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#1. QUESTION: Are you suggesting that history is irrelevant, then, and the temporal span of humankind merely the recycling of tropes?
ANSWER: Well, I think it's two things. It's always two things, unless it's three. The first thing is moms and martyrs are the way we will think, just as when we dance we tend to tango. Jung suspected as much, you know, and every story could, I suppose, be seen as such a spyglass. Second, either there is or there isn't, point-blank, and if there is not, and something besides lead backs our philosophies, then previously Truth flashed its temper like a fictitious schoolgirl showing her panties, then went all cowboy cool in the neonew, barely speaking, keeping mum, despite the fact we's done forgot dear mammy, savoring the slow satisfying burn of a cigarette before the bonfire of a billion bodies, and still millions more wait their turn, we're better at keeping our appointments, at any rate, skinny corpses stripped of teeth and hair and skin, difference plucked like daisies, for there is no difference; in ether words, to hear the Great Apes tell it, every plague is one for the pointless and every poppy's got jack to do with Us. Hoohah! A particularly ballsy bit of business given the most recent nearing too close, we're singing our rondel with a bellyful of gravy and sourmash, we're at the highpocked end, and there's no more to come, come the dawn. Though bear in mind we've no pret-a-porter poodle sniffing around here, nossir, we're not afraid to s - Author: Vanessa Place
Footy Mum quotes by Vanessa Place
#2. You don't give your mum enough credit for raising you, Elle. Look at you. Teenage sweetheart with a sugar shell and strychnine centre. We might as well finish speaking the truth now. - Author: Shirley Marr
Footy Mum quotes by Shirley Marr
#3. Eventually, I manage to cheer Mum up by allowing her to go through my wardrobe and criticize all my clothes ... - Author: Helen Fielding
Footy Mum quotes by Helen Fielding
#4. When we used to go to the car-wash where people would wipe the windows, my dad would go out and help them and then tip them as well, so I learned my empathy from my dad, and my mum is very empathetic too, but in a very stern way; she will always check my ego. - Author: Charlie Puth
Footy Mum quotes by Charlie Puth
#5. As her mum always says, one of the advantages of being an only child is that you have no trouble amusing yourself. - Author: Liane Moriarty
Footy Mum quotes by Liane Moriarty
#6. My mum has always been quite free-spirited, and she has taught me a lot. I think that is probably why I have the sort of mind that I do. - Author: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Footy Mum quotes by Sam Taylor-Johnson
#7. Which story are you going to tell us tonight, Mother?" Tootless asked.
"One that is very close to my heart," Red said. "It's called 'Beautiful and Brilliant Little Blue Riding Hood'."
Just hearing the title made the Lost Boys excitedly clap.
"Is it a good story, Mum? Slightly asked.
"It's the best story you'll ever hear," Red said.
"Does Little Blue die in the end like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel?" Curly asked. "I just want to know before I get attached."
"Those were such sad stories," Nibs said, and shook his head. "I can't believe poor Cinderella slipped while running down the stairs at midnight, or that Snow White choked on the poisoned apple, or when Sleeping Beauty awoke, she discovered the spindle had given her a staph infection."
"Poor, poor princesses," the Lost twins sniffled.
"Well, these stories are supposed to teach us valuable lessons," Red said. "Never run down stairs, always chew your food, and see a doctor if your skin is punctured by rusty metal."
"Is there a lesson in the story of 'Beautiful and Brilliant Little Blue Riding Hood'?" Slightly asked.
