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It was during this period of work that Varda began to conceive a more theoretical approach to her art. She says, "[My work] deals with this question, 'What is cinema?' through how I found specific cinematic ways of telling what I was telling. I could have told you the same things that are in the film by just talking to you for six hours. But instead I found shapes" (Warwick). To give a name to her very particular and personal search for a cinematic language, Varda coined the term cinécriture. As she explains to Jean Decock: "When you write a musical score, someone else can play it, it's a sign. When an architect draws up a detailed floor plan, anyone can build his house. But for me, there's no way I could write a scenario that someone else could shoot, since the scenario doesn't represent the writing of the film." Later she would clarify, "The cutting, the movement, the points-of-view, the rhythm of filming and editing have been felt and considered in the way a writer chooses the depth of meaning of sentences, the type of words, number of adverbs, paragraphs, asides, chapters which advance the story or break its flow, etc. In writing its called style. In the cinema, style is cinécriture." (Varda par Agnès [1994], 14). ~ T. Jefferson Kline
Floor Plan quotes by T. Jefferson Kline
So, Byrne, did you and Christabel get lost on the way down? Perhaps we should send you a floor plan for next time. The drawing room is the one that doesn't have a bed. ~ Sabrina Jeffries
Floor Plan quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
waiting for the other shoe to drop. Did you know it originated in cities like Chicago and New York?" "No. I did not" He tilted his head, his mouth hooking upward to one side as though he were trying not to laugh. "Tell me about it."He was teasing me again. "Well, it did. So…"He lifted his eyebrows, "That's all? You're not going to tell me the specific origin of the idiom waiting for the other shoe to drop'?"I shook my head, "I don't know it."He mimicked me and shook his head in response, "You're lying. You do know.""Nope. I don't.""This is just like the mammals." He sighed and placed his phone on the table. Before he took a bite from his sandwich he said, "You're stingy with information."My frowned deepened, "No, I'm not-"His words were somewhat garbled as he spoke between chewing, "You're an information tease.""What?!""Or maybe you don't really know the origin and you're just making things up to impress me-" he took another bite. "I am not! It originates from the late industrial revolution, in the late 19th and early 20th century.Apartments were all built with the same floor plan, in similar design so one tenant's bedroom was
under another's. Therefore it was normal to hear an upstairs neighbor removing his or her shoes and hearing one shoe hit the floor, then the other, when they undressed at night.""I wonder what else they heard." His gaze held mine, seemed to burn with a new intensity."I suppose anything that was loud enough. ~ Penny Reid
Floor Plan quotes by Penny Reid
More is not better. Better is better. You don't need a bigger house; you need a different floor plan. You don't need more stuff; you need stuff you'll actually use. ~ Alex Steffen
Floor Plan quotes by Alex Steffen
It's like coming home," said Webster and he wasn't talking to the dog. "It's like you've been away for a long, long time and then you come home again. And it's so long you don't recognize the place. Don't know the furniture, don't recognize the floor plan. But you know by the feel of it that it's an old familiar place and you are glad you came."
"I like it here," said. Ebenezer and he meant Webster's lap, but the man misunderstood.
"Of course, you do," he said. "It's your home as well as mine. More your home, in fact, for you stayed here and took care of it while I forgot about it. ~ Clifford D. Simak
Floor Plan quotes by Clifford D. Simak
After student years of flat-sharing and living with other people's taste, I went into decorating overdrive when I acquired my first apartment - its floor plan not much bigger than the vintage Hermes scarves I then wore side-knotted on my head, pirate-style. ~ Hamish Bowles
Floor Plan quotes by Hamish Bowles
He saw firsthand the way that the Disney people took advantage of the open floor plan, sharing information and brainstorming. Steve was a big believer in the power of accidental mingling; he knew that creativity was not a solitary endeavor. ~ Ed Catmull
Floor Plan quotes by Ed Catmull
Draw a floor plan of the house you lived in as a child, including all the floors. ~ Jean J. Jenson
Floor Plan quotes by Jean J. Jenson
It had the tangled floor plan common to all hospitals, seemingly designed by someone who believed in the healing power of watching confused visitors aimlessly wander around hallways. ~ David Wong
Floor Plan quotes by David Wong
Fake it till you become it.

