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#1. Mma Makutsi was unconvinced. "Where there is smoke there's fire, Mma. I have always said that." Mma Ramotswe could not let that pass. "But what does Clovis Andersen say in The Principles of Private Detection, Mma? Does he not say that you must be very careful to decide where the smoke is coming from? Smoke can drift, Mma. Those were his exact words, I think. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#2. Clovis believed that if a lie was worth telling it was worth telling well. - Author: Saki
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Saki
#3. As the saints of God meet together Jesus still manifests Himself. And seeing Him, there comes to us a new joy and peace, a new sense of the purpose and worthfulness of life. Seeing Him there comes to us a new power for battle and for conquest. - Author: Clovis Chappell
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Clovis Chappell
#4. If he was trying German irregular verbs on the poor beast," said Clovis, "he deserved all he got. - Author: Saki
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Saki
#5. When love is over, how little of love even the lover understands," quoted Clovis to himself. - Author: Saki
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Saki
#6. No man ever flees from duty without incalculable hurt, not only to himself, but to others as well. - Author: Clovis Chappell
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Clovis Chappell
#7. I wonder why it is that scandal seems so much worse under a roof," observed Clovis; "I've always regarded it as a proof of the superior delicacy of the cat tribe that it conducts most of its scandals above the slates. - Author: Saki
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Saki
#8. But even though catastrophic oppression brought about a process of objectification and dehumanization, the absolute negation of humanity was not possible because a damaged human spirit seeks to resurrect and reconstruct itself; it also seeks self-consciousness. - Author: Clovis E. Semmes
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Clovis E. Semmes
#9. I think I ought to cut my hair off," said Maia, one morning, as she tore yet another tooth out of Finn's comb.
"No. That's a bad idea."
Maia looked up, surprised. "But you wanted Clovis to cut his hair."
"That was different. - Author: Eva Ibbotson
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Eva Ibbotson
#10. Palestine is the anvil of our souls. - Author: Clovis Maksoud
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Clovis Maksoud
#11. About thirty-five genera of mammals disappear from America, about half of them in a brief window of 500 years, 13,200 to 12,700 years ago, with Clovis hunters occupying the core of that time period. A sudden cooling, the Younger Dryas, descends on the Earth by 12,880 years ago, marking the terminal appearance of many of these animals. Suspected causes of the YD are still contentious. But it signals the end of Clovis and much of the megafauna. - Author: Doug Peacock
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Doug Peacock
#12. there are just two cities on your map. The Nineveh of obedience and the Tarshish of disobedience. You are going to Nineveh or to Tarshish. - Author: Clovis Gillham Chappell
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Clovis Gillham Chappell
#13. But what I remember is the countryside then, the brilliance of outdoors and outwindows, and the sunlight streaming through the lozenge shapes of the glass, and we were locked away from it, locked inside to worship. And there was the sun out there for everyone else to see. Good God, tell me Clovis wasn't lonely at dawn. Tell me he wasn't sick at the sunset. - Author: William Gaddis
Florentinas Clovis quotes by William Gaddis
#14. Notwithstanding the fog which rose around, I perceived the walls and roofs of the houses of Soissons, with a half-moon peering from behind them. I alighted, and, with a heart fully acknowledging the sublimity of nature, gazed upon the imposing scene. A grasshopper was chirping in the neighboring field; the trees by the road side were softly rustling; and I saw, with the mind's eye, Peace hovering over the plain, now solitary and tranquil, where Caesar had conquered, Clovis had exercised his authority, and where Napoleon had all but fallen. It shows that men - even Caesar, Clovis, and Napoleon - are only passing shadows; and that war is a fantasy which terminates with them; whilst God - and Nature, which comes from God - and Peace, which comes from Nature - are things of eternity. - Author: Victor Hugo
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Victor Hugo
#15. provoke a challenge from Clovis, the Prince of Blinsk, who was widely known as a master swordsman. And of course, anyone familiar with the history of Dis will know that she got her wish.[5] Why would Shelly deliberately provoke the encounter that was result in her own doom? Perhaps she feared that in her old age, her natural tendencies would overcome her training, or perhaps she had simply decided that she had lived long enough. Either way, far from being proof of Tobalt's failure, Shelly's - Author: Robert Kroese
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Robert Kroese
#16. People are now layering all kinds of different things together. Eighteenth century, 19th century, rustic, modern. Three dimensional printed pieces, very high end technological pieces, but mixed with local artisan stuff. - Author: Sebastian Clovis
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Sebastian Clovis
#17. I'm a nature lover, I want at any given time to be able to bring lots of plants into my house, have lots of light flooding in, have lots of natural elements. Reclaimed lumbers, actual live edge slab tables. I do love technology, but I want the TV to be hidden away a little, I want the speakers to be up on the ceiling. - Author: Sebastian Clovis
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Sebastian Clovis
#18. I'm a minimalist. I like things to look very clean, I like clean lines. I like everything to be tidy and have space. - Author: Sebastian Clovis
Florentinas Clovis quotes by Sebastian Clovis

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