"You'll have to wait to find out," she teased. - Author: Chris Colfer
Footy Mum quotes by Chris Colfer
#8. Motherhood:
The most exhausting, emotional, rewarding
and life-enhancing journey a woman can take. - Author: Charlotte Pearson
Footy Mum quotes by Charlotte Pearson
#9. My mum used to say to me, 'Spit on yer 'ands and take a fresh 'old.' Keep going even if you have setbacks. - Author: Lesley Garrett
Footy Mum quotes by Lesley Garrett
#10. He didn't look a lot like his father, save when he wanted something badly. She pulled herself up a bit, shaking her head to clear the dizziness, and Roger looked up at her, distracted by her movement. For an instant, she saw Jerry look out of his eyes, and the world swam afresh. She closed her own, though, and gulped her tea, scalding as it was. Mum - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Footy Mum quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#11. Mum's mobile was the most immoblie cell phone in the world. It often lived on the top of the bookshelf closest to the front door. It was there so she'd see it before she left the house. The trouble was, Mum was alwayd leaving the house in a mad rush and the mobile stayed put. - Author: Catherine Bateson
Footy Mum quotes by Catherine Bateson
#12. My own mum cared about Hollywood, and I didn't. I wanted to act, and I loved the creativity of it, but I didn't care for the lifestyle. - Author: Drew Barrymore
Footy Mum quotes by Drew Barrymore
#13. My granny was very concerned that we weren't baptised - Mum had been desperate to escape her own Catholic upbringing. But Granny thought we were blighted. Whenever we turned up at her house, she would flick holy water - from the font she kept by the door - over us, in the hope that it would save us from damnation. - Author: Natascha McElhone
Footy Mum quotes by Natascha McElhone
#14. When I was 23, I went backpacking around Australia for three months. I saved up a few grand, quit my job and flew to Sydney, then went to Melbourne and up the East Coast, which was an incredible experience. I remember running out of money and getting my mum to send me a few hundred quid, which helped me get by. - Author: Olly Murs
Footy Mum quotes by Olly Murs
#15. They self-isolate, your mum and dad
They like to tell you that they do
Because the air around is bad
Breathed in and out by folks like you.
But they were isolated years ago
By silences in chilly rooms
So always let the talking flow:
Life gleams when conversation blooms. - Author: Ian McMillan
Footy Mum quotes by Ian McMillan
#16. Listen, everything I did in my childhood was competitive. Everything we did my dad made it into a game to win. We used to drive my mum nuts. - Author: Lee Westwood
Footy Mum quotes by Lee Westwood
#17. I think sometimes the bits of your life happen in the wrong order, or all at the same time and you waste time feeling angry about it, but that's the way it is, it's real life. You meet the person who you think could make you happy the rest of your life, but at the same time your ex-girlfriend who's told you umpteen times she never wants to see you again tells you you're going to be a dad.'
Elle took up the story.
'And then you move to another country and then the next time you see that person, even though its like no time has passed, you sleep together and then - your mum dies'
She gave a short, sad laugh.
'Yep that's rubbish timing - Author: Harriet Evans
Footy Mum quotes by Harriet Evans
#18. People always ask is it hard being an entrepreneur and a mum, and the answer is 'yes.' - Author: Natalie Massenet
Footy Mum quotes by Natalie Massenet
#19. Mum says be careful of boys who never take anything seriously. Dad says a boy needs a good sense of humor to get through his love life. Jazz says my dad must need a sense of humor to get through his love life if he's living in the shed - Author: Cath Crowley
Footy Mum quotes by Cath Crowley
#20. My mum was a dancer when she was a kid. Then my parents met and eventually had an art gallery; my dad taught himself how to frame pictures, and then he was a curator at an art gallery in the city I'm from. I'm an only child. - Author: Ari Millen
Footy Mum quotes by Ari Millen
#21. The first time I sang in church, when I was ten, the applause was so overwhelming that I started to weep. My mum had to rescue me from the stage. - Author: Laura Mvula
Footy Mum quotes by Laura Mvula
#22. If I honour my needs first, I will be the best wife, the best mum, the best sister, the best friend. I have to come first, because then everyone benefits. - Author: Gisele Bundchen
Footy Mum quotes by Gisele Bundchen
#23. My dad's Jewish and my mum is Christian, so I grew up with no religion. Just whatever religion I wanted. - Author: Nikki Reed
Footy Mum quotes by Nikki Reed
#24. My mum is an artist and very into creative expression and freedom. - Author: Abbie Cornish
Footy Mum quotes by Abbie Cornish
#25. I don't want to achieve less than my mum and dad. - Author: Tinie Tempah
Footy Mum quotes by Tinie Tempah
#26. I felt awful as I drove away to live with Melody in Barnet. I stayed with her for six months before I moved in with Jane. Looking back now, I was a coward for allowing the situation to go on for so long, but I wanted to keep everybody happy. Strangely, after I left I started seeing more of the kids than I had before. My friends thought that Amy didn't seem much affected by the divorce, and when I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, she said, 'You're still my dad and Mum's still my mum. What's to talk about? - Author: Mitch Winehouse
Footy Mum quotes by Mitch Winehouse
#27. My mom is my hero. [She] inspired me to dream when I was a kid, so anytime anyone inspires you to dream, that's gotta be your hero. - Author: Tim McGraw
Footy Mum quotes by Tim McGraw
#28. My mum always used to buy a record every Friday. - Author: Elton John
Footy Mum quotes by Elton John
#29. My family went to Toronto to visit relatives when I was 13 or 14. It was the first time we had ever been abroad. This was the early Eighties, and I remember the impossible glamour of air travel - my mum spending days trying to decide what she was going to wear on the plane. - Author: John Niven
Footy Mum quotes by John Niven
#30. Normal people, fear the day their parents die. Screwed up people, fear the day their parents kill. My mum killed a guy, at my wedding. So I can pretty much check that off. But, she's my mum. And no matter what she did I just can't walk away from her. She gave me birth. She gave me love. She gave me the ability to make a cigarette fire look like it was started by the hot water heater. - Author: Christopher Titus
Footy Mum quotes by Christopher Titus
#31. I tell my parents I'm going out for pudding. They think this might be a nickname for heroin.Mum makes the international face for 'is there anything you want to tell me?' - Author: Joe Dunthorne
Footy Mum quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#32. You're fly, Mum."