Before DWTS, I was not a choreographer; I was not a teacher. I was neither of those things and had never attempted them before. So the best I could do was fake it. I had to play the part of the pro for the cameras. I couldn't walk into the studio and confide in Jennie or Shawn or any of my partners, "Gee, I'm sorry. I have no idea what I'm doing." I had to take the lead and be strong. When I was dancing with Brooke Burke, they asked us to do the Lindy Hop. I had never done it before in my life. I went on YouTube and watched videos of how to do it. Then I printed out a floor plan of the steps and learned it right along with Brooke. Did I ever let her in on the fact that I was a novice here as well? No. I just projected confidence and assurance, and she picked up on that vibe and went along with it. We did a damn fine Lindy. ~ Derek Hough
Floor Plan quotes by Derek Hough
The Praesidium stood on four pillars and for most of its height was square in cross-section. Not far above the dials, however, the corners of the square floor-plan were cleaved off, making it into an octagon, and not far above that, the octagon became a sixteen-sided polygon, and above that it became round. The roof of the Praesidium was a disk, or rather a lens, as it bulged up slightly in the middle to shed rainwater. It supported the megaliths, domes, penthouses, and turrets of the starhenge, which drove, and was driven by, the same clock-works that ran the dials. ~ Neal Stephenson
Floor Plan quotes by Neal Stephenson
The fiery warrior was at the mercy of his temper and came to his senses only when his opponent lay bleeding on the floor. ~ Markus Heitz
Floor Plan quotes by Markus Heitz
A good dancer changes the way dancing was thought after he left the floor. ~ Donnie Burns
Floor Plan quotes by Donnie Burns
'Rent-a-tile' means when you go to a dance hall, some people take the middle of the dance floor and do their thing. ~ Sean Paul
Floor Plan quotes by Sean Paul
The point is to stumble upon things in your life, and not plan them out. ~ Kristen Stewart
Floor Plan quotes by Kristen Stewart
China's one-child policy punishes families for having 'out-of-plan' children, resulting in sex-selective abortion and tens of millions of 'missing girls' as well as forced abortion and sterilization campaigns. ~ Chris Smith
Floor Plan quotes by Chris Smith
One day I was running around playing with my son Connor when afterwards I was sweating, tired and out of breath. I was embarrassed that something as enjoyable as playing with my son was so tough for me to do. Immediately I started an extensive diet and exercise plan. It completely changed my life and helped cure my Type-2 diabetes. ~ Drew Carey
Floor Plan quotes by Drew Carey
Hey what's the matter baby? said my wife, propped up on the bed.

I'm a fucking vampire! I cried, thinking of Bryan Ferry and his bursting flowers and his prancing horses and his flight of swallows and his hedged swimming pool and his lovely wife.

No, you're not. Come here, she said.

I crawled onto the bed and she pulled the covers away.

Listen, she said.

I put my ear against her distended stomach, her knapsack, and listened. I could hear little trapped people swimming around within.

They are eating me from the inside, she said.

Lucky them, I said.

I'm serious, she said.

But she had fallen asleep and I crawled off the bed across the floor, up the wainscot and along the paneled ceiling. I pressed my ear to the ceiling and listened. I could hear people gathering on the floor above. The ceiling vibrated. I recognized the voices as past collaborators, going back many years. They sounded fatigued as if depleted of oxygen, maybe, or as if someone has siphoned their blood away. I could hear them sobbing and cursing and consoling each other.

