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#1. One minute he stood transfixed, the next he uttered a crushing oath, and took a hasty stride forward. Mr Ringwood, recovering from his own stupefaction, closed with him, just as George, flushing vividly, sprang to his feet.

"Sherry!" Mr Ringwood said warningly. "For God's sake, dear boy, remember where you are! You can't choke George to death here! - Author: Georgette Heyer
Framptons Ringwood quotes by Georgette Heyer
#2. The Joke...Audience as reflexive cast; 35 mm. X2 cameras;variable length; black and white, silent. Parody of Hollis Frampton's 'audience-specific events,' two Ikegami EC-35 video cameras in theater record the film's audience and project the resultant raster onto screen - the theater audience watching itself watch itself get the obvious 'joke' and become increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable and hostile supposedly comprises the film's involuted 'antinarrative' flow. Incandenza's first truly controversial project, Film & Kartridge Kulcher's Sperber credited it with 'unwittingly sounding the death-knell of post-postsctructural film in terms of sheer annoyance. - Author: David Foster Wallace
Framptons Ringwood quotes by David Foster Wallace
#3. I was inspired by the classic rock radio of the Seventies. They separated Chuck Berry and the Beatles from the Led Zeppelins and Bostons and Peter Framptons of the time. In many ways, classic rock became bigger than mainstream rock. - Author: Chuck D
Framptons Ringwood quotes by Chuck D
#4. Y'know, dear old boy- not my business- but she don't mean an ounce of harm! Only saying to George last night; dear little soul! Not up to snuff at all!'
'No, my God!' agreed the Viscount feelingly.
'Tell you what, Sherry: if I had a wife, which I'm deuced glad I haven't, I'd rather have one like your Kitten than all the Incomparables put together.'
'You would?' said Sherry, staring at him.
'I would,' said Mr. Ringwood firmly. - Author: Georgette Heyer
Framptons Ringwood quotes by Georgette Heyer

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