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My mother's from Thailand, and they're very strict about girls in bikinis, but I would love to do a shoot in the floating market in Thailand. ~ Christine Teigen
Floating Market quotes by Christine Teigen
The law of property determines who owns something, but the market determines how it will be used. ~ Ronald Coase
Floating Market quotes by Ronald Coase
To what end do we sit together under the moon? Why circle in together?
We sit to be heard. To speak without being judged. To share our stories without having to make an articulate point.
We sit to listen. To rekindle the ancient art of listening with open hearts. To know other women on a heart to heart level.
We sit to spill tears and laughter, and to hold on to a strong thread of silent solidarity.
We sit to see truth. To have parts of ourselves revealed to us. To have the stories of others laid bare. To hear words spoken that shoot into the heart like a lightning strike. To come to understand a wisdom unveiled in silence.
We sit to dig our toes into the cosmos. To be pulled into the expansive river of consciousness that we didn't know existed. To experience a oneness with humankind and the universe that feels like floating along on gentle rapids. We meet together to have our cynical minds opened by a shooting star's approving appearance, or to watch the clouds pass over the face of the moon and be flushed with the deep sense of belonging. ~ Lucy AitkenRead
Floating Market quotes by Lucy AitkenRead
Today I spoke to you again and I feel completely happy! I feel like a cloud floating around in the wide blue sky. I feel totally alive. I feel as if time has paused in this moment. As if God is telling me to be totally happy and cheerful! ~ Avijeet Das
Floating Market quotes by Avijeet Das
[A] central theme is why social, political, and economic institutions tend to coevolve in a manner that reinforces rather than undermines one another. The welfare state is not 'politics against markets,' as commonly assumed, but politics with markets. Although it is popular to think that markets, especially global ones, interfere with the welfare state, and vice versa, this notion is simply inconsistent with the postwar record of actual welfare state development. The United States, which has a comparatively small welfare state and flexible labor markets, has performed well in terms of jobs and growth during the past two decades; however, before then the countries with the largest welfare states and the most heavily regulated labor markets exceeded those in the United States on almost any gauge of economic competitiveness and performance.

Despite the change in economic fortunes, the relationship between social protection and product market strategies continues to hold. Northern Europe and Japan still dominate high-quality markets for machine tools and consumer durables, whereas the United States dominates software, biotech, and other high-tech industries. There is every reason that firms and governments will try to preserve the institutions that give rise to these comparative advantages, and here the social protection system (broadly construed to include job security and protection through the industrial relations system) plays a key role. The reason is that social ~ Torben Iversen
Floating Market quotes by Torben Iversen
Once an activity has been socialized, it is impossible to point out, by concrete example, how men in a free market could better conduct it. How, for instance, can one compare a socialized post office with private postal delivery when the latter has been outlawed? ~ Leonard Read
Floating Market quotes by Leonard Read
As for the single market, the E.U.'s landmark achievement, there is no question that a euro zone breakup would severely disrupt its operation in the short run. ~ Barry Eichengreen
Floating Market quotes by Barry Eichengreen
My proudest moment of my career was opening night in Cambridge and watching the cast take their curtain call. No one was looking at me, and I was floating off the ground. It was just euphoric. ~ Sara Bareilles
Floating Market quotes by Sara Bareilles
Markets are useful instruments for organizing productive activity. But unless we want to let the market rewrite the norms that govern social institutions, we need a public debate about the moral limits of markets. ~ Michael J. Sandel
Floating Market quotes by Michael J. Sandel
It's amazing that people don't understand that the more the market is involved and the smaller the government, the lower the price, the better the distribution, and the higher the quality. ~ Ron Paul
Floating Market quotes by Ron Paul
Rich white Protestant men have held on to some measure of power in America almost solely by getting women, blacks, and other disadvantaged groups to wear crippling foot fashions. This keeps them too busy with corns and bunions to compete in the job market. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Floating Market quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