I fell asleep. ~ Nick Cave
Floor Plan quotes by Nick Cave
Maybe there are stories, even, like solitaire or canasta; they are shuffled and dealt, then they do or they do not come out. Or the deck falls on the floor. Or a piece of country music, a quartet, a parade, the flag - all the things one ought by now to be too old for - touch, whatever it is. ~ Renata Adler
Floor Plan quotes by Renata Adler
The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho. ~ Michael K. Simpson
Floor Plan quotes by Michael K. Simpson
My family was in two businesses - they were in the textile business, and they were in the candy business. The conversations around the dinner table were all about the factory floor and how many machines were running and what was happening in the business. I grew up very engaged in manufacturing and as part of a family business. ~ Karen Mills
Floor Plan quotes by Karen Mills
With the news that he would soon be a daddy again, Steve seemed inspired to work even harder. Our zoo continued to get busier, and we had trouble coping with the large numbers. The biggest draw was the crocodiles. Crowds poured in for the croc shows, filling up all the grandstands. The place was packed.
Steve came up with a monumental plan. He was a big fan of the Colosseum-type arenas of the Roman gladiator days. He sketched out his idea for me on a piece of paper.
"Have a go at this, it's a coliseum," he declared, his eyes wide with excitement. He drew an oval, then a series of smaller ovals in back of it. "Then we have crocodile ponds where the crocs could live. Every day a different croc could come out for the show and swim through a canal system"--he sketched rapidly--"then come out in the main area."
"Canals," I said. "Could you get them to come in on cue?"
"Piece of cake!" he said. "And get this! We call it…the Crocoseum!"
His enthusiasm was contagious. Never mind that nothing like this had ever been done before. Steve was determined to take the excitement and hype of the ancient Roman gladiators and combine it with the need to show people just how awesome crocs really were.
But it was a huge project. There was nothing to compare it to, because nothing even remotely similar had ever been attempted anywhere in the world. I priced it out: The budget to build the arena would have to be somewhere north of eight million dollars, a huge expense. ~ Terri Irwin
Floor Plan quotes by Terri Irwin
I nodded, chewing my own syrup-soaked bite. "But surely that's not all there is to it. I mean, really? A big picnic? That's Avari's master plan? That makes him sound about as dangerous as Yogi Bear."
Tod shrugged. "Yeah. If Yogi were a soul-sucking, body-stealing, boyfriend-snatching, damned-soul-torturing evil demon from another world. Besides, what else could he be planning? ~ Rachel Vincent
Floor Plan quotes by Rachel Vincent
Your pain was always a part of a plan to open your heart to love. ~ Bryant McGill
Floor Plan quotes by Bryant McGill
Love was the early Christians' marketing plan and their business card was joy. ~ Chip Ingram
Floor Plan quotes by Chip Ingram
Most people think confidence lies in an excessive rehearsal. It's true that man has to prepare, plan and practice before projecting his purposes. But a time must definitely arrive when man has to put an end to learning and rehearsal and start practicing what he spent time learning. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Floor Plan quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
There's just one move a man needs to know in order to rock it on the dance floor."

"Yeah? What's the move?"


"What's stag?"

