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My mother's sister married a man from Barbados, and my cousins were raised in Barbados. So we traveled down there, they came up every summer for camp, and I started paying attention to their music. And that was the first place I ever remember hearing reggae and liking it. ~ Matisyahu
Forberg Music quotes by Matisyahu
life after seven decades plus three years
is a lot of breathing. seventy three years on this
earth is a lot of taking in and giving out, is a
life of coming from somewhere and for many a bunch
of going nowhere.

how do we celebrate a poet who has created
music with words for over fifty years, who has
showered magic on her people, who has redefined
poetry into a black world exactness
thereby giving the universe an insight into

just say she interprets beauty and wants to
give life, say she is patient with phoniness
and doesn't mind people calling her gwen or sister.
say she sees the genius in our children, is visionary
about possibilities, sees as clearly as ray charles and
stevie wonder, hears like determined elephants looking
for food. say that her touch is fine wood, her memory
is like an african roadmap detailing adventure and
clarity, yet returning to chicago's south evans
to record the journey. say her voice is majestic
and magnetic as she speaks in poetry, rhythms, song
and spirited trumpets, say she is dark skinned,
melanin rich, small-boned, hurricane-willed,
with a mind like a tornado redefining the landscape.

life after seven decades plus three years
is a lot of breathing.
gwendolyn, gwen, sister g has
not disappointed our expectations.
in the middle
Haki R. Madhubuti
Forberg Music quotes by Haki R. Madhubuti
When I was young, I used to need other people's albums and I got very involved with their music and it meant a lot to me. ~ Liz Phair
Forberg Music quotes by Liz Phair
I didn't know much about him, and I wasn't a big country music fan. I listened to the Beatles and David Bowie, so I didn't know a lot about him. ~ Joaquin Phoenix
Forberg Music quotes by Joaquin Phoenix
I feel like I can't fully understand what's happening now until I really understand what's happened before. But you do get sort of bogged down a little bit when you're trying to study so many years' worth of music. It can be a little bit overwhelming. ~ Zooey Deschanel
Forberg Music quotes by Zooey Deschanel
Hymn to Mercury : Continued

Sudden he changed his plan, and with strange skill
Subdued the strong Latonian, by the might
Of winning music, to his mightier will;
His left hand held the lyre, and in his right
The plectrum struck the chords - unconquerable
Up from beneath his hand in circling flight
The gathering music rose - and sweet as Love
The penetrating notes did live and move

Within the heart of great Apollo - he
Listened with all his soul, and laughed for pleasure.
Close to his side stood harping fearlessly
The unabashed boy; and to the measure
Of the sweet lyre, there followed loud and free
His joyous voice; for he unlocked the treasure
Of his deep song, illustrating the birth
Of the bright Gods, and the dark desert Earth:

And how to the Immortals every one
A portion was assigned of all that is;
But chief Mnemosyne did Maia's son
Clothe in the light of his loud melodies; -
And, as each God was born or had begun,
He in their order due and fit degrees
Sung of his birth and being - and did move
Apollo to unutterable love.