Wealth, as Mr Hobbes says, is power. But the person who either acquires, or succeeds to a great fortune, does not necessarily acquire or succeed to any political power, either civil or military. His fortune may, perhaps, afford him the means of acquiring both; but the mere possession of that fortune does not necessarily convey to him either. The power which that possession immediately and directly conveys to him, is the power of purchasing a certain command over all the labour, or over all the produce of labour which is then in the market. His fortune is greater or less, precisely in proportion to the extent of this power, or to the quantity either of other men's labour, or, what is the same thing, of the produce of other men's labour, which it enables him to purchase or command. The exchangeable value of every thing must always be precisely equal to the extent of this power which it conveys to its owner. ~ Adam Smith
Floating Market quotes by Adam Smith
The United States share of the African market it's very small, it's only about 8 percent. ~ Susan Rice
Floating Market quotes by Susan Rice
India is an incredibly vibrant market, which Virgin already, through Virgin Atlantic, has the pleasure of working in. I am delighted that Virgin Comics will not only help to launch the Indian comic market and spin it into the West, but will develop new and exciting talent. ~ Richard Branson
Floating Market quotes by Richard Branson
Don't we all deal with life the way we do our military service? Doing what we can, while we wait either to be demobbed or do battle? Some will clean up the barrack-room, others will skive off, or spend their time playing cards, or trafficking, or plotting something. Officers command, soldiers obey, but no one's fooled by this comedy behind closed doors: one day, you'll have to go out there and die, officers and soldiers alike, the morons along with the crafty ones who smuggle toilet paper or deal in cigarettes on the black market. ~ Muriel Barbery
Floating Market quotes by Muriel Barbery
So we said, "OK, we'll do Apple Computer." In those days there was no money yet in this microcomputer business, and big experienced companies and investors, analysts-those kind of people, that are trained in business and much smarter than we were-they didn't think that this was going to be a real big market. They thought it was going to be a little hobby thing, like home robots or ham radios, that a few techie people would get into and really it wasn't going to go to the masses. ~ Jessica Livingston
Floating Market quotes by Jessica Livingston
The two greatest enemies of the individual in the modern world are communism and psychiatry. Each wages a relentless war against that which makes a person an individual: communism against the ownership of property, psychiatry against the ownership of the self (mind and body). Communists criminalize the autonomous use of capital and labor, and harshly punish those who "traffic" in the black market, especially in foreign currencies. Psychiatrists criminalize the autonomous use of the self, and harshly punish those who "traffic" in self-abuse, especially in self-medication and self-destruction. ~ Thomas Szasz
Floating Market quotes by Thomas Szasz
Combating myopic risk aversion is the most difficult emotional task facing any investor. I know of only two ways of doing this. The first is to check on your portfolios as infrequently as possible. ... The other way to avoid myopic risk aversion is to hold enough cash so that you have a certain equanimity about market falls. ~ William J. Bernstein
Floating Market quotes by William J. Bernstein
Fake realism is the escapist literature of our time. And probably the ultimate escapist reading is that masterpiece of total unreality, the daily stock market report. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
Floating Market quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
I was always interested in fashion and beauty. I was fifteen when I was scouted in a flea market. Two years later, I arrived in New York. I was in awe because it was like another planet. ~ Candice Swanepoel
Floating Market quotes by Candice Swanepoel
Do you have a pet bird?' I asked, looking around the room.
'Oh, heavens, no. I'd never cage a bird. I can't imagine a worse fate, can you? I bought this cage at a market in Peru several years ago. I hung it here and wired the door open to remind myself how delicious freedom is
financial and otherwise. ~ Beth Hoffman
Floating Market quotes by Beth Hoffman
I've been wanting to kiss ye since the first moment I saw ye," he said. "I'm going to do it now."
Sybil could not breathe, let alone form the words to object. When she moistened her lips with her tongue, she felt his heartbeat leap beneath her palm. Her gaze fixed on his mouth as he drew her to him ever so slowly.
She had expected a sweet, teasing kiss, not this explosion of passion that seared through her body at the first touch of their lips. No one had ever kissed her like this before, as if he would die if he could not have his mouth on hers. With a will of their own, her arms wound around his neck and her fingers tangled in his long, thick hair as she pulled him closer.
She was lost in the sensations and long past thought. As his kisses slowly changed from feverish to tender, she felt as if she were floating. She wanted this to go on forever.
When Rory pulled away, she stared up at him, stunned.