"The only one of Logan's crazy acronyms I live my life by-STAG. Stand there and grind. ~ Elle Kennedy
Floor Plan quotes by Elle Kennedy
He slept and in his sleep he saw his friends again and they were coming downriver on muddy floodwaters, Hoghead and the City Mouse and J-Bone and Bearhunter and Bucket and Boneyard and J D Davis and Earl Solomon, all watching him where he stood on the shore. They turned gently in their rubber bullboat, bobbing slightly on the broad and ropy waters, their feet impinging in the floor of the thing with membraneous yellow tracks. They glided past somberly. Out of a lightless dawn receding, past the pale daystar. A fog more obscure closed away their figures gone a sadder way by psychic seas across the Tarn of Acheron. From a rock in the river he waved them farewell but they did not wave back. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Floor Plan quotes by Cormac McCarthy
By this brightness God designed to impress upon Israel the sacred, exalted character of his law, and the glory of the gospel revealed through Christ. While Moses was in the mount, God presented to him, not only the tables of the law, but also the plan of salvation. He saw that the sacrifice of Christ was pre-figured by all the types and symbols of the Jewish age; and it was the heavenly light streaming from Calvary, no less than the glory of the law of God, that shed such a radiance upon the face of Moses. That divine illumination symbolized the glory of the dispensation of which Moses was the visible mediator, a representative of the one true Intercessor. ~ Ellen G. White
Floor Plan quotes by Ellen G. White
…Between the poles of sin and adversity, lie such intermediate points as unwise choices and hasty judgments. In these cases, it may be unclear just how much personal fault we bear for the bitter fruits we may taste or cause others to taste. Bitterness may taste the same, whatever its source, and it can destroy our peace, break our hearts, and separate us from God. Could it be that the great 'at-one-ment' of Christ could put back together the broken parts and give beauty to the ashes of experience such as this? I believe that it does, because tasting the bitter in all its forms is a deliberate part of the great plan of life. This consequence of the Fall was not just a terrible mistake; rather, it gives mortality its profound meaning: 'They taste the bitter, that they may know to prize the good' (Moses 6:55) ~ Bruce C. Hafen
Floor Plan quotes by Bruce C. Hafen
He didn't want to think about this, didn't want to feel this, so he thought about the Foxes instead. He clung tight to the memory of their unhesitating friendship and their smiles. He pretended the heartbeat pounding a sick pace in his temples was an Exy ball ricocheting off the court walls. He thought of Wymack holding him up in December and Andrew pushing him down against the bedroom floor. The memories made him weak with grief and loss, but they made him stronger, too. He'd come to the Foxhole Court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real. He'd hit the end of his rope before he wanted to and he hadn't accomplished everything he'd hoped to this year, but he'd done more with his life than he'd ever thought possible. That had to be enough. He traced the outline of a key into his bloody, burnt palm with a shaky finger, closed his eyes, and wished Neil Josten goodbye. ~ Nora Sakavic
Floor Plan quotes by Nora Sakavic
You do get certain publications in the States where, if things don't go according to plan, they flip the story and it becomes very negative. ~ Drake
Floor Plan quotes by Drake
Giving in to fear alters God's best plan for your life. So use the power of God's Word to do what He wants you to do ... even if you have to do it afraid! The rewards are great. ~ Joyce Meyer
Floor Plan quotes by Joyce Meyer
She (Rachel) pulled away and looked into his eyes. "Don't give up."
"There goes my plan."
"I'm serious. Even if things look bad, find a way to win. Find it."
"You too," Jason urged. "Within reason. Don't try some huge Edomic command and blow yourself to pieces."
"There goes my plan."
"You stole my line. ~ Brandon Mull
Floor Plan quotes by Brandon Mull
God, you have a beautiful laugh, and your smile. Jesus, it knocks the breath out of me."
"You can't talk to me like that, nobody says things like that to a woman he just met. It's insane."
"I just did. And I plan to keep saying them until you believe every word. ~ Maya Banks
Floor Plan quotes by Maya Banks
I am God's creation ,designed according to His plan for me )) ~ Nick Vujicic
Floor Plan quotes by Nick Vujicic
I never really had a chance to know the players individually ... I thought when they were on the floor, they worked hard. But I never really got to know them. ~ Lenny Wilkens
Floor Plan quotes by Lenny Wilkens
Now how do we know you're really from Edenton?" he said.
"And the point of lying would be?" Gabriel asked. "So we could have a complete stranger chauffeur us to another complete stranger's house for proper English tea at," he looked at a clock on the bookshelf, "two in the morning? Mia, he's discovered our nefarious plan."
Edgar rubbed his black shorn hair and squinted at Gabriel "Smartass teenagers. My favorite. ~ Elisa Nader
Floor Plan quotes by Elisa Nader
The great majority of Baghdad is a slum - a lot of it's new, but it's still slum. It's usually this concrete-block, one-room design with a door and a window, arranged one-up, one-down, often with a shop with nothing in it on the first floor, and then a one-room apartment above it. There's street after street after street of that stuff. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Floor Plan quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
This was when Geryon liked to plan his autobiography; in that blurred state, between awake and asleep. When too many intake values are open in the soul, like the terrestrial crust of the earth. ~ Anne Carson
Floor Plan quotes by Anne Carson
But I will tell you that I didn't go to Washington to sit around and wait for Congressional action. Never done that before, and don't plan to in the future, ~ Gina McCarthy
Floor Plan quotes by Gina McCarthy
