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#1. The Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow, and chocolate. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification in the show ring, according to the breed standard. A small white spot on the chest is permissible, however, but not desirable. Black - Blacks should be all black. Yellow - Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream, with variations in shading on the ears, back and underparts of the dog. Chocolate - Chocolates can vary in shade from light to dark chocolate. - Author: Dog Fancy Magazine
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Dog Fancy Magazine
#2. Live is like a box of chocolates, we are all just waiting for a hungry hand to come down and grab us and eat us
!!!! - Author: Sunshine
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Sunshine
#3. Chocolate makes everyone happy.
Sharing chocolates with others
is a form of communication
which says,
You can share all your sweet and dark secrets with me. - Author: Ruchi Prabhu
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Ruchi Prabhu
#4. Then teach me. I want the girl I marry to like me, to be happy with me.'
Lale's mother sat down, and he took a seat across from her. 'You must first learn to listen to her. Even if you are tired, never be too tired to listen to what she has to say. Learn what she likes, and more importantly what she doesn't like. When you can, give her little treats - flowers, chocolates - women like these things. - Author: Heather Morris
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Heather   Morris
#5. Let me say this: being an idiot is no box of chocolates. People laugh, lose patience, treat you shabby. Now they say folks supposed to be kind to the afflicted, but let me tell you this - it ain't always that way. Even so, I got no complaints, cause I reckon I done live a pretty interesting life, so to speak. - Author: Winston Groom
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Winston Groom
#6. Coraline opened the box of chocolates. The dog looked at them longingly.
"Would you like one?" she asked the little dog.
"Yes, please," whispered the dog. "Only not toffee ones. They make me drool."
"I thought chocolates weren't very good for dogs," she said, remembering something Miss Forcible had once told her.
"Maybe where you come from," whispered the little dog. "Here, it's all we eat. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Neil Gaiman
#7. Forget dice rolling or boxes of chocolates as metaphors for life. Think of yourself as a dreaming robot on autopilot, and you'll be much closer to the truth. - Author: Albert Laszlo Barabasi
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Albert Laszlo Barabasi
#8. When I got home I peered down at the lobster to see how he was doing. The inner plastic bag was sucked tight around him and clouded up. It looked like something out of an eighties made-for-TV movie, with some washed-up actress taking too many pills and trying to off herself with a Macy's bag. - Author: Julie Powell
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Julie Powell
"How is that even possible?!"
"Do you see its delicate, complex design? And they're mass-producing it?! It even has a colorful swirl pattern on it!"
"Not even a professional could manage something like this!"
"It wasn't hard, really. I just printed those chocolates using a 3-D Food Printer."
"A 3-D Printer? Oh, I've heard of those!"
"But I didn't know you could use it to print food!"
"Dark chocolate makes a perfect accent to curry, y'know. Take some 80 percent cacao chocolate, add a dash of curry spices to it and then print it out in totally cute designs with a 3-D Printer! Put it on top of some piping hot curry, and it will start to melt, adding a rich, colorful undertone to the flavor of the dish!"
"Papa, I want some! Buy me that!"
"Sure thing! Your papa wants to try it too!"
"Mm! The curry itself smells so good I could melt! But then they go and add that beautiful chocolate topping?!"
"Man, Totsuki students are amazing!"
They like it.
"That chocolate is, like, all bonus. It adds a colorful touch and a little sweet scent... without affecting the curry spices you balanced so carefully. - Author: Yuto Tsukuda
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#10. Once we hit forty, women only have about four taste buds left: one for vodka, one for wine, one for cheese, and one for chocolate. - Author: Gina Barreca
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Gina Barreca
#11. I met this wonderful girl at Macy's. She was buying clothes and I was putting Slinkies on the escalator. - Author: Steven Wright
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Steven Wright
#12. Sex with a writer should be on any and everyone's bucket list. Like a box of chocolates, you'd have no clue which of our multiple personalities you'd encounter. Odds are, you'd find that perfect lover. So perfect this inamorata and/or inamorato that your psyche would forever be consumed with hopes that you'd, again, experience, even for a brief moment, the all-encompassing magmatism of that carnal deity within. - Author: A.K. Kuykendall
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by A.K. Kuykendall
#13. White Chocolate. Intense, sweet. But not deep. Okay for prom dates or flings, but not to get serious..Milk chocolates are guys you could date for like a few months, and dark chocolates are for love. - Author: E. Lockhart
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by E. Lockhart
#14. One German officer lived in the house opposite ours. He had a room with the Kahn family. They said he was a charming man - calm, likable, polite, and sympathetic. Three days after he moved in he brought Madame Kahn a box of chocolates. The optimists rejoiced. - Author: Elie Wiesel
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Elie Wiesel
#15. Sybil's female forebears had valiantly backed up their husbands as distant embassies were besieged, had given birth on a camel or in the shade of a stricken elephant, had handed around the little gold chocolates while trolls were trying to break into the compound, or had merely stayed at home and nursed such bits of husbands and sons as made it back from endless little wars. The result was a species of woman who, when duty called, turned into solid steel. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Terry Pratchett
#16. The other song we did was my cover of "Addicted to Love." There used to be a sort of karaoke booth on Saint Mark's, where anyone could go in and record themselves. I chose "Addicted to Love" because I liked Robert Palmer's video, with its background cast of zombie models identically dressed and holding guitars. I took the tape with the canned version of the song back to the studio, and we sped up the vocal to make it sound higher in pitch. Later I brought the cassette mix to Macy's, where they had a video version of the karaoke sound booth. You could customize a background while two cameras filmed you. For my backdrop I picked jungle fighters, and I wore my Black Flag earrings. The entire bill came to $19.99, and in a slick, commercial MTV world, it felt gratifying and empowering to pay for the whole thing with a credit card. - Author: Kim Gordon
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Kim Gordon
#17. Plus, I can't look at him the same since I ran into Mrs. Marino at our family reunion. It's not comforting to learn you've made out with your cousin."