"That was promising," he said with a wide grin. ~ Margaret Mallory
Floating Market quotes by Margaret Mallory
It is the new and different that is always most vulnerable to market research. ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Floating Market quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
But capitalism has not stood still since Marx's day. Writing in the middle years of the nineteenth century, Marx could not be expected to grasp the full consequences of his insights into the centralization of capital and the development of technology. He could not be expected to foresee that capitalism would develop not only from mercantilism into the dominant industrial form of his day - from stateaided trading monopolies into highly competitive industrial units - but further, that with the centralization of capital, capitalism returns to its mercantilist origins on a higher level of development and reassumes the state-aided monopolistic form. The economy tends to merge with the state and capitalism begins to "plan" its development instead of leaving it exclusively to the interplay of competition and market forces. To be sure, the system does not abolish the traditional class struggle, but manages to contain it, using its immense technological resources to assimilate the most strategic sections of the working class. ~ Murray Bookchin
Floating Market quotes by Murray Bookchin
Mrs. Fixer

We call her Mrs. Fixer because she fixes
Everything for everybody.
If you need a ride, you call her,
Or a meal, or a telephone committee.
She'll find you an apartment or a part-time job,
Even a date if you're in the market.
And all the time she only wants someone to love her
But she's afraid to ask.
So she fixes everything for everybody instead
And you keep calling her when you need something
And forget to tell her that you love her.
So she'll probably die lonely
And have a big funeral
And everyone will tell about
The way she fixed things all the time. ~ James Kavanaugh
Floating Market quotes by James Kavanaugh
These public-private partnerships are very, very dangerous. The most rotten part of the financial system in the US consisted of the government sponsored entities. They really kicked off this crisis. The state should set the rules and enforce them but not become involved as a market player. ~ George Soros
Floating Market quotes by George Soros
Risking the appearance of weakness takes strength. And the market knows it. ~ Seth Godin
Floating Market quotes by Seth Godin
No one holds a permanent speed advantage in the market due to the limits of human intelligence and vision. Your advantage comes from your ability to feel the change faster and take decisive action faster. ~ Guo Guangchang
Floating Market quotes by Guo Guangchang
We have to choose between a global market driven only by calculations of short-term profit, and one which has a human face. ~ Kofi Annan
Floating Market quotes by Kofi Annan
They were floating, almost at one with the darkness, reflecting no light. Their footsteps could not be heard. But their breathing could, and perhaps the heart. They mingled with other almost inaudible nocturnal stirrings, like a small vibration in long wires. ~ Tarjei Vesaas
Floating Market quotes by Tarjei Vesaas
The widely mis-interpreted 1998 'meltdown' of East Asia was a financial symptom of the renewed reality: In fact, it was the first round the world recession again to begin in East Asia and spread from there to the West, instead of vice versa. That marked the beginnings of the return back 360 degrees around the world of the world economic center to Asia where it had always been before those two eighty-year period of temporary Western ascendance. The stock market crash in Hong Kong and the devaluation of the Thai baht and the Indonesian rupia took only 80 seconds to make themselves felt in the London City and on New York's Wall Street. How much of a cultural lag do we still need for popular perception and social theory to catch up with global reality? ~ Andre Gunder Frank
Floating Market quotes by Andre Gunder Frank
Incidentally, conservatives are attempting to destroy this system via "tort reform," the capping of damages at levels so low that the attorneys could no longer afford to function as police and prosecutors and the whole system would break down. Their motivation is to make the market "free" from the loss of profit through lawsuits for harming or defrauding the public. THE ~ George Lakoff
Floating Market quotes by George Lakoff
Investing is an activity of forecasting the yield over the life of the asset; speculation is the activity of forecasting the psychology of the market. ~ John Maynard Keynes
Floating Market quotes by John Maynard Keynes
Grief is like cancer. It ebbs and flows within you. Then, it changes and transforms you. Forever. Grief. Cancer. Both force you to face your worst fear - death. Grief and cancer. Both undermine your optimism of life. You finally see the cup is really just half full, even if you believed otherwise your whole life. Both teach you to believe that bad things can happen to people, whether they're good or bad or rich or poor or young or old, alike. Grief and cancer corner the market for all. Grief and cancer take all comers. Both rule. Do they always win? I begin to wonder. ~ Katherine Owen
Floating Market quotes by Katherine Owen
People have a hard time accepting free-market economics for the same reason they have a hard time accepting evolution: it is counterintuitive. Life looks intelligently designed, so our natural inclination is to infer that there must be an intelligent designer
a God. Similarly, the economy looks designed, so our natural inclination is to infer that we need a designer
