they are simply abdicating their role in setting the direction" of their children's lives. - Author: Rod Dreher
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Rod Dreher
#36. ...there are no new themes for a writer, only new ways of setting down old themes, new eyes to wander among old rocks. - Author: Jim Crumley
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Jim Crumley
#37. Admittedly, guilt can be my default setting. After a social gathering, I'm often left with a vague sense of wrongdoing that I try to pinpoint the source of. Had I laughed insensitively or slighted someone unintentionally? And I always feel accused in Nordstrom. The saleswomen look at my jeans and inexpensive haircut and I'm sure they're thinking I'm about to slip a pair of earrings into my purse. I feel guilty when I eat white bread and when I don't recycle. - Author: Deb Caletti
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Deb Caletti
#38. So gorgeous was the spectacle on the May morning of 1910 when nine kings rode in the funeral of Edward VII of England that the crowd, waiting in hushed and black-clad awe, could not keep back gasps of admiration. In scarlet and blue and green and purple, three by three the sovereigns rode through the palace gates, with plumed helmets, gold braid, crimson sashes, and jeweled orders flashing in the sun. After them came five heirs apparent, forty more imperial or royal highnesses, seven queens - four dowager and three regnant - and a scattering of special ambassadors from uncrowned countries. Together they represented seventy nations in the greatest assemblage of royalty and rank ever gathered in one place and, of its kind, the last. The muffled tongue of Big Ben tolled nine by the clock as the cortege left the palace, but on history's clock it was sunset, and the sun of the old world was setting in a dying blaze of splendor never to be seen again. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Frankenstein Setting quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman

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