"Is that like cool?"
"More like sick. Better yet, dumb ill."
"Oh, dear God, before you know it I'll be terminal. - Author: C. Kennedy
Footy Mum quotes by C. Kennedy
#33. You just need to remember to check you've got your limbs and your torso and your face. You're alive. You'll keep being alive for a quite a while longer. Everything that will happen to you has already happened to me and to your mum and to your granddad. And we all survived. For now. There are no new problems, only new ways of solving them. - Author: Ben Brooks
Footy Mum quotes by Ben Brooks
#34. My mum lives in Boston; she's famous for teaching wushu and t'ai chi. So from when I was young, my mum and aunt were like: 'You're training; you're not playing baseball or football.' Training every day was normal. Later, when I was almost a teenager, Bruce Lee became my idol. - Author: Donnie Yen
Footy Mum quotes by Donnie Yen
#35. So, like I asked, what's with the nightie?"
"It smells like what I always think mothers smell like," I tell him honestly, knowing I don't have to explain.
He nods. "My mum has one just the same and you have no idea how disturbing it is that it's turning me on. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Footy Mum quotes by Melina Marchetta
#36. I don't care where you went to school. There - have I made your day? No? All right, I'll go further: I also don't care what your dad did for a living or how your mum voted. Nor do I mind whether you ate your tea in front of the telly, dinner at the kitchen table, or supper in the dining room. - Author: Robert Webb
Footy Mum quotes by Robert Webb
#37. For me, being a mum has been a really, really instinctive thing. - Author: Rachel Weisz
Footy Mum quotes by Rachel Weisz
#38. Mum repeated the old adage that money can't buy you everything ... before adding that she prefers using credit cards instead. - Author: Kirkland Ciccone
Footy Mum quotes by Kirkland Ciccone
#39. The sort where moon don't rhyme with June, and you're not up to your backside in bloody buttercups. Songs that aren't about your mum and dad. A bit rough, a beat that busts up the old way, the old stodge, the empire and knowing your place and excuse me and the dressing up and doing what you're told. - Author: Francis Beckett
Footy Mum quotes by Francis Beckett
#40. I'd be the best mum ever. I would. I've got great training from my mum. - Author: Kelly Osbourne
Footy Mum quotes by Kelly Osbourne
#41. Being a mum makes you more aware of how short life is and how important it is to enjoy every minute because you have less time for yourself. A day doesn't have 24 hours any more - it only lasts 10, or eight. So you learn to get rid of all the parasites. I'm not talking about people, but things that could be toxic for happiness. - Author: Ludivine Sagnier
Footy Mum quotes by Ludivine Sagnier
#42. My mum gave me a T-shirt with it on last Christmas.' Ed smiled at the memory. 'Wish I still had it. All I had to get stressed about before was GCSEs.' 'She didn't give you a T-shirt that said Save Kitchen Scraps to Feed the Pigs, then? - Author: Charlie Higson
Footy Mum quotes by Charlie Higson
#43. When my parents were away, I would often be sent to spend the night in the house of an older lady who I didn't know, and who didn't seem to know me, either. (I assume it was a friendly neighbor or acquaintance, or at least hope it was.)
I hated it.
I remember the smell of the old leather photo frame containing a picture of my mum and dad that I would cling to in the strange bed. I was too young to understand that my parents would be coming back soon.
But it taught me another big lesson: Don't leave your children if they don't want you to.
Life, and their childhood, is so short and fragile. - Author: Bear Grylls
Footy Mum quotes by Bear Grylls

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