a government. In fact, emergence and complexity theory explains how the principles of self-organization and emergence cause complex systems to arise from simple systems without a top-down designer. ~ Michael Shermer
Floating Market quotes by Michael Shermer
I was involved in school plays, but when I left school I did a couple of odd jobs as a baker's apprentice and then as a fruit market porter in Manchester. ~ John Thaw
Floating Market quotes by John Thaw
He pulled me to his chest, and when he kissed me, gravity ceased to exist. The sensation was like floating on air as the world erupted into chaos around us. But he was my anchor, pulling me back to earth - he was my home. ~ Komal Kant
Floating Market quotes by Komal Kant
We built a market at IEX that does not sell certain types of technology advantages to high-frequency traders, and as a result, the high-frequency traders that didn't rely on buying those advantages trade on IEX. ~ Brad Katsuyama
Floating Market quotes by Brad Katsuyama
There are two ways to grow: by stealing from the competition or by growing the market. The first path is slow and painful and difficult. The second path is where the magic of fast growth kicks in. ~ Seth Godin
Floating Market quotes by Seth Godin
There were a lot of times where there was a great deal of fodder recorded and played, because there was a market for it - just as there is today. And there were more bad bands than there were good bands - I think that should always be remembered. ~ Woody Herman
Floating Market quotes by Woody Herman
Our marine terminals are invaluable commerce infrastructure, not only to our country but also for the many foreign manufacturers who sell primarily in the U.S. market. ~ Dana Rohrabacher
Floating Market quotes by Dana Rohrabacher
Social media puts the "public" into PR and the "market" into marketing. ~ Chris Brogan
Floating Market quotes by Chris Brogan
There are people out there who do this. They pick up and they leave. Sometimes they were never really there. Other times they are with you, but in their minds they are a thousand miles away. They are taking a walk down an endless road; they are standing in a field of daisies on some unknown cliff; they are floating through space. -The Art of Leaving ~ Shilo Niziolek
Floating Market quotes by Shilo Niziolek
Amongst high unemployment rates, a competitive job market and a shrinking global economy, the emerging social media industry only continues to grow. ~ Ryan Holmes
Floating Market quotes by Ryan Holmes
This is true for most new products. The majority of people you're competing with are non-users. They are people who have never used your service before. And what they say is actually the most important. What they say is the thing that blocks you from expanding the size of your market with your features. ~ Emmett Shear
Floating Market quotes by Emmett Shear
I have walked by stalls in the market-place where books, dog-eared and faded from their purple, have burst with a white hosanna. I have seen people crowned with a double crown, holding in either hand the crook and flail, the power and the glory. I have understood how the scar be­comes a star, I have felt the flake of fire fall, miraculous and pentecostal. My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step, they are grey faces that peer over my shoulder. ~ William Golding
Floating Market quotes by William Golding
At all times it is a bewildering thing to the poor weaver to see his employer removing from house to house, each one grander than the last, till he ends in building one more magnificent than all, or withdraws his money from the concern, or sells his mill, to buy an estate in the country, while all the time the weaver, who thinks he and his fellows are the real makers of this wealth, is struggling on for bread for his children, through the vicissitudes of lowered wages, short hours, fewer hands employed, etc. And when he knows trade is bad, and could understand (at least partially) that there are not buyers enough in the market to purchase the goods already made, and consequently that there is no demand for more; when he would bear and endure much without complaining, could he also see that his employers were bearing their share; he is, I say, bewildered and (to use his own word) "aggravated" to see that all goes on just as usual with the millowners. Large houses are still occupied, while spinners' and weavers' cottages stand empty, because the families that once filled them are obliged to live in rooms or cellars. Carriages still roll along the streets, concerts are still crowded by subscribers, the shops for expensive luxuries still find daily customers, while the workman loiters away his unemployed time in watching these things, and thinking of the pale, uncomplaining wife at home, and the wailing children asking in vain for enough of food--of the sinking health, of the dyi ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Floating Market quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
Skyrocketing insurance premiums are debilitating our Nation's health care delivery system and liability insurers are either leaving the market or raising rates to excessive levels. ~ Jim Ryun
Floating Market quotes by Jim Ryun
But the nomads were the terror of all those whom the soil or the advantages of the market had induced to build towns. Agriculture therefore was a religious injunction, because of the perils of the state from nomadism. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Floating Market quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Maybe there are too many restaurants. Maybe some of mine need to close. So be it. I'll live with the market place. ~ Tom Douglas
Floating Market quotes by Tom Douglas
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