You need not feel guilty about not being able to keep your life perfectly balanced. Juggling everything is too difficult. All you really need to do is catch it before it hits the floor. ~ Carol Bartz
Floor Plan quotes by Carol Bartz
What about those nights when you get so down on yourself because you made a mistake? Have you ever thrown the plan out the window because you didn't meet your own high level of expectation? We're not created to be perfect - we're created to press on! ~ Darlene Schacht
Floor Plan quotes by Darlene Schacht
I think God's hope and plan for us is pretty simple to figure out. For those who resonate with formulas, here it is: add your whole life, your loves, your passions, and your interests together with what God said He wants us to be about, and that's your answer. ~ Bob Goff
Floor Plan quotes by Bob Goff
I see it on his face. I hear it when he talks. We look out at the world and we see the same thing: Not Fair. And the only difference between us is Ricky's out there trying to get even. And he knows not trust anybody and he got it straight from me. And he knows not to try and get work, and guess where he got that. He walks around like there's loose boards in the floor, and you know who laid that floor, I did. ~ Marsha Norman
Floor Plan quotes by Marsha Norman
I believe that there is a perfect plan set before each of us, and when we follow that plan things work out exactly as they should. For example, many would not believe we were meant to be a part of each other's paths, yet here we are ~ Rachelle Dekker
Floor Plan quotes by Rachelle Dekker
I work in a small study on the top floor of a brownstone in Brooklyn - it's about 75 square feet, 11 taken up by book shelves along one wall. ~ Kathryn Harrison
Floor Plan quotes by Kathryn Harrison
I used to think most Democrats in Congress who voted for [ObamaCare] really believed they were doing something good for the poor and the middle class. Now I wonder. It's crystal clear that just about everything President Barack Obama promised about his health plan was false, his deception deliberate. If Democrats really cared for the people harmed by the law, you'd think they'd admit their mistake, try to fix it. They haven't. ~ Jack Kelly
Floor Plan quotes by Jack Kelly
The screenplay is a great document because it makes you have many discussions prior to actually being on the floor. ~ Robert Schwentke
Floor Plan quotes by Robert Schwentke
Ethan's gaze returned to the swell of her breast above the top of her gown. "Cord once mentioned a room here at Sheffield House on the second floor, rather out of the way,I understand, and rarely used.I don't think anyone would miss us if we disappeared for a while, do you?"
Her pulse quickened. She couldn't look away from the smoky heat in his eyes or the sensual curve of his lips. They were equally matched, she thought, and perfectly mated,her mind slipping ahead to what would happen in that room. "No,I don't believe they would miss us in the least."
His look burned hotter. He glanced at the crush of people surrounding them, spoke just loudly enough for them to hear. "Come,my love.It's a bit warm in here.Why don't we take a stroll in the garden?"
Grace bit back a smile. "That is a very good notion,my lord.I believe the night is clear enough for us to see the stars.The Great Bear and the Little Lion should be visible tonight and I am ever so eager to see them."
Ethan's smile held a trace of amusement that disappeared beneath a look of sensual heat. ~ Kat Martin
Floor Plan quotes by Kat Martin
The perfect plan is to have none. ~ Marty Rubin
Floor Plan quotes by Marty Rubin
The fever, I realized, had gone. Beneath my feet, the hardwood floor felt cool on my feet, the air gentle against my itching legs. This was just the world, after all. Big, thoroughly mapped place to sell joy or buy it, hunt company or flee it, trust yourself or your friends or your instincts, stretch the hours as much as you could, and one day vanish. ("Safety Clowns") ~ Glen Hirshberg
Floor Plan quotes by Glen Hirshberg
People are worried that their inner voice will tell them to leave their husbands or wives - or their jobs. Well, if that's really what your inner guidance is saying, then that is for your highest good and for your spouse's or partner's. There is a plan for everyone. ~ Echo Bodine
Floor Plan quotes by Echo Bodine
At length for my seared and writhing body there was no longer an inch of foothold on the firm floor of the prison. I struggled no more, but the agony of my soul found vent in one loud, long, and final scream of despair. I felt that I tottered upon the brink
I averted my eyes
~ Edgar Allan Poe
Floor Plan quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
On a sea floor that looks like a sandy mud bottom, that at first glance might appear to be sand and mud, when you look closely and sit there as I do for a while and just wait, all sorts of creatures show themselves, with little heads popping out of the sand. It is a metropolis. ~ Sylvia Earle
Floor Plan quotes by Sylvia Earle
Without thought he repeated some words which a boy had once chalked on the blackboard between lessons: 'A lump of coal is better than nothing. Nothing is better than God. Therefore a lump of coal is better than God'. And then he traced his own name with his finger on the cracked and broken floor. ~ Peter Ackroyd
Floor Plan quotes by Peter Ackroyd
Start at the beginning," he said. "Move one step in the direction of your goal. Remember that you can change direction to maneuver around obstacles. You don't need a plan, you need a vector. ~ Cory Doctorow
Floor Plan quotes by Cory Doctorow
Every one of the restraints she'd locked into place after she'd rampaged through Endovier snapped free. An icy, endless rage swept through her, wiping away everything except the plan that she could see with brutal clarity. The killing clam, Arobynn Hamel had once called it. Even he had never realized just how calm she could get when she went over the edge. If they wanted Adarlan's Assassin, they'd get her. And Wryd help them when she arrived. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Floor Plan quotes by Sarah J. Maas
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