These words were winged with his swift delight:
'You heifer-stealing schemer, well do you
Deserve that fifty oxen should requite
Such minstrelsies as I have heard even now.
Comrade of feasts, little contriving wight,
One of your secrets I wou ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Forberg Music quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
I feel like every project I've ever done has had music involved in it somehow. ~ Ashley Tisdale
Forberg Music quotes by Ashley Tisdale
Once upon a time there was a silence that dreamed of becoming a song, and then I found you, and now everything is music. ~ Laini Taylor
Forberg Music quotes by Laini Taylor
It's very easy for me to keep a low profile because the focus I feel is always on the music. Success and fame are two different things. And so I feel the success is always towards the music, which means that I can have a very normal and private lifestyle. ~ Enya
Forberg Music quotes by Enya
Music is not a hobby, not even a passion with me; music is me. I feel what people get out of me is this outlook on life, which comes out in my music. My music is the last expression of all that. ~ Arthur Rubinstein
Forberg Music quotes by Arthur Rubinstein
We missed a lot of church, so the music is our confessional. ~ Big Boi
Forberg Music quotes by Big Boi
Music, even at terrible moments, can make you accept so much more- accept your dark sides, or the things that happened to you. Maybe it's just because you see that we are not alone. And that's what the concert situation is about for me, when I'm sitting in the hall and also when I'm playing myself. It's about communication - I almost want to say 'communion'. As a player, you really don't interpret anymore. You listen, together, with the audience. ~ Christian Tetzlaff
Forberg Music quotes by Christian Tetzlaff
Even the simple act of tuning the radio to a music program can lift our spirits and show the world I'm not going to give up. ~ Shirley Corder
Forberg Music quotes by Shirley Corder
A more interesting question is not 'Why did they break up?' but 'Would they have gotten back together?' ... There's always a chance we'd work together again, but I can't see us touring. I just see us making records. ~ John Lennon
Forberg Music quotes by John Lennon
I'm no good at cooking or music, but I've always known how to garden. Nobody ever taught me; I just absorbed it. Some families are churchgoers or sports fans. We gardened. ~ Thalassa Cruso
Forberg Music quotes by Thalassa Cruso
I don't much like opera, either. Especially Wagner. There's something about Wagner that's just too piss-German, too fucking Bavarian for a Prussian like me. I like my music to be every bit as vulgar as I am myself. I like a bit of innuendo and stocking-top when a woman's singing a song. ~ Philip Kerr
Forberg Music quotes by Philip Kerr
For the most basic assumption that dictated my early attempts to respond to creative music commentary was the mistaken belief that western journalists had some fundamental understanding of black creativity - or even western creativity - but this assumption was seriously in error. ~ Anthony Braxton
Forberg Music quotes by Anthony Braxton
I don't listen to a lot of music at all. I think that's very bizarre too, because it was such a comfort zone for me. But I don't know if I had my fill, but I don't listen to a lot of music, because I'm creating it. ~ Lauryn Hill
Forberg Music quotes by Lauryn Hill
My parents danced together, her head on his chest. Both had their eyes closed. They seemed so perfectly content. If you can find someone like that, someone who you can hold and close your eyes to the world with, then you're lucky. Even if it only lasts for a minute or a day. The image of them gently swaying to the music is how I picture love in my mind even after all these years. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Forberg Music quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
From Toscanini I learnt the essential and desperate seriousness of making music. ~ Georg Solti
Forberg Music quotes by Georg Solti
Alone didn't always mean lonely, but sometimes it did, and even then, she reveled in it. Lunches in the music room. Afternoons reading in the park. Loneliness was a kind of wanting, but it was also this incredible freedom. Not having to rely on anyone or have anyone rely on her. No one to disappoint or be disappointed by. Alone was good and comforting and dependable. ~ Emma Mills
Forberg Music quotes by Emma   Mills
Music matters," he told me once. "Pop fiction goes away, TV shows go away, and I defy you to tell me what you saw at the movies two years ago. But music lasts, even pop music. Especially pop music. Sneer at 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head' if you want to, but people will still be listening to that silly piece of shit fifty ~ Stephen King
Forberg Music quotes by Stephen King
I would enjoy sitting in a rocker ... listening to soft music and contemplating the things of the universe. But such activity offers no challenge and makes no contribution. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley
Forberg Music quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
The ability to play the clarinet is the ability to overcome the imperfections of the instrument. There's no such thing as a perfect clarinet, never was and never will be. ~ Jack Brymer
Forberg Music quotes by Jack Brymer
The blues are just a heightened sense of awareness of life's ups and downs, and things that a guy sees after a couple hits of Jack Daniels. ~ Steven Tyler
Forberg Music quotes by Steven Tyler
I cannot play a lie. I have to believe in what I play or it won't come out. ~ Stan Getz
Forberg Music quotes by Stan Getz
I'd like to do something that involves music. ~ Michelle Dockery
Forberg Music quotes by Michelle Dockery
I'm tired of the music industry these days! They polish everything until it no longer sounds real. The raw uncut sound is something I think no genre but alternative and Aerow music retain. ~ Clive Langer
Forberg Music quotes by Clive Langer
My life, I resolved, ought to be a perpetual transcending, a progression from stage to stage; I wanted it to pass through one area after the next, leaving each behind, as music moves on from theme to theme, from tempo to tempo, playing each out to the end, completing each and leaving it behind, never tiring, never sleeping, forever wakeful, forever in the present. In connection with the experiences of awakening, I had noticed that such stages and such areas exist, and that each successive period in one's life bears within itself, as it is approaching its end, a note of fading and eagerness for death. That in turn leads to a shifting to a new area, to awakening and new beginnings. ~ Hermann Hesse
Forberg Music quotes by Hermann Hesse
Society wants to categorize everything, but to me it's all African-American music. ~ Johnny Otis
Forberg Music quotes by Johnny Otis
My mother told me when I was a toddler and in the crib that they would have music playing, and the thing when I lit up was boogie-woogie or something out of the Louie Jordan period of sometimes big bands, and then all kinds of things. ~ Robbie Robertson
Forberg Music quotes by Robbie Robertson
When I am not with you
I am alone,
For there is no one else
And there is nothing
That comforts me but you.
When you are gone
Suddenly I am sick,
Blackness is round me,
There is nothing left.
I have tried many things,
Music and cities,
Stars in their constellations
And the sea,
But there is nothing
That comforts me but you;
And my poor pride bows down
Like grass in a rain-storm
Drenched with my longing.
The night is unbearable,
Oh let me go to you
For there is no one,
There is nothing
To comfort me but you. ~ Sara Teasdale
Forberg Music quotes by Sara Teasdale
There were several reasons for the disrepute into which opera fell. Among the first of these was the fact that opera bore the "taint" of Wagner about it. For at least thirty years after his death, the entire musical world made heroic efforts to throw off the terrific impact of Wagner. That is no reflection on his music. It simply means that each new generation must create its own music; and it was a very difficult thing to do, particularly in the opera house, immediately after Wagner had lived. ~ Aaron Copland
Forberg Music quotes by Aaron Copland
In scientific thinking are always present elements of poetry. Science and music requires a thought homogeneous. ~ Albert Einstein
Forberg Music quotes by Albert Einstein
Just going through a lot in my life, becoming more confident in myself, writing my own music and just really getting in the studio and just doing it. ~ Paris Hilton
Forberg Music quotes by Paris Hilton
I'm a member of a country club, country music is what I love. ~ Travis Tritt
Forberg Music quotes by Travis Tritt
I feel like I'm an explorer, a frontiersman if you will, and I've been able to satisfy that desire in me through music. I've continued to meet people who challenge me and inspire me as friends. I don't even know how to even quantify it in words. I've been very fortunate. ~ Ishmael Butler
Forberg Music quotes by Ishmael Butler
I went outside, tripping over slabs of sunshine the size of towns. The sun was like a crowd of people, it was a party, it was music. The sun was blaring through the walls of houses and beating down the steps. The sun was drumming time into the stone. The sun was rhythming the day. ~ Jeanette Winterson
Forberg Music quotes by Jeanette Winterson
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