"Third cousin once removed," I argued. "It's hardly incest."
"Life is like a box of chocolates, Lisa," Katie noted around a half-chewed carrot stick. "You never know what you're going to get."
Lisa narrowed her eyes, confused. "Did she just quote Forrest Gump at me?"
"It's Matt's fault," I said. "She lost a bet and now anytime his name gets mentioned, she has sixty seconds to drop a relevant movie quote."
"That's insane."
"Yup," Katie piped in, "insanity tuns in my family. Its practically gallops."
"Classic." I high-fived her. - Author: Cecily White
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Cecily White
#18. So, there you have it, you get up and go to school, thinking it's just another ordinary day and the next thing you know, something totally unexpected happens! Life's like that. I guess it's like Forrest Gump said about the box of chocolates-you just never know what you're going to get! - Author: Melody Carlson
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Melody Carlson
#19. Swiping's bad but if I was a swiper I'd swipe good stuff like cars and chocolates. - Author: Emma Donoghue
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Emma Donoghue
#20. Eating was still a sore point with Smriti.She failed to understand,when interesting options like mango juice or chocolates were available,why was she forced by her stupid mother to eat boring regular meals?
After much contemplation,Nikhil came up with a suggestion'Don't give her food till she herself asks for it'.
His idea'starve-to know-the-worth-of -food'made sense to Abhilasha,though it took her a great deal of resolve before she could actually try it out.
So on a sunday,the'lady with an iron will'took over from'the soft and kind hearted mother'.she did not give her anything to eat and waited for the golden moment,expecting a hungry Smriti to beg for food.
But the much awaited moment never came.Smriti was not at all bothered about her meal and kept playing happily. The day turned into evening and still there was no trace of hunger in her.
"Aren't you feeling hungry?' now a worried mother had no option but to eat the humble pie and ask the daughter.
"No Maa. My friend Pinky had brought wafers and chocolates. Those were so yummy that I ate them all......"
And that was the end of her'starve-to -know-the-worth-of-food-mission. - Author: Chitralekha Paul
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Chitralekha Paul
#21. I like jewellery because it's forever. Flowers die, chocolates get eaten and lingerie wears out in the wash. Plus, the girl is reminded of you every time she wears it. It's a wise move. - Author: Amanda Bynes
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Amanda Bynes
#22. Life," Max said, spreading his arms wide, "is like a box of chocolates." I rolled my eyes. "I think I know how this ends." "You buy the box because you think you want variety, but if you're really honest with your greedy little self, all you really want are the caramel ones. But they don't sell chocolates that way, so you do what everyone else does. You follow the crowd and try ones you know you're going to hate. Why?" I swallowed. "Because you're trying to find the caramel ones. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#23. For the first sixteen years we were together, I'd give Hugh chocolates for Valentine's Day, and he'd give me a carton of cigarettes. Both of us got exactly what we wanted, and it couldn't have been easier. - Author: David Sedaris
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by David Sedaris
#24. The reality of our business is that for every actor who's rolled up his tent and given up and gone home, the next day you hear about some shoe salesman at Macy's who had this audition and now he's Harrison Ford. There's always that carrot out there in our business. - Author: Scott Bakula
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Scott Bakula
#25. The chocolates are shaped like mice, with almond ears and licorice tails. He eats two immediately and puts the rest of the bag in the pocket of his coat, hoping they will not melt. He - Author: Erin Morgenstern
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#26. Let me just say it: Bein a idiot is no box of chocolates. - Author: Hans Bauer
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Hans Bauer
#27. Fifty seven million children across the world don't want an iPhone, Xbox or chocolates. They want a book and pen. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#28. As Forest Gump would say.
"Self publishing is like a box of chocolates. You never know whatcha gonna ghet! - Author: Joe King
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Joe         King
#29. Life is not like a box of chocolates unless there's a few turds in the box. - Author: Bill Maher
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Bill Maher
#30. It's just that… I'm wanting to start dating myself." I saw Gina's eyes bug out. "I don't mean dating myself. I've been doing that for ten years now. It's gotten to the point where I buy my left hand chocolates on Valentine's Day. - Author: Stephen Osborne
Frangos Macys Chocolates quotes by Stephen Osborne

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